Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 522: Internal Trouble and Outside Aggression

Chapter 522: Internal Trouble and Outside Aggression

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A few days ago, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang sent two Junior Brothers back to the mountain to request for reinforcements, but actually, they did not hold much hope.

If everything went well, then that would be the best. The Elders of Spirit Sword Sect and the other powerhouses in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would come to support them. When the time comes, no matter how high the methods of the demon was, they would all become like scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Previously, Wang Lu was unable to judge his opponent's cards, so he did not dare to expand the scale of the war. Now that the black tide had been suppressed, there was no scruple anymore.

However, in regard to asking for reinforcement, it was really impossible to hold too much expectation because it was not difficult for the opponent to judge this move—as long as the demon was not stupid to the highest degree, he ought to know the importance of blocking the message. As long as this group of disciples of Spirit Sword Sect was killed, based on the characteristics of the Savage Land which was nearly isolated, in term of information exchange, from the outside world, it would be difficult for the Spirit Sword Sect to detect any abnormality for a short period of time. And when they did find it, the demon would've already completed his arrangement and wouldn't need to be afraid anymore. As long as Wang Lu was killed, the terrifying black tide in the desert would continue to accumulate until it broke out. Under the sweeping of the black tide, Spirit Sword Sect would end up just like in Wang Lu's timeline.

Therefore, from the beginning, sending people back to the mountain for help was somewhat a gamble. It was only under the situation at the time that this move could not be left out. Thus, at the time, after weighing in about this, Ouyang Shang chose two Junior Brothers who were skilled in escaping to send a letter to the mountain.

Fortunately, in the following development, although the situation was not particularly smooth, it was still manageable. Right now, even if the mission of the two Junior Brothers did not go well, and the letter asking for help was not sent back to the mountain… More than half of the golden generation had gathered at Blessed Fountain. As long as they could lead these people to move as a group back to the mountain, it would be counted as a victory.

Now that he heard the two Junior Brothers successfully sent back the letter asking for help, Ouyang Shang was relieved at last.

As the Big Brother, the stress that he bore on his shoulder made him deeply tired. The unpredictable enemy, the terrifying black tide, and the lives of more than one hundred of his Junior Brothers and Sisters, all rest on his shoulder, and he was a young man who had just reached Jindan!

Fortunately, this difficult test had finally come to an end.

"In three days, the reinforcements will arrive, so everyone must be careful during these three days, don't fall before dawn."

After giving that simple instruction to Yang Fei, Cai Xia, and the other disciples in charge at Blessed Fountain, Ouyang Shang returned to his room to rest. He was really tired.

However, when he opened the door, he saw someone was already in the room. Seeing that person, Ouyang Shang couldn't help but laugh. "Junior Brother Wang Lu, you really have great energy. Aren't you tired?"

Wang Lu said, "I'm already tired like a dog, that's why I came here for leisure."

"... Junior Brother, if you have something to say, feel free to say it, but if you want to look for leisure, you can look elsewhere."

Wang Lu said, "Well, I was thinking that, since this was such a rare holiday, let's be nice to each other to increase the kindness points between us, but since you're so resistant to the pure friendship of the same sex, then I have to…"

Ouyang Shang couldn't bear to continue to listen anymore, so he promptly interrupted, "... Do you have any thoughts about the reinforcements that would arrive in three days?"

Wang Lu exclaimed, "Of course I have. In addition to looking for leisure, I also want to discuss this matter. According to the original timeline, all the elders of Spirit Sword Sect were completely annihilated. And because I know this, I previously always objected to bring the Elders here. Unfortunately, but as the situation unfolds, it still leads on the same path… Although we have already done enough security measures, we still have to bear the great risk."

Ouyang Shang said, "For such a powerful enemy, there's no reason to take any risk. Now that the black tide has been sealed by you, and after several confrontations with the enemy, although the opposite party's methods are wrapped in a shroud of mystery, it could be said that it would be impossible for him to exterminate all the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect… The moment you travel through time, the history line has undergone irreversible changes."

Wang Lu nodded. "Yes, we can put aside this problem for the time being. Let's discuss the next problem. These three days will be difficult for everyone. The more than fifty people that we have in this Blessed Fountain base seem huge, but it doesn't lack the flaws where the opponent may infiltrate, and the number of people will instead only make these flaws more open. Using the trick that he used against Liu Xian might not be possible anymore, but if there's a slight mistake, more than fifty people would be in chaos. By that time, I'm afraid that even both of us would find it difficult to suppress it."

Ouyang Shang nodded. "You're right, that's why just now I asked Yang Fei to bring a Junior Brother who is good at setting up array to reinforce the Blessed Fountain base and match it with the monster tools left behind by the flood dragon…"

Wang Lu interrupted, "No matter how we reinforce the Blessed Fountain base to make it impregnable, at the end of the day, it would still need to rely on us, a group of young cultivators whose highest stage is only Jindan. When we were in Ghose Weeping Forest, we were always on guard with all our might, yet the opponent could still penetrate. So returning to Blessed Fountain might not be too much of a difference."

Ouyang Shang sighed. "I know, that's why I also asked Cai Xia for another arrangement."

"Strict internal management by strict monitoring of every disciple… The idea is correct, but I always feel that these methods are not enough."

Ouyang Shang said, "... Yeah, it's still not safe just by relying on Junior Sister Cai Xia and the others, so I intend to personally inspect the base after I take a short break…"

"Blessed Fountain base is expanded on the basis of Dragon Palace. Previously, the master of this place had so many underlings, and the scale of the Dragon Palace is extremely huge, can you guarantee that you will not leave any corner unchecked? Even if you add me, it's still not enough. So the way I see it, it is better for you to gather everyone in the Dragon Palace Hall. There, you and I will arrange the array that limits everyone's movement within a meter square grid. Until the Elders arrive in three days, everyone must stay within the grid, and not use any spell. If there's any violation, it will be treated as if it's a demon possession, and everyone will gang up against that person."

Ouyang Shang smiled wryly and said, "This method of yours is a completely crooked method. If it's truly implemented, it will indeed eliminate the confusion caused by the demon possession. But, it's tantamount to questioning that all the Junior Brothers and Sisters here are untrustworthy, planting the seeds of doubts in everyone's mind."

Wang Lu said, "Because it is. In theory, even you and I are not trustworthy, but no one is qualified to question you and I. Moreover, Big Brother, with our tacit understanding, don't tell me that you haven't thought of this trick before."

A silence response from Ouyang Shang confirmed that it was true.

"Don't be shy, before I came, you didn't lock your own door, meaning that you were clearly waiting for me..."

"..." Ouyang Shang remained tight-lipped, but he quietly took a half step back away from Wang Lu.

"Hey, your gesture is very easy to cause a misunderstanding okay… In any case, unwilling or not, you still have to say it."

Ouyang Shang ponded for a moment. "There are two problems, one of which is that this thing should not come from me…"

"I know, I know. This kind of offending-people's proposal is certainly going to be my part. After everyone is convened later, I will be the one responsible to propose this, no need for you to make a statement at all. Naturally, some of them will come forward to support… On this point, you can trust your Junior Brothers and Sisters."

Ouyang Shang wryly smiled. "This kind of exploiting-other-people's-trust politician skill is really disgusting."

Wang Lu offered backhandedly a plate of vinegar and peanuts. "If you think it's disgusting, you can eat some acid. But this is something that has to be done… Let's talk while we eat. In a crisis of trust, it is necessary to establish an unquestionable idol, and this idol is none other than you. But the second question is more troublesome. Using the array method to restrict everyone's action can protect internal security. However, once the enemy invades from the outside, those who are restricted to the grid can only passively watch. Therefore, I suggest that I stay outside to guard."

"... You actually dare to mention it. If it's someone else, I would've immediately become suspicious just with this proposal alone."

Wang Lu said, "That's why I'm the gatekeeper. Among everyone, I have the highest resistance to foreign invasion. If demon race can control me, he would've done it by making me kill myself and thus erase the mark in the black tide. Since I'm well and sound now, it showed that the control is ineffective for me, so it's safer for me to guard the entrance."

"Yes, I know… Alright, we'll do according to your suggestion. I will hold a meeting later, and you will prepare for the proposal."

"Hahaha, it should be preparing to face white eyes…"

At the meeting, Wang Lu's proposal was indeed greatly questioned. His first proposal was passed very quickly, but there was no progress on the second issue.

"In a special period, all people are confined in the main hall and isolated by the grid… Although the method is somewhat rude, it can be regarded as an effective method to protect everyone. Although this feels a bit unpleasant, but I have no objection. My question is, why do you put even Big Brother within this restriction, yet you can run outside the hall without any restriction?"

Cai Xia's righteous question was seconded by many other disciples.

"I know that you're powerful, even a bit stronger than Big Brother. But, trust is not about strength, and we trust Big Brother. Because now it's the time to have a person that can have everyone's trust, the only and the best choice is Big Brother. As for you, we don't even know who you really are!"

Wang Lu opened his mouth to reply, but the words were choked back into his throat by Cai Xia.

"Don't bullsh*t us with that illegitimate child of the sect leader story! Only that blockhead Ouyang Shang would believe that kind of idiot story!"

Ouyang Shang cocked his head. "Cai Xia, I think…"

"You shut up!"


Cai Xia was very adamant that even Ouyang Shang found it inconvenient to speak. However, even after Wang Lu thought about it, they still could not find a reasonable explanation—revealing his time travel identity was not impossible, but this was more bizarre than the illegitimate child story, and only Ouyang Shang could accept it without any hindrance. If it were Cai Xia...

"That's enough."

In the end, Ouyang Shang had to come forward and suppress Cai Xia's suspicion with his authority as the Big Brother.

"If you guys still consider me as you Big Brother, then there's no need to discuss this matter anymore. When the Elders come, we will give everyone an explanation… Can you say yes to this, Junior Brother Cai Xia?"

Since it had come to this, Cai Xia had no way to stubbornly hold on to her own opinion, and thus had no choice but to accept it.

In the next three days, the disciples of Spirit Sword Sect treat everyone as an enemy, panicking at the slightest move, and feeling absolutely miserable. Wang Lu himself stayed outside the Dragon Palace, but his nerves were tight, not daring to relax even for a moment.

Surprisingly, however, in that three days, the demon never made his move, even for just the tiniest of test. This caused the high vigilance of the disciples of Spirit Sword Sect completely became a false alarm.

When the light of dawn of the fourth day rose from the horizon, Wang Lu could not believe that three days had passed.

Wait a minute, three days have passed?

Wang Lu suddenly thought of a huge blind spot, and cold sweat broke out from behind his back.

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