Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 483: I Even Pull Out My Underwear...

Chapter 483: I Even Pull Out My Underwear...

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Wang Lu found out that, since the teleportation failure of those Spirit Sword Heavenly Talismans that resulted in him being pulled back through time, his worldview had been repeatedly turned upside down.

Seeing how the worldview of Wang Lu was turned upside down, when he is the one who usually does this to people, it could be seen how shocking the drama presented in front of him is right now. However, as the star of this drama, Ouyang Shang was actually very calm.

"I am the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader, so I am well aware of how much resources can be invested in an illegitimate child and how far I can advance through that. And I also know more clearly about the potential of the offsprings of the Sect Leader. Frankly speaking, my strength basically means a limit, but you are beyond this limit. Although the gap is not too great, it is as clear as day."

Ouyang Shang said, "Of course, there is not an absolute thing in this world. Perhaps you met with rare encounters in your cultivation, for example. But since your talent and strength are above me, then the Sect Leader has no reason not to choose you as the sect's Big Brother, the future leader of the sect."

Wang Lu said with a smile, "Perhaps he just doesn't like me."

"If you are familiar with him, you should know that he has never been a person who cares much about personal feelings. He has already devoted himself to the sect, that he could even abandon his former lover. He chose me not because I'm his son, but because I am better than anyone else."

Wang Lu inwardly smiled wryly. He really didn't know much about the current sect leader of this generation. The Sect Leader that he knew well, Feng Yin, ought to only be a young man with cultivation base of Xudan Stage at present.

"In short, at first I thought you were the illegitimate child of the Sect Leader, because that's the only explanation that seemed to make the most sense. But now it seems that I was wrong. So I would like to ask, who exactly are you?"

Wang Lu thought about it for a moment, and then gave the most appropriate answer based on Ouyang Shang's temperament. Which should be...

"If I tell you I am a time traveler, what would you think?"

Upon hearing that, Ouyang Shang was startled. After thinking about it, a smile spread on his face as he said, "Welcome to Nine Regions!" And then he turned serious. "May I ask what are you doing here?"

Mm, nice response, no wonder he's the Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect, he is surely qualified with his great broadmindedness, Wang Lu thought.

"I came to save you." Wang Lu also said frankly, "or to be precise, to save all of you."

Ouyang Shang's eyes widened in surprise. "You're here to save everyone? This bring-salvation-to-all-living-beings kind of rhetoric reminds me of some of the cult doctrines that prevailed in the remote and desolate places."

"You have good eyes, I was indeed a leader of a cult as a part-time job before I traveled through time."

Even Ouyang Shang's eloquence, at this time, also felt somewhat stumped.

Fortunately, Wang Lu didn't need him to reply to that. "Therefore, when I said that I came here to save people, I was not joking."

Wang Lu thought that since his background as a time traveler was already revealed, it was unnecessary for him to conceal the rest of it. It was better to present it concisely.

"I am the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect one hundred and fifty years in the future. According to the history that I know, you people were almost annihilated in the Savage Land."

"Really?" Ouyang Shang's replied in a rather flat tone, neither directly denied, nor be frightened by it. "Almost annihilated… So, you came back through time, in the hope to save us?"

"Although the causal relationship is somewhat upside down, just consider it as so."

"In that case… I thank you on behalf of my Junior Brothers and Sisters." Ouyang Shang nodded his head. "But you don't have to say what's next."

Wang Lu was startled for a moment. "I originally wanted to be polite but since you said no to that, then forgive me for being blunt: Actually, I wanted to say this since the beginning. Your management trainee program is purely a disaster-seeking plan. I think you should cancel it and withdraw as soon as possible."

Ouyang Shang was similarly startled for a moment. "What I mean by 'what's next' is exactly this."

Wang Lu was startled again. "Um, Uncle Ouyang…"

"No need to call me Uncle. Since you have traveled through time here, we can talk to each other as the same generation."

"All right Senior Brother Ouyang. As far as I know, the cause of death of nearly all of you is precisely this management trainee program…"

"Specifically?" Ouyang Shang asked with great interest, "How did we die?"

Wang Lu shrugged. "I don't know. The people who survived have never told me about it."

"Then how could you be sure that the culprit is the management trainee program?"

"Deduced from many tiny pieces of evidence, and among many possibilities, this is the one with the highest chance." Wang Lu confidently regarded his reasoning as the truth.

"So that's how it is." Ouyang Shang did not refute it. "Then, have you ever considered that, even if I can accept your explanation, can Spirit Sword Sect?"

"Perhaps not, that's why I especially took this trip with you for a day." Wang Lu very calmly replied, "It doesn't matter if other people don't believe it, as long you do."

Upon hearing this, Ouyang Shang let out a laugh. "You're indeed worthy to be the future lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect. Your talent, strength, and scheme, all are in such a high level. How could Spirit Sword Sect not be able to revive? Seeing you, I think even if we are all going to die, it doesn't matter."

"I think it matters a bit."

Ouyang Shang burst out laughing. "I was just saying, in this era, I am like a star in the sky, and eventually, one day I will become a bright sun, so how could I die so easily? It would be a loss for the entire Nine Regions!"

"Mm, your shameless countenance does seem to have a bit of my charm." Wang Lu let out a laugh. "Speaking of which, although I don't know the details of what happened in those years…"

Ouyang Shang waved his hand. "Forget it. I am not interested in the experience of a loser. Since you were born in the history where I failed, there is no need to tell me what I was like as a loser. It's uncomfortable for me to hear it."

Suddenly, Ouyang Shang said, "In any case, since the management trainee program finally gets such a strong support from you, I think even if there is going to be a fatal crisis, at the appointed time, bad luck might turn out to be good luck. At least at present, we can strive forward in that direction."

Wang Lu nodded. "This is actually one of my goals as I follow along all the way."

After all, he did not know the whole picture about what happened more than one hundred years ago, so Wang Lu could not determine which part turned out to be a problem, resulting in such a tragedy for Spirit Sword Sect. In a situation where everything is still unknown, rash actions would likely to have counterproductive effects.

For example, the worst case scenario, the one that caused the downfall of the golden generation was an enemy that they simply could not defeat, and Spirit Sword Sect heroically sacrificed their own so that the rest could survive. If they were to listen to Wang Lu's suggestion at this time, everyone withdrew and retreated into the sect mountain, they would not even have the chance to heroically sacrifice their own but would be totally wiped out instead.

There was very little chance for this speculation to happen but who would dare gamble on this?

Therefore, rather than taking rash action, Wang Lu would rather act in a steady manner, and personally follow the golden generation in their training in the Savage Land. When the time comes, whatever happens, there would always be room to maneuver.

He did not worry that he would be buried along with the dead. After all, among the golden generation, there were survivors of this tragedy. Since Feng Yin, Wang Wu, and the others could survive, he certainly could.

"Let's bring this training program together to completion."

For Wang Lu, rather than simply having traveled back through time and having saved people, wouldn't it be better if he could help complete the management training program?

Having gotten Wang Lu's commitment, Ouyang Shang seemed very happy.

Wang Lu, on the other hand, was rather calm. "Then…"

Ouyang Shang said, "Then it's like what I said, we first adjust the strategy for this Blessed Fountain site. The flood dragon's strength exceeds the initial expectation, so we…"


Half a day later, Wang Lu saw the result of Ouyang Shang's plan adjustment.

This Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect indeed excelled at unexpected ability. Wang Lu initially believed that after learning about how powerful the flood dragon was, he would choose the Jasper Jade Forest, but as a result...

"Hahaha, Big Brother, I can't believe we meet again after just parting for three days! Could it be that you have come across a problem that needs our support?"

A hearty laughter came from mid-air. At the same time, in their field of vision, a group of cultivators dressed in Spirit Sword Sect's disciple uniform came flying in.

The group was headed by a bearded, sturdy young man who had a loud voice, disheveled short hair and dressed in a loose robe, as well as two gourds of wine that hung along his waist. His wanton and unrestrained temperament was really eye-catching. However, if one looked closely at him, one would find that he was actually quite young. Especially his intelligent eyes, which exuded his exuberant youth.

However, to become the leader of a team of elites, this bearded, sturdy man obviously had his own uniqueness. Even Ouyang Shang also treated him favorably.

"Junior Brother Yang, this time I am not asking you for help, but to give you an opportunity."

Between their exchange, the bearded and sturdy Yang Fei and his group had already landed on the ground.

"What opportunity?" Yang Fei was anxious. As soon as he landed, he impatiently asked, "Did you catch a beautiful spirit?"

"There's a big guy there." Ouyang Shang pointed at the Blessed Fountain. "I plan for all of us to deal with it together. Apart from you, I also called Junior Brother Zhou Ming and Junior Brother Han Churan."

"Oh, that's four teams. Who's this big guy who deserves this large force? The four teams are scattered in different locations, the trip alone was already a waste of time."

Yang Fei's remark showed his carefulness within his coarse appearance.

Ouyang Shang lightly smiled. "You'll know it when you see it."

Seeing that his Senior Brother wanted to keep it a secret, Yang Fei no longer tried to haggle it. In any case, after getting along with his Big Brother for many years, when did he ever let people be disappointed? Suddenly, however, Yang Fei raised his eyebrows raised another question.

"Who is that guy? He looks unfamiliar."

He stretched his finger and pointed at Wang Lu, who was coming to talk to the young cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect that he brought with him.

The corner of Ouyang Shang's mouth curled upward as he said, "He's the byproduct of that old guy Sect Leader enjoying life."

"Oh?" Yang Fei somewhat unable to believe, but he quickly convinced himself. "No wonder he somewhat bears a remarkable resemblance to you."


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