Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 458: Rest Assured, I Will Develop This Setting

Chapter 458: Rest Assured, I Will Develop This Setting

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Wang Lu had been undefeated since his debut, except when he lost several times in practice against Liu Li on the mountain. But since he achieved Jindan Stage, he actually didn't completely dominate Liu Li in a fight. His chance of winning was nothing more than around forty to sixty percent. As for against his Senior Sister Zhu Shiyao who was even stronger, that was needless to say. Although the two rarely fought each other, Wang Lu had to admit that his chance of winning was at most only fifty percent, far from being dominant. Of course, compared to the past where he didn't even have a chance at all, his situation now was a lot better.

However, in terms of lower limit of moral integrity, except for his Master, no one was his match. Since Zhou Mumu started it herself, then she shouldn't blame him for his retort.

Zhou Mumu herself could also be said as someone with a tenacious mentality, especially since she became acquainted with Wang Lu and was shocked by his repeated performances that broke through the lower limit. Her nerves became thicker and stronger. However, suffering this blunt attack from Wang Lu, she suddenly felt that all of her practices these years had been for a naught. The shame that she felt almost made her crazy… were it not for the immediate scene before them.

"Go back!"

Two heavy-armored girls 1 very seriously said.

"There's nothing over there!"

Nothing at all? The words simply became an irresistible invitation in the ears of the several lead disciples. Wang Lu and the others simply looked at each other and then one by one made their move.

Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi, Immortal Dew Sword, Thunder Body… the attack from the five lead disciples immediately flooded the two heavily armored demon girls. Wang Lu's attack was especially fierce, not caring at all if there was even a glimmer of possibility that he might be related to them… So what if they were related to him! Even if they were Lan's descendants, so what? The five blood spirits crown showdown was ultimately just 'playing along according to the situation.' Even if demon race was really not repulsive to Wang Lu, he knew the difference between immortal and demon.

Let alone from the moment he saw these two heavily armored young girls, Wang Lu already vaguely felt a bad feeling about this. The strength of the other side was not as weak as they looked. If they didn't go all out, he was afraid that it would be the several lead disciples who would end up dead.

The offensive from the five lead disciples set off a storm of energy, which caused the ground to sink by around three meters in a five hundred meters radius. This was the result of the highly condensed magical power of the five lead disciples, which meant very few leakages outside their target.

In the middle of the storm, the two heavily-armored girls were in distressed. The two put their back against each other. The girl that faced them had a slightly higher stature and also heavier body armor. Right now, she was shielding the girl behind her with her pagoda shield. Nevertheless, the all-around energy storm still caused their armors to be covered in bruises, and the pagoda shield was torn by Wang Lu's Primal Chaos Sword Qi, unable to be used again.

Although it seemed like an attack like this was unsustainable, Wang Lu and the others remained persistent, sending out waves of attack after attack.

Having experienced the whistling of cold wind, everyone knew that the methods of these two demon race girls were strange and unpredictable. Before thoroughly establishing the victory, they must not be taken lightly.

"Very well."

In the gap between the storms, the voice of the demon girl was no longer light and deft.

"Knowing our identity, yet still don't want to repent… The younger generations of demon race are really getting out of control. Since you guys are bent on seeking death, then we'll give it to you!"

With that, the girl at the front suddenly dropped her shield. The armors on her arms and legs also fell off naturally, exposing her creamy red and eye-catching skin.

However, the five lead disciples didn't have the time to be in awe of the luscious, as bright as jade red skin. Because, along with the falling armor, a trace of an astonishing demon power came out. It promptly took shape in the form of a strong wind, which slightly deflected the offensive of the five lead disciples. The demon race girl then bellowed and pushed her two palms together. A red light came out and walled off all the attack from the five lead disciples! The defense ability of this red light was several times more powerful than the previous heavy shield!

Seeing this scene, the complexion of the few people immediately changed.

It turned out that the heavy armor used by the demon race girl was not used to protect themselves, but to suppress their own strength! The less the armor, the stronger their fighting strength! This, this was really… a setting that was well-like!

Wang Lu let out a cold humph. "Everyone, we can do this, let her take off more of her clothes!"

Needless to say, more attacks and spells fell like rain. Under this barrage of attack, the red light shield of the demon race girl began to crumble. As a last resort, the armors on the girl's shoulders and waist also fell off, exposing a large patch of her creamy skin. Finally, the red light shield stabilized.

"Come on, this girl is about to go naked!"

However, while speaking, Wang Lu's brows could not help but furrow. Previously, he had been together with Lan for quite some time, but he never knew the demon race from the Grey Mountain actually had this kind of setting!

He didn't know that the girl whose appetite was very much difficult to satiate had actually concealed her own strength the whole time in front of him.

He had long guessed that Lan might not be as simple as it seemed, but he didn't expect her to hide her strength this deep! Now, however, he had no time to think about the event during the five blood spirit power struggle, because the crisis was already in front of him. As the heavy armor that covered the demon race girl's body fell one by one, her strength was also dramatically improved, until it finally went beyond even the strength of the five lead disciples. Even when the five of them collaborated, it was still difficult to suppress her.

And even now, there were still several pieces of armors that have yet to fall! Those armors covered her vital parts, which caused people to realize that her potential was bottomless!

When Wang Lu was guessing whether she would release her remaining key pieces of armor or not, Wang Lu saw a blur, and when he was able to see clear again, the two demon race girls were already gone.

At the same time, from behind him, Zhou Mumu let out a muffled grunt. The girl was struck by a heavy object, which flung her back by several hundred meters and directly went into the ground with a loud bang.

Without looking back, Wang Lu knew that this was the counterattack from the demon girls. Because although they were missing, their pieces of armor were all on the ground—two full sets of armor! If everything went accordingly, the two girls were running naked at this time… demon race was indeed demon race, they really did it.

However, the other side also had sufficient enough confidence to be unrestrained. Because after taking off their last pieces of armor, they became fast enough that it was difficult to react to their movement, meaning that they couldn't be caught. In a haste, the spells from Qiong Hua and Zhan Ziye continued to miss their target, and the cautious Xiang Liang simply didn't have the opportunity to make his move.

Wang Lu very much wanted to see the enemy, but he knew that with his current stage, his eyesight was not powerful enough.

What was the highest realm of running around naked? This was it.

"Damn it, we really came across a demon king…"

Wang Lu squinted his eyes and inwardly made his assessment of these two demon race girls. Then, he decided to change the tactic.

Even though five of them were working together, they couldn't even catch the shadows of the two demon race girls. This could only mean that there was a substantial difference in the level of strength. Under this kind of circumstances, he must use his hidden card.

Wang Lu reached into his mustard seed bag and took something out.

It was a red-orange spotted mushroom, the little gift given to him by South Pole Immortal Weng, which had been growing alongside Immortal Weng for hundreds of years!

After swallowing this bitter mushroom, Wang Lu felt as if the golden core in his Jade Mansion was about to burst. Raging energy swept out, causing the two hundred and six root bones to tremble as if they were torn to pieces under a strong wind. And then, along with the wind, they also became longer and thicker.

No man would reject the temptation of being long and thick. However, if the price was torn heart and pierced lung, so that the primordial spirit floated painfully in the dark, perhaps many people would begin to hesitate.

A mushroom that let people grew big tasted very unpleasant. However, Wang Lu had been cultivating Non-Phase Method for years, so he had long been accustomed to the pain it accompanied. Without even changing his complexion, his body had already grown by thousands of times.

A hundred meter giant appeared in the wilderness of the demon world.

"What the!"

His other four teammates softly exclaimed. As the lead disciples, everyone had their own trump card; Qiong Hua's Kill Immortal Sword was one such an example. However, Wang Lu's card was undoubtedly beyond the expectation of many people.

The two demon race girls were also stunned by this. Taking advantage of this rare opportunity, Wang Lu immediately lifted his foot forward and then stomped the ground.

The earth trembled, and the ground in an area within several kilometers in radius from Wang Lu's feet split open. Numerous visible cracks appeared on the ground.

At the same time, the two demon race girls let out of muffled groan.

The instant Zhou Mumu was thrown back by the surprise attack, Wang Lu had already calculated the two girls' approximate position. Under the premise that his own reaction was not as good as them, he purposely affected the area of several kilometers.

Although he had inflated himself by thousands of times by virtue of the mushroom, his feet could not cover a kilometer of radius. However, when he turned into a giant, he suddenly felt a flash of insight. His Non-Phase Sword Defense and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi suddenly had a trace of connection. And then, the two fused together and wrapped the sole of his feet. When he set his foot down, his magical power burst out and wiped all the lives within the area of half a kilometer. The two demon race girls simply could not avoid this!

The mushroom was indeed worthy to be the companion of the South Pole Immortal Weng for hundreds of years, its power was simply...

However, just when Wang Lu and the others were secretly apprehensive to the might of this stomp, Wang Lu suddenly heard a tired but proud voice.

"So this is the thing that you guys rely on!"

Wang Lu was surprised and turned his gaze to the direction of the sound. There, on the distant hill, he saw two demon race girls who were all naked and supported each other in standing up.

Both of them seemed to be in distress, and the taller one was badly hurt and could hardly stand.

The young demon race girl who was able to withstand the bombardment of the five lead disciples with ease was actually severely wounded by Wang Lu's stomp. Through this, the effectiveness of the mushroom gave by South Pole Immortal Weng could be inferred. However, at this time, those effective mushrooms were not in Wang Lu's hands.

The five lead disciples could see that the younger looking and more petite demon race girl was actually holding Wang Lu's mustard seed bag! Then, one by one, she fished out the magic mushrooms with her slender fingers. The rule that only the owner of the mustard seed bag could open it didn't seem to work with her!

Wang Lu stared straight at her with a blank look.

This wasn't actually that impossible. Since he could have a trump card that went against the heaven's will, couldn't the demon race girl have an even more powerful card than him?

They probably used their card to barely escape his stomp and then steal his mustard seed bag...

Unfortunately, realizing it at this point was already too late. With a trace of regret, Wang Lu turned himself into a normal-sized person.

Then he heard the victory-is-within-the-grasp voice of the demon race girl.

"Hehe, unexpectedly there's such a marvelous thing in this world. Just an inconspicuous mushroom can turn someone into…"

While saying that, the demon girl split the mushroom into two and shared it with her sister. They then directly swallowed it. They didn't even consider that the same mushroom might have different reactions with different people, which demonstrated their extreme confidence in their ability to digest it.

And then...

The two sisters trembled for a moment as a trace of greenish color suddenly appeared on their face. After which, they fell down to the ground head first.

Wang Lu was stunned for a long time. And then, under the puzzled eyes of Qiong Hua and the others, he shook his head indifferently and then sighed. "Alas, how could a mushroom be eaten indiscriminately? These two demon girls really have no common sense!"

While speaking, he walked towards the top of the hill, and then carefully eyed the two naked demon race girls.

Wang Lu then turned his head and asked his other teammates, "What are we going to do with them?"

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