Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 447: I Am an Open and Above Board Person!

Chapter 447: I Am an Open and Above Board Person!

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There were many eccentric and strange people in Kunlun Sect.

As the most powerful ancient sect in the entire Nine Regions, Kunlun Sect was one of the most mysterious places. The sect was hidden in the cloud, aloof from Nine Regions. The methods inherited in the sect were ancient. Among which, there was no lack of mystery. Oftentimes, things that were taught to their disciples were unconventional, such as Zhou Mumu who was actually very different, unlike Yue Ziqing and the others who were more in line with the image of the people of Kunlun Sect.

However, Wang Lu's horizon had been opened today as he saw what was truly a strange thing!

"... In other words, as long as I eat this mushroom, my body could grow hundreds of times in an instant like a giant in the great desolation age?

"Hehe, if your cultivation base is of the level of Supreme, you might be like those prehistoric giants. But, when the time comes, my A Da would be less effective."

"... Please stop mentioning A Da again."

"In short, although it can't turn you into a giant from the great desolation age, at the critical moment, it could save your life."

"Um, then I would be impolite to refuse it… If in the future I have the opportunity to enter the demon world and explore the truth of the past, I will come back and paraphrase it for you."

South Pole Immortal Weng said, "The truth of the past is not important. What is more important is for you to explore the path to the future."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu inwardly turned cold. Could it be that South Pole Immortal Weng knew that I had come into contact with an ancient earth immortal in the group of immortal tombs?

Unfortunately, no matter how Wang Lu inquired further, South Pole Immortal Weng remained silent, completely turning into a rock.

Wang Lu sighed and then patted the face of the rock, only to make himself wet with moss. Seeing that South Pole Immortal Weng didn't give any reaction at all, just like a dead person, his mind was moved, and he began to grope the surface of the rock.

He was groping for more mushrooms.

Able to turn a person into a giant, and at the same time increasing the strength which could save his life at a critical moment… Was this a f*cking divine object or not! And there were at least hundreds of such a divine object on the body of South Pole Immortal Weng! And for some inexplicable reason, South Pole Immortal Weng actually remained silent!

But then, Wang Lu understood. Ever so often, people should pay attention to tacit understanding.

How could he let go of this opportunity to make a fortune?

"One, two, three…" Wang Lu calmly counted as he plucked the mushroom from the surface of the rock. To be sure, he still wrapped his fingertips with his sword qi… Fortunately, South Pole Immortal Weng didn't put any prohibition spell. Thus, Wang Lu easily plucked dozens of mushrooms.

"Tsk, that's enough playing little girl plucking mushrooms. You need to hurry up. Go…" He muttered to himself.

When he turned his head, he saw that Zhou Mumu had long disappeared without a trace.

It seemed that South Pole Immortal Weng didn't want their dialogue to be heard by Zhou Mumu. However, if she was here, she would've surely stopped him from picking up the mushrooms. But since she was not...

Wang Lu simply took the book that looked suspicious from the bookshelf.

In a sense, Zhan Ziye was right. These antiques of Kunlun really knew how to waste precious resources recklessly. For several millennia, no one could think of another way. That being the case, he might as well take this book that was fated with him. Of course, the book that he took included a certain mouth that could not be shut. Since creatures could not be put in a mustard seed bag, for the sake of secrecy, Wang Lu put it in his bosom.

"Oh, I am so close to master that I can sense your smell. I am so happy that I want to pass out!"

"..." Wang Lu sighed, tore that page from the book and then place it under his foot.

"Master, I seem to smell the blood of human!"

Wang Lu was just stepping on the blood that had been previously left behind by Ning Mou, and the others.

"Master is indeed Master, you're actually so quick to carry out the brutal revenge on humanity. Although I can't see it, I can smell that the blood is filled with resentment and hate. Before they died, they must have suffered brutal torture!"


"Master, do you have a crusty human flesh for me to taste? I haven't tasted the flesh and blood of human cultivators for thousands of years."

Wang Lu thought for a moment, and then took a piece of dog meat from his mustard seed bag and dropped it on the floor.

"Oh, after thousands of years, the taste of human flesh has become more tender! I feel like I am brimming with power!"

… It seemed like there were reasons for humans to be able to make a comeback in the two great wars of immortal and demon despite the fact that the overall strength of the demon race was more dominant.

"After I release your seal, I want you to contact the flash demon. I want them to open a channel for me, and then bring some friends back."

"No problem at all! Ah, it's been a long time that I haven't breathed the air of the demon world that I almost forgot its taste!..." With that, that howling demon actually paused, and then a trace of sorrow spread from the sole of Wang Lu's foot.

Wang Lu asked, "What's wrong? Do you miss your home?"

"No, I was just thinking, I am so stupid like this, could master possibly not want me?"


"But I'm very useful! Doesn't master want to contact the flash demon? I'll help you find them!"

Just as it finished, a violent shock came from under his foot, then a seemingly invisible ripple spread to the distance from under the sole of his foot.

… Was this the roar ability of the howling demon which could directly connect with the demon world?

Tsk, previously, the demon race could turn Nine Regions upside down twice, so they indeed have some abilities. Luckily, they could be easily amused, which allowed the human to have the chance for a comeback.

After waiting for a long time, Wang Lu didn't feel any change. Just as he was about to ask, an ashamed voice came from under his foot.

"I'm sorry, master, there's no answer."


"I think it might have been too long that things have changed there. I used to be able to find people by shouting using this frequency band."


"Master, don't abandon me! Please give me a little time. I will slowly try it. I will definitely find people from the flash demon for you, and open the channel to the demon world!"

After leaving the library, he saw that Zhou Mumu and the others were already waiting outside.

Similar to Qiong Hua, Xiang Liang, and Zhan Ziye, they have their own 'chance' in the library, just like what South Pole Immortal Weng said. It was just that, they needed a bit of time to digest it.

Of course, as far as the specific of what they obtained in the library, nobody wanted to reveal it. Including Wang Lu, who kept his silence after going out of the library.

In the end, it was the person from Shengjing Sect, who was rich with leadership charm, that broke the silence.

"Three months later, we will meet at my sect," Qiong Hua said, and then looked at the other low-rank people. "There's no problem, right?"

The several lead disciples looked at each other and then agreed to Qiong Hua's proposal.

As for why must it be Shengjing? The reason was very simple. The equipment items were to be provided by Shengjing Sect. Since Shengjing Sect was the richest among the five great sects, who else would pay for their expedition other than Shengjing Sect?

After the five of them had agreed on the time and place of meeting, they immediately dispersed, not wanting to waste any time. Tranquility had once again descended on the library of the place of origin.

After nobody knows how much time has passed, on the second floor of the library, a mossy stone slightly trembled.

"Ah, I accidentally fell asleep…" South Pole Immortal Weng was filled with emotion. "The time is unforgiving, and the energy is increasingly unable to keep up… Little Wang Lu, I have something… Huh, where is Wang Lu?"

That bulky rock twisted its body slightly, but he was no longer able to see Wang Lu's figure.

"Young men are really impatient… Huh, where are my A Er, A San, and the others? Were they plucked by that brat? Alas, he is still a young man after all. Those mushrooms can't just be casually eaten! Oh, well, this is also his 'chance'."


Unfortunately, Wang Lu was unable to hear the voice of South Pole Immortal Weng.

After leaving the place of origin of Kunlun Sect, Wang Lu directly flew to the foot of the mountain on his flying sword to rendezvous with Aya. The beautiful Western Continent woman was sitting under a lush foliage of a large tree. Her swift and fierce aura of a swordsman perfectly blended with the ancient tree behind him, showing an incredible realm of harmony between human and nature.

Standing on the flying sword, for a moment, he was actually unable to take his eyes off her.

However, at this time, a fire suddenly appeared on his side. That evil Elder of Kunlun bellowed, "Crooked cultivator, die!"

That Elder who was expelled by South Pole Immortal Weng actually laid an ambush at the foot of the mountain!

How much enmity did he actually have to warrant this excessive action?

When the fire appeared, Wang Lu almost had no reaction. The movement of a Peak Deity Stage cultivator was simply too fast for him. Were it not for the superior sensitivity of his primordial spirit due to the void spirit root, perhaps he would've been burned without even realizing it. At this time, although his primordial spirit had enough reaction, his magical power and body simply could not keep up.

Fortunately, his lifesaver was right beside him.

In a flash, the woman who sat under the tree disappeared, and at the same time, a golden sword lit up by his side. The blazing fire vanished under the sword light, and Elder He, who ambushed using the invisibility technique, was also severely slashed on the arm by the woman.

However, this Elder's adaptability to the change in the situation was extremely quick. Seeing that the opponent was a Supreme level expert, an enemy that he could not possibly fight against, he immediately launched his escape fire method to flee from the battlefield.

Before leaving, Elder He let out a shrill roar, "Wang Lu, you colluded with the demon race, aren't you ashamed towards your Spirit Sword Sect predecessors? You profess yourself as a genius, but you act unscrupulously. Sooner or later, you will perish!"

Wang Lu could not help but frown. Can't this old guy stop?

However, it was still a mystery to Wang Lu on why this Elder of Kunlun was so hostile to him. After mulling it over, Wang Lu could only guess that in his youth, some handsome rich guy like Wang Lu took away his wife, thus, that Elder bore a grudge against people like that...

In any case, Kunlun Sect was really not a good place to stay for long. Thus, without batting an eye, he directly used the one-hundred-thousand-spirit-stones-worth spirit sword heavenly talisman to directly return to Spirit Sword Mountain.

The return position of this heavenly talisman was locked at the wooden hut of Non-Phase Peak. After he launched the spirit sword heavenly talisman, the scene around him changed, which caused him to close his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, however, he could not blink his eyes.

Inside the wooden hut, his Master was soaking herself in a tub filled with hot water… She was actually taking a bath! Her snow white body was there without any cover for all to see!

And seeing Wang Lu and Aya suddenly appear in front of her, Wang Wu was also surprised!

The next moment, the clear water flowed down from the curves of her body as she rose. The water droplets were crystal clear. The woman pointed her finger at Wang Lu and righteously spoke, "Spirit Sword Heavenly Talisman? You rebel disciple are so outrageous! Hand over your assets to your Master for safekeeping!"

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