Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 493: Important Letter From Family

Chapter 493: Important Letter From Family

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On that day, Ouyang Shang received a letter which made him quite curious.

In the Savage Land, correspondences were rarely seen, because the special geographical condition here made it difficult for many communication spells to come into effect. As for letter carried by flying sword, it seemed safe, but it can easily be intercepted by the monsters in the surrounding area. In the past few months, they rarely received letters from their Master and Elders, making this group of management trainees almost isolated from the outside world. Nevertheless, they still had a way of communicating with each other. As long as they could form a link with the feng shui line of spiritual energy of the Savage Land, they could transmit information by drawing support from the earth.

However, if they wanted to draw support from the feng shui line of spiritual energy, they needed to set up the corresponding method altar, which was not just a day's work. The resources needed to be invested were also quite a lot, especially in a place like Savage Land. When they set off from Spirit Sword Mountain, each of them carried their own construction material, but the quantity was not much—the sect's economic situation was, after all, quite difficult. If they didn't find a place with good feng shui, no one would be willing to invest in the construction of the method altar. Ouyang Shang's team, not so long ago, in order to better clear the Blessed Fountain from the flood dragon, had few people gather resources to build a fortification on top of the mountain, including the method altar for communication.

Ouyang Shang thought that the area clearing progress was fast. In the entire eastern part of the Savage Land, the great magnificent mountain could be considered as a place with precious feng shui line, and buried under the Blessed Fountain was a node with pretty good quality, which was suitable for Jindan Stage cultivators to cultivate. Since they could occupy the place completely in four or five months, they invested their resources in the construction. Moreover, their base had also just been built.

The other teams of Junior Brothers and Sisters shouldn't be this fast or did they have difficulties in clearing up their part of the Savage Land and had to build their base in an inappropriate place?

With many doubts in mind, Ouyang Shang opened the letter. He only glanced at it twice and his complexion immediately changed.

This was a 'call for help' letter. The content of the letter was very simple: Junior Brother Liu Sandao lost contact in the desert area, earnestly requesting help from Big Brother.

The letter came from Feng Yin, a Junior Brother who had earned his trust. The qualification of this Feng Yin was excellent. Although for a variety of reason, his strength was not among the top in the golden generation, but he had mature temperament and is able to bear heavy responsibilities. This time the golden generation was divided into several teams, among which, the team leader in the northernmost area was Feng Yin.

Ouyang Shang knew that Feng Yin was a person who strove to excel. Even if he were in trouble, he would try his best to solve it himself and not to bother others. But at this time, he even wrote a letter calling for help for Ouyang Shang, it seemed that the situation was not as simple as losing contact.

As for Junior Brother Liu Sandao, he also knew him very well. He was one of the few outer court disciples within the golden generation.

The title of outer court disciple actually had a story behind it. His Master was one of the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall who could be regarded as a person with a good family background. However, he himself did not come from good family background. Before he entered the sect, he was a well-known fierce bandit in the mortal world, killing people like scything flax. By chance coincidence, under the guide of a Heavenly Sword Hall Elder, he achieved enlightenment, and set foot on the path of immortality. It was just that, after entering Spirit Sword Sect, Liu Sandao still had the remnant aura of bandit in him, which caused his interaction with his fellow disciples rather bumpy. After that, he became increasingly reclusive, so much so that people started jokingly calling him as external court disciple of Spirit Sword Sect.

The disciple who grew up in this kind of environment had a proud character and tended to be a lone wolf. Long before the management trainee program, he had ventured deep into dangerous situation many times, and everyone had long been accustomed to it. At the beginning, when he was organized into Feng Yin's team, some people worried that Feng Yin would not be able to handle him. Now it seemed that there was indeed a problem!

Lost contact in the desert area... Tsk, it's like the old saying "good swimmer usually drowned."

Ouyang Shang folded back the letter into the envelope. In his mind, he already had a general idea.

It must be that Liu Sandao, feeling confident of his earth element Heavenly Spirit Root and the many years of bitter hardship in training earth element spells, believed that he could act freely in the desert area, even more than the native creatures of the area. Then he left behind his team to penetrate deep in that area like a lone army, to establish a base in the desert by himself alone. As a result, he didn't expect that within the desert area hid enormous crisis.

Of course, all the disciples of Spirit Sword Sect were of the same branches. No matter how his relations with other disciples were, they could never stand idly while he was in dangerous situation. But for Feng Yin to write a letter to request for reinforcement...

"This idiot. Even if it's so urgent, at least write down what he wants me to do. But he just vaguely asks for help, who knows what kind of help he wants from me? Does he want my help to burn incense for Liu Sandao?"

From another point of view, even if there would always be oversight in how Feng Yin conduct himself, it would unlikely go so far as to be this rough. The most likely thing to happen was that, when he wrote the letter, the surrounding situation was already very unfavorable, it was too late to write a long letter. The last sentence of earnestly requesting for help might not mean asking for help to search for Liu Sandao, but rather to help them get out of trouble.

As for the location from where the letter was sent, it was not difficult to trace it back along the remaining magical power of the letter. The problem was...

Right now, on his side, he really somewhat couldn't leave his team. In the leveling plan, he was the most important part. While Wang Lu was recuperating, he was the only one that could pin down the flood dragon directly. Once he left the team, no matter how hard the struggle of others in the fight, there was no way for them to make up the huge strength gap with the flood dragon.

As for giving up flood dragon and Blessed Fountain, it wasn't impossible, after all, lives are the most important. However, even giving up Blessed Fountain was not a simple matter. If he walked away just like that, they definitely wouldn't be able to preserve their base—that flood dragon previously had even spat out his dragon ball, meaning that he obviously didn't hesitate to stake it all in the fight against human. He would never cling tenaciously to Blessed Fountain anymore. Once Ouyang Shang left, the flood dragon would immediately rush out of the water and rush here. By then, all his Junior Brothers and Sisters who had yet to mature would absolutely not be able to resist.

If you can't hold on, you can only run. But where would you run? In the Savage Land where there were great dangers every step of the way? You couldn't just run around randomly. Moreover, from the beginning, taking the plunge at Blessed Fountain was already a risky move. The surrounding monster density was generally high. Without his leadership, how could other people withdraw unschated to the safe area?

However, if he waited until he brought back everyone to safety, then Feng Yin would probably have been wiped out by that time.

Alas, multitasking is indeed impossible. However, fortunately, he currently had someone that he could use. No, more accurately, it should be someone that was even more useful than him.

It was just that, he was still unclear about that person's injury situation. Three months ago, that person suffered a direct hit by a dragon ball, which caused him to almost die of serious injury. The problem was whether he could recover in just three months time.

Thinking of this, Ouyang Shang immediately suffered even more headache.

Fortunately, after half a day, another letter brought in a favorable turn.

"Junior Brother Liu had encountered a kind person who helped him. We are also out of danger. Sorry for previously disturbing Senior Brother, I am extremely ashamed."

The second letter from Feng Yin was richer in content. As the letter said, they were already out of danger, thus he had plenty of time to write a long letter.

According to Feng Yin, Liu Sandao went deep into the desert area a month ago, and then they never heard of him again. According to the original agreement, he should be back from the desert within a week at most. If he didn't return past the time limit, then it meant that he was in trouble.

Feng Yin tried many ways, yet still failed to get in touch with him. In desperation, he took his team to venture deep in the desert area for search and rescue.

Of course, as the team leader, Feng Yin was responsible for the safety of all the team members, thus they dared not to venture too deep. Once they encountered real danger, they could only leave Liu Sandao and keep the others. Unfortunately, just as when they entered the desert area, they encountered severe sandstorm. The blazing wind was like a sharp knife that could even blow a human apart, which caused them to be in a dilemma. The team decided to dig up a sand dune with spells and construct temporary shelter underground, hence they could narrowly and luckily escape.

Then came the endless sandstorm. The sandstorm in the desert area lasted for a full week, without any signs of slowing down. At the same time, the underground of the desert was somewhat unbearably hot, and the spiritual energy there had almost dried up. After persisting for a week, the group had quickly consumed their supplies, which was clearly an unsustainable condition for them.

In desperation, Feng Yin had to turn to others for help. Because of the environment in the desert area was so bad, not only most of other people would not be able to help them, they probably wouldn't be able to help themselves. Therefore, after thinking about it, he could turn to his Big Brother for help. While the sandstorm was raging, the feng shui line of spiritual energy was unusually chaotic. Feng Yin had tried for several time to send a long letter, all ended up in failure. In the end, only a short message asking for help could be sent.

But then, shortly after the first letter successfully sent by Feng Yin, the sandstorm stopped.

At the same time, Liu Sandao who had been missing for more than a week returned, bringing with him a group of strange friends.

"It's hard to imagine that there's actually a civilization of intelligent creatures in the Savage Land! They are a group of native people who live in the depths of the desert. Their appearance seems to be highly similar to humans, it's just that their skin is red but became tanned due to sun exposure. At the same time, because of the lack of plants in the desert area, they basically prey on meat for a living, so they have sharp fangs. Although they seem ferocious, they are actually docile and amiable. Previously, Junior Brother Liu suffered a sneak attack by a monster in the desert, leading to severe wounds. It was them who saved him. They also found us after the sandstorm stopped and brought us valuable things and water. At present, we are in good condition, so there is no need for Senior Brother to worry about us."

Upon reading the content of this letter, Ouyang Shang was surprised. It was unheard of that there was actually a civilization of intelligent creature in the Savage Land. The sect Elders had explored the Savage Land for several hundreds to over a thousand years, but never mentioned that there was a group of sand people in the desert.

But then again, in the past several hundreds to over a thousand years, there had never been a thorough exploration of the Savage Land by Spirit Sword Sect, especially in the depths of the desert which seemed to be untouched by human. Thus, the presence of the sand people speak for itself.

It was just that, no matter how he looked at it, the experience of Feng Yin and the others seemed a bit too coincidental. Or from another perspective, it was hard to believe that it was a pure coincidence.

But what about the experience of his own side?

Wang Lu who came back from one hundred and fifty years in the future. Hah, if he could even encounter such a person, so what if Feng Yin and his team encountered the sand people in the desert?

Thinking to this, Ouyang Shang decided not to worry about it too much for the moment. The sect's management trainee program was designed to train talented people to assume sole responsibility for important tasks, not a waste who shouted to Big Brother and Master that a monster had taken one of them when they encountered difficult situations. The problems that they encountered should be solved by themselves. Even if the sand people presented any danger, it was also the experience and training for Feng Yin and the others.

Therefore, Ouyang Shang began to reply to Feng Yin and the others in writing, telling them to strive earnestly. Then he was ready to send the letter.

But right at this moment, he heard footsteps from behind him and that person lightly picked up the letter from Feng Yin that he had set aside.

"Junior Brother Wang Lu, are you okay?"

In this advanced base, only he and Wang Lu could freely come in and out of his room. Thus, without turning back, he knew that Wang Lu had already recovered from injury.

"Not bad. After resting for three months, my sexual ability has completely recovered."

"Do you want to say that your performance has been fully restored?"

"It's all the same. Hmm, Senior Brother Ouyang, I think this letter is a bit interesting."

Wang Lu said and pointed at the words in the letter. "Red skin, fangs... How come the description in this letter seems so familiar?"

While saying that, the smile on his face gradually turned cold.

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