Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 514: Another Chapter of Positive Energy!

Chapter 514: Another Chapter of Positive Energy!

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The change inside the tent had been discovered by the people outside—when Wang Wu was hit, half of the tent was dragged down, which caused the situation inside the tent to be visible.

The sudden outbreak of the two poison-extracting physicians shocked everyone. Before this, it was indeed true that, because of the sand poison, the poison-extracting physicians were isolated from the city. However, there had never been a poison outbreak. If there had been, it wouldn't have been possible for the desert tribe to allow the poison-extracting physicians to live so close to the city.

"What does that invisible devil want to do?"

There was a lot of discussion in the crowd and anger quickly brewed.

In their view, this situation was no doubt the trick from the invisible devil, trying to create a divide in the relationship between the desert tribe and human cultivators using the sand poison. But even though they knew all of this, they completely had no way to deal with it. The wisest person in the tribe was now lying unconscious in the tent, and the other elders, having consulted among themselves for a long time, could only come up with the idea of sending the poison-extracting physicians in. As a result, not long after they entered the tent, there was this accident. Now this group of elders had no leader anymore, completely in a state of chaos, and no one could make a decision.

There were a lot of enthusiastic demons outside the tent who screamed loudly for the human cultivators inside the tent saying, "Splash them with cold water! It will calm them down!"

"Yes, they are naturally resistant to the sand poison, so as long as you wake them up then it'll be fine!"

Others called out for the humans to not kill them: "Please don't hurt them. They are only controlled temporarily by the invisible devil, they have no intention to hurt you!"

For a time, there were many different voices that came out from the hundreds of gathering demons. However, the people inside the tent did not care about the chaos outside.

The two poison-extracting physicians who erupted out of the sand poison brought a growing sense of oppression. Although from the beginning they never made their move, as the storehouse of the sand poison, how could Feng Yin and the others dare to treat them lightly? All kinds of purifications and defensive spells that they have learned in the mountain have all been sent out, for fear that the other party would release the colorless and tasteless sand poison when they were unprepared.

Whether these defensive spells could work was completely unknown. The mental pressure caused the cultivators to consume their magical power faster. In the confrontation between the two sides, the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect were undoubtedly passive, but Feng Yin was indifferent to this as he stayed within the array, unmovable as a mountain.

Stalling for time was actually the thing that they could do. Because now it was clear that it was the demon race side who raced against time. Sending the poison-extracting physicians as living bombs was not an upright tactic, but more like a bluff. Moreover, when Junior Sister Wang Wu found out the risk, she did not immediately become hostile to them, she merely tried to push them out. It was the other side who made the first move and turned this into a confrontational situation. This undoubtedly indicated that they had to get the results as soon as possible and could not delay time.

Since the other party could not afford any delay, then they should make an effort to do just that.

"Very clever, too bad today I won't let you use your little cleverness. Stand back, ants!"

Vaguely, Feng Yin seemed to hear someone's sneer. The next moment, one of the two poison-extracting physicians all of a sudden showed a pained look. She bent over and covered her mouth with her hand, yet the black blood could not stop gushing out.

At the same time, the noise outside the tent suddenly quieted down. Turning around, they saw that most of the hundreds of desert demons that gathered outside showed an unusually painful expression and viscous black blood flowed out from their seven orifices.

This blood did not lead to the loss of vitality. On the contrary, Feng Yin who was at the center of the defensive array could clearly perceive that the pressure from outside the tent was rapidly increasing. Those who were under the crushing pressure of the invisible devil and thus were like a dried oil lamp were injected with a brand new strength. There was even a strong black wind blowing outside the tent.

"Senior Brother Feng Yin…" Lin Wan somewhat anxiously said.

"... Don't be confused with the situation." How could Feng Yin not be able to see that the situation was rapidly deteriorating? But at the moment, there was no better choice than to stay firm—they must not go away.

The black blood continued to flow out of the seven orifices of those demons, solidifying and hardening on the surface of their body. After a while, it formed into a crude, but unusually solid, heavy armor. At the same time, the royal imposing manner of an ethnicity that once commanded the demon world gradually returned.

The desert tribe that not long ago was very weak had become a powerful force that could not be underestimated. The strong pressure made Feng Yin and the others stay still and not act rashly. Among the hundreds of demons outside the tent, there were more than a hundred of them that had the strength comparable to that of a Sudan Stage cultivator. Previously they were like a dried oil lamp, empty and without any threat. But now, they were breathtaking.

"Now I truly believe that they are the descendants of the royal family of the demon world." Feng Yin frowned and whispered to himself, "But is this their return to their ancestors' form? The force that has been squeezed for two thousand years returned once again? But why?"

It was the invisible devil who deprived them of off their power, so the invisible devil had no reason to stand on the demon side to target them.

Feng Yin felt as if there was a huge shadow on top of his head, giving him a suffocating heavy pressure.

"... Big Brother, please wake up as soon as possible."


"Now, what are you going to do?"

Inside the demon spirit dream, the demon king stretched out his hand to open a window in the void. And what they saw outside the window was the change that occurred in the desert oasis.

Hundreds of demons who had returned to their ancestors form surrounded Feng Yin and the others. The eyes of these demons which were originally filled with gentleness had now been filled with fierce anger, as if they were hungry beasts ready to make their move against their prey.

"As you can see, these children have been catalyzed by my ancient bloodline. Although their life has been shortened, they can still do a lot of things before that."

With that, he also took the initiative to turn his head and then he looked at the young girl form of Fenrir. "I also want to thank you for the constant curse for the past two thousand years. Without it as a medium, I would have no way to get through the poison-extracting physicians and suddenly stimulate the bloodline of so many people."

Fenrir simply didn't pay him any attention, treating him as if he did not exist. Wang Lu however, sneered, "Those idiots thought that it was all the work of the invisible devil, but they actually didn't know that everything is manipulated behind the scene by the ancestor that they worshipped as god. What a bunch of losers from a vanquished world who deserve a dying out situation!"

The demon king coldly snorted, "Time is not much, so I advise you to make your decision quick."

With that, the demon king closed the window, looked around at his opponent, and then frowned, "But it seems that you have made your mind?"

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang sneered in unison, "Finish you, everything will be solved."

"Yes, you're right, so I'm not going to play with you anymore. Just stay here, you can kill anyone you like."

After that, the demon king disappeared without a trace. And although Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang had been concentrating on him, they still could not keep up with him.

After coming out empty handed after making their move, Wang Lu immediately began working on the dream building technique once again. Ouyang Shang could not interfere with it, so he turned to look at Fenrir and said, "Em, just now…"

The young girl form of Fenrir huffed, "You want to ask why didn't I make my move just now?"

Ouyang Shang was startled, but after thinking for a moment, he said, "What I wanted to say is, you look so beautiful here."

"Hehe you do? I also think so… Wait a minute, I'm not asking you to flatter me. Just now I have already made my move, otherwise, why would you think he ran away? If not for me who swallowed him, you two little guys would've long had your soul flying away and scattered elsewhere, how could you have the qualification to speak with me here?"

"Oh, so, just now, he actually got killed by having his soul fly away and scatter into nothing so that he disappeared? Your excellency is indeed worthy to be a god-level powerhouse, even making a move won't leave any trace…"

"Okay, that's enough, what I just swallowed was only one of his avatars, and moreover, it is just an avatar in the dream. His main body is still hidden in the ninth depth prison. Although he couldn't escape, I also don't have any good ideas to deal with him. This demon spirit dream is completely beyond my control, and the dream blockade could not be broken. On the other hand, he uses the dreamland as a bridge to communicate with the outside world, which I can't stop. So…"

"So, if we want to save people, we have to rely on ourselves?"

Wang Lu said and deeply spat the smell of blood of extremely foul air. "But it will take quite some time for me to break through the dream blockade. How much can you help with the outside matter?"

Fenrir said, "You want me to help them? I can, actually, but why should I do that?"

The monster wolf Fenrir had never been close to the human race. In front of Wang Lu, she could put on a cute and charming girl form, because Wang Lu had a smell that was familiar to her. But if it is Feng Yin and the others, the only reason she does not swallow them immediately would be that they are dirty for her taste.

"Because saving them is saving you." Wang Lu gasped for breath and earnestly said, "Since you have been following me for so long, you should've seen the black tide… how do you feel about its power?"

The smile on Fenrir's face disappeared, "Do you really have a way to eliminate the threat of the black tide?"

Wang Lu stretched out his hand and pointed out, "That is the arrangement to eliminate the black tide. Moreover, it has already begun to take effect. Unless he is willing to detonate when the black tide is still not fully formed, no matter how big his ability is, he could only look on helplessly as the power of the black tide grows weaker by the day. As long as I'm here, the arrangement that I had solidified with the dream building technique could not be modified. The flaws that he left in the dream one hundred years ago is too big."

Fenrir slightly frowned. "Although I don't understand much of what you said, do you want to say that as long as you don't die, the threat of the black tide will gradually reduce? But if I don't make my move and save them, you might die along with your friend, and I will also die by the black tide?"

Wang Lu nodded.

In fact, in Wang Lu's timeline, it was likely that things were developed as such. Otherwise, who could destroy an adult Fenrir with its amazing power?

After hesitating for a long time, Fenrir finally wagged her tail and chuckled. "Very well, I'll help you."

However, just as Fenrir was about to make her move, she was suddenly stopped by Wang Lu.

"Wait a minute… I do not recommend you to directly kill those demons."


"I'm afraid it's a scam." Wang Lu explained, "The guy died so clean, and without any struggle, don't you think that it's too easy? It's like he's waiting for me to ask you to make your move."

With that, Wang Lu gasped for breath and then patiently said, "I just used the dream building technique to gain awareness of the demon spirit dream, so I have a deeper understanding of the black tide. Right now there's only a fine line before the black tide fully matures. This is also my good luck. If I came three or five days later, he would have succeeded. Previously, it was because his work will soon smoothly finish that he was a bit careless to deal with me, thus giving me the opportunity. However, even with my present arrangement, it's still too late to significantly weaken the black tide. Once there's a variable, he would likely induce the black tide to mature early, and then it would fully erupt."

Fenrir touched her ear and said, "That's so troublesome. According to you, I should not kill, but if I don't that's also a no-no, so what should I do then?"

Wang Lu muttered to himself irresolutely, "The descendants left behind by that demon king, most of them want you to kill them, thereby creating strong negative emotions which will quickly enrich the black tide. So it's better to go in the opposite way."

"Go in the opposite way? How?"

Wang Lu pointed to the sky and smiled without saying anything.

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