Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 478: Travel Through What!

Chapter 478: Travel Through What!

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Wang Lu did not personally see how the great demon king of new demon world divided herself into numerous avatars, descended into towns and cities and crushed the army of the dead with supreme divinity.

Because before the great demon king arrived, he was already rejected by the system.

When he released the spell the moment the black tide arrived, Wang Lu only stayed for a moment in his spot high in the sky before the system kicked him out.

This expulsion was for his own protection. Because right after Wang Lu left, that spot high in the sky was crushed.

When he fell from that spot, Wang Lu was stunned for a moment, and then laughed.

That spot high in the sky was actually the administrator account. Because Wang Lu's violent operation had let the system into chaos, even the administrator account had been crushed… This also meant that the new demon world had entered an unprecedented state of chaos.

No one could manipulate this dream world anymore, and the previously added spells that caused everything to appear well were eliminated. The natural instinct that had been held back for two thousand years had begun to backtrack, and the inhabitant of the new demon world could finally make the right response for the first time.

If it were the new demon world under normal condition, in the face of the army of the dead, their first reaction was to greet them and invite them inside to be their guests. Only after countless of them had already been massacred and rivers of blood had been formed would they remember to fight bravely. Moreover, their resistance would also be limited to self protection, never taking the initiative.

This was the state of the demon race after two thousand years of peace. However, because that spot high in the sky was destroyed, the shackle in the mind of the demon race was broken. Hence, they could make the correct response as the true demon race should be.

Whoever it was, wherever it came from, as long as it did not seem pleasing to the eyes, and might threaten themselves, then it would be crushed!

Only after they had beaten the opponent until powerless and until they had mostly vented their emotion would they think about negotiation!

Wang Lu did not see the subsequent development of the new demon world, but he had already guessed that much.

The two great demon kings were powerhouses of the supreme level and the demon lords and demon generals under their command were also excellent soldiers, coupled with the two thousand years of development of new demon world, they would be able to resist the black tide. Although it would be relatively hard at the beginning, the situation would become smoother afterwards. After all, the root of the black tide had been broken...

Of course, when it came to the change in the world, it was impossible for Wang Lu to predict with one hundred percent accuracy. Perhaps in the subsequent development, the black tide would undergo a change, which in turn would devour the new demon world… But by this point, Wang Lu had done everything as best as he could.

"Now… I can finally go home, right?"

Wang Lu rose up from the mountain of corpses, brushed off the aura of death that had contaminated his clothes and set about to go home.

Since he had turned the new demon world into a mess, the space blockade had also been weakened. Right now he was already able to feel the location of the Nine Regions through spirit sword heavenly talisman… Although it was unlikely that a single spirit sword heavenly talisman would be able to penetrate the multi-layered space barrier into the Nine Regions, but… he had more than one spirit sword heavenly talismans.

Wang Lu took all the ten of his spirit sword heavenly talismans out from his mustard seed bag. Without even lighting them up, their immortal spirit aura bundled up together and burst forth an amazing power.

"Humph, if Wang Wu could see this, she probably wouldn't be able to hold herself even for a moment. She would immediately kneel down and beg me to divide them in half with her…"

While saying that, Wang Lu took back five of them. In his estimation, in case the space barrier had turned completely loose, he would not need to be so wasteful to return to Nine Regions. Five heavenly talismans were more than enough. If he used too much, it might cause turbulence in space instead and produce the countereffect.

"The next thing to do is to think about how to report my mission to the Elders."

Wang Lu's trip to the demon world was strongly supported by his own sect. Whether it was the painstaking special training from Elder Lu Li, or the supplies provided by the Heavenly Sword Hall, behind all of these was the sect's expectation of him on his trip.

The expectation of his advancement and also the expectation of his harvest in the demon world.

But at this point, when it came to advancement, it was actually not that much. In total, this trip to the demon world only lasted for less than half a month. Since even decent opponents were very few, of course it was difficult for him to make a great progress. But when it came to harvest, this trip was indeed very lucrative.

The scroll that contained the dream-building technique alone was already priceless. Although Wang Lu himself didn't have any interest in it, there were many inner and outer court disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, so there would always be people who were suitable to practice it. In addition, the demon jade was a priceless treasure. Even if it lost the majority of its effect without the assistance of the Eternal Tree, its own structure still contained high research value. Its success in helping Wang Lu resolve a major disaster for Nine Regions was also a boundless beneficence.

Finally, after witnessing the experience and lesson of the demon race for the past two thousand years, it would also have enormous benefits for the people of Nine Regions. When he gets back, Wang Lu planned to write a book entitled "To Be Vigilant In Peacetime—The Two Thousand Years Vanquished Race of Demon World." In the book, he intended to disclose some secrets in a timely manner. Such as the existence of three thousand great worlds, the fall of demon race, or… the unknown threat that terrified the ancient earth immortals, which caused the immortals and demons to join hands to confront it.

He believed that some people in the Nine Regions must have known these secrets. For example, the several Elders from the Heavenly Sword Hall should know more about it, they were just good at playing the fool. However, these great people ought to have reasons not to disclose the secret. That being the case, it was up to him to do it.

He was the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, and although he had already become a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, his cultivation time was still less than thirty years, still a junior in the immortal cultivation world. Thus, there were still many things that he could do without scruples. Moreover, if there were really some secrets that could not be said, as the lead disciple, he ought to be informed in advance.

The more the secret could not be said, the more he badly wanted to say it.

Thinking about this, Wang Lu nearly burst out laughing. It had been long since his thoughts were this messy. The sense of excitement of coming home was really unbearable.

Then, Wang Lu took a deep breath and lit the spirit sword heavenly talismans.

According to the effectiveness of heavenly talisman, in a split second, he would be able to pass through layer upon layer of void and return to Nine Regions and when the heavenly talisman's light flickered, the scene before Wang Lu's eyes rapidly twisted.

According to past experience, the scenery before him would be reduced to a point, and then it would rapidly unfold. The unfolded scene ought to be Non-Phase Peak of Spirit Sword Mountain...


When the scene of the demon world was reduced to a point, Wang Lu suddenly felt that his sight was somewhat blurry. A dark cloud from nowhere suddenly floated over and covered that point.


This sudden change was no small matter to Wang Lu. The space transformation process of spirit sword heavenly talisman was actually disturbed by an external force? What kind of means could actually interfere with the operation of spirit sword heavenly talisman? Moreover, that dark cloud was so elusive that he had never noticed it previously. Was this a deliberate action from an expert, or was he missing something in his return home calculation?

No, the most important question now was that, since the space transformation process had been disturbed, could he still return home?

The worst case situation would be for him to be lost in the void forever, while the best case scenario was for him to be transported to any place in Nine Regions. Of course, it would still be a less ideal result for him, because there were still many mysterious places in Nine Regions, and his Jindan Stage cultivation base was not a particularly good insurance.

Therefore, as soon as Wang Lu detected the anomaly, he immediately took out the five spare heavenly talismans. Only when he found that there was an obvious problem would he activate them.

The next moment, the space that was contracted to a point stretched out. Wang Lu was slightly startled so he put down his hand because the unfolding scene was a beautiful scenery of green mountains and rivers filled with brisk and energetic surrounding spiritual energy. Although he could not recognize where it was, it must be somewhere within Nine Regions.

It seemed like, although the space transformation process was disturbed, it was not that big of a mistake.

As long as he arrived at Nine Regions, the problem had already been solved more than half.

Because as long as he was in the Nine Regions, spirit sword heavenly talisman was a reliable life-saving tool.

And Wang Lu himself did not hesitate. After seeing the scene, he immediately took out a heavenly talisman and infused it with his magical power. Only for him to see the heavenly talisman disintegrated into countless specks of light like a shattered glass.

Then it spread out and disappeared without a trace.

There was not the familiar Non-Phase Peak, nor the familiar Blue River Region, there was not even the space transformation, yet the spirit sword heavenly talisman was destroyed just like that!

Wang Lu was surprised but quickly took out another heavenly talisman. However, instead of immediately launching it, Wang Lu immersed his primordial spirit into the talisman, to sense the Non-Phase Peak coordinate recorded in it.

After a moment, his effort turned out to be pointless. The reason for the failure of heavenly talisman was thus found: Spirit sword heavenly talisman could not find the position of Non-Phase Peak, and therefore, naturally, it could not transform the space and send Wang Lu back. But why couldn't the position of Non-Phase Peak be found?

As long as he was within the territory of Nine Regions, unless a true immortal descended to earth, it would be difficult even for the sect leader of a big sect to interfere with the coordinate lock of heavenly talisman. Especially since for the last two years, the heavenly sword hall had upgraded the heavenly talisman, adding the coordinate encryption process in it, which completely eliminated the interference of the operation of heavenly talisman that Wang Lu encountered in Grand Cloud Mountain when he fought against the Beast Master School.

So who actually stopped him from returning to Spirit Sword Mountain? Was it because of the interference of the dark cloud previously? Or was there someone hiding behind the scene doing it… like the demon king who should've been buried together with the other demons two thousand years ago?

For a time, these questions almost turned Wang Lu's mind into confusion. The question gushed out one after the other, but he could not find any solution.

To make things worse, he could not even determine his current situation. Although everything around him seemed normal, the picturesque scene was intoxicating like a beautiful spring day, since it could make the spirit sword heavenly talisman unable to determine the location of Non-Phase Peak, this was comparable to what happened in the demon world. Wang Lu searched from whatever he had previously learned but could not find any reasonable explanation.

Could it be that the space turbulence had cast him to one of the three thousand great worlds? If that was the case...

While he was thinking, suddenly the sound of footsteps came from the distance.

The so-called distance was truly far away. In Wang Lu's ears, it sounded somewhat vague, which was more than five kilometers away from him. However, the voices of those who spoke were clearly discernible.

"Big Brother, do we have to go further? How about we take a rest here?"

"Lu Li, you know that this is an experiential learning. We do not come to the savage land for a leisurely walk. Without going deep into a dangerous situation, how could we progress? Whether our sect can shake the world in one hundred years, the only hope is us! As a member of the golden generation, you should not lag behind us."

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