Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 467 - I Don’t Understand “Don’t Trouble Trouble Before Trouble Troubles You”

Chapter 467: I Don’t Understand “Don’t Trouble Trouble Before Trouble Troubles You”

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In the twinkling of an eye, Wang Lu and the others have been in the new demon world for two years.

Of course, this two years period was only subjective time. Objectively, it was only two days.

For a group of human cultivators who lived in the land of demon race, a day was indeed like a year.

The new demon world was indeed like a dream. During those two days, under the guidance of Aba the guide, Wang Lu and his teammates saw all sorts of incredible things, witnessed how brilliant and bright the demon race civilization was, and profoundly understood how the demon race in the new demon world stand aloof from worldly affairs.

But all these did not help them solve their real problem.

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"What do you guys think, can we really go back?"

In their residence, Zhou Mumu’s voice appeared to be low in spirit.

The life in the new demon world was safer and more comfortable than expected. Their disguise had not been seen through. They were still being considered as the last survivor of the old demon world, and being taken care of in every possible way.

Of course, according to Wang Lu’s and Qiong Hua’s speculation, their identity might have long been seen through. It was just that, the demons of the new demon world had already put down their hatred for human beings. Thus, not only were they not hostile, they instead guided them so that they could integrate into the new demon world—in any case, they could not go back, so they might as well use their demon identity to settle down here.

But this was by no means the wish of the five lead disciples. In those two days, they have asked all the people they could ask—even yesterday, they asked the city’s advisor. And the answer was that, there was no possible connection between the new demon world and Nine Regions at all.

This was really a hopeless answer, hence the five of them experienced the one day feeling like it was a year.

"Don’t worry, we’ll definitely be able to go back."

"Really? How could you be so sure? You have also heard about it yesterday, even the demon kings are unable to open the space barriers… Don’t tell me we have to cultivate here until we reach Mahayana Stage, survive the heavenly tribulation, and then break through the void?" After launching this barrage of questions, Zhou Mumu realized that her mood was somewhat abnormal, thus, she swept her Jade Mansion with her spiritual energy, recovered her immortal heart, and then cleared her mind.

"I’m sorry, I lost myself just now. I’m just curious… how could you be so confident?"

Wang Lu spread out his arms and said, "Who said I have the confidence? I was just saying some words to coax the fool."

"…" Zhou Mumu reluctantly shook her head and was no longer interested in talking.

At this moment, however, Aba’s laughter came from outside. "Hahaha, guys, it’s me again!"

With a bit of curiosity, Wang Lu opened the door. "Didn’t you say the tour guide only lasts until yesterday, and today we’re free to move around?"

Aba nodded his head. "Yes it is. But yesterday, before I left, I forgot to tell you something important, so I had to come here early in the morning to tell you."

"What’s the matter?"

"You’re now free to move around in Zanarkand. You can even go out of the city and go anywhere else… But do keep in mind that, when you hear the sound of horn in the evening, you must rush back into the city at once, and then take a rest inside a building. You absolutely must not go out, even leaving the city perimeter!"

Aba said those words very seriously while at the same time took out several rings.

"These are for just in case you guys don’t hear the horn sound. When the horn blows, these rings will turn hot, so you guys will know that it is time to immediately rush back to the city."

Wang Lu took those rings and casually asked, "Is there going to be military exercise?"

Aba shook his head to deny it. "The new demon world stands aloof from the worldly affairs. We don’t even have a military, so how can we have military exercise? Even us, the city guards, are just providing daily convenience services, and have never made our move… The reason for you to return to the city is that, whenever the horn blows, something will happen that night. If you don’t hide in time, you might die without a burial ground."

"Die without a burial ground?" Wang Lu was even more curious instead. As he learned more about the new demon world, more and more he felt like it was a paradise on earth. All the good words could be used to describe it. But to die without a burial ground… seemed too inconsistent with all his previous observation.

"Yes, die without a burial ground." Aba once again reiterated, "Once the horn blows, you must return to the city at once. Otherwise, there would be a disaster."

Wang Lu was simply bewildered by this. "Is this the rule set by the demon king?"

"This is the rule of the new demon world." Aba said, "Every once in a while, when the night falls, the wind of destruction will blow into the new demon world. Any creatures that walk at night will be taken away by the wind of destruction. Regardless of how high your cultivation base is, there is no exception to this."

"For example?"

Aba looked at Wang Lu strangely. This was a really unpleasant question, but he chalked it up to the lack of etiquette in the old demon world. And thus, he didn’t think much about it.

"For example, when we first came to the new demon world, and everyone knew little of the wind of destruction, once there was a royal family member who got involved… and that person did not survive."

Even the royal family could not survive? The royal family of the new demon world is different from the two sisters from the old demon world. In the new demon world, any one of the royal family had at least peak Deity Stage cultivation base, yet they still could not survive the wind of destruction… It seemed like behind the splendor of the new demon world, it also had a terrifying side.

"But as long as you are at home when the wind of destruction blows, then there won’t be any problem."

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Wang Lu asked, "But there are hundreds of millions of lives and thousands of cities in the new demon world, so there will always be special circumstances. What if you are too late to go back to the city?"

Aba said, "This situation is rarely seen. The new demon world has been developing for two thousand years under this wind of destruction, so we have adapted to its rhythm… However, if there’s a really special circumstance, then use this."

With that, he took a round pill from his pocket.

"If it’s too late to return to the city and you can’t find a suitable shelter, take this one."

Wang Lu curiously took the pill and tried to gauge the efficacy of the drug with his primordial spirit.

Even a Daoist Master of Deity Stage couldn’t survive the wind of destruction, yet this pill was presumably able to resist it. This meant that this pill was probably the essence of the two thousand years of civilization of the new demon world. However, when he scanned it with his primordial spirit, he didn’t find anything extraordinary about it.

"It’s a sleeping pill." Aba said, "Swallow it, and you will quickly fall asleep."

"… And then I can die in my sleep, making it less painful?"

Aba repeatedly shook his head. "No, as long as you fall asleep, you will not be destroyed by the wind of destruction. The wind of destruction will only take away creatures who are still walking after nightfall. As long as you fall asleep, naturally you will not walk—sleepwalking does not count."

"What’s the reason behind it?" Wang Lu was even more confused. "How could the wind know who is asleep and who is not, and how could it judge who to kill?"

"There is no reason. It’s simply the rule of the new demon world." Aba said, "You shouldn’t delve too much on this problem. When we have just entered the new demon world, there were also many of our compatriots who felt curious, wanting to explore the secret of the wind of destruction… Each of them was a brilliant and talented individual, but eventually, all of them disappeared, not even their bones were left. Anybody who dares to walk outside when the wind of destruction blows will be dead. With great difficulty, you guys managed to run away from the old demon world, so you should cherish your own life and live to the fullest!"

With that, Aba even earnestly urged, "The city advisor said that you guys are the elites of the demon race, so as long as you adapt to the life in the new demon world, you will be able to make great achievements, unlike an ordinary demon like me who could only be the head guard of a city even after struggling for my entire life. Do not waste this opportunity."


"In the next few days, you guys have to be especially careful. In recent years, the wind of destruction has begun to become unstable. You must remember to pay attention to the sound of the horn, and don’t leave behind the ring on your finger…"

With a lot of doubt, Wang Lu sent away the still babbling Aba.

Turning his head, he was met with the same four pairs of confused eyes.

"The wind of destruction?" Zhan Ziye rubbed his chin. "It’s worth to study it."

Before his voice fell, Zhou Mumu patted him on the shoulder.

The girl sweetly smiled. "You say it well. You are indeed worthy to be the lead disciple of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, the leading research institute of science and technology in the Nine Regions. I support you on this, you must study it well!"

"…" Zhan Ziye narrowed his eyes. He felt that Zhou Mumu had no good intention towards him, but he didn’t know where exactly the malice in her words.

Qiong Hua pondered out loud, "The wind of destruction that will come in every few days… reminds me of the black tide in the old demon world. Is there a connection between the two?"

Wang Lu said, "I welcome you to study it clearly, Senior Sister Qiong Hua."

Qiong Hua’s gaze fell on Wang Lu. The latter’s eyes drifted away from her, as if he was not interested in the wind of destruction… The woman sighed with disappointment and stopped talking.

Indeed, the wind of destruction was not an issue that needed their urgent attention now. The problem was, do they really want to settle here for a long time?

After two days, their lives have nothing worthwhile. Although the new demon world was an amazing paradise, for the visitors from a foreign land, there was really not much fun. Even though Wang Lu and his teammates had explored Zanarkand, they still had no clue about the way to return to Nine Regions.

This kind of life might not be that different than living dead. The only spice to life was the coming wind of destruction.

The wind of destruction arrived at the new demon world on their third day there. In that evening, Wang Lu was tasting the distinctive snacks of the demon race at a bazaar in Zanarkand when the horn blew loudly. The source of the sound came from the sky. According to Aba, it was a warning sound of the great sage of demon race that came from the Central City.

After hearing that horn sound, the rhythm of Zanarkand suddenly changed. The people in the street began to turn back towards where they came, and the merchants began to close their shops. Of course, because this had been going on for two thousand years, people seemed to be methodical in their action. Even the stall owner where Wang Lu was eating at did not hurry to send his customers away. Instead, he just hung out a sign to refuse new guests from coming.

However, Wang Lu naturally no longer had any appetite. He rushed to finish his meal and then returned to his residence.

When the night fell, Zanarkand was in a state of complete silence. This city usually never slept even in the night, always brightly lit. However, when the wind of destruction came, it became as silent as a dead city, with no source of light.

Because the inhabitants of the new demon world had been accustomed to sleeping in their room when the wind of destruction came—although theoretically, they would not be taken away by the wind of destruction within the city perimeter, ultimately, doing both would make them more safer. Not to mention that even a great demon king needed some rest… Thus, the arrival of the wind of destruction gave everyone the chance to rest.

However, how could Wang Lu have the mind to sleep?

In the living room of his residence, Wang Lu and Zhan Ziye stood side by side. Both of them were all smiles.

In front of them, Qiong Hua, Zhou Mumu, and Xiang Liang… perplexedly looked at them.

Then they heard Wang Lu enthusiastically said, "Soon, the first field trip on the wind of destruction will begin!"

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