Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 477: My World

Chapter 477: My World

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The demons of the new demon world had never really faced their dark side in the past two thousand years. Whenever the dark tide came, they would sleep in their city like ostriches. Occasionally, one brave challenger who did not believe in the narrative would appear, only to be scattered into ashes in front of the complaint from hundreds of millions of demons.

But now, Wang Lu intended to reverse this situation in one fell swoop. He wanted to make the demons of the new demon world wake up from their sleep and face the dark tide, so that they could witness themselves what kind of terrifying beast was born from their innermost feelings.

Then, the demons of the new demon world had to personally destroy the malicious spirits and vengeful ghosts of the black tide.

For two thousand years, there had never been internal trouble nor foreign aggression in the new demon world. Now, Wang Lu wanted to give them a big foreign invasion as a channel to vent their repressed nature, since previously they were bored to death that they could only vent a little bit of that through the lightning ball. As they gradually devoted more energy in fighting against the spirit of the dead of the black tide, the power source of the black tide would gradually be reduced. Under this circumstance, the seemingly unstoppable black tide might indeed be suppressed by the demons of the new demon world.

Of course, during this process, the new demon world would suffer a terrible blow. The dream civilization that had lasted for two thousand years would fall from the clouds and become even more real. Nevertheless, this would be the ideal result.

This was certainly better than unknowingly being engulfed by the black tide sometimes in the future. And this was also better than using the demon jade to wake them all from their dream, which would instantly break their civilization and their world.

This was the plan that Wang Lu managed to come up with, to get the best of both worlds.

Originally, this idea was just sitting prematurely in his mind, he had to face many difficulties if actually applied. However, the dream-building technique that he found in the tomb murals was like a catalyst, so that his premature idea quickly matured.

Wang Lu sat cross-legged on the mountain of corpses, while the scroll spread out in front of him. The dense text and pictures quickly changed as his gaze shifted. No matter how long, there would always be new content on the scroll, as if the writing and the drawing were endless.

The dream-building technique was a broad and profound knowledge. In a glance, Wang Lu found that it was not even inferior to the Stellar Sword Method which was a treasure of the Spirit Sword Sect! Wanting to learn something from it in a short time, even for Wang Lu would be fantasy… However, he did not need to learn that much.

As his eyes swept back and forth from top to bottom, the content of the scroll quickly changed, until it stopped at a certain point.

Wang Lu gently sighed.

This was it… If it was literally translated, it would be 'The King's Royal Decree', but according to Wang Lu's understanding, it was the admin's manual.

The content was all about how to be an admin, how to issue instructions to the new demon world, and how to let this huge machine run itself and deploy power to achieve the desired result. The operational instructions of the admin were very complicated and could be formed into a new language. However, Wang Lu only took a focused look and quickly mastered what he wanted.

He had no time to prepare anything, but it was time to practice it.

Wang Lu pressed his hand against the surface of a dead body, and then his primordial spirit slowly sank along that connection. When he touched the corpse, he felt as if a giant force had hit him, which nearly frightened him out of his wits.

Wang Lu immediately quoted the admin's password, so that the giant force turned into a spring breeze, which gently wrapped Wang Lu's primordial spirit.

Using his primordial spirit's perception, Wang Lu found himself once again inside the new demon world. However, this time it was only through his primordial spirit's perception… He was high at the clouds and the new demon world could be seen at a glance. At the same time, countless semi transparent graphics and digits appeared in front of his eyes, which were all the kinds of data for the entire new demon world.

These included the total population of the new demon world, the demographic statistics according to the stages of power, as well as many constant settings of the new demon world.

Most of the content could not even be understood by Wang Lu… According to Wang Lu's own expectation, if he wanted to truly understand this administrator function, he would need at least a month to do it… How could he have a month to waste here?

Therefore, he decided to take a crude and simple method, which was to directly skip all the descriptions at the front and just look at the actual operation. He then just needed to follow the example provided in the manual, directly doing it!

To put it plainly, the new demon world was, after all, not his own home, so what if he did it wrong?

With this in mind, Wang Lu began to focus on following the example and entering the admin's instruction.

The original instruction was in the demon race writing, or rather a high form language for the royal family. Wang Lu was not familiar with this language, so he must first input it in a familiar language before he translated it again—as for the error that might happen due to the translation, it could only be resigned to fate.


As soon as the directive was issued, Wang Lu saw a blur, as if there was a giant force that could not be resisted falling downward and enveloping the entire new demon world.

All the inhabitants of the new demon world were affected by this energy. They felt cool in their head, as if they were enlightened, making them one hundred times more spirited, beaming, and radiant!

Many who had been exhausted for several days and thus felt drowsy were instantly energized, as if they were resurrected on the spot.

Those demons who slept on the bed jumped straight up and looked around bewilderedly, wondering if they became confused.

Of course, there were also many side effects. Some demons who were meditating for cultivation in seclusion, when they were in the state of forgetfulness and sleeplessness, were suddenly struck by auspicious omen, which caused them to take the wrong breath and become miserable.

Some whose injuries were more serious, and even vomited blood… When it's detailed statistical report appeared in front of Wang Lu's eyes, looking at the huge number of casualties, even with Wang Lu's mental fortitude, he could not help but sweat a bit.

This god mode was not fun at all. This kind of rough, one-size-fits-all instruction, even for a simple wake up call would cause upheaval in the world and bring heavy casualties.

As for the subsequent impact of the incident, it would be even more profound. After the spell was launched, the powerful demons in the new demon world would be the first to react. The two demon king sisters simultaneously looked up to the sky, their sharp eyes almost met with Wang Lu's gaze!

Wang Lu immediately stopped. If he continued to mess around… perhaps the demons would soon discover abnormalities, which would wake them up from their dream due to the realization that the new demon world was basically a dream land. And when they woke from their dream, Wang Lu's overall plan would come to nothing.

Moreover, what he did just now was a worldwide cast of a spell. Because the method was too crude, the structure of the entire world became unstable. A large number of error signs appeared on the interface of the control panel. The eye-catching red cross nearly filled his entire field of vision.

However, this experiment also proved that the directive was valid. The next time… As long as the same instruction was entered during the black tide, it should be able to solve all the problems.

...It should be.

The next black tide came quickly.

Perhaps it was because the previous test had brought heavy psychological pressure to the demons of the new demon world. Just half a day later, in the evening, a horn sound rang over the entire sky of the new demon world.

The black tide was about to arrive.

At the same time, Wang Lu who looked at things in god mode's perspective, also received a lot of early warning messages. If paraphrased, it would be: The dream land system is handling an important process. During this process, please do not turn off the system...

Soon, the sky turned dark, darkness enveloped the entire firmament. As per the rule since two thousand years ago, the demons took shelter in their respective cities.

Most of them chose to take a rest, while a few still planned to work overtime in their room… However, when the black tide came, they all would be forced to sleep, ceasing to exist.

This state of disappearance was different from normal sleep, therefore, Wang Lu's wake up call spell might not be necessarily effective. However, right now, it was the only thing that he could grasp.


The same instruction that he gave half a day earlier appeared again in his mind. When the time came, he would activate it and launch the wake-up call spell.

Then, the black tide finally came.

The appearance of the black tide was very abrupt. At the moment, Wang Lu was still reviewing the instruction code in his mind, the next moment, the black tide silently enveloped the entire demon world. At the same time, hundreds of millions of demons in the new demon world began to fall asleep.

Those who were already lying in bed and closing their eyes began to snore. Those who were still awake unknowingly fell down—when they regained consciousness the next morning, they would not remember that they have fallen asleep. When the demons of the new demon world fell asleep, their body also began to blur, going into hiding with the world as the black tide arrived.

And exactly at this moment, Wang Lu decisively issued the directive.

The red alarm signs suddenly filled his field of vision, and began to pile up with amazing speed. Wang Lu's spot high in the sky also shook and began to sway. Issuing a wake-up instruction the moment the black tide arrived, never had such a rough instruction been issued in the two thousand years of new demon world. For Wang Lu who had issued this instruction, the world began to express silently its rejection.

However, Wang Lu simply did not care.

Because no matter how great the rejection was to him, as long as he still grasped the demon jade, which proved that he was the master of the demon race, his instruction would certainly be implemented, and those who had already fallen asleep would be forced to awaken from the void.

At this time, the black tide had officially arrived. The pale skeletons and putrid zombies had flooded the entire world. Then they met with the newly awakened demons.

If it were just a few demons who woke up, then it would be nothing more than a few demons missing. When the entire hundreds of millions of demon race fully woke up, it meant the beginning of a war.

"What... what are those things?"

In a border town of the new demon world, a guard in the sentry post on the wall trembled as he looked at the vast army of skeletons outside the town. However, he quickly shook himself out of fear and resolutely raised the alarm.

After a few moments, several demon generals flew overhead. The several of them already had their robes stained with blood. Just now, they have already experienced a brief but intense fight on their way and killed their opponents. However, after seeing the skeleton army outside the city, they realized that the battle that they had just experienced was not worth mentioning.

"Quickly report this to the majesty demon king, tell…"

"No need, I already know."

Before the demon general finished his words, an indifferent woman's voice had already interrupted him. After hearing that woman's voice, all of the demon generals knelt down on their knee.

"Your majesty, demon king!"

The current great demon king of the new demon world had actually come to this border town quietly. However, the several demon generals soon realized that this was only the avatar of the demon king.

"All of the cities and towns in the new demon world are experiencing the same situation as you."

The great demon king lightly explained.

The several demon generals bewilderedly asked, "All the cities and towns? Your majesty demon king, what is actually happening?"

"Where do these skeletons and dead souls come from?"

"What should we do?"

For a moment, the demon generals all wanted to speak up. Although their strength was good, since they never experienced a real war, they quickly fell into a panic.

At this time, the demon king once again lightly said.

"We don't need to care about what they are or where they come from. We…"

While talking, the avatar lifted up her right hand as the blazing flame burst from the dark steel glove.

At the same time, outside the city, within the range of dozens of miles from the most densely populated spot of the army of skeletons, the earth shook like waves, and a lone peak rose straight from the ground, piercing that densely concentrated army of the dead like a spear. At the top of that solitary peak, lava burst and torrential destructions flowed down from the top of the mountain, sweeping away thousands of enemy troops!

This process happened less than the tea time. The guards on the post trembled as the army of skeletons dissolved by the bursting lava.

Then the demon king withdrew her hand, where the flame was nearly extinguished, and then softly said.

"We just need to crush them."

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