Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 471: The Truth About the World

Chapter 471: The Truth About the World

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There were many people who were born with similar appearance, and this had caused countless misunderstandings. However, a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage would not mistake a person just because of similar appearance with another person. There were too many characteristics of a person that could be identified, and if all of them were exactly the same, it could be hardly considered as a coincidence.

Therefore, Wang Lu and the others immediately made their judgment. These two demon kings were exactly the two royal family sisters who had disappeared in the old demon world because they were too far from the ruins of the Eternal Tree!

However, the next question was: How could these two sisters, who were supposedly dead, appear here? When the two sisters died, all of them witnessed it. This time, however, one of the two clearly stood in the VIP stand, and the other stood in the middle of the stadium.

Even stranger was that, the death of the two royal family sisters happened just a few days ago, but these two demon kings had obviously been here for more than a hundred years.

Just how to explain this contradiction?

The entire situation caused Wang Lu and the others to become even more confused. So much that they were indifferent and did not care when the great demon king announced the beginning of the league, and the process with which she lifted up the eternal shield to draw the lightning from the sky.

Until a purple-blue lightning fell from the sky, lit up the entire stadium, and numerous lightning arcs dazzlingly swirled around the stadium...

The thunderous noise temporarily interrupted the thoughts of the several lead disciples. As the eternal shield was being lifted high, the atmosphere of the audience was fully ignited, and the cheers of the crowd drowned out everything. Under the cover of these cheers, Wang Lu quietly left his first class seat.

The head guard Aba who had a good eyesight saw Wang Lu quietly hiding his trail, thus he wanted to call him to find out the situation. However, he was soon attracted by the next wave of cheers. It turned out that the great demon king had already lifted up the shield to the whole stadium. This meant that the next stage of the opening ceremony was about to begin, which would bring an extremely splendid performance from all over the new demon world.

And Aba had been thinking about the team of beautiful dancers from Lucca City. As the first team to perform, they have already begun to attract cheers from the crowds, and their coquettish posture had suddenly attracted the attention of Aba.

The performance in the stadium would last for a long time before the first game begins. However, Wang Lu knew that his time was not much.

Because the demon king would not stay too long. The appearance of the two of them was only to witness the opening of the league. After the shield was raised, they were ready to leave. The significance of the game after the performances was unusually important for the fans, but for the demon king, there were more important matters to deal with.

In fact, after the debut of the dancers of Lucca City, the two demon kings, surrounded by their bodyguards, were already ready to leave.

However, at this time, the visit from an uninvited guest forced them to stop.

"Who are you?"

After seeing Wang Lu, the great demon king curiously tilted her head, and then waved her bodyguards to retreat.

According to the common situation, people that suddenly appeared in places where they shouldn't be would be first dealt with by the bodyguards, and then be handed over to the appropriate personnel. The overall atmosphere of the new demon world was indeed harmonious and orderly, but anyone who dared to rush towards the demon king would absolutely meet a dead end.

However, the great demon king had never seen this kind of suicide seeker person for many years. Moreover, the plain looking man before her carried a bearing that made her feel familiar. Thus, she decided to temporarily lay down the rule to get to know the story behind first.

Of course, with respect to the great demon king, what could be done was only this. If the other person really didn't know how to cherish the chance, then she didn't need to continue to waste her time. As the demon king that ruled the whole world, there were numerous matters that she needed to spend her thought of, and the person before her was not one of them.

Wang Lu also knew that his time was limited. Therefore, he went straight to the point and took out the demon jade straight from his chest.

"How do you feel when you see this?"

The moment the demon jade appeared, it gave off astonishing heat. A wave of ripple spread out and enclosed everyone on the VIP stand.

The bodyguards of the demon king were somewhat helpless. According to the rules, in front of such an emergency, they should first subdue Wang Lu, or even kill him, to ensure the safety of the demon king. But just now, it was clear that the demon king herself had ordered them to temporarily not make their move… which was really hard for them. As for the ripples from the demon jade, it had no effect on them.

When the ripple passed through the two demon kings' body, they shook slightly. Apparently, they were affected by it. Then, the taller sister suddenly made her move, releasing a gray space.

The gloomy color bloomed from the palm of the demon king, and soon spread to the entire VIP stand.

The world outside the space had its time instantly halted. Only within the grey space that the time was still flowing. The great demon king somewhat looked at Wang Lu with a complex look, and then nodded.

"You came here sooner than we expected."

Having heard of what she said, Wang Lu could not help but smile.

He knew that his gamble was right. After seeing the demon jade, the reaction of the two demon kings was really different.

"Can't help it. If we're not in a hurry, I'm afraid we would become completely adapted to the rhythm of the new demon world… this is indeed a dream-like paradise, truly unforgettable."

Wang Lu's remark was not just empty words. The several of them had only lived in the new demon world for less than ten days, but they have actually gradually fallen in love with this new world. Every day, they would get up early, enjoy the food in the food stalls in the new demon world, and then walk in the main streets and small alleys to observe and appreciate all the wonderful things of this new civilization… The life was very fulfilling, simple, and happy. Vaguely, they even began to forget about returning home.

The most obvious evidence was today's lightning ball league opening ceremony. For people who came from a different world, no matter how lively the festival was, they had nothing to do with it. So why did they put on the local team uniforms and colorful caps like the natives to celebrate the opening ceremony?

Because they had been subtly influenced. Quietly, they had been assimilated into the new demon world… Wang Lu guessed that if he did not find the demon king sisters to trigger a key event before the end of the opening ceremony, sooner or later, the finest young cultivators of the Nine Regions would have lost themselves in the new demon world and spent the rest of their lives as demons.

This piece of land had an inconceivable mysterious charm.

"Fortunately, all of you remembered our last words."

The eyes of the elder sister were somewhat complicated as she began to speak but hesitated.

The younger sister was more prompt. "Have you… seen the truth?"

Wang Lu let out a laugh. "A world where there is no external enemies nor internal problems. Its abundance was inconceivable, a great land with rich products. It can even make all the demons lay down all their disputes and live in harmony. And it evolved in just two thousand years… And every once in a while, the wind of destruction will blow. And whenever that happens, the inhabitants of the new demon disappears, only to return when the wind of destruction goes away. Finally, the royal family sisters who were supposed to die actually came back to life… There are so many clues that I can still see it even if I don't want to. A dream-like land is actually a reality."

Wang Lu paused, and then looked beyond the grey space, seeing the colorful but immobile world.

"Actually, I still can't believe that there's really a world purely made of dream!"

The elder sister softly said, "This is the last miracle of the demon world. When the Eternal Tree fell, we have actually tried all the available methods, but it was to no avail. Even after paying countless sacrifices, we still can't protect our homeland. Therefore… amidst the endless despair, we chose another path."

Wang Lu empathized with the sadness conveyed from the few words of the demon king, and softly said, "The new demon world?"

"Yes. Almost all the survivors of the demon world, led by the demon king and demon lords created a miracle… At that time, the demon king and the demon lords used a spell that was passed down since the beginning of the demon world civilization on themselves: The dream building method."

"Dream building method?"

"In a nutshell, it's the ability to create and manipulate dreams, which is a very amazing and rare skill that it was only occasionally circulated among the royal family of the demon world. The dream building method can create a beautiful dream. But a dream is just a dream. For the demon race, it didn't have high practical value, so it has not been taken seriously. Until the demon world was facing the collapse, we only ironically found out that the continuation of the demon race civilization actually lied in this self-deception spell."

The demon king sighed, and then continued, "Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. In the face of a desperate situation, the demon race people gave all their best in launching this dream building method and achieved an unprecedented achievement. The dream created by hundreds of millions of surviving demons is almost like a new and independent reality. This new world bears all of our hopes and all the good wishes. Here, the scenery is beautiful, and the products bountiful, and can make the most ferocious demons to live in harmony with the others."

When it came to this, Wang Lu could not help but interrupt, "Many of the demons are proud of their bravery and valor, why would they dream of such a lovey-dovey world?"

"Because in our hopeless situation, we had painfully reconsidered and thought that the militant nature of the demon race is actually the culprit of all the tragedies—were it not for our endless infighting, we could've conquered the Nine Regions as early as the first great war of immortals and demons, and we wouldn't have been in continuous trouble later on. And if we could put down the profound hatred between the two worlds, stop our continuous fight against the human, we might not have incurred the destruction of the demon world… This idea indeed appeared cowardly for a demon race. However, when the Eternal Tree collapsed, the pillar of belief of the demon world also collapsed. But when the new demon world was built, by the guidance of the demon king, the tone of the entire world was established: Harmony."

"... Building a harmonious new demon world?"

"Yes. Scientific development, harmonious demon world, these were the strategic policies applied by the earlier generations of the demon king."

"The earlier demon kings were indeed brilliant and wise. If there were no such policies at the time, I'm afraid, there would be no prosperity for the new demon world today." Wang Lu commented.

The demon king of this generation somewhat bitterly smiled. "Prosperity? If you see this scene, do you still think so?"

With that, the demon king reached out her finger and split a gap through the void, revealing another world.

It was a gloomy blood-red world, and a withering mountain stood quietly on the ground.

However, when Wang Lu examined carefully with rapt attention, his heart could not help but fill with shock.

That mountain… was actually a pile of hundreds of millions of demon corpses.

"This is the foundation of the new demon world." The demon king lightly said, "Every one of the hundreds of millions of creatures is permanently asleep here, maintaining the existence of the dream-like new demon world."

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