Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 433: Establishing A United Front?

Chapter 433: Establishing A United Front?

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After withdrawing his fist, Wang Lu wiped the bloodstain on his hand with the rock wall, and then said, "I actually have no feelings for the demon race. Whether they have flesh and blood or whether they are heartless or not, I do not care. Because after the great war of immortal and demon, there's basically no chance to see them. Those small demons are also not big enough for us to deal with… Hey, don't look at me like that. You look as if I am being ignorant and indifferent to this. I am not the lead disciple of Shenjing Sect, so I don't have to take the initiative to assume the heavy responsibility of the rise and fall of the immortal cultivation world."

Wang Lu said with a rather ironic smile, as if the rise and fall of the immortal cultivation world was an extremely ridiculous thing to him.

"But you're not the same. You're the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect. In the future, you are destined to be the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals who in theory can do whatever you want but in reality can't. Your every move and action will have far and wide implication, and you will also have to serve as the model for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Now that you are naturally genocidal, it would be easy to introduce the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal to an extremely dangerous situation."

With that, Wang Lu smoothly released a sharp sword qi from his fingertip, and then carved out a swastika symbol on the rock wall. Then he also carved out a picture of Qiong Hua beside that symbol. Wang Lu's painting skill was quite profound. The young girl that he carved out on the rock wall was very vivid and full of charm. After he had done carving the picture, Wang Lu actually added deliberately a toothbrush mustache between her nose and upper lip, and then softly shook his head. "Racists are scum."

Qiong Hua was filled with confusion, but Wang Lu did not intend to explain.

Sure enough, Wang Lu soon wiped out the carving on the rock wall, and then said, "Senior Sister Qiong Hua, although on the outside you, this person, look approachable, but deep down inside, you're noble and elegant so much that they turn you into an incorrigibly obstinate person. Even if I reveal a great secret of the heaven, it would not change your view one bit. That's why I chose the more direct way, which is hitting you in the face."


"But, I have always been a reasonable person, if I didn't say anything but just beat you in the face, taking advantage of your difficulty, it would make me look like a villain. Therefore, while beating you, I am also giving you my piece, so even though I beat you, it is honorable, and I am confident that justice is on my side."

No matter how she thought about it, Qiong Hua didn't think that there was nothing above board in beating her while she was not in her optimal state. However… she also had written the previous remark of Wang Lu in her memory.

Just like what Wang Lu said, Qiong Hua's mind was very firm, so it could not be shaken by a few words. She admitted that there was some truth in Wang Lu's explanation, however, that was Wang Lu's truth. The next time she met with the demon race, she would not hesitate to launch her Kill Immortal sword once again… Nevertheless, while she was stubborn, she would indeed remember that apart from her own truth, there was another truth in this world.

"I know, even if I beat you beyond recognition, you would still stick to your own way. Therefore, hitting you is not to change you, but to let you remember one thing," Wang Lu said, and then threw another punch on Qiong Hua's nose. "What you want to do is your own thing, but if you dare to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules, I would hit you in the face just like today. In a fair one on one fight, you are indeed better than me, but since my debut, I have dealt with too many powerful opponents that are much better than you, much less you yourself."

Since she had already fallen into other people's hand, if she said anything, it would only bring contempt upon herself. The immortal cultivation path was long, and Jindan Stage was actually just the starting point. What would happen later, would happen later.

However, when Qiong Hua was ready to endure all the humiliation, Wang Lu walked away and sat down next to the rock wall, while Faceless One retracted the pointy tail. It was just that, Qiong Hua was still paralyzed and could not move at all.

"The first lesson is over. Let's start the second one." Wang Lu said, "This lesson is relatively easy. I'll tell you about my strategy."

Qiong Hua remained silent.

"Actually, simply speaking, I don't have much to say about my strategy in this ring. Because it's all meaningless to you. I've worked hard, giving everything I can, to control the other three lead disciples, to form an alliance to try to contend with you. But in the end, your world destroying sword strike ended everything… Everyone has their own style, so there's nothing to agree or disagree."

Upon mentioning Qiong Hua's world-destroying sword strike, Wang Lu still looked bitter. Although this time, he finally stabilized the situation, but Qiong Hua's previous comeback was not something that was easy to forget.

"However, one thing I can teach you is to try to figure out the intent of the designer. From a simple framework, you have done a good job. But there's a problem in the general direction, and doing it would only defeat the purpose," Wang Lu said, and then stretched his finger toward the sky. "It's that old question, what do you think is the point in designing the background of this ring in the demon world? If that group of earth immortals just want to leave us with the inheritance, there's absolutely no need for them to deliberately place the demon world as the background. But if to say that they want us to deeply understand the demon race… what is the point? There's no reason for the ancient immortals to favor the demon race, since the start of the great war of immortal and demon was very early."

Qiong Hua closed her eyes and remained silent, but he could see that her heart has been somewhat shaken.

In this ring, her start was very different from anyone. Because she knew the truth too early, she never put her real feelings to this place like Zhan Ziye and the others. She had always viewed this ring from a detached point of view. Thus, she indeed did not care about many things. However, when she listened to Wang Lu's words, it was indeed a bit weird.

"I actually have a premature opinion about this issue." Wang Lu said, "Towards demon race, we always have a rule—fighting against demon race is not greater than the heaven. Even if there are great hatred and desire for revenge between us, we must temporarily lay it down, right? Then, if we apply this logic, although now we have a great enmity with the demon race, but if there's a special circumstance, shouldn't we also put down our enmity first?"

Upon hearing this, Qiong Hua jerked her eyes open. Her mind greatly shook, and her eyes looked at Wang Lu inconceivably.

That was… actually true. This was indeed a possibility! Moreover, the existence of this group of immortal tombs seemed to have increasingly confirmed Wang Lu's argument.

"W-What you mean... is…"

"What I mean is, could it be that there's an existence that is more powerful than the demon race that in the past, the ancient earth immortals have to join forces with the demon race to deal with it, and thus, they inherited this point to us through the group of immortal tombs?"

Wang Lu said, and then shook his head. "Of course, my guess is only this. An enemy that is so powerful that we need to lay down our enmity against demon race, forgive my poor imagination, but I really can't think of it."

Qiong Hua's depressed heart was shocked. She actually thought: You really can't think of it? Or you can but you just won't say it?

"Moreover, Senior Sister Qiong Hua, don't you think that there's one more detail worth paying attention to?"

Qiong Hua blinked her eyes, gesturing him to continue. At this time, the bruises on her face due to Wang Lu's punches had begun to gradually heal. However, her blinking movement still looked a bit funny.

While enjoying this beautiful scenery with interest, Wang Lu quietly recorded it through the jade talisman. He explained, "Isn't the background setting of this ring a bit too detailed? The local conditions and customs of the demon race in this immortal dream land are already down to the smallest detail. Of which, there are many details that I found are not recorded in any ancient books. For example, the forest fairy—or forest demon in Eternal Tree. In the great war of immortal and demon, they are already a race on the brink of death. All of their inherited cultures have been completely severed, and they only existed as a vassal of other strong demon race. However, in this ring, I am actually fortunate to have experienced the unique civilization of this race. It was indeed pleasing to the eyes. However, at the same time, it also made people wonder, why would a demon race civilization that is already unable to recover be included in this ring?"

Here, the answer was actually already obvious, but the answer was too shocking so no one said anything about it.

They silent remained for a while. A moment later, Qiong Hua stood up. The damage on her body caused by Wang Lu had already been fully restored.

"Today's matter, Qiong Hua has already memorized it. And in the future, it must certainly be returned with gratitude," Qiong Hua said, and then cupped her hands across her chest towards Wang Lu. There were no grievances in her eyes but a trace of admiration. It was clear that the words must be returned with gratitude didn't refer to the desire for revenge.

As soon as her voice fell, Qiong Hua's figure gradually faded away. At the same time, from her body, four types of colored blood spirit forces came out as if they were like a substance and poured into Wang Lu's body.

The next moment, the forces of the five spirit merged into one, and a blood-red crown slowly condensed from the void, appearing in Wang Lu's hand.

Was this the thing that the five lead disciples struggled for? Wang Lu played with the crown in his hand for a while. It indeed contained a formidable and mysterious power. As the proof of authority in this world, as long as he wore it, he could control this world. It was just that… after the Kill Immortal sword set this world into the sea of blood, this world was almost destroyed. What was the point being the king of a wasteland?

Moreover, was it good to be the king of the demon race… In any case, he had obtained the most important thing in this race. It was time for him to return.

"Well, this is for you," Wang Lu said as he put the five blood spirit crown on Lan's head. However, at this time, the girl was in a daze, because just now, she had just been freed from Faceless One's possession.

Wang Lu did not intend to say too much to her. From the beginning to the end, Lan had maintained a low key presence. She just followed Wang Lu around, doing some trivial things for him. However, Wang Lu was very clear that this young lady was not as simple as it seemed. There were many secrets hidden within her. It was just that… he didn't have time to probe them one by one.

After giving the blood crown to Lan, Wang Lu patted her shoulder. "After this, you must diligently rebuild your homeland, young lady."

After he finished his words, the world before him was torn apart, shattered into countless fragments. This long five spirits power struggle had finally come to an end!


After the immortal dream land broke, Wang Lu should be back at the entrance, which was that brilliant galaxy. However, this time, it was different. After the world was shattered, what he saw was a group of grey mist.

From within the mist came a vague empty laughter.

"Since the background of this ring has already been broken, why you should be in a hurry?"

With that, the mist dissipated, and a mass of purple-black fire appeared in front of Wang Lu.

Wang Lu somewhat reluctantly shrugged. "Great hero, since I now have something important to do, how about you leave me your contact information, and when I have the time, I would certainly come looking for you?

"Important thing? Is it this?"

With that, from Wang Lu's numerous pores poured out clumps of thick black fog. They then floated towards that mass of purple-black fire. However, like a moth to a flame, they immediately disappeared upon touching the flame.

"I have taken away your Heart Demon for you. Now, can you talk to me seriously?"

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