Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 443: The Wrath of the Intellectual

Chapter 443: The Wrath of the Intellectual

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After their group of people entered the Kunlun Mountain library, Zhou Mumu once again emphasized several requirements before they spread out to look for potentially useful books.

Kunlun Sect was the oldest ancient sect in the Nine Regions. The so-called ancient sect was sect based on their ancient methods, as well as demeanor. More than ten years ago, the immortal gatherings of Spirit Sword Sect showed their flourishing and elegance as an ancient sect. However, compared to Kunlun Sect, the difference was still too far. This independent-of-the-world mountain of immortals seemed unchanging since time immemorial—regardless of how much time had flown outside, it remained unchanged.

All of the ancient sects paid attention to chance. So, what was chance? This was something that was hard to say. In this specific situation, it would be as follow: In the library of Kunlun Mountain, the collection of books was not scientifically sorted out. It was not based on the year the book was published, nor on the basis of an event or task, but just randomly scattered everywhere. Thus, the five people had to spread out, in this nobody knows how much layers, including how many bookshelves of huge library, stroll at will, and then… whatever book that they picked would be their chance.

If they were normal people, they would certainly question this unreliable way. However, the several lead disciples tacitly agreed to this method. As the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, they possessed luck that was far beyond the reach of ordinary people. Thus, they mostly believed in the concept of chance.

Except for one person.

"This… is so unbelievably ridiculous!"

Zhan Ziye stared with eyes wide, looking somewhat in disbelief but mostly angry. He said, "Is this how you sort out the book in Kunlun Mountain library? Everything is based on chance? It's simply a joke! Do you know how wasteful it can be to have such a haphazard library? Do you know the historical significance of the information in the Kunlun Mountain towards the whole Nine Regions? This kind of waste is like wasting natural resources recklessly! Don't you guys fear that the calamity lightning would strike you down?"

Being the target of this accusation, Zhou Mumu somewhat stared dumbfoundedly for half a day, unable to say a single word.

Zhan Ziye was in an uncontrollable rage. He pointed at the back of the white jade library and said, "Your Kunlun Sect have always considered yourself as an ancient sect, so sticking to the old way in some parts is fine, like not accepting artificial spirit root, or a one-on-one Master-disciple educational mode... But in terms of knowledge, you are not allowed to stick to the old ways! Your Kunlun Sect has monopolized too many knowledge, if you sell it at a high price, I can accept that. But not only you guys don't attach value to it just because it's your own, you also waste natural resources recklessly. This is a crime against the entire immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions!"

Being sprayed a stream of abuse, Zhou Mumu lost the key opportunity. However, as a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, her immortal heart cultivation was exceptionally strong. Soon, she regained her bearing and launched a sharp counterattack.

The girl tilted her head to the side and sneered, "Idiot."

"You!" Zhan Ziye almost went mad. Half of his body was flashing with rays of lightning, however, his ten thousand motionless immortal heart managed to suppress his anger.

This was not Ten Thousand Arts Sect, but Kunlun Sect. If he fought with Zhou Mumu here, it would only end badly for him...

"After this is over, do you, surnamed Zhou, dare to have a one on one duel at the foot of the mountain?"

Zhou Mumu was not polite either. "Since you are so bent on dying, then why wouldn't I?"

After setting the duel, the two turned around and went on different directions from each other.

Although logically, this chance thing seemed absurd, but even Zhan Ziye faintly felt that there was something that called him deep in the library… Perhaps it was his own chance, but perhaps this was the magical effect of the ancient library of Kunlun and the place of origin.

Of course, even so, Zhan Ziye still thought that this kind of library management should be punished by the heaven.

"The 4432nd row of the 233rd line of bookshelves on the second floor..."

Wang Lu walked along the stairs on the edge of a large hall for a long time. The long stair seemed to never end.

On the second floor, Wang Lu was startled again. Then, an intense feeling of sympathy towards Zhan Ziye surged in his heart: This group of idiots of Kunlun really needed to suffer the wrath of heaven.

The boundless bookshelves… were actually not numbered! Did he need to count that so-called 4432nd row of the 233rd line one by one?

Of course, as a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, his primordial spirit was powerful enough to scan ten million units in an instant, thus thousands of shelves was not a big deal, but it still made people feel that… the group of antiques in Kunlun deserved to be kicked in the ass.

Before long, Wang Lu finally counted that 4432nd row of the 233rd line, and in front of a quaint bookshelf, there was indeed a palpitating fluctuation.

When he picked out a book, its title alone shocked Wang Lu: "Zhong Zheng diary."

Could… could it be that this was The Spirit Lord Zhong Zheng 1 who, during the rise of Great Ancestor Desheng 2 , once ruled the Nine Regions but because of the negative direction in the great war of immortals and demons, suffered a plunge in reputation and then eventually replaced by Great Ancestor Desheng?

In those years, Spirit Lord Zhong Zheng was the number one person in the entire immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions. Were it not for Great Ancestor Desheng living in the same time period, and if there were no great war of immortal and demon, he would've been able to accomplish something brilliant. Unfortunately, the first great war of immortals and demons swept away his lifetime's foundation, and his position as the number one person in Nine Regions was taken over by Great Ancestor Desheng. In his later years, he kept himself in a corner, ending his legendary life lonely and depressed. He died in a seated posture with the cultivation base of Mahayana Stage. Although previously many people deemed him to have the qualification to soar into immortality, that was the end of this once great Spirit Lord.

In the legend, before dying, Spirit Lord Zhong Zheng left behind his diary, which recorded many behind-the-scenes stories. It was just that, the genuine diary had already been lost for a long time, and what spread today was the literature creation produced by the later generation. However, this was the place of origin of Kunlun Sect, so they couldn't possibly keep the fake book couldn't they?

Moreover… Spirit Lord Zhong Zheng came from Kunlun Sect, so it was reasonable if they had his relics. Thus, with strong curiosity, Wang Lu opened the diary.

This diary was just that, a diary. Holding this thousands-of-years' ancient text, Wang Lu didn't feel any trace left by Spirit Lord Zhong Zheng. Perhaps in his later years, he didn't plan to leave too many traces. Or perhaps this was just a copy, and the real one has already been in someone else's collection… However, for Wang Lu, the content of the diary was the most important.

A Spirit Lord who had experienced the great war of immortal and demon must certainly know about demon race more than outsiders, even if many people denounced his ineffectiveness in the war against the demon race...

Wang Lu's reading speed was extremely fast. Using his Jindan Stage primordial spirit, in a cup of tea time, Wang Lu had already read that thick book twice.

Cold sweat then slowly trickled down.

In some cases, the cost of understanding the truth would be far higher than the initial expectation. Wang Lu originally planned to learn some unknown secret from the diary, such as the secret to the power of the demon race, but...

"Abandoning the demon race and thus triggering the great war of immortals and demons is seen by many people as the turning point in my life. But if I can go back, I will still make the same choice. Desheng has his dedication, which enabled him to sweep the entire Nine Regions in twenty years and ascend to immortality. I am not as good as Desheng, but in my entire cultivation life, I have my own dedication."

This was the paragraph at the end of the diary, which was a bit confusing. In fact, most of the other content in the book didn't have much value at all. Basically, it was a well-known information. But this last paragraph...

Abandoning demon race and thus triggering the great war of immortal and demon? What… what kind of ghost thing was this!

Was it the cultivators of Nine Regions? However, since the demon race appeared on Nine Regions, both they and Nine Regions cultivators immediately became an absolutely irreconcilable enemy of each other. The two parties have been killing each other since they first met. So how come there was the word abandon when there was not even a peaceful exchange at all?

… Was the great war of immortal and demon at that time still hid some secrets?

However, in addition to this paragraph, there was no other related content in the diary, so these obtrusive words seemed especially garish. Wang Lu read it twice to make sure that the diary was not produced by later generations. Or perhaps… the secret of this great war of immortal and demon was such that even the Spirit Lord Zhong Zheng didn't dare to write too much!

After putting down the Zhong Zheng Diary, Wang Lu picked out the second book from the bookshelf.

"Desheng Inheritance."

The biography of the Great Ancestor was not new, but this book was written by a close guard of the Great Ancestor. The book still has the immortal path aura of that Daoist Master of Peak Deity Stage. The majority of its content was actually not at all strange, but there was a trace of oddness between the lines. It seemed as if this close guard had a bit of sympathy for the demon race.

With the character of Great Ancestor Desheng, it was difficult to imagine that there was his close guard whose conviction not that firm. Could it be...

Thinking to this, a voice filled with vicissitudes of life sounded in Wang Lu's ears.

"Ah, my master, I finally met you."

This voice caused Wang Lu to frown, because although he clearly understood the meaning of the sentence, but he had never heard the language used in that sentence before.

Wang Lu touched the red jade pendant on his chest—this was the thing that he obtained from a certain demon race that claimed to be one of the earth immortals after he won the five blood spirit crown power struggle. After repeatedly thinking it over for a year, he failed to uncover its mystery. However, now it seemed to faintly give off heat, as if to show that a great secret was about to be revealed.

"Who are you?"

When Wang Lu opened his mouth, his voice became involuntarily distorted as the words that came out were of the language he never heard of before.

"It's me, master, your forever faithful servant." While that voice was talking, a thick black book jumped out of the bookshelf and opened itself. One of the pages was made of black skin, which excitedly and viciously let out a stream of words.

"I have been waiting for you for thousands of years, for the day when you finally summon me! Master, I can't wait to give those treacherous human race something to see! We will slaughter a few cities of human race and eat hundreds of human race cultivators! I feel like I'm starving!"

Treacherous... ?

"But master, why do I feel that everything around me is dark, and my body doesn't listen to my call."

Presumably, because you only have your mouth, and also, you are still sewn on a book page, being regarded as a specimen. This thick black book was probably the victory prop from the great war of immortal and demon...

However, in any case, since he heard the words from this mouth, Wang Lu's heart continued to shiver.

Treacherous human race… Damn, what exactly happened in that great war of immortal and demon?

It seems like it is necessary to make a trip to the demon world. It's just a trip to the demon world, but where should it start?


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