Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 495: Forcing Oneself Upon Someone

Chapter 495: Forcing Oneself Upon Someone

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People often say that most likely things were not according to one's wishes, meaning that things in the world often do not develop the way people expected them to.

The matter regarding northern desert in the Savage Land for example.

The first time they received the letter calling for help from Feng Yin, Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu conceived countless possibilities, tried to figure out all kinds of schemes and tricks of the demon race, and speculated that Feng Yin and the others might suffer all kinds of tortures. And they had also devised countless rescue plans. But no one thought that the development of things would be so dramatic. While they were still deeply worried about the safety of the other side, the other side was actually deeply immersed in the trouble of a woman's charm.

At that time, the one responsible for replying the letter was Wang Lu. Regarding the topic raised by Feng Yin that it was hard to resist the advance of the native girls, Wang Lu's reply was to write the Sunflower Manual 1 to him and advised him to cut the "problem root" as soon as possible to free him from all the trouble.

Although this might be somewhat unfair to the lady boss in his original timeline, Wang Lu was currently filled with righteous indignation that made him too lazy to care too much.

Of course, such a reply couldn't solve the problem. Moreover, two days later, Feng Yin once again sent a letter saying that the big sandstorm that happened every one hundred years once again ravaged the desert area. For the next several months, in addition to the oasis where the sand people were located at, the rest of the desert area would be like a dead zone for living creatures, and the oasis would be completely isolated from the outside world.

In other words, they were trapped.

After that, Ouyang Shang exchanged several letters with Feng Yin, confirming that this time, the desert area was indeed a dead zone. It was impossible to get in or out, and the rescue plan also needed further consideration. Fortunately, the oasis where Feng Yin and the others were located at was worthy to be called as the paradise on earth. The spiritual energy there was abundant and thus would not hinder their cultivation. The only problem was the growing enthusiasm of the local girl toward them that now had gradually turned to resorting all means. Their chastity crisis was urgent.

No one had expected such a development, especially the performance of the sand people which was totally beyond the expectation of Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang.

In short, it was unclear whether the sand people was too cunning that they performed a perfect play, making the two generations of lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect unable to find any flaw… Or the initial speculation of Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang actually contained errors. In short, after a whole month, the sand people did not reveal any flaw, impeccable even.

The sand people rescued Feng Yin and the others at the critical moment, providing them with meticulous care. Besides the daily necessities like food, clothing, and shelter, there were also the passionate, hot native girls who accompanied them every day.

This level of treatment even caused Ouyang Shang to suspect the validity of his own speculation, whether the sand people were playing the baiting game to catch the big fish… Or they really intended to apply the demon replenishment plan!

Of course, in the Savage Land, in experiencing a bizarre thing, it was never a bad thing to be careful. Therefore, he repeatedly used encrypted text to emphasize safety, stressing that Feng Yin and the other Junior Brothers should tightly defend their chastity during this time. However, later on, Feng Yin actually said euphemistically, "Big Brother doesn't need to worry about us too much, we know the appropriate behavior."

Ouyang Shang therefore mocked himself, "Tsk, I was actually rejected."

Hearing that comment, Wang Lu inwardly said, b*llshit… " Although everyone knows that you can't stop talking, but just for a bit of big thing, you sent three letters a day, every day for a whole month, are you expecting that they are going to give you a present-at-duty-every-day award? This would seem as if you are having an ulterior motive!"

Ouyang Shang somewhat inconceivably said, "What ulterior motive? So now I'm a sour grape? This is outrageous, I am completely sincere!"

Wang Lu snorted. "So you can prove yourself by venting it out on several mountain water monsters."


"I am serious. The mermaids in the dragon palace of Blessed Fountain are quite good. Not only their body is fresh and delicate, they were also trained by the flood dragon to be well-behaved and skillful, which is much better than those windblown and sunburnt native girls in the desert! Right now, Feng Yin and the others complain everyday about the daily advance of the native girls. But the way I see it, frankly, it's their virgin minds that cause them trouble since they have never seen women look so fresh. So long as you tell them the taste of the mermaids of the dragon palace, they would certainly feel the taste of the native girl like chewing wax. From then on, they would patiently wait for us to come to rescue them and to come together to the Blessed Fountain to enjoy the pleasure of the mermaid."

"That actually makes sense." Ouyang Shang raised his eyebrows, seemingly seriously considering the feasibility of this.

Seeing this, Wang Lu was simply overjoyed, thinking, in other words, there was actually not much different between Senior Brother, Feng Yin, and the others. The education of the golden generation disciples by Spirit Sword Sect is actually good, but they are lacking in sex education! Very well, let me give you this missed supplementary class.

Fortunately, in the end, things didn't go that way. Because as Ouyang Shang began to seriously think about capturing the mermaid of the dragon palace, Feng Yin's letter to ask for help finally came.

This time, it was a lot simpler and seemingly went right to the problem, yet it was still encrypted: We discovered that the sand people are trying to manipulate the sandstorm… The sandstorm is by no means a once in a hundred year sandstorm, but a secret weapon that they hold!

The content of the letter ended there. However, after receiving the letter, the face of Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu immediately changed.

The sand people using sandstorm as a weapon was not a surprise. The problem was that the previous long sandstorm was actually intentional… Were they willing to do so in order to trap Feng Yin and the others? Or was it really the demon replenishment plan? Or...

Half a day later, the arrival of the next letter worsened the situation.

"Big Brother, those sand people seem to have lost their patience and want to directly make their move. There were two Junior Brothers who were forcibly taken away by the very prestigious women of the sand people. How should we act next time? I hope Senior Brother can reply as soon as possible!"

At that time, Wang Lu was the one who received the letter. Because he had received so many letters many times before, he readily replied, "Remember to let them take the medicine afterward." And that was that.

Only when he came to his senses that he realized the desert demon race seemed to start to play for real.

His own joke guess seemed to come true. The demon really wanted their seed, moreover, not just their seed but also their lives! Because of such a strong attitude, the sand… No, the demon race already didn't care if it would stir up hostility. In fact, with their ability to manipulate the sandstorm, there was no need for them to care.

Things could no longer be delayed, therefore, Wang Lu immediately sought after Ouyang Shang to discuss the countermeasures.

They actually could go north to the rescue at any time, but they still didn't have the heart to leave the other Junior Brothers and Sisters here.

"The clearing of Blessed Fountain has come to the last step, but it's also the most risk-prone step. If we leave at this time…"

Feng Yin's situation was urgent, but the situation on this side was similarly not positive. The opponent was a strong enemy of Yuanying Stage level, and if something went wrong… To put it callously, there were only seven to eight people in Feng Yin's team, but here there were more than thirty people!

At this time, Yang Fei carelessly knocked on the door.

"Hey, Big Brother, Senior Brother Wang, are you two discussing the battle plan again? Actually, it's not that troublesome anymore. The flood dragon is already a spent force, there's basically no risk in fighting it. Even if you two don't come out, we have eighty to ninety percent chance to finish him."

A month ago, led by Ouyang Shang and without the help of Wang Lu, the team could safely retreat even in the face of the spitting dragon ball and both sides' relative strength began to really reverse. Since then, cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect began to have more fighting spirit. Their strength increased with each passing day, while the flood dragon steadily deteriorated, and more and more it became difficult to be an equal match. Right now, it was even more difficult for him to rely on the favorable location of the dragon palace to resist, so his defeat was only a matter of time. But… that was in case Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were in the team.

The flood dragon was, after all, the hegemon of this place for hundreds of years, so how could he die so easily?

But before Ouyang Shang could say something, he saw Cai Xia also came in. "Two Senior Brothers, let's be frank here. We can see that you actually have something important to do, but you can't do it because of us… But I just want to say, just do what you guys need to do. Us, Junior Brothers and Sisters, can't always depend on you guys."

Wang Lu snickered. "Oh my, you've already grown wings huh~ Although your chest is small, your tone is apparently not."

Then Cai Xia kicked his knee unceremoniously.

Cai Xia said, "Big Brother, we are serious. " Then she took out a pile of thick paper from her mustard seed bag. "This is our own drafted battle plans… It's a multi-plan to contend against the flood dragon without your help. Although the plan might not be as perfect as that of the two Senior Brothers, but…"

Ouyang Shang picked up the plan, and in one look, he couldn't take his eyes away from it. Wang Lu looked at it from behind him and slightly raised his eyebrows.

Previously, he had actually underestimated this group of people since all the time they had been living in Ouyang Shang's shadow, but as a matter of fact… They were actually the golden generation, the Spirit Sword Sect's proudest generation in thousands of years. Ouyang Shang had a powerful overall capability, but it didn't mean that he was far beyond anyone in anything.

When Yang Fei and the others gathered their strength, it was possible for them to overpower their Big Brother.

"... Very well." After a long silence, Ouyang Shang sighed. "I approve this plan. In fact, I can't do better even if do it myself. As long as you carry it out strictly, you can definitely defeat the flood dragon under the premise of controllable risk."

With the approval of the Senior Brother, Yang Fei and Cai Xia couldn't help but cheer in unison and even tightly hugged each other. But the next moment, the cheering came to an abrupt end.

"But there are some caveats that I'd like to emphasize. First of all…"

Before he could continue, Ouyang Shang was kicked out by the two of them at the same time.

It was half a day later that Ouyang Shang journeyed north together with Wang Lu. It was just that, there was one more person that came along with them.

In addition to Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu, there was also the ever silent Wang Wu behind them.

Wang Wu's presence was actually on the request of Ouyang Shang, which in fact, surprised Wang Lu.

Regardless of which aspect, the still lacking in cultivation base Wang Wu was only a bad teammate. Yet, the rescue operation in the north area actually consisted of fighting the demon race, which had an enormous risk. Relatively speaking, Wang Wu would only be a burden.

However, when Ouyang Shang seriously said, "I can't relax if she's away from me." Wang Lu couldn't find any objection at all.

"Very well… Since we have no time to catch the mermaid of the dragon palace, using her should be okay, right?"


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