Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 482: My Chin Falls off When I Find out the Truth

Chapter 482: My Chin Falls off When I Find out the Truth

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Regarding Ouyang Shang's invitation to go fishing to Blessed Fountain, Wang Lu did not hesitate to agree.

On one hand, Wang Lu would like to know the motive of Ouyang Shang—asking him to go to Blessed Fountain ahead of time wasn't literally for fishing right?

Secondly, Wang Lu didn't really put a mere Blessed Fountain in his eyes.

Although Blessed Fountain was still a dangerous place for the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect, for a person who had been creating miracle after miracle for twenty years since his debut, the thousand-year-old flood dragon was still not enough to worry him. Even if Wang Lu could not win, he still had ample force to safely retreat.

And Ouyang Shang was similarly frank and straightforward. As soon as Wang Lu agreed, he immediately told Cai Xia.

"We're going out for a walk. You guys stay here and don't run around. If something happens, remember to notify me in time."

Then he immediately pulled Wang Lu and left without a trace, leaving only the stunned Cai Xia who still stood still on her spot, without enough time to step on Ouyang Shang's foot.


The two flew all the way from the mountain cliff to the bank of Blessed Fountain. Although the route was not far, they could see that there were many hidden dangers nearby.

"This is indeed the Savage Land, always able to give people excitement and high spirit."

Just after he wielded a sword to drive away a curiously oversized monster bird, Ouyang Shang stepped foot on the cobblestones beside the Blessed Fountain.

Wang Lu who was behind him, went straight to the point after he landed, "You can tell me what you really want to say now, right?"

"I really can?" Ouyang Shang was pleasantly surprised. Apparently, in his decades of life no one had ever said such generous and kind words like: "Say anything you want!"

"Only limited to the useful parts."

"That's still a lot." Ouyang Shang's interest hadn't waned, apparently for him, the useful parts were still too broad. Perhaps discussing whether the food for tonight would be salty tofu or sweet bean curd was enough to become a useful topic.

"... Very well, let me be clear about it. What I mean is limited to the two top issues that are relevant to our fishing trip and each issue is no more than a thousand words."

Ouyang Shang was simply shocked. In a fleeting moment, his gaze toward Wang Lu became sharp, as if he was looking at his natural enemy.

The guy actually killed the pleasure of him saying what he wanted to say in one sentence… The guy indeed deserved to be the offspring of the Sect Leader. But since that was the case, he should get down to business.

"This trip is indeed for fishing—the Blessed Fountain has the thousand year old flood dragon, which is the biggest obstacle to our base. However, I plan to bring everyone next month to evict or subdue it. I'm sure that, based on our current situation, it is a very difficult goal for us."

Wang Lu said, "According to a popular formula of Royal Soldier Sect, the possibility for us to achieve our goal without any loss is not more than one percent, and there is 80 percent chance that we would end up mutually wounded, from our total of nine people, two or three of us must fall."

"Oh? Do you have the internal fighting deduction formula of Royal Soldier Sect? If it's convenient for you I would like to get some advice—but back to the point."

It was rare for Ouyang Shang to take the initiative to think of getting back to the main topic. It was clear from this that the thing he wanted to say next was bound to waste a lot of words.

"The difficulty of the goal is based on our present situation but, from now until the next month, I will let the strength of the team to take a big step forward so that we can have 70 percent chance of complete victory over the opponent. When the time comes, I will really start the decisive battle. But to increase the strength in one month, the only way to do this is through… actual combat. The target opponent is exactly the thousand-year-old flood dragon and its underlings. I believe that with the talent of Junior Brothers and Sisters, in every battle, they will have great rewards. Together with the foundations they laid in the mountain for decades, the progress will be very rapid. But from another point of view, the first battle would be very dangerous, especially for Junior Brothers and Sisters with the lowest cultivation base, and those who have higher cultivation base but especially like to sacrifice themselves for others. Without preparation, the casualties would likely be very high...

Before he could go on, Wang Lu had already opened his mouth to interrupt, "So you asked me to come here to start ahead of time?"

"Well, at least to ascertain the actual situation of this flood dragon. The current information is completely based on the notes of the Elder who came here in the Savage Land thirty years ago to pick herbs and accidentally found it, so the uncertainty in the information could be quite alarming. Moreover, within the past thirty years, a change in the situation is not surprising. I don't want to come tomorrow with Junior Brothers and Sisters only to find the situation completely out of control and dangerous."

Wang Lu asked with interest, "You are afraid that your Junior Brothers and Sisters might fall into dangerous situation but you're not afraid that something untoward would happen in this fishing trip?"

"Of course not, I'm the Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect, how could I fail here?" Ouyang Shang confidently said, "Moreover, even if I am afraid, what about my Junior Brothers and Sisters? How could the Management Trainee Program of Spirit Sword Sect continue? So I must not be afraid, and I will not be afraid. My courage will support me to continue to move forward."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu could not help but inwardly sigh.

This guy… It's such a shame he ended up dead. If he survived… If Heavenly Sword Hall can have this kind of elder...

Unfortunately, everything was only if. Wang Lu already knew the end of Ouyang Shang. Thus, seeing him in such a high spirit, the more Wang Lu felt sorry for him. A pity that he didn't know why Ouyang Shang died, nor from where the tragedy that didn't even spare the current Elders of Spirit Sword Sect came from. Otherwise, he would've immediately gone to Spirit Sword Mountain to report to the Elders, even if to convince them he had to reveal his identity as a time traveler.

He must prevent the tragedy from happening.

However, right now, even if he rushed to Spirit Sword Mountain, there was nothing that he could do. He simply couldn't prove his identity—he knew very little about the current Elders of Spirit Sword Sect, so he basically didn't have the evidence to prove that he had travelled through time! Moreover, even if he could prove that he was inextricably linked with Spirit Sword Sect, for him to cancel the Management Trainee Program of Spirit Sword Sect would be a fantasy.

After all, he was just someone who traveled to the past. The lead disciple who could influence the decision of the sect was… the Big Brother Ouyang Shang.

Because of this, Wang Lu willingly followed Ouyang Shang's side, ready to adapt according to the circumstances. Although, theoretically, with his current Jindan Stage power he might not be enough to go against the heaven, but for so many years since his debut, he could no longer be judged based on theory.

"Very well, then let me look at how good this flood dragon of Blessed Mountain is."

With that, Wang Lu passed by Ouyang Shang to arrive on Blessed Fountain one step faster. When his feet fell into the water, the creature in the depth of the fountain was suddenly awakened.


The surface of the water broke from the sound of that roar, which rushed to the sky like a column. However, Wang Lu immediately launched his Non-Phase Sword Defense, putting himself right at the top of the water column. Although he was being impacted by the water column, his feet stood on top of that bursting water and his posture was indescribably calm.

However, Ouyang Shang who stood beside the fountain suddenly had his countenance changed. "Junior Brother Wang Lu, be careful!"

He warned because, when the water soared up and reached its highest point, it came down again like rain and then its droplets hit the vegetation by the fountain, but they gave off pungent smoke, and the plants that were splashed by the water droplets withered and turned brown. The animals on the forest that were splashed by those droplets also fell to the ground. The fur all over their body fell, blood dripped, and they died in pain. In an instant, the water of this Blessed Fountain turned into a highly toxic liquid! Its intensity was far more dangerous than imagined. The creatures that had existed here for a long time didn't even have any resistance toward the toxic water.

Since the droplets of water were already that severe, the pressure on Wang Lu who stood right in the middle of the water column could also be imagined.

However, Wang Lu didn't care about this. After he had propped up his Non-Phase Sword Defense, he still had ample force to pierce the water with his Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi. The sword qi was chilly and soft, and it silently extended through the water column downward, until it touched something that it shouldn't touch.

The next moment, a huge sense of crisis surged in the heart of Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang at the same time.


Wang Lu lightly opened his mouth to warn while he rode his Sword of Mount Kun and flew away, no longer provoking the flood dragon of the Blessed Fountain.

Ouyang Shang was even more vigilant. Without the need for Wang Lu to warn him, he had already fled the place.

The next moment, dark clouds covered the sky over Blessed Fountain, and only flashes of thunder could be heard. Then torrential rain poured down, like a river sky that leaked down to the ground. The fountain, which was not filled with much water, began to rise rapidly. The water devoured everything on the bank and then expanded into a vast lake, and in the depths of the lake, countless pairs of fierce eyes opened abruptly.


"Haha, playing with a Yuanying Stage old monster is really exciting."

At this time, over five kilometers away, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang had entered the safe zone. Wang Lu descended from the sky with a satisfied smile.

Similarly, there was also a smile on Ouyang Shang's face but hidden within it several points of seriousness.

"The flood dragon of this Blessed Fountain is stronger than expected. Thirty years ago when the Sect Elder passed by, it could only rely on the potential of its surrounding. But now, it could actually link with the power of the sky. Moreover, in the fountain, they are not just simple underlings, they have evolved into flood dragons. Although their number has become less, their overall strength has become much strong."

Ouyang Shang's eyesight was extremely good. When the water on the Blessed Fountain rose, he only took a quick glance to know the rough strength profile of the flood dragon, but after seeing it clearly, he was instead startled.

"It seems that the plan to set the site at Blessed Fountain needs to be adjusted." Ouyang Shang nodded his head and then suddenly changed the topic.

"Um... So... Junior Brother Wang Lu, there's something that I actually wanted to ask you but I didn't. But now, I have to ask it… who exactly are you?"

Ouyang Shang looked at Wang Lu with his burning but not threatening gaze, and also filled with sincerity, just like a young girl in love.

Wang Lu let out a smile. "Didn't you say it already, that I am the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader?"

"That's impossible." Ouyang Shang's tone of voice was very certain. "A mere illegitimate child of the Sect Leader couldn't possibly obstruct the poisonous water of the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain. The water of that fountain contains the basic essence of the main body of the thousand-year-old flood dragon and its corrosiveness is extremely strong. Even if I were to resist it, I would've struggled very hard to do it. But you did not only manage to block it, you even did it with ease."

Wang Lu shrugged. "About this, although I feel a bit embarrassed to say it, but…"

"Based on your action, your strength is indeed above mine." Ouyang Shang said, "But for this reason, I'm pretty sure that you're not the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader."

"Oh? What do they have to do with each other?"

Ouyang Shang said, "Because I am the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader."

"Holy sh*t."

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