Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 456: Into the Ditch

Chapter 456: Into the Ditch

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After a quick sneeze, Zhan Ziye somewhat absent-mindedly looked at the black blood that stained his palm.

The other four lead disciples near him also focused their gaze on that.

"Junior Brother Ziye, were you injured when you transplanted the Eternal Tree?" Qiong Hua earnestly asked.

"..." Zhan Ziye did not answer, but with a solemn looked, he scanned his internal using his primordial spirit to confirm his physical condition.

Everything was good, nothing was unusual. The black blood that he spurted out a moment ago seemed like it didn't belong to him. If it was not obviously present on his palm, he would've suspected that this was just an illusion.

At this time, another wind blew pass them. This time, it was not only Zhan Ziye, even Zhou Mumu couldn't hold back a sneeze. Yet, no blood was discharged. The girl covered her nose and mouth with her hand, but when she put down her hand, she saw that there was a layer of mucus-like substance on it.

"What is this… thing?"

Zhou Mumu shook off her hand in confusion, dropping that mucus-like substance in droplet form. At the same time, she also scanned her internals with her primordial spirit, and everything was as it should be.

Meanwhile, however, Wang Lu's countenance abruptly changed.

This was a very familiar scene to him! Three months ago, when the Elders took turns in teaching him in Spirit Sword Mountain, the first lesson from the Sixth Elder was exactly similar to this scene!

This was the strange poison in the demon world. After poisoning, everything looked completely the same. Regardless of the method used to scan, it would show that everything was normal, yet their body was melting. Its toxicity was so strong that even Non-Phase Golden Body could not resist it, and at the same time, no elixir could cure it. A special detoxification method must be used to clear the toxin. At that time, Wang Lu was still thinking that the reason why he was given such a penetrating poison in the first try was that his Sixth Uncle was merely showing his authority—if it was a merely ordinary poison, it would've been boring.

However, during the next three months, Elder Lu, through endless difficulties, finally showed Wang Lu the meaning of hell difficulty. In those three months, Wang Lu felt that he had degenerated from spirit stone adventurer to free of charge adventurer, which was simply appalling...

However, it was precisely because of those three months of special training that allowed him to make the correct response at the first try.

"Everyone, except for Qiong Hua, immediately activate your healing technique and pump it to full power, never try to stop it even for a second!"

At this time, there was no need for Wang Lu to say much—everyone had already guessed correctly that they were being poisoned. Although they didn't know what kind of poison it was, the symptoms had begun to show. And the consequences seemed to be very serious—Zhou Mumu's cheeks had obviously begun to melt! Yet, they couldn't find what went wrong with them regardless of what kind of method they used!

These several lead disciples who were already battle-hardened were absolutely terrified. Fortunately, Wang Lu seemed to be very experienced in this. The only problem was...

"Why is it everyone except Senior Sister Qiong Hua?" While activating her Kunlun longevity technique to slow down the melting of her physical body, Zhou Mumu looked at Qiong Hua somewhat in disbelief.

She readily admitted that Qiong Hua was more powerful than her, however, that was because she was not good at frontal combat. But in terms of longevity, as the lead disciple of the oldest sect in Nine Regions, she was confident that she would not lose to anyone. Even Wang Lu's Non-Phase Golden Body could not be compared to the secret method of Kunlun in terms of evading drug, expelling poison, and prolonging life. So why should Qiong Hua be an exception?

At the same time, Qiong Hua was also curious. Although her symptom was slightly lighter than the other, the beads of sweat on her forehead demonstrated that her condition was far from okay.

As a result, Wang Lu's answer almost let Zhou Mumu to fail in maintaining her technique. "Because I won't feel bad if she dies."

"..." Qiong Hua inwardly sighed and then began to launch her Shengjing Sect technique, using her trinity skill to condensed her body.

Then, the four lead disciples committed themselves to delaying the erosion from the toxin while Wang Lu, after stabilizing his own condition, began to remove the toxins from the remaining four.

The method that he used was not different than what he learned from Elder Lu Li. In fact, it couldn't afford to be different. Lu Li's detoxification technique was completely carried out using live human, and so far, it had not been possible to analyze its principle. And since the principle could not be parsed, then in its application, it could not be changed in the slightest. The output rhythm and the attribute of the magical power must be precise enough that it was simply a jaw-dropping task for an ordinary Jindan Stage cultivator. In particular, in the case of poisoning, a set of complex formula needed to be calculated, which was even difficult for ordinary Yuangying Stage cultivator and only a few Jindan Stage could do.

Therefore, at this time, the several lead disciples were fortunate to have Wang Lu as their teammate. Otherwise, they would've been blown to death by the wind before they even encountered any enemy, which would've probably become the most shameful performance of Nine Regions' people in the demon world since the last great war of immortal and demon.

But then again, if after the five of them departed from Kunlun Mountain, the other four lead disciples were frank with their respective sect and thus had a proper preparation, they wouldn't have been so easy to fall helpless under the poison attack.

Of the five people, Wang Lu was the best at defense. Thus, his position within the team was the vanguard, working to protect the team against external harm. This wind came too sudden that Wang Lu himself was unprepared. Previously, Elder Lu Li also said that this kind of body melting poison had to be intentionally delivered by someone, not naturally occurring in the surrounding.

According to the available information, the last time a Nine Regions cultivator entered the demon world happened thousands of years ago, during which, the situation of the demon world was bound to change, so it was still reasonable that he was caught off guard. Since Wang Lu could not isolate the others from being harmed in the first place, he must participate in the next emergency treatment step. Zhou Mumu's auxiliary methods were very powerful, and Kunlun's longevity method was so extreme, but she was not fast enough in applying it.

If she had prepared in advance, she would've cracked this exotic poison. But now, she could only hand over this task to Wang Lu!

An hour later, Wang Lu successfully eliminated the toxin from the last person.

"How do you feel? Is there any irreparable damage to your internal organs such as uterus or ovaries? Or have your golden core and jade mansion been fundamentally destroyed? Or are there ugly scars on the skin that can't be removed, which cause you to be disfigured for life?"

Wang Lu took a moment to ask questions for his last patient.

"Fortunately, everything is normal." Qiong Hua nodded and stood up, intending to walk away.

"Tsk, I think there was a problem with the treatment. There are some remaining poisons that are stubborn. I have to revolve my magical power in your body again to get rid of the rest of the poison."

While saying that, Wang Lu's primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi came out through his four fingers and was about to press into Qiong Hua.

Even thinking with the elbow, Qiong Hua knew that Wang Lu had another intention. Thus, she lightly smiled and flashed away from Wang Lu.

Wang Lu also didn't try to press it and just dispersed the sword qi from his fingertips.

Wang Lu had always been unhappy whenever he saw Qiong Hua, which started in the last moment of the battle for the five blood spirit crown. The scene where Qiong Hua slaughtered hundreds of millions of creatures using her Kill Immortal Sword had been deeply ingrained in Wang Lu's memory. At that time, he threw punches on her face to vent his anger, and since then, he had been waiting for the change in Qiong Hua.

If Qiong Hua could gradually change, Wang Lu really did not mind making friends with Qiong Hua whose strength was completely on the same level as him.

Unfortunately, when they met again, through her body language, Wang Lu felt that her stubbornness had gone deeper. Concerning the demon world, although Qiong Hua never said it clearly, Wang Lu could actually feel the killing intent in her heart. Therefore, along the way, Wang Lu continued to pick fault, making clear of his stance.

However, cultivator slaying demon was not unreasonable. Not to mention that it was the first time Qiong Hua slaughtered millions upon millions of creatures, thus Wang Lu really couldn't say anything about it directly. Let alone in this expedition to the demon world, Qiong Hua's power was indispensable. Thus, although he still saw her not pleasing to the eyes, he would not let her become someone who dragged the team back.

Although he put Qiong Hua's detoxification to the last, that was because her cultivation base was the highest, and she was able to stabilize herself with her trinity. As for trying to use his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi after the detoxification, if Qiong Hua really could not escape this little trick, then that meant her IQ had fallen enough from the requirement of a team member, and thus deserved to be kicked out of the team.

In any case, with Wang Lu's effort, the team of lead disciples finally returned to normal. However, the experience just now caused the several lead disciple's hearts to turn somewhat cold.

That was just a chilly wind...

During the ensuing silence, Xiang Liang was the first to speak. Although he also just experienced a life and death crisis, there was no change in his countenance at all. He merely seriously asked, "What's next?"

In the team, Xiang Liang was tasked to serve as an attacker. He was a qualified commander, and he was a very good soldier. He had no fear of death, and his explosive force was powerful. He was also willing to obey the command. The only problem was… who's order?

The subject of Xiang Liang's inquiry was Qiong Hua.

In fact, Xiang Liang's relationship with Qiong Hua was not that good. At least, it was far less than his friendship with Wang Lu. And compared to Qiong Hua, Wang Lu had the team leader ability, which either from the record or theory, Wang Lu was more dominant. However, Xiang Liang still chose Qiong Hua.

The reason for this was actually very simple. Because Qiong Hua was the representative of Shengjing Sect, which was the number one sect in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. For Xiang Liang who was accustomed to class difference, this reason was enough.

Qiong Hua also didn't hold back. After listening to Xiang Liang's question, she held out her hand and pointed at a certain direction. "The place over there should have what we're looking for."

In fact, no one had ever spoken clearly about what they were looking for in the demon world, but each of them had a tacit understanding.

After Qiong Hua pointed at a direction, Wang Lu did not object; at this moment, his red jade pendant was faintly hot.

However, just as he was ready to verbally agree...

"Hey, there's nothing over there!"

A brisk woman's voice, confided in the unique language of the demon race, came from behind the five people like a ghost.

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