Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 484: Overbearing Lead Disciple Falls In Love With Me

Chapter 484: Overbearing Lead Disciple Falls In Love With Me

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The rumor of Wang Lu being the illegitimate child of sect leader was soon widely circulated and accepted.

Among them, Big Brother Ouyang Shang was the one most highly credited in spreading it. He enjoyed high prestige within the sect, and in major event, he could even be said to always keep his word. Secondly, although the speculation of illegitimate child was absurd, upon careful thought, it seemed to perfectly explain the sudden appearance of Wang Lu, thus it was quickly accepted by most people.

Wang Lu himself was very happy with this development. Otherwise, would he have to expose his time travel backstory?

Among these people, he only trusted Ouyang Shang.

However, besides being an illegitimate child, what really deserved attention was how bold and radical Ouyang Shang was. In order to deal with the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain, he actually convened four teams together to make a battle plan and to execute a drawn-out fight! According to his theory, since the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain was far stronger than what his team could handle, he would add several other teams. If that was not enough, he would simply keep adding more teams. The management training program had more than one hundred people, which would be enough to wipe off that flood dragon. In short, he never considered retreating or giving up.

Regarding this, Wang Lu showed neither approval nor disapproval. Although Ouyang Shang's strategy was radical, it was not as dangerous as when he picked a fight against the Holy Ones of Western Continent while his strength was still in Xudan Stage. Moreover, thanks to him for convening the four teams, Wang Lu finally met a few familiar faces.

"Hahaha, Junior Brother Zhou Ming, you're the last one to arrive, you should be punished by drinking three cups of wine! I see that you have a collection of immortal jade wine for many years, it should be good enough to drink…"

"Punish your sister! I have come here very far through the swamp in such a hurry, and you still want to covet my wine?" Zhou Ming unceremoniously swatted away Ouyang Shang's hand from reaching his mustard seed bag with his sword scabbard.

Seeing this future Fourth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect, Wang Lu could not help but smile.

Previously, from the information that he learned in Spirit Sword Sect, among the golden generation, most of the future ten Heavenly Sword Hall Elders were among the loser group. Only a few of them had a higher rank in status. Now it seemed that his uncle Zhou Ming was from the latter. However, among the golden generation, a third of them had convened here, but how could he only see two familiar faces?

One was Lu Li, another one was Zhou Ming… What about the rest? Where was the Sect Leader Feng Yin? In particular, he had yet to see the person that he most cared about, which was indeed a pity.

However, Wang Lu's attention quickly shifted to another place.

Right now, four teams had gathered in one place. The ratio of male to female was basically balanced, with girls slightly more in number. But the average quality of these nearly twenty girls was quite a shock to Wang Lu.

He never thought that there were many beautiful girls in Spirit Sword Sect in the past. Moreover, the quality of the beautiful women was not inferior to the more professional institution like Yin and Yang School!

One must know that the pursuit of beauty of cultivators and ordinary mortals was basically not on the same realm.

Because even if one was still in the Foundation Establishment Stage, some even still in Qi Cultivating Stage, could change their physical form with unique method. At the appointed time, pretty face and sexy figure would almost be at one's fingertips. Under such environment, cultivators naturally had higher needs. For example, making the skin as smooth as jade sounded so simple, but was it flawless smooth, or merely free from body hair? Similarly, clean and glossy skin had its differences, the same fine texture also had its grade. These differences might be insignificant or even trivial for ordinary mortals, but at the level of cultivators, they had become more and more important, because they were already down to the smallest details in their pursuit of beauty.

However, this requirement to be detail-oriented posed a challenge to the maintenance of beauty of the cultivator. In particular, the higher the cultivator in cultivation base, the more rigorous the requirements for details were, and the more difficult it was to satisfy them. For example, in terms of chest size, in general, if a woman has 34D cup, she would be able to feel proud of it. However, in view of some cultivators, this figure was simply too rough to look directly at. Yet, if a woman has size 34.1415926, how could she have the nerve to go out and see other people? To maintain such an accurate chest size for a long time is not exactly an ability of the average cultivators.

If you want beauty, you must work hard.

This point was almost universal for both men and women. In terms of beauty, the mortal world basically could not see down to the smallest details, so it was necessary for them to regulate the physical body, of which the knowledge was complicated and not easy to express succinctly.

Let alone, apart from external beauty, cultivators also emphasized on temperament. If the temperament was not as good as someone, the external perfection must be deducted.

In Wang Lu's view, each of the female disciples of Spirit Sword Sect in this generation could be regarded as perfect beauty of the same realm. Perhaps, they still had some disparity with the ultra beautiful Liu Li, but they were enough to make several beauties from Yin and Yang School pale in comparison.

When he thought that this group of beautiful girls would eventually be wiped out, Wang Lu felt even more distressed.

These were all soon to be dead girls, but all of them were beautiful. If only the one who died was Wang Wu who had no moral integrity, that would be good.

With this in mind, Wang Lu happily talked to these girls. Because of their Big Brother's guarantee, the girls didn't put their guards up around him and very soon they quickly regarded him as one of them. At the same time, he also noticed that one of the girls was quite different than the others.

She was a girl with average look and temperament, nothing wonderful about her.

From ordinary mortals point of view, the girl could be considered as beautiful. She had a delicate small face and a figure that was thin but still had enough curve, which was enough to turn many men who had been single for years crazy for her. However, compared to the other beautiful girls of Spirit Sword Sect, the girl's light suddenly appeared dull.

It could be seen that she completely did not care about her external appearance, completely refused to spend extra effort to embellish it. Therefore, many details appeared to be rough. At the same time, her temperament appeared wooden, which was in sharp contrast to the lively and cute girls around her.

Moreover, she was completely out of tune with the others. Right now the four teams of cultivators gathered around under the call of Ouyang Shang. Everyone was talking and laughing, sharing their experience from the few days they were not together. Except for her, who only stood in the corner without saying anything.

Because of this unconventional-ness, Wang Lu's interest was piqued.

"Hey, there."

With a gentle smile, Wang Lu strode over to greet that average looking girl.

However, the other party did not respond to his greeting in the slightest. Even her half-opened eyes didn't cast him a single glance. It was not until Wang Lu shouted again that she suddenly awoke and widened her eyes.

"What do you want?"

The girl seemed somewhat lifeless and her talk was disjointed, but Wang Lu was keenly aware that she had devoted most of her energy to somewhere else. The energy used for dialogue was seriously insufficient. In other words, she was seriously distracted!

And her distraction… was cultivation training.

As he approached the girl, he could clearly see the surrounding spiritual energy that slowly but steadily revolved around her. The girl was trying hard to circulate the energy through her primordial spirit. This was a very orthodox way of cultivation training. But in a place where geniuses gathered, this orthodox way appeared rather strange. Because it was too orthodox, it had very low efficiency. Unless she was accumulating it non stop, over time it could be accomplished but it would be a harsh perseverance and endurance test for a cultivator.

In general, only those whose cultivation path was blocked and had no other alternative would do so.

"Are you doing a performance art?"

Wang Lu stepped forward and asked.

The girl took a look at him, but then closed her eyes and continued to focus on building her own energy cycle.

Wang Lu let out a smile as he wasn't strong enough to disturb her. Instead, he turned around and walked toward Ouyang Shang to ask him.

"That girl over there, what's going on with her?"

Ouyang Shang cast a glance at her and then sighed. "She has always been one of the most hardworking people in the sect. Unfortunately, her talent is limited, so she always couldn't achieve high achievements."

"If her talent is that bad, wouldn't it be better to kick her out of the golden generation? Why bring her here to take a risk?"

"So what if her talent is limited?" Ouyang Shang sighed again. "The so called talent is nothing more than the progress in immortal cultivation divided by the time doing that immortal cultivation and her results are no worse than the others. In twenty years of immortal cultivation she managed to reach Xudan Stage. If she were to be placed in other sects, wouldn't she be called genius?"


Wang Lu himself certainly approved of this theory. With his insightful knowledge, he naturally wouldn't be so narrow minded as other people. He merely based his judgment using the natural aptitude of spirit root—But if it were to actually be based on that, at the beginning, his void spirit root was actually a waste spirit root...

There were many factors that determined the success of a cultivator. Spirit root attribute, degree of perception, unswerving determination and wisdom, and also the level of luck… For a stupid cultivator, if everytime it jumped off a cliff it could get immortal teaching, by the tenth jump it would immediately soar to the world of immortals, was that stupid cultivator talented or not?

Therefore, it was not meaningful if only one factor was considered. The most effective way was to use Ouyang Shang's formula, the progress in cultivation divided by the time it took to reach that progress. Using this formula, that ordinary girl had done a good job...

"In fact, I have always been very optimistic about her." Ouyang Shang said, "Although most of the people within the sect disagree with me, I always believe that as long as the spirit root attribute is on a certain standard, then the achievement of the cultivator is often decided by his or her character. Besides, Wang Wu's character undoubtedly could make her succeed in a major way."

"Yeah… wait a minute, what did you just call her?"

Ouyang Sang was a bit surprised by Wang Lu's fuss. "Wang Wu, there shouldn't be anything special with this name right? Or does she have any connection with you in the future?"

It's a fucking big connection okay...

However, Wang Lu already had no mood to explain anything to Ouyang Shang. Upon learning that this pretty yet coarse girl was his Master in the future, Wang Lu sincerely felt that his worldview was about to collapse once again.

From the look, actually, there was a lot of similarities between the two. Just because the difference in temperament and demeanor was so great that he really couldn't connect the two. As a matter of fact, no matter how one looked at it, it was difficult to see this indifferent and introverted girl would become that Wang Wu in the future!

Wang Lu froze for a moment, and then thought again: As the saying goes, you can't judge a person by appearance. Perhaps at this time, Wang Wu was just using her diligent cultivation training to cover up her wanton and unrestrained heart. He wanted to investigate it carefully.

Thereupon he left Ouyang Shang and once again came to Wang Wu.

His Master whose future height hardly inferior to him, as of this moment, was merely a girl with a slight childlike appearance, more than half a head shorter than him. When Wang Lu approached her, her whole body was covered by his shadow.

Then, Wang Lu bowed his head and asked earnestly, "Wanna hook up?"

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