Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 490: Beautiful Girl Dream Factory

Chapter 490: Beautiful Girl Dream Factory

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Many people had wondered, since there were so many intelligent creatures in Nine Regions, many of which had amazing qualification for cultivation, and there were also many immortal beasts who were born with almost unlimited magical ability and power and so on… Why was it that human beings eventually dominated the world?

Some people said that it was because of the fast cultivation speed of human compared to others, some said that human had amazing ability to innovate, some said that human had astonishingly thick skin, and some even claimed that human received special favor from the heaven, allowing them to have impressive luck...

But in Wang Lu's view, the actual reason might be very simple—human beings were far more shameless than other creatures, and in this world, a shameless person was invincible.

As an outstanding human cultivator, Wang Lu was well versed in this way. The tactic of throwing excrement into the water that he put forward turned the worldview of many Junior Brothers and Sisters upside down, but the effect… was unquestionably good.

Almost at the first try, the plan was implemented, the water level of Blessed Fountain rose violently and dozens of dark figures emerged from the water… This time, the second level flood dragon went out in full force, vowing to completely finish off this group of shameless humans.

The last time he made his move, the flood dragon was already very clear of the strength of his opponent. Although the tortoiseshell array did have some uses, but not only human understood array method. He had been in Blessed Fountain for hundred years, so his dragon sons and grandsons could also use an array of similar uses.

Thirty-six dragon sons and grandsons could set up the coiling dragon array. With integrated attack and defense, it did not lack in any way!

Although it was impossible to be more subtle than the arrays of human, under the absolute strength advantage, it was enough to tilt the balance of victory.

However, after the flood dragon, full of anger, rushed out of the water, what he saw was not the tortoiseshell array formed by the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect, but...

"Damn it, this again?"

On the horizon, the rolling dark tide was surging again, and Wang Lu was standing straight at 'where the wind and the waves are the fiercest'.

"Hahaha, I am still the f*cking Leeroy! Jenkins!"

Between the laughter, Wang Lu had been driven by the tide behind him and arrived in front of the flood dragon.

Under this distance, if the flood dragon launched a surprise attack, it could cause a fatal threat to Wang Lu—the strength of flood dragon and the monsters behind Wang Lu was completely not on the same level. Although the attack would not be a match to the beast tide, it could inflict a heavy damage to Wang Lu. However, after killing Wang Lu, he would have to face the beast tide...

This split second hesitation caused the flood dragon to lose the last chance to escape because Wang Lu had already led the beast tide to completely lock on the flood dragon and his base at the Blessed Fountain.

"My dear flood dragon, I want you to know that this beast tide has been contracted by you!"

Then, the second spirit sword heavenly talisman was launched, and Wang Lu's figure instantly disappeared.

But the beast tide that Wang Lu provoked into frenzy originally only had Wang Lu in their eyes. Once Wang Lu disappeared, they finally saw the light… What remained in place was the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain and his coiling dragon array.

This shift of hatred occurred in only a moment.

This time, the flood dragon didn't even have enough time to launch the thick mist and used the water element illusion to divert the opponent, because the beast tide was already too close.

He had just wanted to open his mouth when a strange winged beast with a horn on the head came roaring at him. The horn nearly pricked open his dragon scales.

The pain on his body thoroughly angered this overlord of Blessed Fountain.

"Very well, I'll let you animals understand who actually is the master of this great majestic mountain!"

The angry dragon roar shook the earth. The second level flood dragon did not shrink back, but instead, he summoned his entire force of Blessed Fountain where he had run it for hundred years and faced the rolling beast tide in the front.

In a split second, the pitch black beast tide was dyed with red. The water level of Blessed Fountain soared, the thin stream turned into a lake, and the big waves on the lake was like the ocean, but the water was dark red in color.

"Tsk-tsk, what a great battle."

In the distance, Spirit Sword Sect's people were watching the spectacle leisurely.

Their location was already covered by layer upon layer of arrays, which obscured them from the perception of all the monsters. This array arrangement was rushed, but its effect was not inferior to that of the second level flood dragon's mirage.

At this time, the battle between the flood dragon and beast tide had reached the climax. Both sides frenziedly tried to kill each other, and their tyrannical force raged unimpeded in the great majestic mountain. With each moment, there were bodies falling from the air. Some with weaker body turned into mincemeat while falling by the shockwave of the spells. But for those with strong physical body, after they fell into the sea of blood of Blessed Fountain, they eventually melted, and the resulting energy was then transformed into bloody energy that supported the flood dragon side in their fight with number disadvantage. The monsters didn't start the fight, but once it started, they would not stop until either they or the enemy died. If the loser died, it was quite likely that their kins would be eliminated completely… The fight between the two parties had reached such a state, but no one actually discovered that in the adjacent mountains, a group of human cultivators was critically watching.

There was no doubt about the gap between the magical ability of human cultivators and monsters here.

However, even if they held an advantage point, seeing the blood and flesh fighting on the great majestic mountain, and smelling the stench brought by the strong wind that assaulted their face, it was difficult for them to relax their mental state into that of spectators. For these young people who had spent most of their life on the mountain, the scene before their eyes was really too exciting.

"Only in the Savage Land can such a vision be seen. It truly is an eye-opener."

A tall burly young cultivator shook his head lightly as if he was deeply touched.

However, on the other hand, he reached for a handful of dried fruit on the plate before him, peeled away the kernel from the shell, and put it into the mouth. With such a skillful movement, it was difficult to see whether his attention was on the distant battle or on the plate.

"Junior Brother Yang, if you're not interested in watching, you don't have to force yourself to pretend to be interested—no one is eating the dried fruits on the plate, they're all yours."

Upon hearing this, Yang Fei let out a laugh. "Then thank you so much for your generosity Senior Brother—I'm really not interested in seeing it. Isn't it just animals killing each other, dog eat dog? There's nothing good to see except flesh and blood."

Before Ouyang Shang could say anything, he heard a rude voice from a young girl beside him, "What an idiot!"

"... That's enough Cai Xia, I feel like you've been targeting me all the time lately!" Yang Fei managed to respond to her.

Ouyang Shang sighed and decided to shield his hearing from this flirting couple.

In fact, at this time, most of the people were still seriously watching the battle on the great magnificent mountain. The rank of most of these monsters was not very high. Except for their natural magical ability, they didn't have any acquired method. There was nothing worth seeing except for their physical and magical skill in combat. However, hundreds and thousands of monsters were bravely fighting without regard for their own safety, using their own flesh to infer the cycle of birth and death… This was even an uncommon sight for the lead disciples of the five uniques. Careful observation could effectively temper the mental state of a cultivator.

In the previous operations, there was a big deviation from the previously specified battle plan, but Ouyang Shang as the Big Brother could timely adjust it to ensure that the team would not waste time. At present, the battle instigated by Wang Lu did play a role. In just a short moment, there were four or five Junior Brothers and Sisters who had a realization while watching the battle, thus, they began to close their eyes to meditate… Presumably, when they opened their eyes again, their mind would become more solid, clear, and nimble.

Of course, there were also a few people who didn't follow this set of training. Yang Fei, this rough man, was one of them. There were also...

Turning around, Ouyang Shang helplessly watched those who were equally not interested in watching the fight but just chatting.

To be precise, one person was chatting, another one was being chatted.

"Little Wu, the way you were training is not correct. Immortal cultivation is a comprehensive matter. In addition to deeply pondering magical power and quenching primordial spirit, there are also broadening the vision and strengthening the practice. This can make you grow comprehensively. You are so dead set in accumulating magical power, so at most, you can only fall into the position of a high-power-low-ability situation.

Wang Lu's voice seemed to be sincere, but Ouyang Shang felt that the flirting intent was a bit stronger.

But, hearing that the topic was about cultivation, Wang Wu was slightly serious. She opened her eyes and stopped her meditation. Turning her head, she expressed genuine curiosity with her clear eyes.

Wang Lu had tried to strike up a conversation with her for so long with a rare response, so he immediately explained cheerfully.

"For women, the key is not in cultivation stage, but in the face and the body. As a matter of fact, your talent is quite good, as long as you work hard and practice hard, you can become a beauty at the level that can damage a country and cause suffering of the people in a generation, ah wrong, it's femme fatale. Of course, the cultivation stage needed to practice the technique to improve your beauty is not simple. Based on your current situation, your cultivation foundation is not strong enough to be too distracted, so I have a set of quick means for your reference," Wang Lu said as he fished out a suspicious set of thin clothes.

"This magic outfit is called shaped underwear. If you wear it, you can gradually have a good figure without having to practice! Isn't this exciting, making you really want it right? No problem, we are all Spirit Sword Sect people, I don't need 998 1 spirit stones, this is a free gift from me!" Wang Lu said and very fervently patted Wang Wu on the shoulder—he completely ignored that this affectionate behavior made the latter visibly uncomfortable.

"However, this shaped underwear is not permanent. The magical power contains within it is limited. After it is used up, it will have to be replaced. But don't worry, we're all people of the same sect, so I'll keep it free of charge for you! As long as you give me the old underwear that you have used, I'll trade it with the new one, isn't this very affordable!"


Ouyang Shang sighed, feeling that the dialogue was too shameless.

It was not clear what the young man who claimed to be a time traveler from the future saw in Wang Wu. These days, as long as he had the time, the young man would immediately launch a frenzied flirting. He simply enjoyed it and never grew tired of it… To say that Wang Lu was falling in love would be wrong, because he merely tried to flirt shamelessly with her, without any intention to further develop the relationship. Moreover, Wang Lu's eyes were clear, without any lust—even while holding that strange underwear, it completely didn't seem that he harbored any evil thought. And frankly speaking, Junior Sister Wang Wu's pure conduct as a woman's charm… seemed very weak due to her excessive carelessness. At present, there were many women on the team who had a better figure than her, but Wang Lu basically turned a blind eye to them.

Besides, what was the relationship between the two? In addition to having the same surname, there were no other similarities, and the two's facial features greatly differed. As for whether they had a master-disciple relationship… Wang Lu's cultivation method was unheard of. It was his defense system that seemed to have a vague connection to Spirit Sword Sect. Meanwhile, Wang Wu's talent was limited, and what she cultivated was a very popular low-end method in Spirit Sword Sect. Regardless of which aspect, it had nothing to do with Wang Lu's inheritance.

However, according to Wang Lu's current behavior… in his historical line, among the few survivors of the golden generation, there should be a place for Wang Wu.

Speaking of which, it's really unbelievable. What exactly is the disaster that could make so many people killed, even including me, while Wang Wu... survived?

But, that's also fine.

Ouyang Shang looked up and cast his eyes on the distant sky.

That's also fine. If she's alive… then that's also fine either.

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