Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 451: I, Disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Have Great Ambition and Strong Ability

Chapter 451: I, Disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Have Great Ambition and Strong Ability

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The cultivators who set foot on the immortal path usually have a good patience.

Because the path of immortality has given the cultivators a long life, they were able to do things more calmly than ordinary mortals. Many cultivators liked to do closed-door training in a narrow and dark space, not going out for decades, enough to make even the most diligent otaku among ordinary mortals to feel ashamed of one's inferiority.

And the lead disciples of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, although they became famous rather quick, any one of them had patience that was far above ordinary cultivators. However… this time, after only waiting for one day, they already felt impatient.

Patience and wasting time were two different concepts. As a cultivator, they could spend several decades to perfect their method, but wasting time unnecessarily, even for a quarter of an hour, was already too much.

"Is that idiot Zhan Ziye going to come or not?"

At the round table, Zhou Mumu quite impatiently slapped the table, and the Jindan Stage maid behind her very deftly took the refreshments tray in front of her and put on another batch of fresh fruits and vegetables.

"What an arrogant guy. He actually let us wait for him for a day, without even sending a letter!"

While saying that, Zhou Mumu unceremoniously took a bite of the bright red fruit. The clear juice flowed down the girl's wrist, but before it stained her sleeve, it was evaporated by her magical power.

As the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect, such a brash way of eating was clearly not in line with the etiquette and norms. However, a full day's of waiting had consumed all of Zhou Mumu's patience. Only her appetite could suppress the anger that was brewing in her heart.

After eating the fruit, Zhou Mumu still could not suppress her anger. "Even Wang Lu, who is already famous, was punctual, yet he, a mere Zhan Ziye, dares to come late!"

Being dragged into this by Zhou Mumu, Wang Lu instead laughed. "So, I am already famous, eh? Hahaha!"

"Cough!" Zhou Mumu choked on the spot.

At this time, Xiang Liang, who had always been silent the whole time, suddenly said, "What we are going to do is a very high-risk operation, and during which, a disorganized team-mate will be a great destabilizing factor. I suggest we remove Zhan Ziye from the team."

Xiang Liang's proposal was rather surprising, but it was easy to see through his furrowed brows that for a cultivator who bragged himself as a soldier, the most loathed thing to him was the lack of disciplined behavior. As a member of a five-person team, Zhan Ziye was actually late for a day without any reason, which was simply unbearable!

These words immediately brought joy to Zhou Mumu. "Well said, I concur! When I think about it, it's really disgusting to be on the same team with that idiot!"

Wang Lu kindly reminded her, "The feeling of disgust may also be because you eat too much."

Zhou Mumu glared at him and then picked up a fruit to eat before turning her head to Qiong Hua and said, "We have been waiting for Zhan Ziye even though he is without any reason to be late for a full day and night, which is the best that we can do to accommodate him. So, should we expel him?"

Before Qiong Hua opened her mouth to reply to her, Wang Lu preemptively said, "It's not necessary that he doesn't have any reason. There's still a possibility for a reason."

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mumu couldn't help but frown. As far as she knew, the relationship between Zhan Ziye and Wang Lu was not always good, so how could he talk on behalf of Zhan Ziye this time?

Then, she heard Wang Lu said, "Perhaps on his way here, Senior Brother Ziye met an unfortunate death, so him not coming is reasonable."


"Of course, considering his identity as the lead disciple of the one of the Five Uniques, if he really dies, we should receive the related news, yet the immortal cultivation world is still calm. So, it's also possible that he fire deviated when training and was now caught in an unable to leave but difficult to die situation. And although his sect has exerted all of their resources to save him, they only managed to barely keep his life. If this is the case, how could he spend the effort to think about our five-person meeting?"

"..." Zhou Mumu was silent for a long time. She even forgot to eat the fruit in her hand as she stared at Wang Lu. In the end, she sighed with emotion. "Sure enough, it's still the Wang Lu that I know!"

With that, she put down the fruit. "Then what should we do in your opinion?"

Wang Lu said, "There is a saying in the Western Continent: when the mountain does not come, I will go to the mountain. Since Senior Brother Zhan Ziye is in a state of emergency, or even death, shouldn't we as his teammates give a wreath or something?"

As he said that, Wang Lu fished out a ready-made wreath from his mustard seed bag with two lines of words on it. The first line read: A life without a wife, and the second line read: Sweet gay life in the afterlife.

Zhou Mumu took one look at it and said, "... You even prepared a wreath for him? What kind of mess do you have in your mustard seed bag?"

Wang Lu raised his eyebrows and said, "Actually, I also prepared one for you, Senior Sister…"

"Don't show it to me!"

In any case, under Wang Lu's proposal, the four of them decided to go to Ten Thousand Arts Sect to find out.

It was really incredible if Zhan Ziye indeed met an unfortunate death. However, he was also not someone who would come late without any reason. Even if he was far from having any organizational sense of discipline, punctuality was the basic etiquette in life. As a lead disciple, he couldn't possibly have this thing.

Or did he really meet some kind of trouble?

Even if among the five lead disciples Zhan Ziye's personal relationship was the poorest, since he was now a teammate, he ought to pay attention to this.

Just before leaving, however, Wang Lu actually put forward an embarrassing request to Qiong Hua.

"After this, I don't know if I ever want to get back here, so why don't you give this thing as a parting gift for me." With that, Wang Lu reached out his hand for Yu Mengjun.

This transformed dream tapir girl revealed a terrified and worried face. As the fuse of the quarrel between Wang Lu and Qiong Hua, she could hardly take care of herself.

Qiong Hua shook for a moment, and then earnestly shook her head. "Impossible."

Wang Lu then said, "How about this, how about if you send her to study in Spirit Sword Sect as a foreign student?"

Qiong Hua was stunned. She did not expect Wang Lu to be so persistent for this dream tapir. Although a dream tapir was a strange as well as ancient beast, her bloodline was not pure. At least, it was much worse than the spirit beast of Spirit Sword Sect. On the perception and qualification, it was also just above standard...

"Let's talk about it later." Qiong Hua didn't immediately reject it this time. "When we come back, I'll report this to the sect… if it's just in the form of foreign student, I think it's possible."

Wang Lu cupped his hand in front of his chest. "Then I have to trouble Senior Sister Qiong Hua."

Qiong Hua was extremely flattered. When Wang Lu cupped his hand across his chest, the girl even subconsciously summoned her immortal dew sword to defend herself—because this well-mannered gesture of Wang Lu was too abnormal!

As a matter of fact, Wang Lu also found this to be unusual.

Ever since he saw this Yu Mengjun, he felt hot on his chest—of course, this was not the burning desire of a man in puberty, but from the warmth radiated from the jade pendant on his chest, which seemed to be hinting about something to him. Although the howling demon on the sole of his foot didn't say anything, Wang Lu judged that this ancient strange dream tapir was not as simple as an ancient strange beast...

Unfortunately, the secret of Yu Mengjun could only be explored later when he returned from this exploration.

Now, there was still the matter regarding Zhan Ziye!

It only took a tea time for the four of them to travel from Shengjing Sect to Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Due to their wealth, as early as hundreds of years ago, Shengjing Sect had set up extensive transportation network that extended in all directions. Moreover, it was solely controlled by Shengjing Sect, independent of any third party organization.

When they arrived at the entrance of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, they were greeted by another scene.

Unlike the magnificent atmosphere of Shengjing Sect, but also different from the solitude of Kunlun Sect, not only Ten Thousand Arts Sect did not establish their sect in a mountainous region like the other four super sects, instead, it was evenly distributed in a valley.

According to the people of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, this was to facilitate different magic spell research using different terrain environment. However, due to the large amount of the spell research over the years, the surrounding spiritual energy had been disturbed, making it unsuitable for a human to live in places other than certain regions. Just standing in front of the valley, they could feel the unique aura that repelled the human that came from thousands of miles away blasting at their faces.

At the entrance of the valley stood two thirty meters tall puppet giants acting as the barrier that cut off that deadly rushing aura. These two puppet giants were the quintessence of the academic excellence of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, each of them had the strength of a Yuanying Stage cultivator.

Then, Qiong Hua paid her respect toward these two giant gatekeepers and handed over the introductory letter. After receiving that introduction letter, that giant puppet immediately turned to the valley. Before long, it came back again and then proceeded to allow them to enter through its bulky arms gesture.

"... It looks like Zhan Ziye is indeed in his sect." Qiong Hua said, "Since it's clearly written in that introduction letter that we wish to meet with him, and they allow us to go through, it's impossible that he isn't here."

Wang Lu faintly said, "It might also possible that he is dying, and the Elders of Ten Thousand Arts Sect just want to let us see him for the last time."

"... What exactly is your problem with Zhan Ziye?" Zhou Mumu could not help but ask.

While talking, the four of them officially entered the area of Ten Thousand Arts Sect. After entering the valley, there was a giant semi-transparent arrow that appeared at the foot of the four of them acting as their guide for direction. But in this entire journey, they were completely unescorted, not even by a guide puppet.

Fortunately, the four of them had no other intentions and just followed the direction of the arrow. Along the way, they obtained a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Unlike their quiet and elegant title of Immortal Cultivation Museum, Ten Thousand Arts Sect had a noisy atmosphere.

"Vermillion Bird 400, Azure Dragon 100, White Tiger 600, Black Tortoise 30… the first try. Begin!"

Just beside the spacious avenue in the middle of the valley, several cultivators of Ten Thousand Arts Sect were erecting a high foundation with the furnace placed on top. The stove was surrounded by the four-element array, where four different types of magical power were used as input, which then converged at one point through the complex structure inside the furnace. All in all, this would produce mystical and unbelievable results.

They saw a flash of lightning inside the furnace, which slowly condensed a gray iron pill.

"Aaa, it failed again. This is the twenty-ninth time, and not one produced a gold pill. Is there a problem with the formula?"

"Try to reduce the Azure Dragon type magical power to 30 and give it another try. It is said that the probability to produce the gold pill will increase."

"Absurd! How can we reduce the input and increase the output?"

The several cultivators clamored around the iron furnace. After a few moments, their conflicting views intensified and their face became red with anger. However, the method of resolving the conflicting views by the cultivators of Ten Thousand Arts Sect was not to directly exchange blows. But rather each fished out a little-people-like puppet, which was activated by a spell. Each of these little-people-like puppets then turned into a good-looking girl, and they fiercely fought on the ground. These beautiful girls all wore an exquisite dress, and during the fight, their dress would occasionally be damaged, which exposed their undergarments and white skin, attracting several shouts from the cultivators of Ten Thousand Arts Sect.

Zhou Mumu watched the whole process and the corner of her mouth curled upward. "A group of idiots who are doomed to be lonely for life. Don't you think, Junior Brother Wang Lu?"

The girl turned her head, intending to get the approval from Wang Lu. However, she saw that Wang Lu's eyes were looking straight at those several little-people-like puppets, seemingly enthralled.

"Y-You're actually!"

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