Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 462: Just Consider You, A Basket Case, Alright!

Chapter 462: Just Consider You, A Basket Case, Alright!

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Most of the creatures in the demon world were not sane?

Wang Lu's assumption made the other four lead disciples frown.

Because that was really a weird assumption. The current mainstream rumors in the Nine Regions about the demon world was that the demon race was a group of senseless killing machines. They exist to destroy everything in the world, and they were mortal enemies of humanity.

In the records of the first great war of immortals and demons, there were too many ambiguities. Perhaps there was such kind of hidden secret, but by the second great war of immortals and demons, it was already purely naked killings on both sides.

If it wasn't for their experience of the five blood spirit power struggle in the group of immortal tombs, where they witnessed with their own eyes the joy, sorrow, and happiness of the demon race, it would be hard for them to believe if someone would say that the demon race also had human nature. However...

While they were still confused, the petite girl flatly said, "Yes, there are no more sane creatures left in the demon world."

There was a kind of calm in her 'nothing sadder than a withered heart' tone of voice.

Wang Lu looked at the empty space around him and suddenly asked, "Is it the fault of us human?"

The eyebrows of the petite girl rose slightly, and her body slightly twitched, showing that her emotion was not stable. However, she was a lot calmer than her previous 'immediately wanted to get naked and fight' stance.

The effect of the red jade seemed to be effective on her. However, to expect her to smoothly tell the whole story would be somewhat unrealistic. Fortunately, the emotion of the girl beside her was much more stable.

"The utility of the five blood spirit crown is to dictate the law of the demon world." She said softly, "And the great part of the laws of the demon world originate from the Eternal Tree."

Wang Lu asked, "Then when the Eternal Tree of the demon world was destroyed, the five blood spirit crown lost its meaning? But it seems to be effective on you two."

"Yes, because we are the guardians of the Eternal Tree. And though the Eternal Tree has been cut off, it hasn't been completely destroyed. At least here its effect is still effective."

"In other words, as soon as you two get out, you two are going to fight to the bitter end with us?"

The demon girl lifted up her eyes, and then bowed her head. She said, "Human and demon have had their share of blood hatred."

"Don't you think it should be us who say that sentence?" Wang Lu shrugged.

That demon girl said, "I don't know how you humans recorded that history, but for us, it was you guys who provoked the first great war, and it was also you guys who created the second. If you guys suffered anything in those two great wars, you only had yourself to blame."

"We are to be blamed for everything?" Zhou Mumu's anger quickly rose up but was promptly stopped by Wang Lu.

Wang Lu said, "Historical records might be inaccurate. In the Nine Regions, we have an old saying that says, history is whatever the victor decorates on the little girl."

The demon race girl lightly said, "Then we are the little girl that the winner decorates."

Wang Lu was not surprised by this.

Since they could become the guardians of the Eternal Tree, they were, of course, not ordinary. Not to mention that according to the history of the five blood spirit power struggle, ultimately it was the Grey Mountain who won the five blood spirit crown, so they were the true bloodline of the demon king...

"Then, have you two ever seen this person?"

While saying that, Wang Lu projected out Lan's face with a spell. The young girl's fangs were obviously not that fierce, but her serious face revealed a very valiant spirit.

However, in front of him, her two descendants shook their heads. "Never seen."

"Never? Don't you have any genealogy or anything that records history?"

"We don't need such a thing because history is in our bloodline. I am sure we never have such a member in our ethnic group. Although she looks like my own ethnicity, it's mostly fabricated out of thin air by your human cultivators."

History was in the bloodline? When Wang Lu was curious about the meaning of this sentence, Qiong Hua verbally explained.

"The king of the demon world would receive the approval from the demon world's law, and the king…"

Before she could continue, Wang Lu interrupted her, "So the king has the privilege granted by the law, making him omniscient and omnipotent, and at the same time, the memory can be passed on to his bloodline, which causes the descendant of the demon king to forever maintain their superiority?"

Qiong Hua wasn't annoyed by this interruption. Instead, she nodded to endorse Wang Lu's guess.

And then she added, "There is no secret in the struggle for the five blood spirit crown."

Wang Lu sneered and said, "Do you even need to say it? Right now, we just need to wait for the result of the appraisal of the heavenly silk head cover."

In the first chain of the thirty-six chains, Wang Lu inadvertently triggered the hidden plot in the Peach Garden Village and witnessed the making of history. The heavenly silk head cover, as the evidence to that, was taken away by the disciples of Yin and Yang School, Tiandao Lan and the other three, and brought it back to their school to verify its authenticity.

If it was truly the greatest treasure of Yin and Yang School, then the group of immortal tombs had really created the miracle of going back in time. If not, then it showed that the heavenly silk head cover came from elsewhere. However, Tiandao Lan and the others never came out from their school. There was no accurate answer for several years!

It was not that the people of Yin and Yang Sect deliberately misappropriated the heavenly silk head cover, but rather, after Tiandao Lan and the others returned with the silk head cover, the Elders of Yin and Yang School exhausted all their means, yet they still could not really verify its authenticity!

Properly speaking, the Nichang Feather Clothes was the most precious treasure of the Yin and Yang School. Thus, as long as the heavenly silk head cover matched with the other parts of the clothes, the Elders of the Yin and Yang School could determine its authenticity. Due to thousands of years of vicissitudes of life, Yin and Yang School experienced frequent changes during that period. Thus, although the Nichang Feather Clothes was the most precious treasure of the school, after many patching and remodeling, it had already been quite different from the original.

The heavenly silk head cover had been lost for far too long, so when it was finally recovered, it didn't have its place in the clothes.

The various records about the original clothes have already been lost through the passage of time. And thus, relying on the identification of the eyes of the people today, it was difficult to guarantee its accuracy. Therefore, the Elders of Yin and Yang School made a decision to use the 'through the heaven level' of great divination technique.

This through the heaven level spell was a daunting test for any cultivator in the world. Even Daoist Master Feng Yin who was the best at divination had to spend a great deal of effort to perform it. The attainment of the Elder of Yin and Yang School on divination was not as good as Feng Yin, and his extrapolation progress was very slow. Before it started, he gave his estimated time—eight years.

For an Elder whose life had already exceeded one millennium, the eight-year period was just as fast as a flick of fingers, not to mention the fact that this process could also further advance the divination skill of that Elder. However, for Wang Lu, it meant that the authenticity of the heavenly silk head cover could not be verified in a short time.

Whether the group of immortal tombs played back history or it was just modern drama, it was still unknown.

Therefore, he still could not explain why the two demon race girls before him claimed to have never seen Lan.

"In short, in the records of your royal family, the demon world is the victim?"

The demon race girl responded indifferently, "Two thousand years ago, humans invaded my demon world. While my race was unprepared, humans desecrated us by destroying the Eternal Tree. From then on, the law of demon world collapsed, and the creatures became not in their right mind and turned bloodthirsty. Some of which flooded into the Nine Regions along the channel between the two worlds, taking revenge by slaughtering humans. Tell me, doesn't it mean you guys only have yourselves to blame?"

Human invaded the demon world and, while the demons were unprepared, destroyed the Eternal Tree?

And after the Eternal Tree fell, the law of the demon world collapsed, turning demon race into bloodthirsty creatures, which set off the second great war of immortals and demons?

This short explanation from the demon race girl shocked the present lead disciples into silence.

When they were in the library of Kunlun Sect, they knew that the source of enmity between the human and demon race was not simple. It has many hidden secrets. But unexpectedly, these hidden secrets were so… stirring.

"If the Eternal Tree is still here, the demon world law is also here. With that red jade, you can dominate the demon world, and let the immortals and demons coexist in peace. Unfortunately, as early as two thousand years ago, this possibility was killed personally by your human race. You humans thought that by destroying the Eternal Tree, you would be able to permanently destroy the demon race, but the eventual collapse of the law actually cost you a terrible price."

The demon race girl said and then stretched her finger to the top of her head.

"I don't know where you guys got the Eternal Tree sapling, and I also don't know where you got the demon jade of the five blood spirit crown. If you want to conquer the demon world, then… take a look, this is the land that you want to conquer. Barren, desolate, black tide everywhere, and creatures bereft of any spirituality. I hope you like it."

Based on the absolutely irreconcilable hate between the immortals and demons, hearing the utter collapse state of the demon world, Wang Lu ought to feel happy.

Yet, he was unable to feel even a bit of joy.

Likewise, even Qiong Hua who was the most strict in the division between immortals and demons could not muster up even half a smile.

This group of cultivators had been frequently indoctrinated with the concept of division between immortals and demons since they embarked on the path of immortal cultivation. Although no one thought that the third great war between immortals and demons would erupt in their lifetime, this concept had already been deeply rooted.

Today, this deeply rooted idea had finally begun to collapse.

In the midst of silence, Zhou Mumu could not hold herself.

"What…" The girl said with hesitation, "What if we transplant the Eternal Tree? You see, here we have a good Eternal Tree sapling. If we transplant it here…"

Before she could continue, Zhan Ziye interrupted her, "Hey, it's already been fused with me, how would you transplant it here?"

Zhou Mumu was not polite in her reply, "Then you'll be buried alive here! It's for the good of the demon world and Nine Regions!"

"You, this woman, are really unreasonable!"

Seeing that the two had begun to argue again, the demon race girl smile and said, "There are other ways to transplant it here. The Eternal Tree has a tenacious vitality. As long as the seed and branches are nurtured in a certain way, it can grow again. After the Eternal Tree is reborn, the black tide can then be expelled little by little, and the demon race civilization can be rebuilt… This process will not be particularly long, in just several hundred years, the prosperity that the demon race deserve should be able to reawaken. But, why would you guys do that? Right now, there's nothing but death in this demon world, isn't that the best situation for your humankind? As long as the channel between the two worlds is sealed, the ability of those senseless creatures will never threaten you."

With that, she looked at Qiong Hua. "As for the two of us… we are the last people of our own ethnicity. Although we are living under the protection of the site of Eternal Tree, we have neither the fertility nor the drive to survive. If things go on like this, within a hundred years, we will vanish along with this sanctuary. And the demon world would also be completely plunged into the darkness."

After saying those sentences, that demon race girl fell into silence.

Similarly, the five lead disciples were also silent.

Before the trip to the demon world, they had made a variety of preparations. Even if they encountered a demon king level character, they had the corresponding countermeasure. However, the present situation was actually thornier than encountering a demon king.

In the end, it was Wang Lu who stepped forward to make the final decision.

"Very well, be as what you just said!" The young man clapped his hands and pointed at the demon girls. "You two can just slowly wait for the death here! We're going home to eat!"

With that, he turned around and looked at Zhan Ziye.

"All right, you can send us back now!"

After Zhan Ziye fell into consternation for a long time, he spread out his arms. "I can't."

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