Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 535: My Great Spirit Sword Sect Will Never Be Forgotten!

Chapter 535: My Great Spirit Sword Sect Will Never Be Forgotten!

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The sound of water droplets echoed in the dark.

Wang Lu woke up and opened his eyes. In the darkness, there was only a shadowy half-bright figure standing before him.

Although that figure was vague, the outline was faintly discernible. Wang Lu said in amazement, "Big Brother, it's you?"

After a pause, he asked again, "Unexpectedly, we are still alive?"

The shadowy figure in front of him was silent—there was only the ticking sound of the water droplets in the darkness that sounded rhythmically.

"... Or we've already died?"


Seeing that the other party did not answer, Wang Lu had vaguely understood. After a moment of silence, he lowered his head and dejectedly said, "Ai, I thought my hard work could change the fate."

"You indeed can change the fate, and you have already changed the fate."

Ouyang Shang's voice resounded in the darkness, thereupon Wang Lu immediately jumped. "Hey? You're not dead?"

Before his voice fell, Wang Lu suddenly felt a strong sense of weightlessness. His body could not help but fall, and the little light under the darkness suddenly grew sharply.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Lu found himself lying in a strange valley. All around him were bare rocks, without any bit of life. Above his head, darkness tumbled down. The black tide had shrouded everything, and its power was extremely powerful, which made people suffocated.

Strange, was the dialogue with Big Brother just now only a dream? How long have I fallen asleep? Did the last sword strike work?

Reasonably speaking, when the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi exploded, if one was in the closest position, even a Peak Yuanying Stage cultivator would not be able to withstand it, let alone a Demon King who only had the remnant soul—he completely had no power to resist, but...

But, Wang Lu's theory only applied to creatures in the known world and might not be as applicable to outsiders. From the intensity of the current black tide, it was obvious that the black tide did not dissipate while he was still unconscious, and instead, it had become more and more intense.

After I went unconscious, what happened exactly?

Just as Wang Lu was ready to explore further, a deafening noise burst out at the sky above his head.


A deep rift tore open in the sky, and the energy from within surged out. Blazing flame and blood came down from it, as well as countless devils and monsters, greedily craving everything outside the rift.

"What is that thing?" Wang Lu was shocked looking at the tear in the sky. Intuitively, it looked as if it was the gate to hell. Now that the gate was opened, the devils would soon sweep away the Nine Regions.

The devils and monsters that came through the rift were all of the varieties that had never been seen before. Of which, a large number of them were only cannon fodders for exploring the path, however, their strength might not be a small matter. What was the secret behind them? The number of these cannon fodders seemed endless, and if it continued to go on like this, even cannon fodders could bring great harm to Nine Regions.

"Wishful thinking!"

A thunderous roar shook the sky, and at the same time, a huge purple dragon roared from the horizon. Although its body was still far on the horizon, its sound was soul-stirring that the soundwave caused the primordial spirit of Wang Lu, this Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, to turn unstable. It was actually close to immortal beast level!

The purple dragon came really fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had already arrived near Wang Lu from the horizon. Its slender body circled in the sky once, and then spout out cold breath from its mouth. Immediately, everything turned into snow and ice, and all the devils that came flying from the rift were frozen into ice without any exception. Even the blazing flame and blood that poured down were also condensed into ice, no longer flowed down.


Not far away from the tear in the sky, a petite figure emerged… It was that Demon King from the extraterrestrial world!

It was just that, this time, the Demon King was no longer just a remnant soul. He had a strong body and powerful soul. Faintly, his pressure was even above the purple dragon!

"Unexpectedly, even the Eighteen Demon Generals couldn't stop you, and you guys even found a chance to summon the Guardian of Nine Regions. In terms of the standard of human cultivators, you guys have some skills."

With that, the Demon King turned around and happened to reveal his face to Wang Lu, making him immediately shocked.

It turned out that the right half of his body, from his shoulder to his waist, had actually disappeared! The edge was uneven, as if it was bitten by a giant beast… However, with his current power, who could cause such damage to him? Moreover, it caused him to not be able to recover from this injury?

"Unfortunately, that's not enough."

"Whether that's enough or not, try it and you'll see."

Behind the purple dragon, more than ten Elders of Spirit Sword Sect appeared one by one.

Seeing those Elders, Wang Lu suddenly realized where he was.

… The scene that he saw at present, was the real historical line.

How could he suddenly jump through a historical line to this timeline? It was probably because… the time travel mission was over. The demon king was indeed blown into pieces and scattered into ashes in that final blow, thereafter, fate change had been the absolute ending. However, things didn't end there because there were still too many truths awaiting for him.

For example, from which world did this alien come from? He was obviously not born a demon race, yet he could steal the Demon King position—could it be that it was by his strength alone? How many behind the scenes manipulators were behind him?

In addition, he had basically seen all about the golden generation. Their talents were indeed impeccable. Especially the top performers like Fei Ying, Zhang Sheng, and the others, which were not far from Ouyang Shang. As the Elders themselves said, in the golden generation, the later generation of Heavenly Sword Hall Elders were mostly second-rate goods. However, from their actual performance, the second-rate evaluation was too modest.

Take Feng Yin for example. In a hundred years time, he went from Xudan Stage to peak Deity Stage, with real strength above that of Deity Stage level. This achievement should be counted among the top rank even in the entire Nine Regions. In the golden generation, perhaps only Ouyang Shang who was expected to be able to achieve this breakthrough within about one hundred years.

And the performance of Wang Wu was also puzzling. More than a hundred years ago, she was just a girl absolutely obsessed with cultivation. Regardless of whether it was the strength or temperament, she was far different than that of her in the future. And these differences, in passing through the timeline, were erased, which caused Wang Lu to feel regret.

But now, these troubled secrets had finally come to light.

What he should do next was to just quietly watch the things unfold in the real historical line.

In the sky, the group of elders of Spirit Sword Sect was confronting the Demon King. On the overall strength, the Spirit Sword Sect had the absolute superiority. They had three people with Supreme level, and the leader among them even vaguely had the aura of immortal treasure. A demon whose body had been bitten by half was far from being their opponent.

The Demon King had long been aware of this.

"To kill me, even one of you is enough to do it—no need to hide that immortal sword, I can see it already. In order to kill that hungry wolf, I have paid a heavy price, so I indeed currently am not your opponent. But now, even if you kill me, it would not matter. The passage has already been opened, and the collapse of the sky is imminent, and no human power could save it."

Hearing these words, the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect were a bit shocked. Looking up, they saw the rift was so deep they couldn't see the other end of it. Unexpectedly, it seemed to lead to an unknown world.

"... I have long heard there are three thousand worlds, and Nine Regions is only one of them. But there should be insurmountable barriers between worlds. Unexpectedly, it has really been broken."

The Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect looked up at the depths of the passage, the same deep eyes had seen the other side of the passage. After a long time, he sighed. "Had I known, I shouldn't have hidden the news about the strange happening in this place. Now, Spirit Sword Sect must eat this bitter fruit, we have nothing to say."

"Senior Brother, why do you say such disheartening words?" From behind him, an Elder with curl mustache burst into laughter. "From another angle, if we can settle this matter, it would be an extremely great world class feat. Even if we break and lose here, the Five Uniques position of Spirit Sword Sect would be difficult to shake!"

"Well said!" A light flashed through the eyes of the Sect Leader, which showed that he was invigorated and convinced, and then he stepped toward that rift and put his hands into the passage. Behind him, the Elders also unleashed their flying sword and then pushed their strength to the limit."

The Demon King was taken aback. "You guys…"

Seeing the plan of the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect, the face of Demon King suddenly turned gloomy. "Forget about it!" He stretched out his last hand forward and swung a dark mountain from the palm of his hand.

However, the purple dragon rushed over and interrupted the Demon King's summoned mountain with absolute brute force.

"Animal, get away from me!"

That mountain was melted into lava by the blazing flame, and it was then pressed directly on the body of the purple dragon. However, the purple dragon did not care about the injury and just continued to try to entangle the Demon King.

While the purple dragon was delaying the Demon King at the expense of its life, the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect formed a huge hair-raising complex array with amazing determination.

It was a terrifying huge array that used many Supremes as the core, the sect's guardian immortal treasure as a sacrificial offering, and drawing the power from the Feng Shui line of Blue River Region.

"Sky Mend!"

The Sect Leader of Spirit Sword Sect let out his personal immortal sword, which was a ten-thousand-of-year inheritance. This clear and transparent flying sword, which was bestowed from the upper realm in the legend, was a melting point among the lights. Using this as the guide, the sword light reached the sky. After a while, the black tide that covered the sky disappeared and the stars in the sky shone brightly.

The stars were like a waterfall as thousands of lights came from an infinite distance.

The earth cracked, and deep lights bloomed on the surface from the crack, as if they were lights from the earth's core.

Each of the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect, among those rays of light, activated the array. One after the other, the vicissitudes of life of their Jade Mansion came out, and for a moment, the forest of bejeweled jade mansions was 'nothing more beautiful can be imagined'. However, it was soon melted within the rays of light.

"Do you guys think this will stop me?"

The Demon King, who was firmly entangled by the purple dragon, constantly released demon power from the gap, trying to stop the completion of the great Sky Mend Array. However, compared with the great array, personal power was negligible.

"Since I can open this passage once, I'll be able to open it again. Your sacrifice is doomed to be meaningless!"

However, more and more lights gathered around the rift, becoming an insurmountable barrier of the passage, and the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect remained unmoved.

"... Join us."

The Demon King whispered, "You guys don't know who the opponent you are going to face. What you guys do now is just mantis blocking the path of the chariot. But, I will give you guys a chance. Join us, become one us, and you will have power far above that of Nine Regions."


Bursts of laughter were the reply from the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect, who all had totally put their own lives out of consideration.

"... You guys?" The Demon King angrily said, "If you guys dare to ruin my cause, I will do anything to kill all of your disciples! Even though I would eventually die here, but your Spirit Sword Sect will disappear!"

"Then my great Spirit Sword Sect will never be forgotten, hahaha!"

The last scene that Wang Lu saw was the vast ocean of light completely inundating the rift in the sky. When the light was scattered, the sky was clear, and the Demon King was pale and trembling.

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