Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 459: The Truth Is Getting Closer and Closer!

Chapter 459: The Truth Is Getting Closer and Closer!

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Demon race was indeed demon race.

In the two great wars of immortals and demons, the exuberant vitality of the demon race had left a deep impression on human cultivators. Cutting off the head and destroying the heart did not cause fatal injuries. Even injuries that touched the depths of their soul could not really kill them. Moreover, unlike the humans, the majority of demon race was immune to numerous poison. Those violent poisons in Nine Regions were possibly just sweet snacks for the demon race.

Thus, even if they carelessly ate the mushroom, these two demon race girls did not die violently on the spot, but just passed out unconscious.

Wang Lu and the others also didn't want the two girls' lives, because this was their first spoils of war in the demon world. Moreover, to uncover the truth hidden in the demon world, they needed some locals for questioning.

"Are we going to do something with them?"

Wang Lu stretched out his finger to point at the two demon race sisters who fainted at the top of the hill and seriously asked.

"... What are you going to do with them?" Zhou Mumu vigilantly looked at Wang Lu. Seeing that the latter's finger gesticulated back and forth toward the enchanting physique of the two young demon race girls, she added, "Don't fool around, they are, after all, demon race."

Zhan Ziye said, "According to historical records, sexual assault on the enemy can effectively weaken the fighting will of the enemy, but there are also many counterexamples, so it's not a common practice. As for the effect towards the demon race… there are a few precedents, but the information is very inadequate. Wang Lu, if you don't mind, I hope to be able to watch and collect the data, which will play an important role in enriching the relevant research."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment, and then said, "Except for thinking about sex, can you two think of something more serious?"

Zhou Mumu's jaw dropped—she didn't expect that one day Wang Lu would question the seriousness of others!


When the two demon girls woke up, they found out that they have been treated very cruelly.

All of their power was sealed. The sealing technique was very exquisite to the point that they were totally incapable of resisting and unable to display any of their ability.

They were forcibly dressed.

Moreover, it was more than just one set of clothes. In addition to their special armor, there were also seven to eight sets of underwear underneath the armor. Outside the armor, there were four to five sets of burqa that covered their whole face. Moreover, they were even blindfolded.

Nobody knew who came up with this idea, which was simple and rustic, but… it was indeed useful.

Because they were indeed unable to resist. There were two main points of their explosive force after removing the armor. The first was, before the eruption of power, they must forcefully suppress their own strength with the specially made armor for a long time in order to save it. Secondly, when they removed the armor, their skin must be in full contact with the outside world, and there must not be any obstruction.

Right now, after the eruption, their power savings have already been completely spent. At the same time, their skin was completely blocked from connecting with the outside world through the layers of barriers, which made them powerless.

However, compared to the layers of clothes, the real fatal thing was the mushroom that they swallowed, which was a deadly poison for the demon race. If their talents weren't among the best in the demon world, when they swallowed the mushroom just now, their body and soul would be entirely extinguished. Right now, although they were lucky enough not to die, their internals were burning. Moreover, with their strength being sealed, they didn't even have the strength to lift their hand.

That mushroom completely reversed everything. Just before they went unconscious, when they were stunned to find that the effect of the mushroom was not what they expected, they knew that they had lost.

Lost to an insidious sinister trick.

That cunning opponent deliberately used the mushroom to make himself into a giant to attract their attention. When they launched their secret technique to desperately snatch the mushroom, they have already fallen into the trap.

However, lost was lost. According to the rules of the demon world, they would either die, or face a fate that was even worse than death. These have already long been in the consciousness of the demon race.

"There's something that we want to ask you."

Just as the two demon race girls prepared to receive their fate, Wang Lu opened his mouth to ask them.

"What is the thing that you have always tried to hide?"

In fact, Wang Lu was indeed curious. If the two demon race girls didn't say anything but just directly made their move, Wang Lu wouldn't think that something was wrong.

Whether it was because their human identity had been exposed, or simply due to the bloodthirstiness of the demon race, having a fight in the demon world was normal. Yet, these two girls said that there was nothing ahead of them. This was anything but normal.

Although they could just leave the two behind to investigate ahead, but after they scored a win against them, Wang Lu thought that they should cautiously proceed.

Not all demon girls would eat his mushroom without ant hesitation.

However, upon hearing Wang Lu's question, the two blindfolded girls were surprised. They said, "Who exactly are you?"

Hearing this, Wang Lu couldn't help but furrow his brows: What is the problem?

Asking what was ahead and their identity was immediately questioned? Was something ahead known to all of the demon race?

That being the case, he might as well goes straight to the point.

"We are cultivators from Nine Regions."


As soon as that voice fell, the wrapped-like-dumpling demon race girl suddenly jumped up from the ground. The already depleted force suddenly surged.

Nevertheless, after Wang Lu put layers of clothes on her, the suppression effect was simply too strong. As soon as the girl got up, she immediately fell to the ground. After she fell to the ground, she continued to be mad.

"You guys actually dare to come here!"

The other girl angrily said, "So the channel between the two worlds has been opened again? All right, we will definitely rekindle the demon fire in the Nine Regions and return back these thousands of years of pain!"

On hearing this, the eyes of the five lead disciples immediately lit up.

What was their purpose in coming to the demon world? Besides some personal reasons, exploring the truth of the great war of immortals and demons was their main objective. And since these two apparently knew quite a few things, if they didn't ask them, then who?

"What do you mean by the thousands of years' pain?" Wang Lu asked, "According to our Nine Regions records, the one who first ignited the flames of war was your demon race. So, it should be us who seek revenge here, not you."


The two demon girls shouted out at the same time, letting out some unclear words. Unfortunately, Wang Lu and the others didn't understand these words—the effect of their camouflage spell was limited, at least the translation part was not perfect. Nevertheless, they all could guess that those words were probably the swear words of the demon world.

The two girls probably thought that scolding the five people were not enough, so they simply jumped up. And because of their anger, they could even support themselves standing upright. The taller one tried her best to jump forward to hit Wang Lu.

Unfortunately, because their eyes were blindfolded, Wang Lu merely took two steps to the side to dodge her. The tall girl accidentally tripped a stone on the ground and rolled down the hill.

When Xiang Liang went down the hill to pick the girl back, Wang Lu took this advantage to question the petite girl.

"Moreover, base on your demon race, you want to talk about attacking the Nine Regions? Twice you have attacked us, and both times your effort ended up in a failure. Right now, we are just the younger generation of Nine Regions cultivators, yet we dare to take the initiative to enter into the demon world. Do you have the ability to reignite the flames of war in the Nine Regions? Do you think we're just going to let you do that?"

"[email protected]#!!" The petite girl went wild with rage.

Wang Lu looked back at Zhou Mumu and laughed. "I don't understand a single word that she said, but it feels refreshing to get scolded like this."

Zhou Mumu sighed. "Stop playing around and just get on with it."

Wang Lu's complexion turned serious. "I'm not playing around. Through her reaction, I have already guessed several things. The first, the demon race is really miserable these past thousands of years, and it has yet to return to normal. The second… demon race doesn't really have the ability to attack Nine Regions. Because when I questioned their ability, they didn't show any solid stuff, but just shouted and scolded. Third, for this reason, the demon race had never considered an attack on the Nine Regions, or they simply don't care about our situation. This can be judged by their inability to recognize our identity."

Wang Lu's speculation was not unreasonable, but it was still very thin. Therefore, after a deliberation, the five of them decided to dispose of the two demon race girls and continue to investigate the land ahead of them.

However, just as Wang Lu was ready to twist the knife, suddenly, there was a tremble from under his feet.

Looking around, there was nothing except them, no abnormalities either, as if it was just an ordinary earthquake. However, Wang Lu thought that this was not the case. Frowning, he turned to look at Qiong Hua.

Among the five of them, Qiong Hua's cultivation base was the highest, and her ability was also the most complete. Although Wang Lu could not detect any abnormality, it didn't mean that Qiong Hua could not either.

However, Qiong Hua at this time also furrowed her brows. "There seems to be some kind of danger coming… but I can't see it clearly."

Wang Lu then turned his attention to the two demon race girls on the ground. As the local people, they must certainly know the truth.

However, when he cast his eyes on them, the two just lied side by side, motionless like corpses.

"Hey, do you two know what is going on with this earthquake?" Zhou Mumu was already anxious and asked them first.

Naturally, she didn't get any answer.

Wang Lu thought about it and then patted Zhou Mumu's shoulder. "Let's go."


"They don't want to speak, which means that it's something dangerous. They want to die together with us here. Since they know that they can't defeat us, they already consider themselves dead, which is also the reason why they could be so calm now."

Upon hearing Wang Lu's reasoning, Zhou Mumu felt that it was reasonable. "What then?"

"Run away, of course. However, since we don't know the source of the danger, we might choose to run in the wrong way. But… one thing for sure, that place where they said there is nothing there is probably the only safe place here."

There was no time to analyze Wang Lu's words, but those words were enough to convince the other four.

"Let's go."

Qiong Hua was the first to move. She reached out to pick up the two bounded demon race girls from the ground and then flew towards that mysterious place.

With Qiong Hua's statement, the rest of them no longer hesitated.

After crossing a mountain, the five of them finally saw the place considered as a restricted area by the demon race, a place where there was nothing.

Indeed, there was nothing there, just an empty place.

However, this empty place was too unnatural. Within the radius of five kilometers, the ground was as flat as a mirror. It was bizarrely neat!

At this time, that unknown threat finally came.

It came not from any particular direction, but from all directions. The blood-colored clouds that were unique to the demon world were suddenly darkened like they were dyed with black ink. And then they rolled down towards the ground.

In the blink of an eye, everywhere in the demon world was covered in darkness.

This scene suddenly reminded Wang Lu of something that he had previously seen a long time ago.

"Is this… the black tide 1 ?"

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