Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 508: A Chapter Full of Positive Energy

Chapter 508: A Chapter Full of Positive Energy

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It is always easier to destroy than to build. But regarding demon spirit dream, which had lasted for two thousand years, it was not an easy task to destroy it, at least for a couple of Jindan Stage cultivators.

Even if the two of them exhausted their primordial spirit power, it was impossible to shake the foundation of this dream. However, as it happened, Wang Lu had one item in his hand that could reverse the situation.

The demon jade that should have been consumed in the demon world, the proof of the king of the demon world.

"If it's a group of degraded desert tribe, I don't have much certainty that it would work. But in this demon spirit dream, all the demon race will gradually restore their original appearance. But this set up like spinning a cocoon around themselves 1 ."

"However, direct destruction of the dreamland by the demon jade is likely to cause the eruption of black tide, so it must be treated carefully," Ouyang Shang reminded.

"Yes, I understand. Before we completely destroy the dreamland, we have to think of a way to solve the black tide, and as it happens, I have a little experience in this area. The root of the black tide is the negative emotions of the people in the dream. If they can provoke the two sides to fight each other, it will have twice the result with half the effort."

Ouyang Shang asked, "Provoke the two sides to fight? How about the actual operation?"

"There are two kinds of schemes. One is to break the concealment of the black tide by the demon spirit dream, so that the warriors in the dream can clearly understand the existence of the black tide. After that, it's not difficult to camouflage the black tide as Fenrir or whatever. But this method has two problems. The first one is whether the demon king would allow me to interfere so much with the demon spirit dream. Once this method is detected by him, he will likely detonate the black tide in advance. When that happens, all of our plans are basically failed. The second is, by letting the demon race fight against the black tide, it will only accelerate the accumulation of their negative emotions such as pain and fatigue, and strengthen the black tide. So, it might not result in both of them mutually wounding each other."

Ouyang Shang nodded. "This analysis is reasonable. Then what about the second scheme?"

"The second scheme is a bit more troublesome—the root of the black tide is negative emotions. If we can sever these negative emotions and even produce positive emotions, the black tide will naturally weaken."

Ouyang Shang nodded again. "In theory, this analysis is good, but… he reached toward the top of his head and a drop of black sticky droplet fell not far from him.

This was the blood of the demon race that spilled on the battlefield. The blood-soaked the soil and seeped into more than one hundred meters underground.

On such a tragic battlefield, if that demon king didn't completely strip the negative emotions using the dream building technique, no one could insist until the end before collapsing, let alone have positive emotions.

"There's still a way to do it." Wang Lu said, "I don't know if you have noticed this, but in this demon spirit dream, the negative emotions of the demon race warriors are completely stripped of in the time after their death and before they come back to life."

Ouyang Shang said, "This is indeed the case. I noticed that when they charged ahead, they can still feel the pain when they were seriously injured. I saw with my own eyes a demon who was cut off by the waist loudly screaming on the ground miserably for a long time. But soon he died, and after the resurrection, he was full of spirit again, as if he completely doesn't remember his recent experience."

Wang Lu said, "Correct, that's the problem. In normal terms, even someone with nerves of steel, after a serious injury, would always have a period of mental malaise. But this demon race, after being resurrected, is bursting with energy. Obviously, they were stripped off all of their negative emotions before the resurrection. And figuring out this link gave me the opportunity to act. I want the demon spirit dream to add positive emotions in addition to stripping off the negative emotions. To simply put, increasing the positive energy."

"Increasing the positive energy? For example?"

"For example…"

Wang Lu took a breath, touched the demon jade, and stimulated it with magical power. Then he launched the dream building technique using the power of the demon jade.

The wave of the spell was not strong, which meant that it had a limited influence toward the demon spirit dream. However, with the principle of a small force leveraging a big object, a small spell might also play a role in turning the situation around. It was just that, Ouyang Shang hadn't thought of the specific method of operation.

Therefore, he was very curious about the effect of Wang Lu's spell. After Wang Lu finished casting his spell, Ouyang Shang pondered for a moment and then made a gesture with his hands, a virtual projection was then lit between his palms.

A milky white light in the projection showed the process of the demon race warrior's death on the ground and being resurrected in the sky.

Wang Lu was not surprised to see this. "Is this… dream building technique? When did you learn to do this?"

Regarding the dream building technique, because of the limited time, Wang Lu merely gave Ouyang Shang the brief introduction to it. He never took out the scroll to allow him to read it carefully, and previously, Ouyang Shang hadn't been interested in it too much—the sword art that he currently cultivated was already vast and profound, so he needed to spend a lot of energy to study it. How could he have the time to study the dream building technique?

However, at the moment, the technique used by Ouyang Shang was exactly the dream building technique… Moreover, even Wang Lu had not seriously read it, so where did he learn it?

Ouyang Shang said, "When I saw you unfolded the scroll, the figures on it change. There are a few small spells that don't seem difficult. I just casually read them in my mind and learned them unwittingly."

"Casually read them in your mind, and you learned them unwittingly?" Wang Lu was so surprised that he felt his worldview had been refreshed a bit. The perception of this former Big Brother was so strong that it simply went against the heaven. In terms of learning comprehension alone, this Big Brother was even better than him. And such a talent fell a hundred years ago… No wonder afterward, it was hard for the surviving Heavenly Sword Hall Elders to forget this for their entire life.

If this guy continued to live on...

While he was thinking, he heard Ouyang Shang's exclamation in his ears, "What the hell, Junior Brother Wang Lu, is this what you mean by adding positive energy?"

In the projection between Ouyang Shang's palms, there were hundreds of demon race warriors within that milky white light, and their eyes were vacant.

It was the middle station of their countless cycles of life and death. Whenever they died, their soul would rise from the ground and enter the sky above. After a short period of blank time, they would re-enter the battlefield and continue the fight.

This time, however, after they soul rose to the sky, the short period of time was no longer blank. Instead, they saw an unprecedented spectacle.

It was a holy temple made of pure white jade. A long table was placed in the middle of its hall. Stacked on the tables were countless of delicious delicacies. There were golden-colored high quality greased steaks, gorgeous and polished fragrant fruits, and exquisitely-shaped unique dessert cakes. For the demon race warriors who were born in the desert tribe and whose supplies were extremely scarce, it was a magnificent sight that they had never seen even in the dream.

But what shocked them even more was the row of demon race girls at the table. They were young and graceful, with greasy, slippery, and blood-colored skin. Their facial features were delicate but did not lose their royal family prestige. Two small fangs slightly sneaked out of their mouth and reached against their lips, showing their temptation. Moreover, unlike the other royal family who always wore heavy armor, they only wore a layer of transparent veil, which made their interesting parts partly visible, causing people's blood vessels to open up.

If the dining table in the hall was a shock to the demon race warriors, then these girls simply a lightning strike that came from the ninth heaven, which blew their souls into pieces.

Before entering this dreamland with the demon spirit body, they came from the desert tribe that lived in poverty and hardships for decades. There was no lack of opposite sex within the tribe and reproduction to have children was encouraged. However, due to limited conditions, most of the females seemed dry and haggard, and they aged very fast. If that was their only experience, then it might not be a problem. But now, seeing the truly outstanding beautiful female demon race in the temple… they felt that their outlook on life had been shattered.

"It turns out there's such a beautiful woman in the world!"

"Just seeing them from a distance already makes my blood boil!"

"It seems, it seems they are even more attractive to me than men!"

"Yes, I have never understood the beauty of women before. Now, I realized that my previous one thousand years have all been in vain."

"Hey, is that what you say in front of me, your comrade-in-arms, for one thousand years? Where is your conscience?"

"I'm sorry, I think I still prefer women."

"... Alright, actually, I just found out that I am too."

The size of the hall was extremely magnificent, and the space was even more spacious. On the sides of the long dining table, there were seats as far as the eye can see. These male warriors were in a daze. Filled with anticipation, they took their seat respectively. Needless to say, the young girls then came closer to serve them to enjoy the food.

The dishes on the table were tempting, but how could they be compared to the beautiful women next to them? It was just that the demon race warriors were still a bit confused about the current situation and thus did not dare to act wantonly. Instead, they first deferred to the arrangement of the young girls by slowly sampling the food. It was just that they somewhat ate without tasting the food.

However, a moment later, a greater shock came. Some of the girls, after placing down their food, lightly drilled under the table, knelt while facing the demon race warrior, and then gently opened their cherry-like lips...

Supreme enjoyment descended upon them. At the dining table, the demon race warriors felt a burst of warm sensation, which formed a tide that engulfed their whole body, and permeated into their bone marrow, such that even their soul seemed to melt and their entire person float. Just as they wished that they were in seventh heaven, the other serving girls also smiled and came closer. And then they removed their veil, expressing their intimacy in the most direct way. A ludicrous drama was then staged in the hall.

"... Is this your positive energy?"

Below the ground, Ouyang Shang raised his hands to maintain the projection and then looked at Wang Lu in awe.

"What's the matter?" Wang Lu was bewildered. "Do you think that's not good enough? I think it should be. According to the standard of demon race, those girls are first class beauty. When I molded them, I conveniently used a certain pair of royal family sisters for reference, so it must have a special allure for them."

"... I'm not talking about how good they are or not!"

Wang Lu patted his own forehead. "Ah, I understand. You think that I only care for men, which means sexism? Hahaha, take another look here!"

With that, he stretched out his hand and pointed at the projection between Ouyang Shang's hands. Immediately the scene in that projection changed.

Then, Ouyang Saw that the same situation also appeared in front of the demon women warriors. Inside the pink hall, a row of handsome and delicate yet sturdy demon race youths neatly formed a line, respectfully waiting for the demon women warrior so that they could serve them. And then they used their own means to try to pleasure those women.

"By the way, I also built the lily hall 2 and chrysanthemum hall 3 , to provide unique tastes to the demon race. Do you perhaps have any interest in watching them?"

"... No, thank you."

Wang Lu said, "In short, from now on, every warrior who died in battle heroically will enjoy this treatment, the endless delicious food and the seventy-two girls or boys, whichever they fancy! After going through this experience, the fear of death of the demon race will be greatly reduced, and even be replaced with endless expectations! As long as they die once, they can enjoy these pleasures, and after being resurrected, they can enjoy them all over again. Believe me, from now on, this demon race will view death as a return home, and the so-called negative emotions will soon disappear!"


"See, they've already started shouting God is the greatest."

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