Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 450: Meeting An Old Friend Far From Home

Chapter 450: Meeting An Old Friend Far From Home

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Half a day later, Wang Lu arrived at Shengjing Sect.

This was not his first visit to Shengjing Sect. Previously, as a member of Plentiful City Administrative Committee and Immortal Tomb Excavation Management, he was often invited to participate in important meetings and really enjoyed a lot of treatments usually reserved only for Yuanying or even Deity Stage Elders.

However, at this time, when he visited Shengjing Sect again, Wang Lu would still feel unconsciously bewildered by the magnificent scene of the number one immortal cultivation sect in Nine Regions.

Generally speaking, immortal cultivation sect often hid their place high in the clouds, in order to isolate themselves from the world of ordinary mortals and show their transcendent status. Even Spirit Sword Sect was no exception. They just set up the Spirit Creek Town at the foot of the mountain as their connection point with the ordinary mortal world. As for Kunlun Sect, they were even more absolute in showing their transcendent state by directly using the cloud and mist to conceal their sect on the mountain.

However, Shengjing Sect chose a very different road. Using their sect mountain as the center, they created a mountain city with an astonishing scale. Moreover, this city was also three dimensional. Aside from the key sect buildings that were placed high above the clouds, There were also buildings that were placed below the clouds in layers until they reached the foot of the mountain. Even under the mountain was filled with hundred of thousands of people.

This was not a deliberate design by Shengjing Sect. After the end of the second great war of immortal and demon, the leadership position of Shengjing Sect had basically been consolidated, thus becoming the admiration of many people. However, it was impossible for Shengjing Sect to receive all of them. And thus, they could only reluctantly refuse most of them.

Those with hopeless prospects in seeking shelter in the sect left with some disappointments. However, there were also some who chose to insist on settling down on the mountainside to cultivate. Most of these people have amazing skills. Unfortunately, they did not reach the required threshold of Shengjing Sect. They could only hope that one day, this notoriously eclectic sect could accept them, and they would get their long cherished dream.

Shenjing Sect did not prevent these people from settling despite the mountainside was still the territory of Shengjing Sect. However, for a sect that could invent the artificial spirit root, the so-called rules of immortal path were not at all valuable.

Being tolerated by Shengjing Sect for a long time, those who settled on the mountainside grew more and more, and they even gradually formed their own force. For hundreds of years, these people have succeeded in obtaining many tacit understanding with Shengjing Sect, and their influence even radiated downward towards the foot of the mountain, in the form of many towns similar to Spirit Creek Town. The people in the towns comprised of ordinary mortals and immortal cultivators, but most were just simply ordinary mortals. Regardless, they were all inextricably linked with the immortal cultivators. Their greatest hope was to get in touch with the cultivators on the mountain side. Although Shengjing Sect merely tolerated the existence of those cultivators on the mountainside, for ordinary mortals, they were still immortal-level characters...

After several thousand years of development, this arrangement became distinct, and the structure of the mountain city completely took shape. According to a census conducted by Shengjing Sect people five years ago, the population gathered around Shengjing Sect had already exceeded that of one hundred million. While they enjoyed the protection of Shengjing Sect, they also transported resources for people of Shengjing Sect like hardworking worker ants. This model was known as Shengjing Model and had long received the attention and research from the entire immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions.

Although he had a sort of grudge against Shengjing Sect, Wang Lu had to admit that this was a great sect, and they have created a great model. When it came to the integration of immortal cultivators and ordinary mortals, Wang Lu's development of Wisdom Sect took a lot of references from Shengjing model.

Walking in the town at the foot of Shengjing, facing the busy street, Wang Lu gradually fell into contemplation.

He was now a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage. However, walking among ordinary mortals with magical power restrained, he was actually indistinguishable from other ordinary youths. Although there were many people in the town, there was no one who recognized the famous lead disciple of the Five Uniques.

However, Wang Lu's tranquility did not last long. Soon, Wang Lu suddenly saw the crowds around him separate themselves. The pedestrians on both sides of the street were surprised and slightly afraid. Their eyes were focused on one spot.

At the end of the street, a white-dressed girl slowly floated down from the sky. When she stepped on the ground, waves of light magical power spread out, showing her identity as a cultivator.

Of course, at the foot of Shengjing, there were thousands of cultivators, and it was not unusual to encounter cultivators floating down the mountain. In fact, among the people who made way on the left and right side of the street, there were several cultivators of Foundation Establishment Stage.

The reason why this girl had such a sensational effect was that the girl's belt was embroidered with the logo of Shengjing Sect. Meaning that she was a Shengjing Sect cultivator!

"Greetings, Senior Brother Wang Lu." The girl came precisely for Wang Lu. After gently walking towards Wang Lu, she respectfully did a bowing ritual. Her voice sounded waxy sweet as she said, "I am Yu Mengjun of Shengjing. Senior Sister Qiong Hua sent me here to accompany you up the mountain."

Wang Lu was surprised. "Qiong Hua sent you to lead the way for me?"

The girl smiled and explained, "Senior Sister said that this time, the gathering of the lead disciples were based on her invitation and would be presided over by her. Therefore, Shengjing Sect should act as a host to entertain you. Right now, there's already a banquet on the mountain prepared for you."

"Shengjing Sect's hospitality is justified. However, the thing that makes me curious is that, you're obviously a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, yet you were sent by Qiong Hua to be my maid? Is this to show off the infinite talents of Shengjing?"

Upon hearing this, Yu Mengjun was stunned, but quickly, her sweet smile rose again. "Because you are a lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques."

"Therefore… even the ancient strange beast Dream Tapir was sent to receive the guest?"

"Ah!" Yu Mengjun was really surprised now. "Y-You can see it?"

Wang Lu laughed but said nothing more. With a transformed immortal beast like Bai Shixuan by his side, Wang Lu had already become sensitive to the aura of other similarly transformed beasts. Although Dream Tapir was high in rank, if it was not deliberately hidden, Wang Lu could see through her with just a glance.

Seeing that her identity had been called out by Wang Lu, Yu Mengjun somewhat hesitated for a while, as if she had something to say, but there were concerns.

Wang Lu shook his head. "Very well, lead the way then. Or do you want us to continue to be looked at by everyone here?

Yu Mengjun quickly nodded. "Oh, okay, I'll take you up the mountain."

Then, a rainbow bridge bloomed out from the palm of the girl while its other end was directly connected with the sect. This was the etiquette used by Shengjing Sect to receive their guests. Wang Lu followed the white clothed girl walking on the rainbow bridge. While walking, they crossed the main entrance of the sect and arrived in front of a peaceful and elegant bamboo room.

At the same time, Zhou Mumu's full of vitality voice could be heard coming from inside the bamboo room, "Arrived at last, everyone is already waiting for you for a long time."

In the bamboo room, Qiong Hua, Xiang Liang, and Zhou Mumu were all present, sitting around a round table. On the table, there was a variety of high-quality refreshments brimming with immortal aura. Behind each of the three people was a white-clothed girl, quietly serving them.

Wang Lu was immediately shocked "Qiong Hua, showing off also has its limit, how could you order four Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage to be a maid? Is it to show how many of you here at Shengjing? Next time I'll look for a Supreme level individual to be your cook, are you afraid now?"

Qiong Hua said, "According to the sect rules, the formal meeting of the lead disciple of the Five Uniques should have this standard of treatment. I find this strange, you know, could it be that you, Daoist Master Wang Lu, don't realize that you represent one of the super sects of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, and thus, the treatments that you enjoy are not determined by your cultivation base?"

Wang Lu fought her word for word, "What a joke. Where is the difference between Jindan Stage waiter and Foundation Establishment waiter? Do their knowledge in serving tea increase along with their cultivation base? This is purely vanity!"

Qiong Hua did not back down. "No matter how good your words are, this is the rule of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

Wang Lu said, "This is clearly a bad habit! Aren't your Shenjing Sect self-proclaimed yourself as the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals? Then amend that rule or whatever, get rid of this unhealthy habit! Just now when I was walking at the foot of the mountain, a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, a strange ancient beast at that, suddenly ran over at me and told me that she is my maid. Do you know what I felt at that time? It's like coming across a young girl who has taken a wrong step in life! How could a beautiful woman took a wrong step in life!

Upon hearing these words, Yu Mengjun was terrified. "I-I took a wrong step? I am sorry, I was wrong! Please forgive me!"


Wang Lu shook his head. "Alas, when monster or beast change their form, most of them are completely oblivious to the ways of the world. Their actions are purely based on their heart. Some are evil, but others are pure and innocent. Senior Sister Qiong Hua, this Mengjun is clearly transformed not a long time ago, so she's just like a child. Yet, you have the nerve to bully her, ordering her to serve people as a maid?"

Qiong Hua didn't say anything, but her eyes lightly swept Yu Mengjun, which caused the girl to quiver from head to foot.

"Tsk, a grand lead disciple bullies a little kid, do you think that's awesome?" Wang Lu stepped forward and stood in front of Yu Mengjun, completely cutting her off from the powerful pressure of Qiong Hua. "This child seems pleasing to my eyes. She reminds me of my Junior Sister with similar IQ. In any case, since she's just used as a maid by your Shengjing Sect, you might as well sell her cheap to me as her predestined person."

"Daoist Master Wang Lu, this joke of yours is not funny."

"Oh? Then why don't you go find something to tickle yourself!?"

After a few months of not seeing each other, the relationship between Wang Lu and Qiong Hua was even worse. Especially Wang Lu, the more he saw Qiong Hua, the more he saw her not pleasing to his eyes. He couldn't help but want to fight her on the spot.

However, before things got out of hand, Zhou Mumu very unhappily slapped the table. "Have you two finished yet? Did you call us here just to see you fight? Shouldn't we get down to business?"

Qiong Hua restrained her imposing manner with her smile. "You're right, but… we still have to wait for Daoist Master Ziye to arrive before we can get down to business."

Wang Lu reached out and patted Yu Mengjun's head, trying to comfort this Dream Tapir. Then he made a big show to sit across from Qiong Hua. His eyes looked straight ahead at the opposite party as he reached out for the refreshments on the table.

"Hey, since you're so strict in this treatment thing, then as a dignified lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, shouldn't my food be enough?"

Qiong Hua let out a snort and ignored him.

In any case, when Zhan Ziye came, they could get down to discuss the business and then she didn't need to bother with this guy.

Then she waited patiently for Zhan Ziye to come.

Which ended up being a day and a night...

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