Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 468: Observer Ward

Chapter 468: Observer Ward

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Many people said that there was only a fine line between a genius and a madman.

As the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect, a super sect within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Zhou Mumu was undoubtedly a genius. However, whenever this genius saw Wang Lu, she felt that Wang Lu was standing on the other side of the line, very far away, and waving at her.

"Soon, the first field trip on the wind of destruction will begin!"

Upon hearing Wang Lu's enthusiastic words, Zhou Mumu could not believe her ears.

"What did you say?" She asked him.

Wang Lu repeated those words without even changing his tone.

"Are you mad?" Zhou Mumu exclaimed.

Hearing this, Wang Lu simply smiled without saying anything, while Zhan Ziye simply let out a contemptuous sneer and said, "Mortal wisdom."

Zhou Mumu refused to pay attention to Zhan Ziye's provocation, but just anxiously said, "It doesn't matter if Zhan Ziye that guy wants to die, but how could you, Wang Lu, follow his nonsense? Previously, we have already determined the authenticity of the wind of destruction, which is not an irresponsible talk from Aba, yet you actually dare to try it? Do you really think Non-Phase Sword Defense is actually invincible?"

Now, even Wang Lu showed his disdainful smile. "The wisdom of mortal...

Before he could finish, Zhou Mumu had already stepped forward and grabbed his collar. "I'm not joking with you!"

"... Alright-alright, things are like this."

Wang Lu had to elaborate to them the plan for the field trip drawn up by him and Zhan Ziye.

"First is the purpose of the study. At present, our clues on how to return to Nine Regions have basically been cut off. Anyone we ask in the new demon world basically has the same answer, that the space barrier of the new demon world is unbreakable. During this period, we have also tried to break through the barrier for several times, including using the heavenly talisman and other things. Which proves that the new demon world is completely isolated from the Nine Regions… But I don't think that it's time to be in despair, because there are too many unknown contents in the new demon world that are waiting to be explored. Perhaps the clues to return to Nine Regions are hidden in it. That being the case, the wind of destruction is undoubtedly the most suspicious."

Wang Lu explained, "According to the legends that spread in the new demon world, all those who walked under the curtain of the night when the wind of destruction is blowing are dead. But no one had ever seen their bones, as if they simply disappeared. Even the royal family is no exception. So, in light of this, I think there are two possibilities. One, the wind of destruction is simply that powerful, so much that even a Daoist Master of Deity Stage is vulnerable to it. Two… I doubt that the wind of destruction completely eliminated those people. I think it just transferred them to somewhere else."

"Transferred them to somewhere else?"

Wang Lu's speculation was a surprise to everyone, because at first glance, there was no basis for this speculation. However, if they really thought about it, it seemed to be very reasonable! Many difficult to explain situations could be explained by this reasoning!

"Then, according to your guess, where might the wind of destruction send those people?"

Wang Lu said, "Whatever the place is, it is better than this cage-like new demon world. And more importantly, this is the only possible breakthrough direction that we have. The new demon world is filled with numerous talented demons, but they have yet to find a way to another world in two thousand years. I don't think that repeating their previous attempts will achieve any breakthrough result. However, the wind of destruction is perhaps the only blind spot of the demon race in the new demon world for two thousand years."

"... What you say does make sense, but do you have to rush to give away your life like this?"

"Of course we're not going to give away our lives…"

However, before Wang Lu's voice fell, he heard Qiong Hua sigh and interrupt him, "If Junior Brother Wang Lu wants to encourage me to go to the wind of destruction to be your scout… you better give up that idea as soon as possible."

Wang Lu was stunned for a moment, and then turned to look at Zhan Ziye. "Senior Brother Ziye, looks like we have to use plan B."

Zhan Ziye said with a voice that conveyed his regret, "As the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect and the top Daoist Master of Jindan Stage in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Senior Sister Qiong Hua unexpectedly can't see the overall situation, and also has no academic exploration spirit. This is indeed regrettable."

However, the two men had apparently expected the refusal of Qiong Hua, thus Zhan Ziye immediately fished out his spare equipment from his mustard seed bag.

It was a quaint, slightly quirky dry branch. At the end of the branch hung two big eyeballs. Were it not for this dry branch being filled with living creature aura, no matter what it looked like a cursed object.

"What is this?" Zhou Mumu asked.

"Sentry guard." Zhan Ziye answered, "This is the latest device product designed by us, Ten Thousand Arts Sect. Its main part lies in the place between life and death. It possesses powerful perception and resonance ability. In the last two days, I and Junior Brother Wang Lu worked together to further transform it so that its captured images could be projected directly on the water curtain, without us personally establishing contact with it, to avoid the risk. As soon as we put it outside the city, we can wait in here for the wind of destruction to arrive. Then we can watch the image from outside the city by the sentry guard and analyze its mystery."

Hearing this, Zhou Mumu was surprised, and she immediately shook her head. "This is too whimsical. This new demon world also has devices similar to this sentry guard. If this remote monitoring can resolve the secret of the wind of destruction, the demon race would have already done it."

"Humph, wisdom of a mortal!" Zhan Ziye coldly snorted, and then explained, "The failure of the demon race's remote monitoring is because the moment the wind of destruction arrives, all the devices are eliminated instantly, so there's not enough time to pass on the information, and there are no wrecks for people to study. My sentry guard is different from those devices of the demon race. Its biggest advantage is that the information is passed in the way of resonance, so that the image is perfectly synchronized, without any barrier. At the same time, the information transmission frequency is also very fast, and its sensitivity is very high so that any details will not be missed. As soon as the wind of destruction come, I will be able to find the secret through the sentry guard."

"This…" Zhou Mumu was slightly shaken. If it was just remote monitoring, then it seemed like there was no risk and very feasible. "Alright… but you guys must be careful, because, I always have a bad feeling about this, like there's a great danger hidden behind this wind of destruction."

"Because you have a big heart 1 , you should try it personally," Wang Lu said.


After determining the plan, the five people began to implement it.

The principle of the sentry guard was simple, but the actual application was not. The immortal method for it required a very powerful and sophisticated spell control force to ensure zero delay information transmission while keeping the amount of information large enough. For this, Wang Lu and Zhan Ziye were enough. The other lead disciples didn't need to participate.

At the same time, in view of the fact that the prowess of the wind of destruction was too great, all of the demons who attempted to explore it in the past two thousand years, without exception, have all disappeared, which made this act inevitably had a certain risk. Although theoretically, the five of them didn't have to put the soul recording necklace on the sentry guard, thus even if the sentry guard was destroyed instantly it would not cause a backlash, there were exceptions to everything. Could five Jindan Stage Daoist Masters rush to try to solve the puzzle that could make the demons of the new demon world helpless for two thousand years without taking any risk?

But if they didn't take even the slightest risk, how could they hope to break the barrier and return to Nine Regions?

Thus, the few of them began to arrange the array. It was a five element array with a circular main structure. The sentry guard was placed in the middle, forming a resonance with the one that was already placed outside the city. After the resonance was established, the two rounded eyes of the sentry guard in the middle of the array began to glow, and two beams of light were projected onto the wall of the room. The wall was flowing with trickles of water, which formed a water curtain. A few moments after the light was cast on the water curtain, the image gradually cleared up.

It was already dark outside of the city. The new demon world didn't have the stars in the sky like in the Nine Regions nor the bright moonlight. Even the city's light has been extinguished. For a time, the five of them couldn't see anything.

Fortunately, Wang Lu had already long made his preparation. He reached out his hand and touched the array on the floor. A trace of spiritual energy entered the array, and through the way of resonance, it was transferred to outside the city.

The sentry guard outside the city suddenly shone. It was Wang Lu's best insurance when he previously set up the sentry guard. In case there was no light around it, it would give off light on its own.

With this light, the surrounding scene became clear… Under the curtain of the night, the new demon world looked no different from the past, and it was clear that the wind of destruction had not really come yet.

However, the five lead disciples were already on their nerves. Zhan Ziye who presided over the array had sweat slightly oozing out of his forehead—for a Jindan Stage Daoist Master like him, his golden body had already reached the realm of leakless. The fact that he oozed out cold sweat meant that at this time, he was very nervous.

In this heightened tension, the concept of time had become distorted. After nobody knows how much time has passed, Wang Lu finally saw a trace of abnormality in the water curtain projection.

"It's coming!"

Prior to this, no one had ever seen the wind of destruction, but the information that resonated through the sentry guards was filled with repressed air.

Something was indeed coming.

Just when the rest of them realized this thing, the sentry guard in the five elements array suddenly exploded.

"Damn it, just like what I thought!"

Wang Lu and Zhan Ziye exclaimed in unison. At the same time, they transformed the array to isolate the sentry guard. Then, within that five element array, a series of dazzling explosions continued.

Fortunately, no contact was established between them and the sentry guard. Otherwise, this backlash might be enough to kill all the people present.

"... It happened so suddenly. Did you guys see anything?"

After suppressing the backlash, Wang Lu asked the rest of the people.

But everyone from Qiong Hua to Zhou Mumu, all shook their heads. They just had a hunch that a crisis was about to come. But before anything actually happened, the sentry guard had already exploded. No matter how high their concentration was, they did not see any clue.

"... Well, we kind of expected this. So… shall we start the playback function?"

After Wang Lu finished speaking, Zhan Ziye pointed at the water curtain on the wall. Immediately, ripples of water appeared. The picture went back to the previous time and the playback speed was slowed down by a million times.

This was the most important function of the five element array on the floor—to faithfully record all the information sent by the sentry guard for playback.

After a million times of slow playback, everyone finally saw something on the screen.

Under the dark curtain of the night, there was a little greyish-white that was almost impossible to see.

When that greyish-white sharply grew big, Wang Lu's face suddenly changed.

"Is that… the skull of the departed spirit?"

He was not wrong… With the memory of the best student of Spirit Sword Sect, how could he not remember the countless skulls of the departed spirit in the black tide at the Western Mountain?

Sure enough, this wind of destruction was inextricably linked with the dark tide!

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