Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 494: These Demons Are Too Despicable and Shameless!

Chapter 494: These Demons Are Too Despicable and Shameless!

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Red skin and fangs were a couple of characteristics of the royal family of demon race.

Yet, Nine Regions was so big that there were actually human-like creatures with red skin and fangs. Feng Yin didn't write it in details in his letter so there were at least seven to eight species that met this ambiguity. The so-called red skin and fangs were probably just coincidence.

But Wang Lu never believed in any coincidence, especially since he knew that, a hundred years later, the Savage Land would be occupied by the black tide. The fall of golden generation could not be detached from the demon race.

Seeing the obvious reaction of Wang Lu from reading the content of the letter, Ouyang Shang immediately gawked. "Junior Brother, who are you referring to?"

"Senior Brother ought to remember the second great war of immortal and demon two thousand years ago right?"

"You mean the royal family of the demon race?"

As the Big Brother of Spirit Sword Sect, Ouyang Shang was equally knowledgeable and quickly responded to what Wang Lu was saying.

"I think this explanation is a bit far-fetched. The race that has disappeared for two thousand years could suddenly appear here? Moreover, the royal family of demon race? Warmly entertaining Junior Brother Feng Yin and the others? No matter how you look at it, there is no connection between these and the known factors."

Wang Lu replied, "That's because your known factors are not enough. In my history line, you guys died in the hands of demon race."

"But, if they're demons, what reason do they have to help Junior Brother Feng Yin and the others to survive the sandstorm?"

Wang Lu said, "In short, it's because of the good intention to heal the sick and save people."

Ouyang Shang said, "If it's not from good intention, then it can only be explained that they helped Junior Brother Feng Yin for other purposes."

Wang Lu nodded. "Moreover, looking at the situation from the letter... Just as they sent out a letter asking for help, the demon race immediately went to the rescue. The timing here is suspicious."

Ouyang Shang said, "If it's not a coincidence, then it's intentional. I assume the situation went as follow: Through the changes in the underground feng shui line of spiritual energy, they found out that Junior Brother Feng Yin had sent out a letter for help. Presumably, if left unchecked, there might be outsiders to come to the rescue, so the first step would be to save them to avoid complications..."

"What is the point of doing so? Is it because they lack in strength, fear of external power, or that Feng Yin and the others have a special value to them?"

Ouyang Shang curiously asked, "What does the special value refer to?"

Wang Lu said, "In my understanding, if Feng Yin and the others don't have any value to them, they would've killed them directly. As the native of the area, they should be able to do that at least. But, danger lies in every step of the way in Savage Land, and thus for Feng Yin and the others to end up dead is a normal thing here. And after the sandstorm is over, there would be no bones left behind. By then, we're not going to find clues even if we want to."

"Then the so-called value... " Ouyang Shang said, obviously became even more confused, "Junior Brother, according to your knowledge, does demon race have the tradition of human blood sacrifice in exchange for power?"

Wang Lu said, "That kind of tradition does not only exist in demon race, human cultivators also do that. I'm sure you have heard the stories of those evil cultivators sacrificing thousands of people to refine ten thousand spirit blood bead. The demon race civilization is no less advanced than that of human, so it's normal if they have similar skills."

Ouyang Shang said, "But it still doesn't make sense. If it's blood sacrifice, they could just do it and that's that. Feng Yin and the others were trapped by the sandstorm for a few days, so they were already like dried oil lamp. If the demon race wanted to make their move, Feng Yin and the others had no resistance at all. Although it's not clearly said in the letter, it could be inferred that the demon race is in a pretty good condition in the desert, their overall strength is not bad, which absolutely can't be resisted by those eight persons in the team. Finally, they don't really need to give Feng Yin and the others supplies to help them regain their strength."

Wang Lu touched his chin and thought out loud, "From these deductions, we can infer the following: Demon race needs them to be alive, for them to maintain a certain strength, and also for them to not consciously produce resistance toward demon race. And lastly, there can't be any foreign interference. If we integrate these several points, then do they want to take their seed?"


"For example, they have fully absorbed the lessons of the failure of the first and second great war of immortal and demon. Thus, they intend to create a completely new race as a fusion of two races. Therefore, they need the seed of Feng Yin and other elite talented human cultivators. It's basically demon race's adultery... Ah, wrong, it's make up plan."

..." Upon hearing this, Ouyang Shang remained silent, because he had nothing to say.

"According to my understanding of demon race, right now they should be a race on the verge of extinction. If you are interested, I will explain the specifics for you later... Although it's not clear how they came to Nine Regions, but I think, for an endangered race, reproduction is the first priority. If their population number is low then frequent inbreeding is likely to deteriorate the quality of their race—At least, as far as I know, the royal family of demon race, as long as they are an adult, they could use their own strength to condense out a set of heavy armor. However, in the letter, Feng Yin said that they're almost naked, which means that if they kept degenerating, they would probably not have the primary sexual characteristics anymore. Right now, they are likely trying to mate with the best people in Nine Regions to optimize the gene of their race."

"Why do you have a reasonable and fine logic specifically to justify a ridiculous conjecture for adultery?"

Wang Lu revealed a faint smile. "You flatter me, Senior Brother."

"You're welcome..." Ouyang Shang really couldn't vent out his anger and could only cup his hand in respect, feeling ashamed in his inferiority in the aspect of moral decay.

Wang Lu let out a laugh and said, "If it weren't for the adultery plan... make up plan, what other reason could it be? It's not like they are playing the long game, in order to capture-one-must-let-loose strategy; They wait for us to relax our vigilance and then set up another crisis to come out gain, and then use Feng Yin and the others as hostage to bait us, the reinforcement?"

"Why not?"

Wang Lu froze for a moment and then said, "Senior Brother, do you think this speculation is reliable? I don't think it's interesting, it's not surprising at all. It's not as fun as the demon adultery plan."

"Please enough with the joke. I think the fishing tactic is likely to be the truth. If they really are as you say the remnant of demon race, then right now they should be aiming for me."

"Uh, Big Brother, how could you be so formidable that they have to try hard to counter you like that?"

"Because I am the most powerful young cultivator in Nine Regions. If I can be cut off, there would be one less leading man in Nine Regions. If we stand in the demon race's shoe, this is enough reason to muster up large forces."

"Senior Brother, didn't you previously admit that you feel ashamed of your inferiority in the aspect of moral decay compared to me? Do you think this is too modest?"

"I am just seeking truth from facts, only a few cultivators in Nine Regions that I look up to."

"Very well, then let's give up Feng Yin and the others in order to protect the future of Nine Regions."

Ouyang Shang laughed, "If this character can even abandon his own Junior Brothers and Sisters, then this character will not be called the leader of the future no matter how high his cultivation base would be."

Upon hearing this, a figure of a girl holding a Kill Immortal Sword immediately appeared in Wang Lu's mind, so he immediately said, "These are the words that I'd love to hear!"

Ouyang Shang said, "Feng Yin and the others, of course, have to be saved, but things need further consideration. Besides, we have no reason to go there to save them now. To rush now would only put them in danger."

Wang Lu expanded further, "Moreover, in a short time, their life should not be in danger. After all, a living bait is more useful than a dead bait. However, things should not be delayed for too long. In case the demon adultery plan is implemented, we can't ignore the virginity crisis of Feng Yin and the others. Now that I already recovered from injury, we should speed up the next step, getting rid that flood dragon as soon as possible and then settling down these people. Then we go to the desert to save people."

"Mm, right now most of the leveling value of this flood dragon of Blessed Fountain has already been squeezed out, so there's no reason not to finish him off ahead of time. However, during this period, it's best to maintain correspondence with the other side, to stabilize the situation and to get a better look at the opponent."

While saying that, Ouyang Shang had already raised his writing brush and began to write.

From the side, Wang Lu saw Ouyang Shang write the following: "Junior Brother Feng Yin, I am glad that you guys managed to escape calamity. In the critical moment the sand people came to the rescue, you guys ought to remember their grace and enthusiastically repay them. During the sandstorm you guys were tortured for several days, which put your Jade Mansion under pressure, so it must have been bruised. But remember, crisis and opportunity exist at the same time. This time is also a great opportunity for your cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds."

Ouyang Shang continued on, from method cultivation to daily life, from dealing with big interpersonal relationship to small. The letter that he wrote had several thousand words, which caused Wang Lu to be mesmerized, thinking: What an awesome writing skill! If Senior Brother wants to try to write a novel, it would certainly be good.

But beyond that, Wang Lu also saw something else.

"Encrypted text?"

"Yes, only the several team leaders know how to decrypt it... I have written the matter regard demon race in it, so I believe Feng Yin will make a reasonable judgment."

"Moreover, the text does not conceal the concern, and it also pay attention to the recovery of injury, asking for Feng Yin to write back every day. This could be regarded as securing their safety. The most important thing is..."

Ouyang Shang smiled and stretched out his hand to point out the last few line on the letter.

"In a month, when I am done with my business, I will personally pay them a visit and express my sincere thanks to the sand people on behalf of the sect."

In other words, a month later, Ouyang Shang intended to see the demons of the desert.

Presumably, the content of this letter could also be seen by demons there. If they really wanted to bait him, they shouldn't care about this one month. However, with one month preparation time, Ouyang Shang would have enough confidence to break into any dangerous place!

However, this determination was greatly shaken on the third day, when a letter of reply came.

"I am deeply indebted to Senior Brother for worrying about me. Junior Brother is both moved and ashamed. In the desert, everything is good. The sand people treat us with sincerity and enthusiasm. Not only did they arrange for us our lodging and diet, they also provided us with precious spirit grass to heal our injury and recover our magical power. It's just that, there's some trouble here. These native girls are passionate and unrestrained. It really makes us feel…difficult to deal with them.."

At the time of receiving this letter, Ouyang Shang held the letter for a long time. The more he looked at it, the more shaken his hand became.

In the end, even with a very good temper, Ouyang Shang could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.

"Fucking demon adultery plan!"

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