Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 507: The Puzzle Is Finally Solved!

Chapter 507: The Puzzle Is Finally Solved!

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In the demon spirit dream, the demons lived forever.

The sight before him, coupled with the introduction from this inexplicable and enthusiastic high-level demon, made Wang Lu quickly understand the rules of this dreamland.

It was indeed very simple. There was only one rule: in this space, the demon race will never die. Regardless of how, no one could destroy the demon race completely. Whenever death comes, it means the beginning of a new life.

According to Wang Lu's understanding of dream building technique, this kind of going against the heaven rule was almost unenforceable. But in fact, the rule had been faithfully executed for two thousand years, and he could also see that this was the spirit dream that had been gathering the demon spirit warriors for two thousand years, with a total number of more than a million.

Judging from the fertility rate of the desert tribe, the population born within two thousand years was also more than a million. However, the demon spirit dream only accepted warriors who died fighting the invisible devil but not those ordinary demons. From the millions of warriors, there were not much from the desert tribe; The majority of them came from the new recruit that autonomously multiplied in the demon spirit dream.

By now, the desert tribe with only around one thousand and one hundred demons left were no longer significant to the demon spirit dream.

"But, it's still very nice to see fresh faces, except that you all have degenerated to almost the same as human!"

From the beginning, the high-level demon continued to sigh.

"I came here one thousand and one hundred years ago. At that time, the scale of the demon spirit dream was not as large as now. Every new demon was a valuable resource. Because those that can persist in fighting the invisible devil to the very end are all the very best warriors of the tribe, and in the demon spirit dream, they were soon able to recover their perfect state and become a reliable comrade in arms. Unfortunately, since I came here, the new ones are becoming weaker and weaker, but also fewer and fewer. Obviously, the outside situation is getting more and more difficult. Ai, we don't have much time left."

That guy heaved a sigh and the next moment, his expression completely changed. "But you two new guys shouldn't worry too much. In this piece of land, you will soon recover the proper stance of the demon race. Previously, it's just because you were squeezed too ruthlessly by the bad environment. Rest assured, us seniors will take a good care of you until you become a worthy warrior."

As soon as he finished talking, they saw a fireball with exotic colors flew in the distance. That high-level demon's face changed. "Let's go, we've been watched!"

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang also didn't argue, immediately they launched their spell to escape along with that high level demon. After a moment, their original position was submerged in the sea of fire. When that exotic colored fireball fell to the ground, it triggered a shocking explosion. The earth was torn, the magma burst out, and the scalding hot air wave that came out even made the miles away from there Daoist Master of Jindan Stage felt uncomfortable.

"That big guy occasionally will take the initiative, and each time it's also like this, in that it takes a long time to arrive, which is really inefficient."

Seeing that the high level demon seemed to be talking about this topic, Wang Lu hurriedly interrupted by asking an important problem.

"Who is that big guy? Why do you have to fight it?"

The high level demon looked incredulously at Wang Lu. "You two don't even remember why you're here? That big guy is of course the invisible devil, the biggest enemy of our demon race! As long as it hasn't been destroyed, the war will never stop!"

Wang Lu turned his head and looked at the darkness that occupied half the world. "Is that the true body of the invisible devil? Em, do you guys really think that it would be useful to use the human wave tactic to deal with that thing?"

"Of course it's useful! Don't look that it now seems unbeatable, you should know that two thousand years ago, more than ninety-nine percent of the world was occupied by that darkness, yet now, we've already able to compete with it on an equal basis! If we go by this trend, we just need to continue to persist for another five hundred years and we can completely occupy the dominant position and then eliminate the invisible devil!"

"Regardless of whether the opponent will just sit still and let you keep growing… even if you win in the demon spirit dream, can you really affect the opponent?"

"Of course we can! As long as we can win here, the invisible devil will be wiped out!"

That high level demon said it as a matter of fact. Although there were no detailed reason behind it, it seemed that he had no doubt about it.

Thus, Wang Lu didn't dwell on that question anymore. Instead, he asked, "But, what day is it today that there's such a large scale decisive battle?"

"There's nothing special about today, we've just been fighting like this all the time."

"All the time?" Wang Lu was surprised. "Did you fight with it like this for two thousand years?"

"Correct!" That high level demon quite proudly said, "For two thousand years, the war hasn't stopped even for a moment!"

"Then… Are all of you ceaselessly fighting and ceaselessly coming back to life? In addition to fighting, are there no other activities?"

That high level demon bewilderedly said, "What other activities? Before killing the invisible devil, we need not anything but fight!"

Wang Lu was even more surprised. "At least there's always a need to multiply, right? Aren't these more than a million demons born locally?"

That high level demon laughed and said, "You mean population growth? That's very simple. Sometimes, we were torn into two halves by the invisible devil, and when we were resurrected, we might become two people… Look at that one over there, doesn't he look exactly the same as me? Three hundred years ago, we were cut off by the invisible devil, and when we woke up, it was already like this."

"What the, the population growth is actually achieved by way of mitosis? Very well, what about other things besides reproduction? Don't you feel tired? Two thousand years of fighting, wouldn't that be boring? Was it not painful? Were there no war weariness?"

Looking at the demarcation line of the battlefield, thousands of demons disappeared in the darkness, as if they were sent into a meat grinder… Wang Lu really didn't think that anyone could persist in this kind of environment for two thousand years. Even the most warlike of demons, the warriors of Flaming Valley, wanted to vent as much as they like after the war, perhaps by stuffing themselves with food or plowing a woman's body… There was no way to fight continuously, let alone for two thousand years!

Although at the time the royal family of demon race conquered the demon world, as a warrior, they were not better than those of Flaming valley. They would feel afraid, weary, and frustrated. This endless fight was completely unreasonable!

"Ay, why do you, two new arrivals, have so many questions? Have the tribe become such a wussy? If you want to know why, then come with me to experience the battlefield for once!"

With that, out of nowhere, the high level demon fished out two jet black spears.

"Here, take it and then come with me. As long as you experience the cycle of life and death once, you will know why we can persist for two thousand years."

Then he took the lead and rushed directly to the battlefield.

The strength of that high level demon was equivalent to that of a Xudan Stage cultivator, with a variety of magical ability spells. At this time, however, he was like an ordinary martial art master, purely using his physical strength to charge ahead, and his speed was also disappointing. In the blink of an eye, he had crossed the vast battlefield, and reached the frontline. He then roared loudly and raised his spear into the darkness. And then a roll of dark tide came, which rolled his corpse out of existence.

A soul-stirring, yet ultimately a foolhardy charge.

A moment later, that high level demon came down from the sky and then looked at Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang in puzzlement. "You two didn't follow me?"

Of course, it was impossible to follow him. These demons had the ability to come back from the dead, but not these two intruders. If they were to be caught by the dark tide, they would die without a burial ground.

However, during their talk, there were many demons around them that turned to look at them curiously.


"It looks more and more strange… What's the matter with people outside now? Have they married with humans?"

"The strength is pretty good, but the guts are not so."

"Don't be afraid, when you really die once, you will know that the so-called fear and pain are all illusions and will disappear with the cycle of life and death. All you have to do is to keep fighting!"

There were more and more demons who gathered around the two of them. Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang exchanged a look and knew that if they continued to let them look at them, they would definitely expose their flaws. After all, they were new demon race recruits who looked exactly the same as human, which no matter how one looked at it, it would still be abnormal. Only this group of demons that had been fighting for two thousand years so that tumor appeared in their brain would gawk for such a long time without finding any problems with it.

Thereupon, the two men took the bull by the horn. They lifted their long spear high and screamed as they charged forward. Then, when they were about to reach the darkness, Ouyang Shang pulled Wang Lu along with him into the ground using his earth moving technique to escape.

"... We should be safe, right?"

Hiding in the dark underground world, each of them launched their respective method to hold their breath and shield their senses. The strength of the two of them was not particularly high, but they were also confident that they could hide the truth from the brain-damaged demon race warriors above them.

This two thousand years of non-stop battle had long degraded their ability to sense. In addition to bravely charging ahead without fear, their other abilities had gradually died out.

"This dreamland is really interesting." When the situation had stabilized, Wang Lu opened his mouth and said, "Using Fenrir as the imaginary enemy in two thousand years of continuous fight… What's the use?"

"This place's Fenrir should have nothing to do with the real Fenrir." Ouyang Shang speculated, "I think it's just a temptation guise. This bloody battle is more like a collection ceremony, but what does the demon king want to collect through it?"

Wang Lu said, "It should be negative emotions… In a sense, this demon spirit dream is exactly the same as the new demon world. The demons of the new demon world are deprived of their hatred, while the warriors of demon spirit dream are deprived of pain, dispiritedness, tiredness, and so on, becoming a more simple creature. But these emotions could not completely disappear. They are simply collected to make a weapon that can determine the universe…"

"The black tide?" Ouyang Shang, after all, did not go to the demon world and the new demon world, so his reaction was not as fast as Wang Lu. However, once he was reminded, he quickly found the right direction.

"For the most part, yes. In this way, it's connected to the known historical line. The black tide of the Savage Land is not from the weak desert tribe, nor the monster wolf Fenrir, but this demon spirit dream."

"So, the next step is to find a way to destroy this dreamland? But on the scale of this dream… Is there any way for you to do it?"

Wang Lu let out a laugh...

"Coincidentally, there is."

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