Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 505: This Is Called Punching The Geracomium

Chapter 505: This Is Called Punching The Geracomium

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Speaking about dreams, Wang Lu could not help but think about the most magnificent dream he had ever seen in his entire life, the new demon world, which bore the wishes of the millions of creatures… As well as that mountain of corpses that towered straight into the clouds. Within it, there was a secret chamber where a person that should be there was actually not there.

If it was him, then everything would be connected… No, it should be said that, according to the time, it could only be him.

The new demon world was born two thousand years ago. At that time, the demon king who should have been guarding in the middle of the mountain of corpses slipped away. Similarly, two thousand years ago, Fenrir was attacked by a powerful opponent and was suppressed here. How could people not associate the two?

The last king of the demon world abandoned his own people and led a new tribe to the Nine Regions. Then he went to the Western Continent to hunt down the monster wolf Fenrir, trying to transform her power for his own use. But the monster wolf bit back and he eventually failed. The tribe that he brought with him also became a toy of the monster wolf, and thus, it could be said that they only had themselves to blame for the ending.

But similarly, if it was him, then the ninth depth prison of the Fenrir was not secure enough.

Because the dream building technique that the last king excelled at was ultimately a technique to create something out of nothing, producing power in nothingness. The only problem was that the power required to construct the dream was extremely large. He was sneak attacked by the monster wolf and fell into the ninth depth prison. Under this rushed change, what scale of the dreamland could he build on his own?

But, no matter how weak the dreamland was, if it was let to grow for two thousand years, once it began to snowball, any result that it would eventually form would not be a surprise.

For example, the endless black tide that covered the entire Savage Land one hundred and fifty years later.

Thinking of this, Wang Lu felt more strongly that the matter should not be delayed. Hearing that Fenrir was about to recount her experience in that time, Wang Lu interrupted.

"That strong enemy, does he have a not quite tall figure, handsome, and seems like an ordinary young man?"

When his voice fell, the cave was suddenly shrouded in darkness. Fenrir's body fiercely stood up, and an irresistible force of astonishing pressure came.

"How did you know that?"

In the darkness, the voice of Fenrir was no longer relaxed, and the unique woman's voice became heavy and hoarse, like the roar of the beast.

The previous good talk that Fenrir displayed happened because Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang coaxed her to be happy. But if the two little guys had anything to do with that powerful enemy, Fenrir would not be happy anymore.

"I never told you about his appearance!"

Wang Lu circulated his Non-Phase Method and forcefully gathered his primordial spirit that was almost shattered. And then with a sinking sound, he said, "Two thousand years ago, there was a great upheaval in the demon world."

Fenrir didn't care about Wang Lu pulling the topic a bit off, but just silently nodded. "Keep going."

"That upheaval almost destroyed the demon world. Then the then demon king led the survivors to create an amazing miracle to continue the demon race civilization. That miracle is called the new demon world."

With that, Wang Lu stretched out his hand to a point before his eyes. Immediately, brilliant lights and vibrant colors grew in the darkness, and then transformed into showing all kinds of scenes in the new demon world.

Although it was only a spell, and moreover, Wang Lu didn't have the intention to cause the image to appear blurred, Fenrir still felt the infinite vitality contained within the new demon world.

"Go on."

Wang Lu nodded and began to change the image. The image perspective continued to move upward, until it went straight through the sky, piercing the shackles of the new demon world, and then the truth of everything was revealed.

Wang Lu presented the corpses of hundreds of millions of creatures in front of Fenrir.

Witnessing this astonishing mountain, the world extinguisher monster wolf Fenrir of Western Continent who had long been accustomed to ruin and death was appalled. "What is this?"

"The carrier of the new demon world, the origin of everything," Wang Lu said, and then continued to move the angle of the view. From the corner of the mountain of corpses to exploring the secret inside the mountain.

Fenrir saw a long and narrow corridor, as well as the square secret room behind it. In the center of the secret room was a completely empty coffin, and on the surrounding walls were the records of the dream building technique.

Seeing this, she also understood the truth of everything. The wolf has always been a cunning and swift creature, and the monster wolf of the Western Continent that stood on the apex was even more so.

She might be willful and playful, but she was never dull or stupid.

"I have one last question: how do you know all of this?"

Wang Lu indifferently responded, "The secrets that had once been explored by chance by the Elders of the sect and then passed on to us elite disciples."

Fenrir closed her eyes and accepted this answer. This was indeed the most reasonable answer.

Wang Lu did not tell her the truth about his travel through time. Even though it was the easiest way to win the trust of others, he still did not completely trust this seemingly cute monster wolf of the Western Continent.

Towards Ouyang Shang, he disclosed everything, because he trusted the other party and knew that their interests were the same. Together, they would try to take advantage of his time travel to reverse the history and save the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect. However, for Fenrir, the usage of a time traveler was obviously more than that.

In order to avoid trouble, Wang Lu pushed everything to the sect elders. Fortunately, Fenrir seemed to be worried and didn't care enough to pursue it further.

Now that Fenrir had known the truth, the next step was to find out how to thoroughly eliminate the demon king in the ninth depth prison. For this, Wang Lu already had some ideas to try, but before he could open his mouth to say it, he heard the slightly tired voice of Fenrir.

"Very well, I already know it, you guys can go now."

As soon as her voice fell, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang saw a blur. They had been sent out of the underground cave and directly arrived outside the shrine.

"We've actually been expelled?" Wang Lu was inexplicably amazed.

"Probably she doesn't trust us too." Ouyang Shang speculated, "Next she must deal with the powerful enemy in the ninth depth prison. To do this, she might have to use some taboo secret technique, during which, her body would become particularly vulnerable, so she doesn't want us to be by her side."

This was a reasonable explanation and Wang Lu had nothing to say to that.

After a while, Wang Lu sighed. "In the end, the plan to have children hasn't been successfully implemented. If both sides were fated to do it, right now, we probably wouldn't have to guard against each other."

Ouyang Shang wanted to nod and say yes but thought that the reason why the plan to have children failed was largely because Wang Lu had used the close relative card, and he as the substitute didn't promptly pick up the slack… Therefore, he would not comment on this, so as not to stir up trouble.

Thus, he cleared his throat and changed the topic, "At present, the situation inside the underground cave is probably going to be desperately serious, but we on the outside can't just stand in a circle and watch… I have some opinions about that dream building technique."

Wang Lu let out a laugh. "I also happen to have it too. Although the dream building technique is creating something out of nothing, the energy needed to break the ninth depth prison is exceptionally huge, and this requires a suitable carrier. But based on him, someone who is powerless to even defend himself…"

Ouyang Shang said, "He mostly has a helping hand from the outside. But from the tribe's situation, it seems that even the great elder doesn't remember what happened two thousand years ago."

Wang Lu said, "It's not surprising if a civilization is divided into periods. Moreover, accumulating power using dream building technique is obviously the biggest secret that he needs to hide for two thousand years. The tribe consists of many kinds of people so it's easy for the secret to leak. Therefore, he simply didn't let them know, but just used their power."

"So the next step is to ask the tribe about the dream, maybe we'll discover something."

The two seemed to be just talking to each other, but in fact, they merely thought out loud about their next step of the plan. Then they agreed to split up and find out the secret of the dreamland within the tribe.

Then the two, as if by prior agreement, found the tribe's great elder together. When they met at the entrance of the elder's tent, the two men smiled.

To inquire the legend of the tribe, the most straightforward thing to do was, of course, to find the leader of the tribe.

The two lifted up the curtain of the tent and walked in. In the middle of the tent, the great elder was enjoying lunch. When they came in, he raised his head in surprise. "You guys…"

Wang Lu went straight to the point, "Elder, may I ask if there any legends about dreams in this tribe?"

Ouyang Shang added, "Or has anyone in this tribe had a strange dream? The content is probably related to the resistance toward the invisible devil."

Listening to the two of them, a somewhat serious expression appeared on top of the great elder's surprised expression. He put down his bowl and said, "Why do you suddenly think and ask about this?"

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang didn't speak but just observed the reaction of the great elder. The great elder's reaction didn't seem unusual. This seemed to be the proper response of a man who was asked an inexplicable question. However… with how shrewd this old guy was, it was unrealistic to hope that he would reveal a flaw in just two or three sentences.

But Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang didn't have much time to waste on this old guy. Therefore, the two of them immediately used the tactic of cutting the gordian knot.

"We were told to ask this by the invisible devil." Wang Lu said, "She wants us to find out the secret of your tribe's secret revolt against her."

"What?" The great elder finally showed his overwhelmed with shock look—naturally, it was not the least bit fake surprise, frightened, or hurriedly trying to cover it up look.

"Good, you finally got caught." Seeing the subtle expression change of the great elder, Ouyang Shang smiled and stepped forward. In a flash, he appeared beside the great elder and held his neck with his fingers. "It's indeed a hidden secret."

On the other side, Wang Lu lifted up his hand and camouflaged the voice in the tent with a spell so that no one could hear any sound that came from the inside. After which, he walked toward the great elder.

"Explain carefully about the secret of the dreamland."

With that, he also put his hand on the great elder's head.

"If you don't want to speak, we will have to see it for ourselves."

What Wang Lu referred to was the so-called soul searching technique commonly used by evil cultivators. This technique directly searched for the soul of the person and seized their memories, which was very ferocious. It was usually regarded as one of the absolute taboos of the cultivators of the right path. However, it was clear that both Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang belonged to the kind that nothing was taboo.

The great elder intended to play hard till the end, but just as that idea appeared in his mind, he saw green lights simultaneously appear from the hands of the two people—this was the sign of the soul searching technique that was about to be fully used. Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang had actually learned the soul searching technique!

The fear of being seized by the soul searching technique suddenly occupied the mind of the great elder. Although his cultivation base was very high, he was not equal to the two men in terms of strength. In the face of the undisguised power of the two men… he could not resist.

"Okay, I'll talk…"

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