Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 487: Men Working With Women Causes Water To Go Into Their Brain

Chapter 487: Men Working With Women Causes Water To Go Into Their Brain

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Wang Wu's episode didn't have much impact to the leveling plan.

Wang Lu is a person who really knows how to prioritize things. Thus, even though there were still a lot of questions to ask—for example, since you are such a girl who yearns for love, which finger do you usually use to cover your needs? Are there any disinfectant and safety measures? Are your favorite fruit banana, and vegetable cucumber...

Despite that, he suppressed his urge. He did not delay the leveling plan because of an interlude. At present, the most important thing was to increase the strength of the golden generation—they had to be better than the original… so that when disaster strikes, a different result might be possible.

"Relax, with me here, everything will be different."

With such awareness, Wang Lu left the team at dawn and set off on a journey alone. Ouyang Shang also said goodbye to Wang Lu and began to carry out his own task.

After a whole night's effort yesterday, a preliminary training plan had been completed. But when Ouyang Shang distributed it into each individual's hand, there was an unexpected discordant voice.

"Big Brother, don't you think this is too much… The list of combat guidelines alone is divided into such a thick stack. And the number of words is more than one hundred thousand, were you two writing a novel the whole night?"

The one who took the lead in complaining was Yang Fei who hated this kind of memorization effort.

"Big Brother, you ought to know that I can't remember such a complicated thing."

Ouyang Shang nodded his head. "That's why this time, I found a special tutor for you, so that you can keep your mind clear and learn twice the result with half the effort."

Yang Fei replied, "Hahaha, Big Brother, don't tease me like that. Even the reward giver Elder said that since I was deranged when I cultivated the essence of true fire wrongly, my bad memory and impatience have no cure anymore, where can you find a special tutor that can make me learn twice the result with half the effort.?"

Ouyang Shang didn't much, but just pointed at the young girl behind him and said, "Junior Sister, come."

Then Cai Xia with an irritated look came over to them. While walking, she complained, "Big Brother, what's wrong with your head? Do you think it's funny to design such a set of heavenly book? Other than you, who else can remember? Yet you want me to come over?"

When she was close, Cai Xia found out that someone was standing beside her Big Brother Ouyang Shang. It was just that, when that person saw that she was coming toward them, his face flushed and his neck stiffened, as if he was constipated plus suffering from hemorrhoids. He then quickly turned his head, unwilling to look directly at her.

Cai Xia snorted contemptuously, "Stupid face!"

Then she turned and asked Ouyang Shang, "Big Brother, think again, will you? It's alright if it's me, but in our team, there's the fool Yang Fei whose idiocy is incurable. Based on his literacy, he can't even read your battle plan, let alone master it. When the time comes, he will definitely drag the whole team back!"

Ouyang Shang revealed a faint smile. "That's why this time, I want you to help him."

Cai Xia originally wanted to complain a couple of sentences more, but upon hearing Ouyang Shang's words, she suddenly said, "... What did you say?"

Ouyang Shang very patiently repeated, "I mean, I want you to tutor Yang Fei."

Cai Xia immediately exclaimed, "What a joke, I don't want to get close to this moron! It's contagious!"

Yang Fei's face was so red that it almost turned purple, and even his eyeballs began to bulge out, seemingly exceptionally angry. "I-It's not contagious!"

Cai Xia continued to protest, "Senior Brother, please let me go, I can't even learn it myself, how can I help others? Especially this moron, if you want him to be tutored, then tutor him yourself. Aren't you the Big Brother here? So you should be the best at guiding your junior!"

Ouyang Shang looked up to the sky and thought that if he continued to argue with his Junior Sister Cai Xia, it would never end no matter what. Therefore, he promptly interrupted her, "This is my order as the Big Brother."

"Hey! The order of the Big Brother? Do you want to be so autocratic like that?"

"Yes, I do."

No matter how casual Cai Xia's daily interaction with Ouyang Shang was, when Ouyang Shang seriously used his privilege as the Big Brother, Cai Xia could only carry out the order accordingly.

Therefore, she had to reluctantly stride toward Yang Fei. When she arrived in front of him, she half-heartedly opened the plan, looked at it, and then asked without looking up, "Is there anything that you don't understand? Just ask me."

After a long time of not hearing his respone, Cai Xia glanced up and saw that the now completely red-faced Yang Fei beside her didn't seem to be concentrating on the subject. He had a pained and tangled expression. Moreover, he imperceptibly tried to get away from her little by little...

Hell, what's wrong with this guy? When did I provoke him that everytime we meet, he always look as if he saw a demon personifying pestilence!

Cai Xia hated Yang Fei because of this. Yang Fei's character was hearty and generous, and his popularity among other disciples was quite good. The so-called incurable brain damage only meant that he couldn't endure those things that were particularly delicate, not really because his IQ was defective… However, each time she interacted with him, he gave her this perverted face, so how could Cai Xia not get angry?

As for now… Humph, the less he talk, the better! In any case, although Senior Brother arranged me to tutor him, he didn't specify how I should tutor him. Since this guy has refused to cooperate in appearance, I can't be blamed if this guy doesn't learn anything.

Then Cai Xia no longer paid attention to Yang Fei and simply looked at the plan on her own, just like most of the other disciples there. The battle plan jointly designed by Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu was really too complicated. Even a cultivator with excellent qualifications would have to be careful to learn it to gain insight. And Cai Xia didn't belong to those with excellent comprehension… Therefore, she could only double her effort.

After a while, Cai Xia gradually began to feel calm, and then she entered the realm of forgetting herself and everything around her… After nobody knows how much time has passed, she came out from her meditative state, stretched out before revealing a satisfied smile. The effect of this meditation was better than expected, because she had mastered a tenth of the whole plan. Although there were still many difficulties, it seemed that in seven to eight days, she should be able to get through the whole plan. Looks like I'm not that stupid after all.

Feeling pleased with herself because of this progress, she had the intention to relax a bit especially since the red-faced man beside her still had the face of pondering diligently, seemingly puzzled, which caused her to become more complacent.

"Hey, do you have a problem to ask or not?"

This was a jest question, but a serious answer was given.

"Junior Sister Cai Xia, I do… have some problems."

With that, he pointed out a page on the plan. "This change is something Senior Brother marked as very important, but I really can't understand the meaning of it. Please explain it to me, Junior Sister."

This remark from Yang Fei was said in a particularly heavy tone, as if he was reciting his last words. But Cai Xia could not really bring herself to become angry at the moment. After taking a glance at the plan, she was ready to answer it.

Everyone started from the beginning, so the front part was basically the same. And of course, her progress was ahead of Yang Fei. Thus, the problem that he faced should already be considered by herself, therefore...

With this thought in mind, Cai Xia suddenly found out that the page where Yang Fei pointed his finger at was particularly strange.

She blinked, repeatedly confirming that she had never seen that page before!

Strange, did Senior Brother even treat the common part according to each person's characteristics? I think he doesn't have to be this careful…

But after looking at it for a while, Cai Xia suddenly turned pale, because she finally noticed that the page Yang Fei pointed at was already at a fifth of the plan!

"You… have already read until this part? Have you comprehended all before that?"

Yang Fei excessively turned his head to the side, looking particularly embarrassed. "Y-Yes. I-I've read it till here. Though I tried my best… the results are not that good."

Cai Xia gawked for a long time.

Are you f*cking kidding me! The results are not that good? This is almost thrice as effective as I am! Did you watch my progress and thus deliberately tried to run against me?

However, at this time, Cai Xia suddenly remembered… Before cultivating the essence of true fire, her Senior Brother Yang Fei was actually known for his intelligence. It was just that, after the true fire had burned his mind, it became very difficult for him to learn, hence he was called as incurable moron. And just a moment ago, it seemed as if...

If it was the normal Yang Fei, his perception was indeed above Cai Xia. But when she thought that the usually stupid looking Yang Fei unexpectedly bested her, Cai Xia immediately felt that it was exceptionally intolerable.

"You have to think about it yourself first, if you still can't, then I'll tell you the answer!"

With that, Cai Xia rushed to open her own plan angrily, nearly reading it while gnashing her teeth. She gave her best effort to remember each of the formula and constantly deduced it in her mind.

This time, she entered the realm of forgetting oneself and everything around her faster than the previous, and her mind also became clearer.

In a distance, Ouyang Shang who witnessed all of these smiled slightly. Being young is really good~ This group of Junior Brothers and Sisters is indeed lovely.

But I can only do so much.

After about three days, he would lead the team for another confrontation at the Blessed Fountain again. And this time, it would be a battle of life and death. The second level flood dragon would not let them escape so easily anymore. The last time, it was not only them who observed the opponent, the flood dragon also observed them. Thus, the details about him and the others had basically been seen through.

According to his own calculation, no matter how well Junior Brothers and Sisters were to prepare to do better next time, the risk index would far exceed the limit. The first full power strike from the flood dragon was bound to be like a storm, and the golden generation, who had not experienced the hardships of training, was far from being an opponent.

At the appointed time, the best result was nothing more than to struggle with all their might using the tortoiseshell array specifically imparted to them by their Masters at the sect… It could be seen from the flood dragon's ability to stir up havoc, Ouyang Shang had no doubt that the other party would be able to, in an instant, trap the tortoiseshell array in huge flood.

This was an opponent that they should not have touched, so the more effort his Junior Brothers and Sisters gave this time, the greater the gap would be when the desperate situation comes. And at that time… there was only one person who could reverse everything.

Until the time he left, that guy who self-proclaimed to be a time traveler didn't reveal his plan completely.

When the second level flood dragon went mad, how could he, with his own effort, turn the tide?

Ouyang Shang was extremely curious.

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