Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 47: Cling on the Thigh of Someone Powerful

Chapter 47: Cling on the Thigh of Someone Powerful

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From the Spirit Pool Peak, Wang Lu used the Shrinking Array to arrive at the Four Divisions Peak—the transport hub of Spirit Sword Mountain. In this place were numerous shrinking arrays to go to the various peaks, including those that must be used in order to go to those sites for experiential learning.

Wen Bao had been waiting for him at the Four Divisions Peak for quite a while. Wang Lu arrived with a big smile; no one could see that he just had a big quarrel with a disciple in charge of a department and also carried a terrible bet.

But everything had to be “wait and see”.


Once again, they set foot at the Small Clear Sky Peak, but this time, the feeling was different.

Although only a month had passed since their last experiential learning, during this first month of the year, Wang Lu and Wen Bao were not the same people as before. Although there was no major change in their cultivation level, their strength had actually more than doubled!

Thus, even Wen Bao, during his anxious waiting for Wang Lu, actually felt something akin to anticipation.

On the previous experiential learning, Wang Lu nearly stole all the thunder. However, even without Wang Lu, his own performance itself was almost a disgrace to his black and white robe. In those short three days, he almost shat himself and was barely able to keep up with the others’ performance. His performance was even worse than the blue and white robed Junior Sister Wen Yin. However, during the past month, his strength had progressed by leaps and bounds. Thus, Wen Bao would often think, if he could do it all over again, he would certainly have stronger performance. Moreover, it would be strong enough that Junior Sister Yue would take notice of his prowess, rather than that clumsy dead fatty on their previous experiential learning.

Unfortunately, when they did it again this time, that gentle as water girl wouldn’t be there to accompany them. On the contrary, there was this Senior Brother in the red and white dress that he was always afraid of… Even if Wang Lu’s cultivation was merely Body Refining Stage and was not a match to his no-stronghold-one-cannot-overcome Black Iron Sword’s destructive power, but after a month, from each wound that he received, he became keenly aware that the progress of this Senior Successor Brother was even faster than him!

However, that was okay to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to take this experiential challenge to Small Clear Sky Peak together with Wang Lu.

“Em, Senior Brother, how should we carry out this experiential learning? Is it just like the last time? Although there are only the two of us this time, I believe we could do better than the last time.”

A smile floated on Wen Bao’s simple and honest face. His tone of voice was filled with confidence; a very rare progress from his cowardly fat face a month ago.

Unfortunately, compared to Wang Lu, Wen Bao’s progress seemed bleak.

“That’s right, this time, we’re going to kill them all.”

Upon hearing that, Wen Bao laughed a few times, and his smile gradually disappeared. “Senior Brother, just now, you said…?”

“Kill all the way. The previous experiential learning could only be considered as survival mode. Hiding away is too boring; we might as well do the peerless mode.”

“... Senior Brother, that’s courting-death mode.”

Wang Lu carefully looked at Wen Bao and then said, “Wen Bao, even if you have poor intellect, you need to think it over carefully. Although you’re still at the ninth level…”

Wen Bao suddenly interrupted. “Thanks to Senior Brother’s guidance, recently, there are signs showing that I am going to break through the eighth level.”

“Ok, congratulations for walking away from the ninth level. Then, I believe you also know that, in terms of attack power, you’re already beyond your Senior Brother Yue Yun.”

Wen Bao hastily waved his hand to deny it. “How could I be compared to Senior Brother Yue Yun…” However, thinking of this month long painful training, a feeling of pride arose in his heart. “But, if we compete on the instantaneous explosive force, I have confidence that I can beat him.”

The fatty firmly shook his fist to show his determination.

Correct. Although Wen Bao was still on the peak ninth level of Qi Cultivating Stage, he foregoes all the subtle spells and just focused on developing the striking power of his Black Iron Sword… Thus, it was not a surprise that his explosive power would surpass that of the sixth level Yue Yun who was known for his defense ability.

However, striking power alone was not enough. In the actual combat, an outstanding Inner Court Disciple at the sixth level of Qi Cultivating Stage has more than one hundred means to avoid an attack from Wen Bao and then counterattack on his weakness to obtain victory. In fact, a month ago, Wen Bao was no match for a second level—now first level Body Refining Stage Wang Lu.

“No problem, your explosive power is enough for now, I’ll handle the rest.” Wang Lu smiled and looked at Wen Bao who was still quite nervous. He decided that when he upgraded his teaching capability, he would share some of his professional adventure experience.

“If this is just a normal experiential learning, undoubtedly, Yue Yun’s comprehensive cultivator quality is more superior, because even in this Small Clear Sky Peak, you cannot accurately predict what will happen next. Because of this, the more you prepared, the better your ability to cope with the complex situation. But the challenge mode is not the same. Because of the difficulty setting, a cautious adventurer will almost impossible to pass. Only people with extreme attribute, guided by an extreme strategy, can accomplish a miracle.”

These words froze Wen Bao for quite a while; the fatty apparently couldn’t understand this professional adventurer theory.

But Wang Lu was very good at teaching. “Although your intelligence is not that high, you should’ve learned the history of the beginning of the Immortal Cultivation in the Nine Regions, which was known as several big miraculous battles. Which one of the battles didn’t have extreme person in them? The two of us, one has extreme attack, the other one has… sh*t, has extreme defense. This is the best combination to create a miracle.”

This was the biggest reason why Wang Lu would receive this apprentice, or rather receive this pet.

Partly doubtful, partly eager, Wen Bao followed behind Wang Lu and embarked on the experiential learning road at the Small Clear Sky Peak.

Previously, it was Senior Brother Yue Yun who led the way. That time, they tried to rush and continued to cast sensor-type spells to avoid dangerous monsters. Just like what Wang Lu said, it was a survival mode.

But this time, under Wang Lu’s leadership, they didn’t go along the usual route but directly climbed to the solitary Lone Peak, which nearly scared the fatty to death.

“Martial Brother, t-this is the Lone Peak. What do we do up there? If we want to go to the Azure Dragon Gorge, we must go the other way.”

Wang Lu said, “We’re going up to fight the monsters.”

“F-fight the monsters!?”

“Yes, we’re going to fight category two third rank Stone Wood Apes; Lone Peak is their habitat. Come on, let’s go get them.”

“Stone Wood Apes!?” Wen Bao gasped as he inwardly thought, “Unbelievable! Senior Brother Wang Lu’s ambition is formidable! They’re category two third rank monsters! Even Senior Brother Yue Yun had to take a lot of effort just to defeat one of them. But now, he wants us to charge into their habitat? Senior Brother really likes to exaggerate and make sensationalistic statements.”

Wang Lu sneered. “According to our sect’s calculation method, our average cultivation level is between Body Refining Stage and Qi Cultivating Stage; we can’t even be regarded as true cultivators. So, if we can prevail over these Stone Wood Apes, we would get 20 challenge points.”

Wen Bao was stunned. “Only twenty?”

“Do you think it would be two hundred thousand? If the sect gives that kind of score, many disciples would definitely try their luck here, and almost all of them would end up dead instead, so this score is very reasonable… When you get back alive, you’ll realize how valuable this challenge point is.”

“Go back alive…”

“Moreover, there’s an old saying that says, many a mickle makes a muckle, many little drops make an ocean. So, even though Stone Wood Apes are only valued as 20 points, this Small Clear Sky Peak is still huge, and there are basically countless monsters like Stone Wood Apes.”

Wang Lu spoke as he took the first step to climbing the steep mountain rock. For him who grew up in a mountain village in addition to two years of running around the Non-Phase Peak, climbing a mountain has quickly become his instinct. Although he neither had superior lightness skill nor assistance from spiritual energy and magical power, and even his climbing posture wasn’t elegant, his speed was incomparably fast. Soon enough, he had already climbed halfway to the top!

On the other side, burdened by his body fat and the heavy Black Iron Sword, Wen Bao could only look up at the starry sky from the bottom, not knowing what to do.

Fortunately, after a while, Wang Lu dropped a section of rope from above. With the help of this rope, Wen Bao finally began to slowly climb. Such a low speed was an embarrassment when compared to the other disciples with the same cultivation level.

An hour later, Wen Bao, in a sorry state, finally reached the summit. While gasping for breath, he looked around at the stretch of open area at the peak. “Senior Brother, where are the Stone Wood Apes?”

Wang Lu laughed. “If they’re not dead, how could they possibly stay at home? Most of the time, the Stone Wood Apes would wander around the vicinity to forage food, until… they detect that their home is being invaded by outsiders, then they will rush back to their home.”

Just as he finished speaking, Wen Bao suddenly heard a gruesome howling sound of a beast from below this Lone Peak.

“Stone Wood Ape are very strong territorial monsters. They like living in between rocks on the mountain with dense vegetation. Although they seem sluggish, they have the ability to bore into the ground and move fast through the rock.” Wang Lu recalled the Record of Monsters in the Nine Regions that he crammed into his memory in a month as he gave instruction to Wen Bao. “Stand in your present position. When a Stone Wood Ape appears, directly attack with your strongest strike.”

Hearing the howl of the Stone Wood Ape, Wen Bao’s legs instinctively turned soft. However, under Wang Lu’s stern gaze, he swiftly unsheathed the sword on his back. After taking several deep breaths, his eyes gradually turned red.

This was Wen Bao’s skill comprehension that he got after a month of savage training. Through deep contemplation, he constantly recalled infuriating memories and accumulated anger from his fear of physical pain.

Actually, this was already in the category of the initial stage of the mind cultivation. Based on Wen Bao’s perception and cultivation level, arguably, it would be almost impossible for him to master this skill. However, in a month-long painful training, the fatty successfully broke through his limits.

Unfortunately, this trick took a long time to prepare. Moreover, his anger would immediately disappeared once he used his move. So, it actually didn’t have strong practical value, unless he had the time to wait like now so he could nurture his strength and bide his time.

The Stone Wood Ape’s speed was indeed very fast. Before Wen Bao could accumulate enough anger, a gray stout arm suddenly rose up from between his legs! It went straight for the most vital part!

The Stone Wood Ape advanced to the summit of the Lone Peak using the ability to bore through the soil. Beside the previous roar under the Lone Peak, it didn’t create any other sound. Thus, this claw was both fast and ruthless; it completely came by surprise; Wen Bao didn’t even have the time to think!

However, Wang Lu had already kind of predicted this move. He wielded his Purple Soft Sword and displayed the full power of the Soft Cloud Sword Art. After the sound of collision echoed out, the Purple Soft Sword curled up under pressure from the giant force, but the surprise attack from the Stone Wood Ape had been neutralized, and its claw immediately withdrew to the ground.

However, when it gained strength again, the claw, as well as a part of its body, immediately emerged from the ground once more and directly attack that sword which, to the Stone Wood Ape, felt like a burning match.


Wang Lu hastily tried to parry that arm by swinging the curled up purple soft sword, deflecting it to the side. This created an opening for Wen Bao’s Black Iron Sword to precisely strike the Stone Wood Ape’s head, hitting it right in the middle. The ape shrieked as the gray stone skin on its head cracked, and then it went unconscious. Half of its body was stuck in the rocks and could not move.

Having easily knocked a category two third rank monster unconscious, Wen Bao was delighted beyond measure. However, before he could speak, Wang Lu had already slapped his face.

“Hurry up and continue to accumulate your anger, the next one is coming right up!”

Wen Bao promptly hypnotized himself, causing his eyes to once again turn blood red.

At this time, the second Stone Wood Ape also arrived. Knowing its companion’s fate, it didn’t try to launch a similar sneak attack, but rather silently appeared on a slightly far away spot and tried to observe something before it made a decision.

However, Wang Lu didn’t give it any time; he rushed forward using his Winding Step. The open area on the summit of this Lone Peak has limited space, so even if the Stone Wood Ape had quick reflexes, it simply couldn’t dodge. Thus, it roared as it prepared to meet the attack head on, then… then Wang Lu directly hugged its thigh!

Being hugged by the thigh, the giant ape felt extremely overwhelmed; it lifted its giant fist, which could split open stones, and ferociously smashed down!

As a category two third rank monster, the Stone Wood Ape’s attack was enough to one-hit-kill wild beasts such as lions, tigers, and so on. However, this time, it’s fierce punch didn’t seem to have any effect, and the person who hugged its thigh actually took this opportunity to fiercely attack its lower part!

This Stone Wood Ape had lived in the Small Clear Sky for many years, but it had never seen such a shameless act. While it was still in dismay, a dark shadow swiftly arrived from the front. However, it no longer had the time to dodge.

The Black Iron Sword slammed the center of its chest, causing it to collapse on the ground and fall unconscious as the gravel sprayed in all directions.

After dispatching these two Stone Wood Apes, a third ape didn’t arrive, which made Wen Bao feel relieved. The full strength strike from his Black Iron Sword required enormous physical exertion. Even after his month-long arduous training, it would still be impossible for him to launch three full strength sword strikes in a row.

However, although he was tired and weary, when he looked at the two unconscious Stone Wood Apes lying on the ground, Wen Bao felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment! A month ago, Senior Brother Yue Yun almost gave up his life just to hold two Stone Wood Apes at bay! But now, together with Wang Lu, they actually made a stunning victory! Moreover, he personally delivered the knockout blow!

Of course, Wen Bao was keenly aware that in this battle, eighty percent of the credit belongs to his Senior Brother Wang Lu—this Senior Brother found the opposite party’s lair with the aim to wait for the enemy, and this Senior Brother also tied down the opposite party so that they were unable to resist his strikes. His only part was to do the thing he had been repeatedly practicing on the training field for a month: accumulate anger and unleash it… There was nothing difficult about it. However, a victory was still a victory. If only Junior Sister Yue could see all of these, that would be great -

While Wen Bao was still immersed in the joy of victory, Wang Lu had already started to descend from the Lone Peak. “Don’t just gawk there, we’re going to start the next one.”

“What? So fast!?”

“This is the peerless mode, of course it’s going to be fast…”

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