Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 457: There Is Nothing Sexual Between Me and Her!

Chapter 457: There Is Nothing Sexual Between Me and Her!

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This sudden voice really took the five of them by surprise.

After the wind blew past just now, the five of them nearly turned into a pulp. Thus, the five lead disciples raised their vigilance as their primordial spirit constantly scanned their surrounding. In this situation, even an expert of Yuanying Stage would find it difficult to hide their trail. But in the end...

Who exactly the voice behind belonged to?

Demon master? Demon king? Or was it an even higher standing demon race? If not, how could it be so easy to pass through the perception of the five of them?

They were not just any ordinary five Jindan Stage cultivators of Nine Regions, but the five most promising and talented young cultivators of Nine Regions. Moreover, they have been especially prepared for this for three months! Unless they were crushed by an absolute power, otherwise, they were almost unrivaled in skills for those that were on the same level as them.

However, if their opponent had a demon king level power, no matter how high their skills were, they would still meet a dead end. But… was this the end of their trip to the demon world?

Was all of their previous experience in the immortal dream land, in Kunlun library, just a huge trap for the Nine Regions world by the demon race? In order to get rid of these five geniuses, the most promising lead disciples?

For these so-called lead disciples, regardless of any defects in their temperament, their brains worked very fast. These series of association was thought by them at lightning speed.

And Wang Lu's action was even faster than that of the other lead disciples.

After they heard that lively and brisk woman voice, Wang Lu directly thrust his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi backward, pointing directly at the source of the sound.

Although this sword qi was sent in a hurry, since it was powered with Jindan Stage magical power and also an immortal level sword art, it caused the ground to crack along the trajectory of the sword qi for around three hundred meters.

At the same time, that lively and brisk woman voice sounded again.

"It turns out you guys are enemies! Then die!"

Just as that voice fell, before this mysterious expert made her move, a brown sphere of light emerged. At the same time that brown sphere of light emerged, which was Wang Lu's sword defense, and, as if to suffer a great deal of oppression, it dramatically contracted.

"Got you!" Wang Lu uttered a sneer and launched his Non-Phase Nameless sword!

Previously, he sent out his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi not to hurt the enemy—he hadn't locked the position of the enemy and also still didn't know how powerful the enemy was. Moreover, only upon reaching Jindan was he able to freely use his primal chaos sword qi, thus, as a whole, he still wasn't used to the rhythm of attacking first.

Wang Lu had always been more used to defensive counterattack. As long as the other strike him first, the victory would be at hand.

He didn't believe that this brisk and lively woman's voice belonged to a demon king level. Just like the previous cold wind, which fierceness only lied in its unnoticeable and hard to guard against aspects, it didn't mean that it was really strong.

If it was so strong that it could not be cracked, how could he, as a Jindan Stage cultivator who didn't excel at detoxification, remove the poison from the other four lead disciples?

In the great war of immortal and demon, the most troublesome thing for the cultivators of immortal path was not how strong the raw power of the demon race was, but how virtually impossible it was for them to guard against the means of the demon race! However, conversely, if they could guard against those means, it was not that hard to beat the people of the demon race that nearly destroyed Nine Regions.

With this sword light sphere of Non-Phase Sword Defense encircling everyone, the Nameless Sword echoed its counterattack. Wang Lu didn't expect that this Nameless Sword would succeed, but he was not alone at this time.

Almost at the same time as Wang Lu unfolded his Non-Phase Sword Defense, Xiang Liang chose to launch a surprise attack—not in the direction of the Nameless Sword, but in a remote wilderness.

The attack from a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage was really fast. In the blink of an eye, Xiang Liang's attack had flown several miles away and triggered a large scale explosion. In the middle of the explosion, the distortion in the space was vaguely similar. At the same time, a quick and agile female demon let out a stifling grunt.

Xiang Liang's guess was right—the other person's real position was neither in the direction of the sound nor in the direction of the of the source of the bombardment of Non-Phase Sword Defense. The shadowy demon race had been well hidden from the beginning, and the attack on Wang Lu might have been remotely controlled.

Nevertheless, when she made her move, she still inevitably left out a flaw, and Xiang Liang was very good at grasping this flaw.

However, at the same time, in the middle of the sword defense, the other four lead disciples were not that far behind Xiang Liang either. After letting out a cold hump, Wang Lu's Nameless Sword didn't change direction in the slightest, while Zhan Ziye and Qiong Hua let out their own barrage of attack towards the direction pointed out by Wang Lu.

Because the enemy might not be just one. In the past great war of immortals and demons, demon race very much liked to use the diversionary tactic. And thanks to their three months of special training, everyone had guessed this. Therefore, the reaction of the five lead disciples was quick and accurate, and the tacit understanding between each of them was also above the standard. While Xiang Liang was responsible for the surprise attack, the other four were responsible for pinning down the main force of the enemy.

This division of duty of the five lead disciples might be considered as wonderful, but after that first round of surprise attack, in addition to another stifled grunt, they produced no more result. After a moment, when the dust from the landslide had settled down, Xiang Liang's pale complexion returned. His solemn complexion showed that the result of the fight just now was not good. The lurking demon race was still lurking, and the howling of the chilly wind intensified.

At this time, no one dared to treat this ubiquitous cold wind lightly again. Obviously, this was the unique ability of the demon race. Wang Lu's improved version of Non-Phase Sword Defense could keep out this cold wind, but they didn't have the confidence to withstand the cold wind with their own body. Therefore, they could only stay within Wang Lu's thirty-meter radius of sword defense, while everywhere outside his sword defense was the battlefield of the demon race.

"If this goes on, it would be a dead end for us," Zhou Mumu said with a sinking voice.

"Yes, we can't let things go on like this," Wang Lu said a matter of factly.

After a round of attack and defense, they were able to judge that the opponent's strength was not really too high. In a protracted fight, the opponent would eventually reveal flaws. However, the result of this protracted fight was that, their intrusion into the demon world would attract more and more attention. When the true demon king level character arrived, that would be the end of them.

"So for us to get out of this bind, I suggest you, Senior Sister Qiong Hua, to sacrifice yourself. By exploding your golden core on that hill over there, we'll take the chance to escape from this ambush. When the situation has subsided, we will continue to investigate the truth. During this period, we will always remember your sacrifice, so you may rest assured."

While saying that, Wang Lu unceremoniously pushed Qiong Hua forward.


Regarding such a pig-rank teammate, Qiong Hua was rendered speechless. However, she also realized that the situation was unsustainable, and Wang Lu had done the best he could. As the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, she must take the role of the leader.

Thus, on the sacrificial sword platform in her Jade Mansion, a crystal clear Immortal Dew Sword slowly sank, and after a moment, the Kill Immortal Sword, carrying the grievances of hundreds of millions of souls, reappeared.

"What the hell, this is more ruthless than just exploding your golden core, are you actually going to blow off your teammates?"

When Kill Immortal Sword came out, none in the immortal dream land could withstand it. If now Qiong Hua let out her Kill Immortal Sword again, Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword Defense would basically be the same as paper pulp. Thus, although Qiong Hua would achieve victory, her other four teammates would be miserable.

"Rest assured, it won't hurt you."

Just as Qiong Hua's voice fell and she was about to make her move, the chilly wind suddenly stopped, and everywhere around them was dead silent. The environment did not seem to change, but in the intuition of the several lead disciples, the threat had disappeared without a trace.

"... Run away?"

The might of the Kill Immortal Sword was simply too great. Just its tip alone could turn the surrounding spiritual energy chaotic. And the demon race who was keen to this change naturally could perceive it. If their opponent was careful, it would naturally retreat temporarily.

"All right, let's go," Qiong Hua said and returned her Kill Immortal Sword back to the altar. However, the blood light that she used to call out the sword remained in her fingertips, which was used by her to vaguely deter the enemy.

The other four lead disciples became silent. Qiong Hua's move was quite unexpected. She was able to call out her Kill Immortal Sword without releasing it, just like drawing the bow but not discharging the arrow. This meant that her control of the Kill Immortal Sword had been getting increasingly refined. Previously in the five spirits power struggle in the immortal dream land, Qiong Hua did not have such a skill—at the time, to use the Kill Immortal Sword, she had to go all out.

The efficacy of the hundreds of millions of lives was without a doubt.

Using the immortal sword to deter the enemy was certainly wonderful, but the several of them could not be completely relaxed. The enemies were still out there, but the immortal sword was already exposed. And in this vast demon world, this was akin to laying out the seed of their demise.

It seemed like this trip to demon world could not go on for long anymore. They needed to quickly look up for the truth and then return to the Nine Regions as fast as possible.

This time, without anyone saying anything, the five of them took the advantage of this rare silence to rush full speed ahead towards the place pointed out by Qiong Hua.

And then...

"Damn it, how are you guys rushing so fast!"

Being the one left behind for the first time, Wang Lu was taken aback.

As the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect whose attack and defense could be called ahead of the four people, Wang Lu didn't have an all-round dominance against the others because his speed really fell short. In a normal rush, this difference wasn't really visible, but rushing at full speed, it was as clear as day.

"... Hold on." Zhou Mumu's turned around and grabbed Wang Lu's sleeve.

At this time, interpersonal relationship was very important. If it was Zhan Ziye who fell behind, perhaps Zhou Mumu would merely turn her head and smirk at him.

However, Qiong Hua and the others also didn't have the opportunity to leave Wang Lu too far behind.

Shortly after they rushed forward, the enemy finally revealed their true colors.

"I've told you, there's nothing there."

A young female demon who was fully covered with heavy armor bared her fangs angrily.

Upon seeing her, Wang Lu was taken aback... Lan?

Although there was a great difference in the temperament between this girl and the master of Grey Mountain, the iconic heavy armor, dexterous long tail, as well as red face and fangs… If she was not Lan, then who? Or more accurately, this should be Lan's descendant?

However, during the five blood spirits power struggle, Lan was already alone. She couldn't even manage her own little section of the demon world of Grey Mountain, much less have the time to consider about children and the likes. Afterwards, when the hope of revival of Grey Mountain was ignited under Wang Lu's leadership, Qiong Hua massacred everyone using her Kill Immortal Sword, thus eliminating all possible chance for Lan to form a family. Which meant that this… Correct, at that time, the one who spent the most time together with Lan was...

Thinking of this, the remaining four lead disciples turned their heads in unison to look at Wang Lu.

Zhou Mumu directly let go of Wang Lu's sleeve as if she had just touched a dirty thing. "Wang Lu, I can't believe you're actually that kind of person!"

"Damn it, what nonsense are you talking about!" Wang Lu was inexplicably surprised. However, very quickly, he launched his counterattack.

Wang Lu let out a sneer. "You, surnamed Zhou, it's already too late for you to draw a line with me! When you pulled my hand, you've already been pregnant with my seed. When we go back, you're going to have a baby!"

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