Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 473: Lost in the Path of Life

Chapter 473: Lost in the Path of Life

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To succeed in a big way, do not bother about trivial things. This was the consensus of the several people present. No simple character could be the lead disciple of the Five Uniques. They were clear about the ways of the world and able to understand where things stood.

Therefore, Wang Lu never cared about people who scolded him for not having moral integrity. Zhou Mumu also didn't care about other people accusing her of being stodgy. Zhan Ziye even more ignored those who maliciously cursed him as being doomed to be single for life… This was their privilege as a genius among geniuses of lead disciple.

However, at present, Qiong Hua's expression of 'to succeed in a big way, do not bother about trivial things' was somewhat chilling to others. The meaning behind her smiling face was clearly obvious.

Kill Immortal Sword had hundreds of millions of souls of the creatures from the demon world in it, thus, Qiong Hua had a way to come to the demon world from the Nine Regions. However, at the same time, she would certainly not forget to prepare for how to go back. Which meant that, the Kill Immortal Sword also had the souls of the people from the Nine Regions in it.

Of course, with Qiong Hua's temperament and means, regardless of what, she would not kill innocent people. Most of the human souls in the Kill Immortal Sword were the worst of the worst of criminals—since her debut, Qiong Hua had taken the task of evil slayer as her responsibility, thus there were already countless spirits of the dead in her Kill Immortal Sword. Simply counting the number of people killed, in addition to Xiang Liang, the total from the other three lead disciples weren't necessarily more than that of Qiong Hua! To accumulate souls that could be used as guide to find the way was really a breeze.

However, Wang Lu didn't like the indifference shown by Qiong Hua at this time. Because, behind this indifference was Qiong Hua's incomparably arrogant posture and contempt for life. This lead disciple of Shengjing arrogantly saw herself as the superior leader, looking at the mission for its effect as far away into the future as possible. The so-called ordinary mortals were merely insignificant figures to her.

Wang Lu was very disgusted by this idea—because he always didn't like others to plagiarize his own ideas.

However, right now, regardless if he disliked it or not, Qiong Hua's Kill Immortal Sword was undoubtedly the way home for the five lead disciples. The next question was whether to bet on this one.

"I think no one objects to this, right?" While asking this, Wang Lu turned to look at the other four people.

Of course, everyone agreed to this.

"Then the next step is to determine the time. I think we need to do this without further ado, so the next time the black tide come would be very good."

Qiong Hua was the first to agree. "I agree, the longer we spend our time here in the new demon world… the more we will be attracted by it. After all, our cultivation is not that good. With our Jindan Stage, if we live here for a long time, we will inevitably be assimilated."

Zhou Mumu threw up her arms. "Since all of you think so, then I have no opinion."

Xiang Liang succinctly said, "Agree."

Zhan Ziye, however, was somewhat reluctant. "I really couldn't bear to leave so early. There are too many secrets here waiting for me to explore… However, people who engage in academic research are not emotional, so I'll do it another time."

After the time was agreed, the five of them finally relaxed their mind since their biggest problem had been solved. In the time before the next black tide came, it was a rare time for them to recuperate. In this period, they must adjust their condition to be as best as possible.

"Hey, the game is about to begin."

Just as the several of them were ready to seize the time to meditate, Wang Lu suddenly pointed at the middle of the stadium.

At this time, the last team to perform was stepping off the stage, and the league's first game was about to begin.

"I'm actually quite looking forward to this," Wang Lu said, clearly showing an eager expression.

Zhou Mumu cast him a glance. "Hey, don't you think that you're being too playful and not regarding things seriously?"

Qiong Hua actually knew more about Wang Lu, so she revealed a faint smile as she said, "Perhaps Junior Brother Wang Lu is planning to observe it seriously in the hope of promoting it when we return to Nine Regions?"

Wang Lu nodded his head while inwardly he had to admit that although there were too many differences between him and Qiong Hua, the matter of fact was, the two quite understood each other...

"Although the essence of this new demon world is only a dream, it is a dream created by hundreds of millions of demons that have been built up for two thousand years. In terms of social form, the new demon world is actually more mature than that of the Nine Regions. Many things here can be considered as advance experiences. Especially the entertainment in the new demon world, which was the result of the fierce competition in the market. After returning to the Nine Regions, as long as it is adapted to the local conditions, it will usher in the revolution in the entertainment industry!"

"..." Zhou Mumu looked at Wang Lu somewhat incomprehensibly. She both found it difficult to understand his theory and how he could have the time to pay attention to the revolution of the entertainment industry.

"Not just the lightning ball, in the past few days, I have been learning all of the advance experiences in the new demon world. When I get back to Nine Regions, in the name of the Wisdom Sect, I will propose the Mysterious Sky Mansion to finance the establishment of a new firm, and then fully implement it. I have even designed the mascot for the business. Look."

"Isn't this a penguin?"

"Yes, a penguin. Cute, isn't it? After imitating the advance enterprise here and putting the penguin as its symbol, this firm will certainly have a promising future and grow into a large scale empire."

For Wang Lu's wonderful imagination, Zhou Mumu merely nodded and uttered several 'mm'. At the same time, she secretly admired this guy's unmatched attitude.

Regardless of what, in a few days, they were going to risk their lives, so she couldn't figure out how this guy could not feel any anxiousness at all.

The opening game of lightning ball league could be called as wonderful and an eye-opener. All the members of the participating team were amazing, all were the level of demon general, which was comparable in power to the Jindan Stage Daoist Master in Nine Regions—this was also the top-ranked level in the lightning ball league.

In order to better reflect the competition and enjoyment, the lightning ball league had a strict level definition. Demons with different level of cultivation base would not be assigned to the same level of competition. In the multi-level league, the demon general was the highest level. It wasn't that there was no competition for those with even higher cultivation base, it was just that those would simply be small-scale exchange, not for the public entertainment.

And the demon general level was also the most exciting. One could imagine how the process of the two teams, consisted of Daoist Master of Jindan Stage members, fiercely fought each other for the ball in the game similar to water polo but the location was in the middle of the water. Each and every method was used by the members of the two opposing team to fight over the ball, striving hard to deliver the ball into the goalmouth of the opposing team.

The league's main game lasted for a full two hours. In the later stage of the game, the more it became exciting and the stronger its appeal. Even Zhou Mumu who had little interest in the game could not help but cheer for the players in the field.

In the end, the home team of Zanarkand defeated their most powerful competitor with a score of 7-4. The team won the applause and lifted the eternal shield. Of course, this was only a special reward for the first game victory. The real eternal shield would not be awarded to the winner until the end of the league.

After the match, Wang Lu and the others reluctantly left the stadium with the crowd.

During their walk back to their residence, the celebration atmosphere cooled off a bit. Zhou Mumu's emotion was the most complex.

"If… If we weren't already clear about our goal, I think before long, we would really lose ourselves here."

Wang Lu also sighed. "Indeed, this is a world that is too beautiful to be destroyed."

Upon mentioning about this topic, the atmosphere truly cooled down.

According to the plan, when the black tide arrived, Qiong Hua would use her Kill Immortal Sword to escape. However, after leaving this new demon world, they still had one important thing to do—to wake up the hundreds of millions of sleeping demons, and end the two thousand years of dreamland!

This was mainly to prevent the spread of the black tide's eruption. If left unchecked, the black tide would one day engulf everything. For Nine Regions, it would be no less than the disaster of the great war of immortals and demons. However, when dreamers woke up, this magnificent civilization that had been developed for two thousand years would also disappear.

Wang Lu planned to set up a firm in the Nine Regions to imitate the entertainment industries of the new demon world—didn't he feel sorry for this soon to be shattered scene without trying to leave something behind?

During the silence, Qiong Hua said, "Alright, we should go back and rest, stabilizing each of our immortal heart. After the game, I think everyone's mind is somewhat unstable."

This time, even Wang Lu didn't try to oppose it.

It was a long time before the next black tide arrived.

The essence of the black tide was the resurrected killer instincts of the demons that were suppressed by the new demon world. But in the past few days, some of these negative feelings had already been vented out through the lightning ball league, which delayed the next arrival of the black tide.

Nevertheless, the black tide finally came. The method of venting the negative emotions through the lightning ball league was just a temporary solution.

On the evening of that day, the horn sounded, and the demons of the new demon world rushed to their respective dwelling. The noisy world became quiet in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, Wang Lu and the others did the exact opposite. They went out of their courtyard residence and went all the way outside the city.

This time, the guards that were guarding the city gates had already taken shelter in the barrack. The vast city gates were left unguarded, allowing anyone to go in and out.

Wang Lu and the others walked all the way to the wilderness when the sky was already as black as ink. The lights from the stars that once flickered in the sky were now completely hidden. And the air was filled with a trace of turmoil, which caused people to feel depressed.

Qiong Hua took the lead of the procession. Within the darkness, her Kill Immortal Sword exuded a dim scarlet glow, which dispersed most of the depressed feelings in the people's heart.

When the black tide fell, Qiong Hua would use her Kill Immortal Sword to break through the space and open up a safe path that led directly to Nine Regions. For this sword strike, Qiong Hua had already been meditating for three days and nights, even burning her own innate vitality. Her resonance with the Kill Immortal Sword had reached its peak.

And just as the five of them stood still, ready to meet with the black tide… the sky collapsed.

Wrapped in the darkness, this was the most intuitive feeling that they had. Although being surrounded by darkness they could not see even half of the change, but it seemed as if the world was rapidly falling on top of their heads.

As long as this moment arrived, the several Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage would be ground into dust. But in this instant, Qiong Hua had already made her strike with her Kill Immortal Sword. The sword light pressed upward, directly pierced through the sky.

When the sword light bloomed, tens of thousands of dead souls screamed in unison. Those were the souls victim of the illustrious victories of Qiong Hua's evil slayer since her debut. These dead souls were both vicious and destructive, and when the sword light shone, these tens of thousands of souls actually aimed at a point in the void.


After Qiong Hua coldly shouted, the power of the Kill Immortal Sword broke out, letting out a ripple that turned the five blood spirit power struggle into a bloodbath. Once it raged out, it was actually able to forcefully pushed the black tide back. The other four lead disciples didn't need to be told anymore as they immediately followed the sword light into the void.

Qiong Hua herself was responsible to guard the rear. After Xiang Liang entered the void, she would change the direction of the sword light, and big waves of ocean of blood would once again enter her sword. However, this ocean of blood provoked the black tide to frantically go after them.

However, while the ocean of blood entered her sword, simultaneously the gap was also closed, leaving behind a cool silhouette in the new demon world.

Turning around, Qiong Hua saw the several lead disciples in the gap between worlds. If one didn't know where this was, even a cultivator with gargantuan remarkable ability would pass into oblivion. However, under Qiong Hua's feet, there was a line with the other end reaching the distant place, which was exactly the direction of the Nine Regions.

Qiong Hua smiled. "Alright, then we just need to… huh, where is Wang Lu?"

After a second take, Qiong Hua found out that everyone else was there, except Wang Lu!

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