Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 448: A Terrifying Beautiful Girl

Chapter 448: A Terrifying Beautiful Girl

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"... I'm sorry, I have to leave."

Faced with the stunning scene inside the wooden hut on Non-Phase Peak, the Western Continent Knight King Aya who was accustomed to seeing big storms actually retreated in fear. After gawking for a moment, she said goodbye, turned around and left, almost tripping herself on her way out.

Wang Lu looked at the receding figure of that woman, then looked back at the fully naked body of his master standing in the tub, and clicked his tongue repeatedly.

"Master, look at you. You like to show off your good figure, but it only scares people away."

Wang Wu was also impolite. After letting out a snort, she came out of the tub and the clothes next to the tub automatically slid on her body, covering her up.

Seeing her disciple looking up and down at her with great interest, Wang Wu sneered. "You've been looking at me for so long, isn't it time for you to pay for it?"

Who knew, Wang Lu also sneered, then he took out a mysterious sky crystal worth millions of spirit stones from his mustard seed bag and gave it to Wang Wu. "Let's play kisses."

Wang Wu received that crystal with extreme shock. After confirming its infinite value by sweeping it with her primordial spirit, Wang Wu was amazed and was nearly in tears. "T-This is… unexpectedly, after selling myself for many years, I finally reap the harvest!"

Wang Lu immediately corrected her, "Although the face is also part of the body, selling your face does not mean selling yourself. Moreover, your body couldn't possibly be worth this money. This is my gift for you."

Wang Wu was surprised. "Gift for me? In other words, charity food?"

"... Yes."

"I can finally eat, the taste of this charity is… is really fantastic. Young hero, may I ask if you have some more of it?"

Wang Lu yelled, "Get out! By the way, please bring Junior Uncles and Senior Uncles here, I have something important to report."

Wang Wu immediately left the wooden hut.

The Heavenly Sword Hall Elders gathered in Non-Phase Peak in a tea time.

The advantage of the sparse number of members of Spirit Sword Sect was suddenly manifested. Unlike the other sect, in Spirit Sword Sect, a single sentence from a high-level Elder could assemble everyone.

For example, as long as the Third Elder roared: "Bring Fifth Junior Sister to me!"

The Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall would immediately gather and then think of a way to find the black sheep among them.

Of course, this time, it was the Fifth Elder who carried out the issue. After the Elders had sat down, Wang Lu recounted his entire visit to Kunlun Mountain.

Perhaps for Qiong Hua and the others, regarding the dispute between immortal and demon, they had to be careful even towards their own Elders, however, Wang Lu's trust in the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect was far higher than that of the other sect's lead disciple. He did not conceal his experience even a bit. He even took the initiative to introduce that howling demon to them.

"Well, these several people are my collaborators in the human world, say hello to them."

"Hello everyone! I am the brutal and powerful howling demon warrior, my master's loyal servant… I'm sorry, I forgot my name."

Wang Lu spoke without thinking it through, "Let's call you Enasi."

"Oh, master, is that the name that you gave me? Sure enough, it combines the qualities of brutality, terror, despicableness, and other fine special characteristics into one. I will surely remember this name forever!"

After stowing Enasi away, Wang Lu asked, "Senior Uncle Sect Leader, what should I do next?"

"Just now, you said that there's another story hidden in the great war of immortal and demon. This is not wrong…" While Wang Lu was stating his conjecture about the great war of immortal and demon, Sect Leader Feng Yin remained silent through it all. At this time, however, he was smiling, as if he had already wanted to tell it from earlier.

"You being willing to be frank with us Elders is indeed extremely rare but also wise. Young people should not assume responsibility for this kind of thing, so I suggest you temporarily let go of it. Right now, there are still a lot of things that you need to do. As for the matter regarding the demon world… you must not casually go there."

While speaking, Daoist Master Feng Yin subconsciously rubbed his left wrist, as if trying to soothe his wound. However, according to Wang Lu, Daoist Master Feng Yin had no injury on his left wrist...

However, in any case, the opposition from the Sect Leader was already obvious. And Wang Lu could not help but fall into deep thought. There was no need for Daoist Master Feng Yin to harm himself, so his explicit opposition must have its reason. However, at the same time, Wang Lu also had his own reason to be insistence.

While he was thinking, his Master Wang Wu took her stance.

"I think we should let Little Lu see the world."

As soon as her voice fell, Reward Giver Elder Liu Xian stood up in amazement. "Junior Sister, what nonsense are you talking about!"

Feng Yin also frowned. "Junior Sister, stop making trouble! Don't you know how terrifying the demon race is?"

Who knew, Wang Wu actually let out a sneer. "I'm afraid no one here knows more about how terrifying demon race is, no need for you to remind me!"

She paused and looked at her Apprentice Brothers and Sisters whose faces were clearly ugly. Wang Wu then changed her tact. "But looking from another perspective, crisis breeds opportunity. In the immortal dream land, he obviously obtained an immortal inheritance, and this trip to the demon world is probably his 'chance'."

Feng Yin said, "Even if the 'chance' is big, it's not as important as his life, right? Junior Sister, in the past you also…"

Before he could continue, he immediately saw a change in Wang Wu's complexion. Her eyes were staring straight at Feng Yin, which startled him. And then his gaze also turned solemn.

The dialogue between the two was carried out through primordial spirit. One was the number one Jindan in Nine Regions, and the other was Peak Deity Stage. If the two of them wanted to conceal their dialogue, no other people could hear it.

"Junior Sister, you should know that even geniuses can't afford to wanton profligacy. Have you forgotten the lesson of this sect?"

Towards this, Wang Wu lightly asked back, "In the past, did Spirit Sword Sect ever have Wang Lu?"

"You should not be too superstitious about Little Lu's ability, a refined tree must certainly break under forest wind. Since his debut less than twenty years ago, many times he had shown off his ability, but the hidden danger in each of them was endless! In the past, Spirit Sword Sect has no shortage of peerless talents in what was known as the golden generation. At that time, Big Brother was brimming over with talent, which could be comparable to Yao Er, but he ended up dying at young age in the middle of the immortal path. Do you want Wang Lu to repeat the same mistake?"

Wang Wu smiled, and then just repeated her question, "In those years, Spirit Sword Sect has no shortage of peerless talents, but was any one of them Wang Lu?"

"... Why are you so confident about Wang Lu?"

Wang Wu said, "He is my disciple."

"What can you teach him now? His chosen path goes far beyond your Non-Phase Method, far beyond the category of common sense. You…"

Wang Wu laughed. "Yes, what I can teach him goes far beyond the common sense." After a pause, Wang Wu then said, "Moreover, goes far beyond my Non-Phase Method you say? Senior Brother, you too underestimated me. Although Little Lu is terrifying, but if he wants to really surpass me, he at least needs to cultivate for another thirty years… Don't use your standard to measure Wang Lu and I. What I'm saddled with is something that you can't even comprehend."

If the dialogue between the two was put elsewhere, it was likely that people would drop their jaw in shock. How could the Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect have such a dignified speech? Even if she drunk too much and took the wrong medicine, she would only say even more obscene things that lacked in moral integrity. This kind of dignified state Wang Wu was really too much!

However, upon hearing Wang Wu mentioning about the thing that she was saddled with, Daoist Master Feng Yin went into silence.

"Are you sure that there would be no risk?"

"At least, compared to the risk that we truly need to take, this is nothing." Wang Wu said, "If I could, I really want to go to the demon world, but this is Little Lu's chance, so I can't wrest it away from him."

"You really don't worry about him?"

Wang Wu was silent for a moment and then said, "If he is by himself, I won't feel at ease. But isn't there another scapegoat named the four lead disciples of the Five Uniques? I believe with Little Lu's ability, even if he couldn't defeat the demon race, he at least could drag those four as sacrificial victims."

Feng Yin peevishly scolded, "Is this plan to drag people as sacrificial victims aiming at your own team?"

"In short, I want you to agree with me on this matter. Let Little Lu exert his hands and feet. Antiques like you guys should not get in the way."

"What antiques are you talking about… we are all on the same generation!"

"Tck, I am young and beautiful, while you are old and ugly. Who's on the same generation as you? If it wasn't for the position of Elder having the right to a stipend, I would've entered Misty Peak as a Junior Sister."

"... Fine, I'll indulge you this time. But if something really happens to Little Lu, then it means Spirit Sword Sect would lose its best next-generation disciple. Even the entire Nine Regions would lose its extremely precious seed…"

Wang Wu laughed. "At that time, I'll be the new top rookie of the younger generation. In any case, I'm young and beautiful…"

Daoist Master Feng Yin squinted his eyes, secretly glad that with his Peak Deity Stage cultivation base, he could control his emotion at will. Otherwise, he would've loudly scolded her.

After ending the secret dialogue with Wang Wu, Daoist Master Feng Yin changed his stance.

"Next, we will fully support Wang Lu to go to the demon world."

This one sentence immediately attracted an uproar. Second Elder, Third Elder… They could not imagine that the Sect Leader could actually be persuaded by their Fifth Junior Sister!

For a time, opposition voice came one after the other. However, the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect was indeed the Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect. No matter how good Feng Yin usually was, once he made a serious decision, it would be useless for other Elders to oppose him.

Wang Lu's trip to the demon world was officially approved and supported by his sect.

Although in terms of overall strength, Spirit Sword Sect was at the rear end of the Five Uniques, but as one of the great sects, the strength that they could erupt remained frightening. In the next two months or so, Spirit Sword Sect spared no effort. The Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall took turns to perform round-the-clock special training for Wang Lu. The focus was on how to deal with demon race.

This was undoubtedly a great subject. During the great war of immortal and demon, the people of Nine Regions barely established a basic knowledge system at the cost of the blood of many talented cultivators. Wang Lu, Qiong Hua, and the others agreed to meet in three months, but wanting to truly understand demon race in three months was simply a dream.

However, the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect showed incredible ability. They arrange a tight schedule for Wang Lu, a full twenty-four hours a day, leaving no time for him to sleep at all—a Jindan Stage cultivator would not die due to three months of lack of sleep.

During the day, Wang Lu had to receive the joint teaching of Liu Xian and Hua Yun in Teng Cloud Hall to learn the various theories about the demon race. And in this class, Wang Lu was surprised to find that Spirit Sword Sect knew more about the demon race than what he expected.

He was sure that during the years he spent as Spirit Sword Sect's best student, he almost rummaged all of the book collection of Spirit Sword Sect. However, not one book contained such a detailed description of the demon race like what Liu Xian and Hua Yun taught. They even delved into the eating habits of the demon race!

In the evening, Wang Lu received actual combat training from Third Elder, Fourth Elder, and Sixth Elder, which deepened his experience a bit.

Because he astonishedly saw the real magical ability of demon race in the hands of the Sixth Elder!

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