Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 464: A Vista at the End of the Tunnel

Chapter 464: A Vista at the End of the Tunnel

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The edge of the demon world was already in sight.

The shattered starry sky was glittering in the front. The space debris danced disorderly in the breeze, and the rolling bright red clouds in the sky reflected down the flame and illuminated the future. Along the way, there were no surprises. The raging black tide that had ravaged this world seemed to have been too late to stop the lead disciples of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals from going home.

It was undoubtedly a gratifying thing for them to be able to obtain important intelligence in the demon world and then triumphantly return home safely. However, all the five of them kept their silent, unable to squeeze out even a little bit of joyful expression.

The sacrifice of the two demon girls seemed like a really heavy burden on the five of them. Even Qiong Hua who had the most extreme stand in her view of immortals and demons appeared listless.

The two demon girls were indeed successful. Although they didn't even leave their name, their fortitude was forever etched in the people's mind.

It was not demon heart, but even more than that. The demon race was indeed a race that was best at playing with the demon heart. And as the royal family of the demon race, they were even more so.

During this silence, the five of them finally entered the broken space. However, when they set foot on the edge of the world, no matter how listless and unenthusiastic they were, they had to raise their spirit in order to be able to respond to any change that might happen. Here the space was broken and murderous intent lurked everywhere. If they were careless for even a bit, they would be cut into mincemeat by the space debris. It would be too ironical if the five of them could actually survive the black tide that devastated the land but actually fall short on the finish line.

Surprisingly, however, when they set foot on the edge of the world, they found out that the space was far calmer than what they had expected. The dazzling starry sky seemed to come from a remote distant place.

"Is this supposed to be the edge of the world? Ahead of us should be the void, right?" Zhou Mumu asked in a puzzled voice, "Why does it feel like there's a strong sense of vitality in front of me?"

"Oh, is it because you're about to be born?" Wang Lu casually blurted out.

"... Don't think that since our friendship is close, I'm not willing to beat you up."

"Perhaps in front of us is Nine Regions? The two worlds have merged, that's why you feel the vitality from the Nine Regions?" Wang Lu's perception wasn't that keen, so he just thoughtlessly guessed.

"It's not the same. I don't smell any flavor of the Nine Regions, but just the stink of demon race!"

After Zhou Mumu had finished talking, Zhan Ziye also said in amazement, "All the indicators here are abnormal and can't be explained by any existing theory!"

"Mm, you may consider staying here for a year or two. We will remember to burn incense for you from Nine Regions."

Compared to Zhou Mumu and Zhan Ziye whose attention kept on shifting to any issue that arose, Wang Lu right now just wanted to return to the Nine Regions as soon as possible. The trip to the demon world was really too uncomfortable.

Thereupon he took the lead, propping up his Non-Phase Sword Defense in this broken space. Within this sword defense, any evil things could not invade.

The several lead disciples walked beside Wang Lu. Feeling the gentle but tough sword qi, each of them had their own thought.

While they were moving ahead, Qiong Hua suddenly spoke, "The Non-Phase Sword Defense of Junior Brother Wang seems to be more refined. Perhaps among the current cultivators, no one on the same level as you could pierce through it."

In light of the relationship between Wang Lu and Qiong Hua, it was hard to imagine she would express her praise and appreciation of Wang Lu so openly. However, if someone familiar with Qiong Hua heard about this, he or she would certainly know that this was due to Qiong Hua's pride as a sword cultivator.

Because of her pride, she would not begrudge others for their attainment. Because this appreciation could not shake her confidence in herself. It was also because of pride that she could not tolerate herself to be petty like a small child. The perfectness of Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword Defense was obvious to all. Even if she didn't say it, couldn't the other lead disciples not see it?

Wang Lu himself was a bit surprised by this. After casting Qiong Hua a sidelong glance, he just sneered but didn't bicker with her as usual.

Non-Phase Sword Defense was indeed powerful, but it was also a joke to say that it was invincible to all that on the same level as him. Perhaps taking Qiong Hua's swordsmanship as an example, under her Kill Immortal Sword, Wang Lu would be powerless… And Wang Lu clearly knew that in the Spirit Sword Mountain, there were two girls who absolutely had the ability to pierce on-the-same-level-as-them Non-Phase Sword Defense.

Although the IQ of the two of them did not necessarily match up with that of Qiong Hua… otherwise, he would not be deeply regarded by the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall and be trained to be the lead disciple when his cultivation base has yet to take shape...

Just as he was thinking about this, suddenly in front of them, there was a bright light. Unknowingly, the five of them had just crossed the chaotic edge into a new world.

However, faced with this new world, the several of them were completely stunned that they could not even speak at all.

"Where is this place?" Zhou Mumu subconsciously walked to the front of the team. She used her eyes that were powered by immortal methods from Kunlun to observe, but no matter what, she could not see the thing that she wanted.

Far into the horizon was a fertile and prosperous land. Several of them were standing on top of a mountain. Under the mountain was a bustling city. The grand city wall was like a huge mountain that enveloped the city, yet it could not keep off the vigorous vitality of the city. Heavy traffic could be observed in the city, and the noise was bubbling like a cauldron. Although the style of the city was unique and even strange, the prosperousness of the city was an eye-opener.

In the Nine Regions, those first-tier cities were just like this, but Zhou Mumu was very certain that no city in the Nine Regions was like this.

Because there was no city in the Nine Regions that had millions of demon race people! However, the behavior of these demon race people was completely unfathomable!

Zhou Mumu clearly saw a group of more than ten tall and burly demons whose back was packed with bony outgrowth walking on a spacious street, occasionally looking curiously at the dense buildings on both sides of the street. There were a few lumps of grey fog that lingered on the sides of these tall and burly demon race people, which from time to time issued a tiny sound—these lumps of grey fog were also demons; they were completely substanceless and good at attacking the mind.

And these lumps of grey fog were not arguing with those tall and burly demons, but just persuading them to enter their respective shop to buy goods. The buildings on both sides of the streets were mostly the shops of demon race people. Dazzling arrays of goods were openly displayed, which made people appreciate.

One of the tall and burly demons with bony outgrowth on the back stopped his footsteps, communicated in a muffled voice with the fog-like demon, fished out two coins from the leather bag on his waist, and put them on the counter. He then took a gorgeous hat and wore it on his head.

His companions turned around and commented on his appearance. Some of them were moved by it that they fished out their own money to buy a similar hat and then candidly laughed as they continued their walk.

If such a peaceful and warm scene happened in the Nine Regions, no one would be surprised because it was daily life in the Nine Regions. However, if the people were to be exchanged with demon race people...

Where in the world there were such gentle and orderly demon race people? Those tall and burly demons were the vanguards in the great war of immortals and demons. They were not known for being able to feel pain or fatigue. They would insist on killing until they could no longer move. They have only killings and tortures in their minds. At the same time, the civilization level of these tall and burly demons with bony outgrowth on the back was extremely primitive—they didn't even know the basics for barter. If they liked something, they would just grab it. If they were stopped, they would kill the person who stopped them, even if they were the one who ended up dead instead. They have always been unafraid of death.

But how could these tall and bony demons honestly pay something from a shop? How could they even buy a fancy hat!

As for the fog demon, they have also caused countless cultivators of Nine Regions to gnash their teeth. They were sinister and despicable, the most adept at playing with people's mind, sowing discord on people. Plotting and being despicable were their nature even among themselves… How could they possibly operate stores and attract businesses?

If there was no suppression from a higher level demon race, the encounter between those tall and sturdy with bony outgrowth demon and the fog demon would end in them fighting each other in most situations, even to the death...

"Is there something wrong with my eyes?" Zhou Mumu really couldn't believe her eyes, but everything before her could not be denied, which totally confused her.

"What exactly is this place?"

The same question arose in the minds of the other four. This warm but strange sight not only put their minds in turmoil, it also doubled their vigilance!

However, at this time, a few swift rays of light flew from within the city. Their momentum was extremely quick. Nearly in the blink of an eye, they flew from the city wall to the mountain peak and came before Wang Lu and the others.

The several of them were full on alert, and among them, Xiang Liang could not help but want to strike preemptively—through their speed, it was not difficult to determine their power, which was enemies that could not be easily taken down. Thus, rather than passively defending, it was better to do the preemptive strike. However, Xiang Liang's attack was actually stopped by Wang Lu.

In this one city, there were already so many strong enemies, thus, rashly making their move would push them into a dead end. Here was unlike the previous desolate demon world where no matter how earth-shattering the thing that they did, as long as they turned around and fled, they would be safe. However, in a place where the civilization was highly developed, once they caught the people's attention, there would be no place for them to hide.

Moreover, since they inexplicably came here from the edge of the world, the red jade pendant on Wang Lu's chest was surging with heat once again.

Therefore, Wang Lu thought that it was best not to make their move.

Very quickly, things proved that his judgment was not wrong. After the several rays of light came near, they quickly turned into humanoid creatures. Three green-feathered bird demons and one black-skinned ink demon.

The ink demon and bird demon were famous during the great war of immortals and demons. The black-skinned ink demon, during the battle, could turn their skin into impenetrable black jade. And the bird demon was very good at flying, their speed extremely fast. A group of bird demon and ink demon could form a killing machine since they have both fast offense and superb defense.

And this group of four demons was a standard leader-subordinate combination. Unlike in the great war of immortals and demons where it was written that these two types of demons harbored hostile intention and hatred towards each other, the four people in front of them appeared to be in harmony. After seeing Wang Lu and the others, they were extremely surprised and began to discuss among themselves in a small voice. The relationships of the four of them seemed to be intimate!

Then, the ink demon, as the head of their team, asked them a question. Although the language used was demon race language, the several lead disciples could understand it.

"Do you guys… come from the land of destruction?"

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