Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 509 - A Chapt.er with Rich Connotation and Numerous Foreshadowing

Chapter 509: A Chapt.er with Rich Connotation and Numerous Foreshadowing

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Unconventional person has unconventional methods. Although Wang Lu’s dream building was very absurd, it hit straight to the point. A beautiful construction of the afterlife immediately made the demon race warriors unafraid of death. In any case, they would always come back after each death in full condition, and even the pain of death was completely stripped away, so… what was so terrifying about it?

Moreover, even if the pain was not stripped away, the pain of death was not enough compared to the supreme enjoyment in the hall. Although the royal family of the demon world couldn’t completely ignore the pain like the warrior of the Flaming Valley, their pain tolerance was extremely alarming.

Wang Lu’s positive energy soon produced an effect. The bloody killing atmosphere in the battlefield of demon spirit dream was almost completely swept away. The demon race warriors descended from the sky joyfully and full of laughter. Many of them had their face flushed with euphoria.

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Then they casually lifted their weapons, prepared their spells, and entered the battlefield. When they fight, they became braver than ever. Not only they were not afraid of death, they even vaguely seemed to crave for it.

Many of them rushed to the darkness in a suicidal way, using their energy against the invisible devil in a completely uneconomical way.

Then, the long-awaited hall appeared before them and a line of young beautiful girls waited respectfully for them at the dinner table.

With how beautiful their treatment was, who cared about death?

While these demons were enjoying themselves, positive emotions bred, and the massive black tide began to disintegrate.

As a result, the pace of growth of the black tide that had continued to grow for two thousand years was finally stopped and began to decline.

In this regard, Ouyang Shang, after a long silence, had to sigh. "Damn."

Thousands of words were not enough to sufficiently express his emotion, except for this word.

When it was analyzed that it needed positive energy to digest the black tide, Ouyang Shang also realized that they should create content in the heaven to make those dead demon race warriors happy. However, Ouyang Shang’s first reaction was to create a mechanism that would incite a sense of honor, competitiveness, and so on… As a result, Wang Lu directly educated him with the seventy-two virgins tactic.

To make people unafraid of death, virgins would likely be more useful than honor.

However, after sighing with emotion at how advance Wang Lu’s tactic was, the next question must be answered: For the black tide which had been accumulated for two thousand years, the positive energy provided by the seventy-two virgins tactic seemed to be huge but was only a drop in the bucket. Moreover, it might not last for too long. The attractiveness of good food and beautiful women would always decline after the initial shock. What should they do then?

"Rest assured, I have a full set of plans here. When the appetite for food and sex is finally lost, it’s time for another system to take its place… Hehe, fortunately, this is in the dream, so common sense can be disregarded to build this thing."

Wang Lu said and then began to activate the demon jade, creating a new content in the demon spirit dream.

"Oh?" Ouyang Shang curiously converted it into the projection. He saw that Wang Lu had built a new palace. In its hall, there was also a long table. However, there was no delicacy on the table, on each seat, there was just a strangely shaped rectangular plate, which displayed beautiful picture on its front surface. In addition, on the table, there was also a board covered with many small squares, and a mouse-shaped piece.

"What is this?" Ouyang Shang was bewildered.

"Internet cafe."

"… What?"

"It will be very cumbersome to explain it in details, but in short, all you need to know is that this is a place that can give people endless enjoyment and at the same time lose themselves."

Wang Lu said, and then began to add more details in the hall: Each seat had a bowl of steaming hot noodles and a glass of water. The hall was also filled with smoke, the smell of which irritated the nose.

"Hahaha, it is done! When the system is officially online, I will set the rules. If one dies due to decapitation, he or she could entertain themselves in the internet cafe for an hour. Meeting a cruel death equals to two hours of amusement. Being frightened out of one’s wit is the same as three hours of enjoyment. For those with an especially miserable condition can be offered with an all-night package! I believe those demons will persist in their effort to be brutally murdered, and they would enjoy it without ever being tired of it."

"Although I don’t understand it, it seems pretty awesome." Ouyang Shang was deeply impressed.

"But this system also has its weakness. If during their time in the cafe, there’s an intense electric shock 1 , it may permanently lose their interest in it… But at least no one should be electrified at this time right?"

"I believe most of them don’t even know what the system is doing."

"Hey, that’s great, but… Then, as long as a few more instructions are added, it would completely solidify the system that I designed. Even that last demon king will not be able to save the situation, and could only sit by the side and see the dark tide disintegrating day by day."

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Ouyang Shang nodded his head but did not speak.

Even though… Wang Lu had painstakingly joined the two systems, which indeed had led the black tide to begin to decline, was it easy to eliminate the black tide that had been accumulated for two thousand years? Even if he stimulated more positive energy, without enough time to accumulate, it would be hard to truly shake the massive black tide.

Looking at the black tide through the dream building technique, the scale was simply breathtaking. Fenrir that occupied half the world in the demon spirit dream still appeared tiny in comparison. These demon race warriors had actually created a more terrifying opponent unwittingly.

Perhaps compared to the new demon world that Wang Lu once said, the scale of this demon spirit dream was not worth mentioning. However, at its current size, there was not a single cultivator that could contend against the black tide by themselves. At least, only if one of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was fully committed, it could then be suppressed.

In this way, it was easy to understand the total defeat of Spirit Sword Sect in Wang Lu’s timeline. Within the Five Uniques, Spirit Sword Sect was the weakest. If it were Royal Soldier Sect or Ten Thousand Arts Sect that faced off against this, then they might still be able to suppress it by trying really hard, but for Spirit Sword Sect, it would cost lives to make it…

When he thought about this, Ouyang Shang suddenly felt somewhat strange.

According to Wang Lu, after the massacre in the Savage Land, Spirit Sword Sect, from top to bottom, was almost finished. Only a few younger disciples that survived. Then… How could they maintain their position in the Five Uniques? He knew that the current strength of Spirit Sword Sect barely passed the threshold of the Five Uniques. If the Elders were to die, then they would be quickly relegated to second class power. Although one hundred and fifty years later, Spirit Sword Sect began to rise gradually, the talented disciples came forth in large numbers and the Elders became unfathomable, how did they spend this one hundred and fifty years gap?

Although this problem was only a minor detail in the current situation, since he had thought about it, he might as well spend the time to ponder it.

However, just as Ouyang Shang began to open his mind, he suddenly heard the muffled hum of Wang Lu who had his whole body shivered and his seven orifices overflowed with blood.

"Damn, playing too high."

After hearing this sentence, Ouyang Shang did not ask anything. He immediately launched his Earth Moving Technique and sank even deeper into the ground.

He only assessed the situation in a flash. When Wang Lu said ’playing too high,’ he knew that when Wang Lu was consolidating his instruction, he must have been discovered by the last demon king and counter-attacked. Moreover, the power of the counterattack was beyond expectation that he fell into an extremely unfavorable situation. So much that he could not even use the dream building technique to evacuate from the demon spirit dream.

Because if Wang Lu is able to escape and had time to burst out expletives, he should have found a way to get away from this dangerous spot.

Wang Lu had never been such a reckless man. He dared to do so much in this demon spirit dream because he had his recourse to rely on, which included the mysterious demon jade and his teammate.

Because Ouyang Shang was by his side, therefore, he could feel at ease in taking the risk. At the same time, once something happened, Ouyang Shang had to be able to pick up the slack promptly. The intention of that expletive was actually a warning so that Ouyang Shang would move into action. And Ouyang Shang also did not fail to live up to his expectation. With a quick reaction, without a shred of delay, he launched his Earth Moving Technique and used the escaping one hundred miles in a flash to bring Wang Lu with him deep into the ground for no one knew how deep in a twinkling of an eye. At the same time, the two of them could vaguely feel a huge shadow over their heads that engulfed a vast piece of space.

"… That was close."

Ouyang Shang said, and began to try to display his new skill in dream building technique.

It was also a small trick that he happened to see in the scroll, used to get out of the dreamland. However, just as Ouyang Shang started to do it, Wang Lu beckoned him to stop.

"It’s no use, the other party has blocked the dreamland. Rush action will only expose our position."

"In other words, if we don’t act rashly…"

At this time, Wang Lu finally barely able to catch his breath. "He is not omnipotent in the dreamland. He is just the founder and administrator of the dreamland, not the absolute ruler… By virtue of this demon jade, I should’ve been able to gain even more authority than him. Unfortunately, in the past two thousand years he had made new breakthroughs in dream building technique and caught me off guard. But now, his administrative authority has been blown away by me, which finally leave a room for me to breathe."

Ouyang Shang muttered to himself irresolutely, "If his ability within the dreamland is limited to what has just been shown, then there’s indeed a room for leeway—At least my Earth Moving Technique is fast enough that he could not overtake me."

Thinking about that escaping one hundred miles in a flash technique, Wang Lu understood why when Ouyang Shang realized that the situation had changed, his first reaction was to escape into the ground, rather than other places. When he fully exerted his Earth Moving Technique, it was truly an against the heaven skill. Regardless of his reaction speed or action speed, it was already completely beyond the boundary of Jindan Stage cultivator. Perhaps even Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage might not be able to have his terrifying explosive force… It was as if the whole earth blessed him.

"Well, ever since my childhood, I already have affinity with the earth." Ouyang Shang simply explained, "Although it’s not earth element spirit root, when cultivating the five element spells, the earth element spell is always particularly good."

Wang Lu laughed and said, "So why don’t you change your name to Ouyang Tudi (Land, like Wang Lu’s original name)? We would have a couple’s name."

"… In short, I will try my best to buy you time. As for how to break through the blockade of the other party and out of this demon spirit dream…"

Wang Lu took a deep breath. "Just leave it to me. If it is impossible to make it by force directly, I still have a lot of plans to cheat by trickery."

With that, he once again took out the demon jade, which contained a chaotic red luster, as if it was a hungry beast.

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