Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 466: There Is No Other Way but to Get the Green Card

Chapter 466: There Is No Other Way but to Get the Green Card

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"We… are trapped here, aren't we?"

At the dinner table, while saying those words, Zhou Mumu boringly flipped over a fish with pearl-like color with chopsticks. However, before she could flip it over the second time, Wang Lu had already reached out and pushed away the chopsticks.

"Why are you flipping over the food for everyone with your chopsticks? Are you showing off the moral culture technique of Kunlun Sect called fragrant saliva? That's so disgusting!"

Actually, Zhou Mumu's action was driven by unconscious thoughts. Hearing such words from Wang Lu, Zhou Mumu immediately turned red and slapped her chopsticks on the table. "I'm going to fast, are you happy now?"

Fortunately, Wang Lu's noisiness calmed down the restlessness in the girl's heart a bit.

"So…" Zhou Mumu opened her mouth again, "What's next?"

"Since we're already here, let's do what the advisor said. We should familiarize ourselves with Zanarkand first, and then live in peace for a while." While saying that, Wang Lu unceremoniously ate up the food on the table. The rest of the people at the dinner table had no appetite, so most of the remaining meal was gobbled up by Wang Lu.

"How could you still have the mood to eat?" Zhou Mumu said worriedly, "And how long are we, humans, going to live in this demon race city?"

"Otherwise?" Wang Lu asked back, "Do you want us to escape at night? Are you not afraid that we, the several old world visitors, would look too conspicuous? You have seen the power of Zanarkand yourself; even the city's advisor is already at Deity Stage level. Once they determine us to be suspicious objects, do you think we can escape?"

Qiong Hua also said, "This matter does require long-term consideration. Acting rashly will only put us in danger. Moreover… I'm also interested in learning more about this city. Didn't we come to the demon world to explore its secrets?"

Since both Wang Lu and Qiong Hua had said so, then the matter was already tantamount to being settled. The five of them temporarily settled down in Zanarkand.

Early the next morning, sure enough, someone was sent by the city's advisor to be their guide. That someone was not an outsider, as he was the head guard of Zanarkand that found them first.

"Hahaha, we meet again!" That ink demon head guard was brimming with smile.

"I was in a hurry the last time, so I didn't have the time to tell you my name. I am Aba. The city's advisor sent me here to be your guide."

Aba, after observing Wang Lu and the others, exclaimed, "Our Zanarkand clothes really look good on you guys. When we found you yesterday, it's like we're unearthing cultural relics. But for us, old world people like you are actually not that different from cultural relics."

As soon as he said that, Aba immediately froze, and then he slapped his head again and again. "I am sorry, I have always been a straightforward person, it's not my intention to discriminate you. Because the city's advisor had repeatedly asked me many times that any discrimination is not allowed, hahaha!"

With that, Aba took the initiative to pat Wang Lu on the shoulder. "Although you guys come from a remote backward old world, I'll bring you to adapt to the true civilized world in the fastest speed! Since you guys are the last survivor of the old world, then you guys should be talented. As long as you are willing to integrate yourself here, you will soon find your place. Trust me, by then, you will definitely fall in love with Zanarkand!"

With these words by the city guide, the following time was rich and fulfilling.

Although Aba was a straightforward person, he seemed to have extremely limited intelligence. But, as a guide, he was absolutely qualified. He was the head guard of Zanarkand, thus he was very familiar with every corner of the city. He led Wang Lu and the others to methodically explore the city and introduce the long history of Zanarkand.

From the description, Wang Lu had gradually sketched out in his mind the whole picture of the new demon world.

This was a place with a high degree of civilization. In the new demon world, there were at least twenty to thirty cities like Zanarkand. Of which, the most prosperous Central City was at least ten times bigger than Zanarkand… It was even bigger than Shengjing City in Nine Regions.

At the same time, talented people in the new demon world emerged in great numbers. The city master of Zanarkand was widely known as a great demon lord level, but he was not even in the top fifty of the most powerful individuals in the new demon world. The great demon king in the central city dominated everyone in this world with its near broken void level.

According to the records left from the great war of immortals and demons, the demon lord level of demon race corresponded to the Deity Stage Daoist Master. Great demon lord corresponded to Peak Deity Stage. Yet, it could not even reach the top fifty in the new demon world… Although it could not be concluded with this basis alone that this new demon world was stronger than Nine Regions, after all, it did leave a doubt in the heart of the people.

The truly amazing thing was that, the civilization of the new demon world was only established two thousand years ago. From the initial few survivors of the old demon world, all the way to the current thriving civilization, all happened in just two thousand years of time, which sounded really unbelievable. Because in the Nine Regions, even in the golden age where the civilization recovered the fastest, it could not be compared to these astonishing achievements of the current demon race.

And in regard to this matter, Aba proudly gave his answer.

"Because the inhabitants of the new demon world are completely different than the past demon race. We no longer waste our energy in frivolous strifes and infighting. Instead, we use all of our strength to build our homeland."

"No strifes and infighting? Isn't that the Great Community 1 of the World?" Zhou Mumu somewhat inconceivably asked. Because no matter in which record, the demon race people were famous for their internal struggles. Even in the battle for the five blood spirit crown, the battle between the five great demon forces was very fierce.

To say that the demon race people do not fight with each other was really a fantasy.

However, Aba was very sure. "In the two thousand years of history of the new demon world, there has never been a war."

With that, he also deliberately pointed at the two hulking demons who walked side by side on the street. "See them?"

In a glance, Wang Lu saw those two hulking demons. One had a dark brown complexion, and the other one was silvery white. Both of them had knotted muscles, which made them look like rocks. Their skin was covered with long hair, and power emanated from their body. They seemed to have a close relationship, like they were twin brothers.

Unfortunately, Wang Lu was not familiar with this long-haired demon race, so he only silently nodded and waited for Aba's explanation.

"The silver and grey demons are the arch-enemy of each other in the old demon world. Because of domain contention, their ancestors hated each other to the bones, which they passed on to their descendants. But in this new demon world, all of the enmities have been written off. Right now, the relationship between silver demon and grey demon is very good. Look at them, they are a pair of model husband and wife. Their relationship is really enviable."

"Wait a minute, what do you mean by model?"

Aba looked back and looked at Wang Lu somewhat oddly. "A model couple, a man and a woman, isn't that easy to see? See how intimate they are?"

While speaking, the two muscled giants that walked side by side stopped and hugged each other. Their solid muscles closely stuck, while their thick hair intertwined with each other, and under the sweat-reflected crystal clear light, the two huge heads moved toward each other and then… warmly kissed.

Wang Lu immediately closed his eyes. "Oh hell, my eyes are blind!"

Zhou Mumu turned pale. "I-I think my breakfast is about to come out…"

Qiong Hua turned her head slightly to the side, while her immortal heart tried to suppress her impulse to pull out her Kill Immortal Sword.

Zhan Ziye somewhat inexplicably looked at the two muscled demons. He couldn't understand why his teammates would have such a great reaction to that scene.

Only Xiang Liang who smiled and then nodded. "A great family interaction."

"Where in the world is that thing great!" Wang Lu questioned.

Aba laughed and said, "For the people of old demon world like you guys, this is very inconceivable, right? But the charm of the new demon world is that, in here, there are no hatred and contradiction! Every day is like a dream!"

"There is no hatred? Even toward humans?" Wang Lu suddenly asked.

Hearing this question, Aba was startled. "Humans?"

"Yes. Don't tell me the hatred towards humans is also cast aside in this new demon world?" Wang Lu earnestly asked.

This was his real concern… In fact, he didn't really care about how prosperous this demon world was. But if this powerful world still bore the enmity towards humans, then it would be a huge disaster towards Nine Regions.

Upon listening to Wang Lu's question, the remaining lead disciples perked up and waited for Aba's answer.

Even though Aba was only the head guard of a city, he was also a resident of the new demon world, so his thoughts could be counted as the most representative.

"Of course it's already been cast aside." Aba lightly said, "Even the grey demon and silver demon can become husband and wife, so what of the hatred between us and humans?"

"They destroyed our home and slaughtered hundreds of millions of demons!" Wang Lu suitably reminded him.

"But we have also found a new demon world, far richer than the old demon world. And when it comes to the slaughter, we have also killed a lot of humans." Aba said, looking slightly serious, "I know that since you come from the old demon world, you still retain many of the old ideas. But I have to say this, if you want to integrate into the new demon world, you must throw all of your previous hatreds away! Because hatred will only continue to breed new hatred, not bringing any valuable result."

Wang Lu was stunned by this statement.

How could a f*cking demon say these words? These words completely turned the worldview of the several of them upside down!

"But, if the humans can't let go of the hatred and take the initiative to come here for revenge, then what?"

"You think too much. They can't possibly come here." Aba let out a laugh. "The space barrier in the new demon world is unbreakable, and the only channel that connects with the outside world is the channel with the old demon world. As for other places, even if there're demon god level characters, they couldn't possibly break open the barrier, so how could the human come here? Of course, it's also because of this space barrier that we can't enter the Nine Regions. But the new demon world is so good, it's a dreamlike place, who would want to go to the human world!"

… Thank you, but no thank you!

Wang Lu inwardly shouted.

Even if we want to come, it's only for short-term only. We're only tourists, not settling here to get a green card!

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