Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 512: The Emotional Sword Is Really Not for People to Cultivate...

Chapter 512: The Emotional Sword Is Really Not for People to Cultivate...

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In the desert oasis, the stand-off continued to brew and intensified.

The people in the tent were struggling to find out the truth, trying to find a way out of the present predicament. For this reason, even the exemplary moral integrity of their Big Brother and Senior Brother Wang Lu could be ignored.

The same was true for the people outside the tent. They were willing to sacrifice a lot of things as long as they could save their great elder.

The sacrifice of life was the simplest. In fact, during the stand-off, there were many hot-blooded warriors who were eager to prove the desert tribe's backbone with their own blood, but the senior members of the tribe stopped them.

The enemy was strong, while they were weak. Furthermore, the situation was forced, so the desert tribe had no qualification for hot-blooded impulse. It was easy for the few of them to rush in and commit suicide, but if it aroused the opposite party's anger, based on the combat power of the desert tribe, who could stop the opposite party from slaughtering them?

Therefore, after a long time, the demon race outside the tent remained at the stage of protesting. Although their rhetoric grew harsher, there was no practical effect.

"Human! Is this how you, respectable and upright sect, do things?"

"We treated you with absolute sincerity, and even saved the lives of the two of you, yet you put a heavy hand on our great elder, you guys are simply ruthless! Aren't you guys afraid of your soul being scattered away by a lightning strike of heavenly tribulation the day when you try to soar into immortality!"

"Let our elder go, and we can let bygones be bygones."

With such a protest, the people in the tent were already tired of hearing it. After a while, someone even cast a soundproof spell at the tent entrance, which immediately gave them the quiet that they longed for.

And a quiet environment was indeed more conducive to people's thinking.

"What do you guys think, should we call the others?"

"The others? What do you mean?" Lin Wan puzzledly looked at Feng Yin.

"I mean those people at Blessed Fountain. Didn't Big Brother previously set up a base in Blessed Fountain? There should be three teams over there. Senior Sister Cai Xia is also there. If she can come, perhaps, there might be a way."

"Asking from the people at Blessed Fountain?" Lin Wan muttered, "But aren't they doing their final showdown against the flood dragon and thus impossible to divide their manpower?"

Feng Yin said, "I recently just exchanged a letter with them at Blessed Fountain. Their progress is very smooth. Yesterday, they just fought their fiercest battle against the flood dragon and won a great victory!"

The several other people who listened gawked.

"Right now at Blessed Fountain, they have fully entered the harvest time, so it wouldn't matter if one or more people are missing. Moreover, Blessed Fountain base was originally just a frontier base. So, after the completion of the Blessed Fountain offensive, the three teams could not all stay in Blessed Fountain. Most people still have to continue to explore the Savage Land. It would be better for them to come here and join us. This desert oasis, if you dig deeper, may be a place with more potential than Blessed Fountain."

Feng Yin's proposal quickly won the support of many people.

"Agree. Since the current situation proves that it is not something that we can solve, then it is only natural to introduce new support."

"Although the management trainee program is designed to exercise our independence, in front of such a big event, sincere cooperation is fundamental."

Seeing the Junior Brothers and Sisters gave their support in succession, Feng Yin nodded his head. "Then I will go to prepare to write a letter to Blessed Fountain. But unfortunately, the altar is a bit far away, so I have to trouble one of the Junior Brothers or Sisters to help by taking a walk."

"Senior Brother Feng Yin, I suggest you don't do that."

"Oh?" Upon hearing this, Feng Yin was stunned. Turning his head to look for the source of that sound, he saw the person turned out to be the quiet and forever low-key Junior Sister Wang Wu.

As always, Junior Sister Wang Wu was immersed in cultivation. At this time, she was sitting cross-legged. Her whole body's magical power was like a tide, clearly she was in the middle of applying her method. Had Feng Yin not heard it clearly, he wouldn't have been able to notice that it was Wang Wu who was talking just now.

"Junior Sister Wang Wu, did you just suggest me… not to write a letter to request for reinforcement? Why?"

Wang Wu replied without lifting her eyelids, "Because big brother doesn't want too many people to intervene in this matter."

"How do you know that?"

"I just know." With that, Wang Wu no longer spoke. No matter how Feng Yin tried to question closely, she remained silent, which was quite discomforting for Feng Yin.

However, after many years of getting along, he had also accustomed to Wang Wu's special behavior. For her, there was nothing more important than cultivation—of course, if not so, with her aptitude, she wouldn't have gotten to this point.

All along, whether it was the sect's experiential learning or other exercises, she always never took the lead, always followed behind other people, and spent most of her energy on training. As for experiential learning outside, she was even more of a reclusive fanatic. More than three hundred days in a year, she spent her days secluding herself, a totally "home-stayer."

It was a very rare thing for her to open her mouth just now, so for her advice, Feng Yin intended to take it seriously.

The reason for this was very simple. Because Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu personally brought her here from Blessed Fountain. Moreover, there was no secret for the golden generation that their Big Brother favored Wang Wu.

However, if they didn't write the letter asking for help, should they sustain this situation indefinitely? After all, this was other people's home! These desert demons seemed weak, but they have valiantly fought the astonishing invisible devil for two thousand years… Once those demons decided to make their move whatever it takes, would they really be able to withstand the more than a thousand people outside the tent?

Time went by bit by bit in anxiousness. After no one knows how long, they suddenly saw the tent curtain moved, and a demon girl came in.

At the sight of her, some of the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect were surprised. "What are you doing here?"

Zhang Sheng stood up, surprised to see the full-figured but pure and innocent looking girl.

Seeing Zhang Sheng, the girl happily smiled and then beckoned with her hand.

"Do you mean the elders told you to come? Uh… The situation now is really tense, what can you do?" Zhang Sheng was both puzzled and deeply worried.

Just then, someone whistled behind him. "Junior Brother Zhang, hold yourself! Don't fall for other people's honey trap trick and defect to the enemy."

Zhang Sheng peevishly replied, "I already knew that, no need for you to say it!"

"Really? In short, don't do anything stupid. Let me tell you, although there are countless ways to cultivate immortality, it is the best way to control your feelings and act rationally. Of course, I know that what you cultivate is the emotional sword, and love is emotion, but you must not forget the friendship and bromance between us."

"Wang Chenye, would you shut up!"

Just as Zhang Sheng's roar fell, the tent curtain was opened again, and the second girl came in. It was a similarly sexy and hot, yet innocent looking girl.

Wang Chenye was still laughing, but upon seeing her, his laughter came to an abrupt end. He rose up. "Aqing, why are you here?"

That demon girl also beckoned her hand, which made Wang Chenye feel amazed. "You were also sent by the elders? Weird, why would they send you here? The situation here is tense, there's even the possibility of a clash, what if you accidentally get hurt? Quickly go back! No, I can't feel assured, I'll send you back instead!"

"Hey, Wang Chenye, now it is you who are going to defect to the enemy?"

However, before Wang Chenye could argue anything, the two poison extracting physician girls gestured with a bitter smile.

Wang Chenye and Zhang Sheng's face both changed at the same time.

"Ridiculous!" "Impossible!"

Among the several of them, only these two and the poison-extracting physicians who had a good understanding of the sign language of the desert tribe. Seeing the change in the two of them, the others were curious. "What's the matter?"

Zhang Sheng shook his head without saying nothing, but just hugged the demon girl, not willing to let her go. Wang Chen was relatively relaxed. After a sigh, he smiled bitterly again and again.

"The elders of the desert tribe just now have carefully inquired about the situation in the tent. They felt that the three of them had been poisoned by the sand poison and thus fell unconscious, then… they sent these two poison extracting physicians here."

They suspected that the three unconscious people were poisoned by the sand poison so they sent their poison extracting physicians here? This plot development was really... Entertaining to watch!

Whether Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were poisoned by the sand poison or not, those who were present could not distinguish it. This sand poison was invisible and colorless, and only this demon tribe could accurately identify it. Logically speaking, the three of them were in the oasis city, so how could they be poisoned by the sand poison for no reason? If even the city was unsafe, then these demons would've long been extinct. Therefore, the possibility of being poisoned by the sand poison was not big, which was why they kept the demons outside the tent in the first place.

But now, after a long time, the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect, after having exhausted all the methods, they were still unable to determine the crux of the problem. Naturally, it was because no one else had ever heard the existence of dream building technique. Then, when this time the desert tribe put forward the possibility of sand poison, they could no longer deny it.

Moreover, the desert demons also confidently proposed: If you don't believe us, then that's fine, but at least let us save our great elder.

This request was reasonable and difficult to refuse. However, for Zhang Sheng and Wang Chenye, for them to acquiesce to this, they had to really take a psychological struggle.

The method for extracting poison by the poison extracting physician was well known to all. And regarding the desert tribe, this was a must. However, for these two young people who were still inexperienced…

"Is there no other poison extracting physician?" Wang Chenye gestured through sign language with a bitter smile.

Using the same method, the demon girl seriously said, "Among the physicians of the tribe, only the two of us are qualified to extract the poison from the great elder."

"... Damn, what qualification do you need to have for this thing?"

"I'm sorry, if there's nothing else, we would have to extract the poison from the great elder as soon as possible." The expression of the girls was extremely serious.

Wang Chenye was left without words. When he turned to see Zhang Sheng, he saw the complexion of his Junior Brother was pale but did not say a word more. He just let his sweetheart approach the great elder.

Wang Chenye sighed with emotion, thinking that Junior Brother Zang Sheng was indeed worthy to cultivate the sentimental sword. He was indeed a person who could give everything for his loved one, even disregarding the green hat on top of his head. This kind of mindset… Wang Chenye decided that it should not be imitated.

The several cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect in the tent also sighed with emotion that the love pursuer, Zhang Sheng is probably going to meet so many difficulties in his path of love in the future. On the other hand, they didn't care much about the two poison extracting physicians.

Just at this time, a black ray of light appeared in the eyes of one of the demon girls.

She was just a few steps away from Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang.

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