Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 453: Green Environmentalist Zhan Ziye

Chapter 453: Green Environmentalist Zhan Ziye

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"Eternal Tree?"

Upon hearing Wang Lu's question, Zhou Mumu was immediately taken aback. In the competition for the five blood spirit crown, all of the five disciples obtained their own harvest. Qiong Hua who slaughtered hundreds of millions of creatures with her Kill Immortal Sword had her connection with her immortal sword grew closer, while Zhou Mumu inherited the blood mark divine spear, which contained endless wonder… Of course, among the five people, Qiong Hua and Wang Lu undoubtedly obtained the biggest harvest. As for Zhan Ziye, it was certainly gratifying that he had an accomplishment in his Ten Thousand Motionless Immortal Heart, but it seemed less than the harvest of the other four.

Zhou Mumu was naturally very happy about this, but she did not think that Zhan Ziye was, after all, the lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques, so how could he be so useless? Quietly, he had actually harvested the seed of Eternal Tree!

His secret being put in the open, Zhan Ziye was somewhat curious. "How did you know it?"

Wang Lu said, "Because I saw the overflowing greenness on Senior Brother Ziye's head 1 , so I can't help but reminisce about the old towering tree."

"Overflowing greenness?" Zhan Ziye inexplicable muttered, and then seriously asked, "Is there a defect in my cultivation method, which leads to imperfect fusion with the Eternal Tree smell?"

At the same time, Zhan Ziye also fished out three hundred computing talismans and began to calculate on where his design had gone wrong. He completely ignored the fact that there were four lead disciples who came especially for him.

"Well, it's nothing to do with Senior Brother Ziye." Wang Lu explained, "It's because when I was communicating with my pen friend Hai Yunfan some time ago, he told me that he had recently found a girlfriend. For this, I especially sent him a small gift—personally arranged by me and sent by Seventh Uncle—of jade vajra dragon tiger pill.

Zhan Ziye's eyes turned bright. "Junior Brother Wang Lu's personally arrange drug? What is it used for? What are the breakthroughs in comparison with the other drugs?"

"... It's like what it means, making a person's erection as hard and as long as those of Kunlun slaves… Hey, your focus is completely wrong! What I'm trying to say is Hai Yunfan!"

Zhan Ziye furrowed his brows. "Junior Brother Yunfan? I haven't seen him for quite some time recently. What is the relationship between him and me having abundant of greenness?"

"It's nothing actually, it's just that, his new girlfriend is Ye Feifei 2 ."

"Junior Sister Ye? Because she can't keep up with me in cultivation, I also haven't had a contact with her for quite some time, but still, what is the relationship between her and my abundant greenness?" Zhan Ziye scratched his head in confusion.

If it were other people, they would've long believed that based on this person's IQ, he wasn't worth communicating with. However, for Wang Lu, his heart was actually filled with dread—he had to repeatedly weigh every word that he said as he was shocked by Zhan Ziye's idiocy.

In those days, it was very obvious that Ye Feifei had an infatuation over Zhan Ziye, yet the latter was completely oblivious to her!

"Senior Brother Ziye, your noble sect's Ten Thousand Motionless Immortal Heart is indeed worthy to be an immortal level method, you have my admiration. Except for becoming an immortal, there's probably no other path for your sect's method." Wang Lu shook his head. "Now I understand why your little girl puppets could be invented… Your vegetative reproduction technology would mature sooner or later right?"

Zhan Ziye casually said, "There is indeed one main research team working on this project. But… forget about it. In short, indeed my eternal tree seed has sprouted in my jade mansion. Some time ago, I discovered that it has the signs that it was about to break ground, so I put down everything to focus on this. Fortunately, although it was a few days late, it finally has the result."

With that, Zhan Ziye revealed his scholarly smiled, proud and reserved.

Zhou Mumu was not reserved, however, as she stepped forward and stomped the ground, shaking the entire residence of Zhan Ziye. "In short, because of a private matter, you let us four people wait for a whole day and night?"

"Private matter?" Zhan Ziye sneered, showing a contemptuous expression. "I don't expect you, a woman with inflexible brain who come from Kunlun, to understand the great significance of my academic research. I will say one thing, the combination of Eternal Tree and my golden core will bring great convenience to our trip to the Demon World. Although I have been late for a whole day and night, I am actually about to make a bigger contribution to the team. As for you, except for arriving at the rendezvous site on time, what else can you do?"

Instead of waiting for Zhou Mumu's outburst to erupt, Zhan Ziye continued, "We had previously planned this trip to the demon world, but have you ever considered a basic question such as how could we get to the demon world? The channel leading to the demon world in the Nine Regions has long been sealed off. Even if there are occasional slips, it's not easy for us Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage to pass through. Yet, I can actually find an opportunity to get through the barriers of these two worlds using this Eternal Tree."

Zhan Ziye then slightly released the breath of Eternal Tree and explained, "Eternal Tree is the treasure of the demon world. What we saw in the group of immortal tombs was just its miniature weakened version. The real Eternal Tree is comparable, no, it's beyond the infinite power of a true immortal. And the Eternal Tree has the ability to sense the fruit of every part of its branches. And now I can combine the seed of Eternal Tree and my golden core, and then use the part of Eternal Tree to summon its main part. Then I can go against the stream to move into the demon world. Of course, during the process, I can take along the four of you… What do you think? With my contribution, let alone being late for a day or two, even if I'm late for a month, so what? Without me, can you arrive at the rendezvous point to enter the demon world on time?"

After Zhan Ziye merged with the seed of Eternal Tree, his confidence had clearly been significantly enhanced. However, before he withdrew the smile on his face, he listened to Zhou Mumu's sneer.

"What are you showing off? What's the big deal in being able to enter the demon world?"

Upon hearing Zhou Mumu saying so, Wang Lu suddenly smiled and said, "Looks like it is no accident that we all have our own way to enter the Demon World that we obtained in Kunlun library."

Qiong Hua nodded. "There are hundreds of millions of demon world souls in my Kill Immortal Sword, but the souls from demon world instinctively return to the demon world. I can open the endless void to let those souls return which we can use as our guide to the demon world."

Xiang Liang nodded and uttered an 'mm'. Although he didn't explain anything, he also supported Wang Lu's explanation. He too got his 'chance' to the demon world in the library.

Wang Lu said, "Looks like whether it's the South Pole Immortal Weng or the earth immortals of the group of immortal tombs, it didn't seem to be certain that the five of us can come together, so they gave each of us the chance to go to the demon world in order to avoid focusing the key in one man's hand, and due to all sorts of reason, we don't have the mean to go to the demon world. At the same time, this shows that they very much want us to take a trip to the demon world… But, having the seed of eternal tree and thus allow us to mimic as a part of eternal tree is still a very important achievement. Once we enter the demon world, it could definitely disguise our human breath and avoid unnecessary trouble."

No matter how strong the lead disciple of the Five Uniques was, it was impossible for them to go deep into the demon world and fight head-on with the locals there. The strength of a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage could be said strong but also not. Once they encountered the demon king level character in the demon world, let alone the five lead disciples, even fifty of them were not enough. Therefore, being able to disguise themselves as locals was indeed a very important thing.

"You heard that? Barbarian girl of Kunlun?" Seeing that he had obtained the support of Wang Lu and the others, Zhan Ziye's arrogance bloomed as he looked disdainfully at Zhou Mumu. It was like he was stepping on Zhou Mumu's head.

How could Zhou Mumu tolerate this? Seeing that a fight was about to break between these two, Wang Lu reached out his hand to stop Zhou Mumu.

"Senior Sister Zhou, focus on the big picture."

Zhou Mumu unceremoniously said, "Why won't you let him focus on the big picture instead?"

Wang Lu cast a compassionate glance at Zhan Ziye and then whispered to Zhou Mumu about the story of Hai Yunfan, Ye Feifei, and Zhan Ziye. In just a few sentences, Zhou Mumu's anger had already dissipated and her face was full of smiles.

"Hahaha, no wonder you said that he has an abundant of greenness, it turns out there is such a story… Very well, why should I haggle over with someone who is doomed to live a lonely life? I'll let him take this one!"

Wang Lu cupped his hands across his chest. "Sure enough, Senior Sister Zhou is a magnanimous adult here."

He just heard Zhou Mumu mentioning that he was doomed to live a lonely life, which seemed like praising his brilliant talent, unsurpassed in the entire Nine Regions, seeking to be defeated. However, through her ironic but also compassionate smile that she threw at him, he always felt that something was not quite right, but he was unable to pinpoint what it was...

After thinking about it, Zhan Ziye also thought that, as a genius, why should he bother to understand the thinking of a barbarian girl of Kunlun? She could say whatever she wanted, and it would still be of no concern to him! Moreover, barbaric and rude were not the qualifications of the moral excellence of traditional female of Nine Regions, so most likely that she would not get married.

Hehehe, this was the real being destined to live a lonely life.

Thinking about this, Zhan Ziye cast a smug smile at Zhou Mumu. The latter naturally showed no weakness and responded with the similar smug smile.

Wang Lu frowned. "Are you two sure that you aren't together?"

In any case, since Zhan Ziye had provided an acceptable reason for being late, the other four people would not dwell on it for too long. After all, it was not too late to commence their plan to go to the demon world.

With the exception of Wang Lu, the other four didn't even fully explain their plan to go to the demon world with their respective sect. The meeting was also invited in Qiong Hua's personal name, by saying to her sect that they wanted to hold a small meeting. The Elders of the various sects believed that it was not a bad thing to deepen the ties between the Five Uniques, thus they allowed their lead disciple to come. Since long delay would usually mean more problem, after a discussion, they decided to let Zhan Ziye to open the way to the demon world.

As for the location, naturally, they could not choose a place within Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Because once the breath of the Eternal Tree spread, it might lead to unnecessary troubles. Although the great war of immortal and demon ended more than two thousand years ago, it was rumored that there were many hidden cultivators who were lurking in the mountains and the forests to alert the counterattack from the demon race. If they rashly released the Eternal Tree, it was very likely that they would be regarded as spies of the demon race and be annihilated. This time, there was no South Pole Immortal Weng that would defend them.

After a back and forth discussion to no avail, Qiong Hua finally made her decision.

"I have my own private realm in Southern Heaven Region which has a node of spiritual energy, and the fluctuation of spiritual energy outside of it is sharp, so it should be able to disguise the energy of Eternal Tree."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu's eyes seemed to have been blinded by the sunlight. "Private realm in Southern Heaven? Moreover, it has a node of spiritual energy? That is enough to open your own sect. Where did you get this kind of property…"

Qiong Hua faintly smiled. "When I reached Jindan Stage, Mysterious Sky Mansion presented that realm as a gift for me to create a good relationship."

Wang Lu gritted his teeth and said with a smile, "Mysterious Sky Mansion? We are now enemies…"

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