Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 492: This Is True Love

Chapter 492: This Is True Love

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When Wang Lu returned to the mountaintop with a heavy injury, it aroused a great response.

"Junior Brother Wang Lu, what happened to you? Did you meet bandits on the way up, causing you to lose your chastity?"

As the Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect, Ouyang Shang took the lead in inquiring solicitously about his well being.

Hearing Ouyang Shang mentioning this question, the surrounding people also paid their attention.

Ouyang Shang's malicious speculation could not be blamed since it was Wang Lu who came back this time in a sorry state. He came with a pale face and blood even covered his entire body. Even the usually spotless red and white robe had become tattered, which made it seem like he really did meet with thugs.

As for the concern of the Big Brother, Wang Lu thought for a moment before stretching out his right hand to point at his left arm, which showed a clean arm stained with blood.

Big Brother pondered a bit. "Are you… trying to say that this is your gecko sand 1 sign? Very well, Junior Brother has resolutely kept his chastity, so it is indeed admirable. It's me who made a presumptuous conjecture."

The next moment, under everyone's panic-stricken eyes, Wang Lu waved his left hand, the one with the gecko sign, signaling Ouyang Shang to disperse the idlers around them. Only after just Ouyang Shang was present did the topic go back on the right track.

"The bottom line strength of the flood dragon has been tested. From now on, he is no longer a fatal threat to the team. The specific data is here."

With that, Wang Lu stretched out several calculation talismans and entered the data. Ouyang Shang looked at it and realized that according to the latest data, there would be no uncontrollable risk for future practice plan. Because even if the flood dragon was willing to stake it all, the golden generation could still escape. At the very least, they would not be completely wiped out. And this was a very important point. After clarifying the risk factor, the efficiency of the leveling could be greatly improved.

"Unexpectedly, after the battle with the beast tide, the flood dragon was weakened to this point. But… Junior Brother Wang Lu, is it worth it to test his bottom line?"

Although he was playful and continued to joke with Wang Lu, how could Ouyang Shang fail to see that Wang Lu's injury was so heavy that it was almost impossible for him to recover? In handling affairs, Wang Lu usually didn't bother about trivial things, but he had always been well organized and decent in his basic grooming, and his clothes were even more spotless… At present, he could not even care about his appearance, so obviously he was already in such a state of distress.

This was naturally because he had previously insisted to go alone, single-handedly facing the second level flood dragon whose strength was comparable to middle-level Yuanying Stage. And he was absolutely adamant to use his Non-Phase Sword to face head-on against the dragon ball that the opponent spat out—it was a killer move from the flood dragon enough to defeat the enemy that was more powerful than him; even a real Yuanying Stage expert would not be willing to face it directly.

It was a miracle that Wang Lu was able to come back, unprecedented even—even the legendary Immortal Qin could not stop the artillery-shell-like dragon ball while in Jindan Stage. But to stake the life merely to achieve success, this was…

"This is my cultivation." Wang Lu waved his hand and said no more.

For the disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, the battle against the flood dragon was like walking on a tightrope—the group had no threat for annihilation by the flood dragon, but it didn't mean that everyone in the team was safe. The death of one or two was normal.

But for Wang Lu whose defensive power could be considered as against the sky, the team combat was basically alarm-less and danger-less. Even his primordial spirit and immortal heart couldn't even tense up a bit. Therefore, during the entire day of fighting, he almost had no benefit, so how could he bear it?

Since the team combat was not profitable, then he would just go solo… Therefore, he finally single-handedly fought against the flood dragon.

Though defeated, it could still be counted it as a victory.

"After this, I'm going to do a secluded training. If everything is alright, don't look for me."

When Wang Lu finished saying that, he couldn't help but cough. He covered his mouth with his hand, bent over, and violently shook until the blood splashed through the gap between his fingers. After a while, when he straightened himself up, half his face was stained with blood.

Wang Lu waved his hand in a chagrin. "Tsk, it actually leaks to the side."

Ouyang Shang helplessly sighed at Wang Lu's antic, thinking that at this time he still had the mind to take make fun of himself, it seemed that there should be no major problems.

"Very well, just do your best to recuperate. With your data, I will slightly adjust the battle plan so that five months from now, we can end the experiential learning at Blessed Fountain."

After dealing with Ouyang Shang, Wang Lu was ready to sink his heart and close himself from the outside world. Right now, he was extremely injured. Previously in the woods, he seemed quite well on the outside, but actually, his inside was completely in shambles. Right now, most of his two hundred and six sword bones were broken. The reason why they didn't disperse was that the Non-Phase Emperor Bone held them together by force. His Jade Mansion was like being demolished again and again, and pieces of tiles came from everywhere. If it were an ordinary cultivator, other people would find it hard to help him live, let alone recuperate. Thus, Wang Lu must heal himself as soon as possible.

At the same time, this heavy blow also brought him great inspiration that he urgently needed to digest. The collision between Non-Phase Sword and the flood dragon's dragon ball aroused countless inspiration in him. The wave of the shock scattered his incomparable Non-Phase Sword Defense, but it also clearly pointed out the shortcomings of his sword defense.

These shortcomings were not the flaws of his sword art, but the various goals that he still could not achieve with his Jindan Stage… But what was cultivation other than finding the target first and then trying hard to achieve it? Moreover, in that life and death situation, his Non-Phase Sword Heart told him that he had unexpectedly achieved a breakthrough. The next step was to use the breakthrough of immortal heart to drive the whole, ushering a wave of rapid progress.

The leveling plan was designed not just for others. Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang each had their own task, moreover, it was more difficult than the others...

Wang Lu walked a few steps on top of the mountain, only to feel his body became heavier by the second. This let him knew that it was difficult for him to continue. Therefore, he had to find a secluded place to sit down and slowly circulate the scattered magical power inside his body, and then to think of a way to arrange his environment for closed door training.

But just as he sat down, suddenly, there was another person beside him and then a soft palm pressed his shoulder. Then a warm strength came in to help him drive the circulation within his Jade Mansion.

Wang Lu was slightly stunned. Turning his head, he saw the once familiar look but now had become very strange.

"Mast… Uhm, Sister, what are you doing?"

Wang Wu's method of healing by power transfer seemed arduous on her. Before long, beads of sweat already appeared on her forehead. Upon hearing Wang Lu's question, she opened her mouth, intending to answer, but since her own circulation of magical power in the Jade Mansion was affected, her breathing immediately became stagnant.

Seeing this, Wang Lu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He had to stop his own circulation first and help Wang Wu straighten out her magical power circulation and then asked, "What are you doing?"

"Helping you to heal," Wang Wu replied.

"Don't… Why do you want to help me?" Wang Lu stopped himself from continuing to say what he really wanted to say. His original intention was to ask: Don't you have any self-awareness? You are merely a weak Xudan, yet you want to help a Jindan Stage Daoist Master like me? Aren't you afraid that I might infect you with my internal heat?

Unfortunately, Wang Wu didn't understand the hidden meaning behind his question but just answered as a matter of fact, "Disciples of Spirit Sword Sect are all of the same branches."

"... Do you mean pear tree upon cherry-apple tree 2 kind of branches? Anyway, thanks for your kindness, you can leave now."

No matter how dull Wang Wu was in this timeline, she could also see that she was only a hindrance there. However, the young girl somewhat reluctantly blinked and once again put her hand on Wang Lu's shoulder.

This time, Wang Lu was somewhat annoyed. He was, after all, in the critical period of healing. Over and over again being interrupted, if it caused irreparable damage, then…

However, the next moment, the anger dissipated and was replaced with astonishment.

Because this time, the power that Wang Wu transferred in made his whole Jade Mansion warm as spring. The power itself was not strong, but it was though and firm, which was the original power of Xudan Stage cultivator, no less inferior than the precious power of innate true qi!

With this source of power, Wang Lu's Jade Mansion began to repair and blossom with clear and discernible speed. With that, Wang Wu retired, staggered as she stood up and prepared to leave.

After taking two steps, she stopped and whispered, "I think your approach on cultivation is right."


"The road of immortal cultivation is like sailing against the tide, it will only be possible if you go all out and even stake your life… I originally thought that since you are brimming with talent, you wouldn't have this courage, but… Therefore, although it's only a modest effort, I was willing to help you…"

After that, Wang Wu didn't talk anymore, and Wang Lu didn't have the heart to continue to listen.

At this time, all his thoughts were attracted by Wang Wu's words just now. Inwardly, it was as if the astral wind had blown to the ninth heaven, and all the factors called rationality and calmness were shattered.

Master, did you f*cking take the wrong script? This line is not written for you, don't read it blindly okay!

You're the black sheep of Spirit Sword Sect that lost her moral principle and virtue, not a good person who attaches importance to idea and spirit of loyalty! You agree with other people's idea of cultivation so you don't hesitate to even consume your original Xudan power to heal them… If next time you meet a desperate man, are you going to rush to take off his pants and go to bed with him?

… Okay, it must be conceded that the current righteous Wang Wu had her own loveliness. She didn't hesitate to consume her own original Xudan power to help heal his injury, and it did lighten the burden of healing. But because of this, Wang Lu became even more curious...

What exactly happened in this Savage Land that changed the introvert and zealous girl into the future infamous black sheep of Spirit Sword Sect?

It must have been a very serious crisis. So serious that at least with his current strength, it was impossible to reverse the situation.

But the golden generation, including Ouyang Shang, was full of crisis awareness. Often they would shout loudly that there was little time for them. However, actually, the time left for Wang Lu was really not much.

While Wang Lu stayed at the top of the mountain for closed door training, Ouyang Shang led the team on the path of a long road of leveling.

In the past three months, they had fiercely fought against the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain ten times, and each time they lost. At the last time, two of them were seriously injured and almost died… But in these three months, the progress of Spirit Sword cultivators was also obvious to all.

This was a group of gifted disciples who were worthy of the name golden generation, able to quickly become stronger through constant combat. Their last defeat was not due to a mistake in coordination nor that their strength was not good. But rather, feeling the rapid progress of the opponent through each combat, the flood dragon used the dragon ball in fear.

This dragon ball spitting move was enough to seriously injure Wang Lu, but this group of people only paid with two seriously injured members to successfully withdraw. Compared to three months ago, the magnitude of progress was incredible.

At the same time, after three months of long seclusion training, Wang Lu had also smoothly recovered from his injury.

According to Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu's calculation, in another month or two, the flood dragon would be reduced to the source of food for fishes. After clearing the Blessed Fountain, there would be several Junior Brothers and Sisters that would stay there to gradually control the great magnificent mountain. Others would go deeper in the Savage Land to continue their experiential learning.

Unfortunately, the development of things was not going to be so smooth.

Change unwittingly came.

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