Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 538: Tough, Tough, Tough!

Chapter 538: Tough, Tough, Tough!

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" Ah, the sky is really blue 1 !"

On the vast expanse of grassland, sitting in a large carriage, Wang Lu looked up at the sky and sighed heartily at the blue sky.

"Little brother, what's troubling you?" the old man driving the carriage asked under the whistling of the wind.

Hearing this from inside the carriage, Wang Lu couldn't help but feel strange. "What? Why do you ask as such? Big brother, how can you tell?"

The coachman smiled and said, "Today, you have been sighing about the blue sky for twenty times."

"Yes, the sky is really blue…" Wang Lu sighed again, and then laid down in the carriage and stopped looking at the sky. But after a moment, his breath shortened and he became impatient, one by one his worries burst forth and overwhelmed him.

Thereupon, Wang Lu simply moved to the front of the carriage and came to the driver's back. He then asked with interest, "Big brother, you have been driving in Southern Heaven Region for so many years, you're probably experienced and knowledgeable. I want to ask you a question."

"Please ask, little brother."

For this guest who had spent a lot of money to hire him and his carriage, the old coachman came up with a pretty good sense of service.

Wang Lu asked, "Let's say, if one day you get drunk and do a lot of muddled things, some of which are good and some are bad. And when you wake up, you forgot all of those things…"

Before he could finish it, the coachman laughed. "Little brother, you're asking the right person here. This problem, I have met so many of them! Every time I drive from Han Region to other places, after I returned later, I have to resolutely drink for several cups. Sometimes when I earned more, I drunk hard, and when I woke up at noon the next day, I would not remember anything, haha!"

Wang Lu smiled and then said, "What if you do things that are particularly out of line and they are related to people that are very close to you, what would you do?"

The coachman waved his hand. "What else can I do? If I made a mistake, then I admit my mistake, the day will always go on."

"Hey, that's right." Wang Lu shrugged.

"Little brother." Hearing the subject about character came up, the coachmen began to prattle, "I see that you're young, with an extraordinary way of talking. Also, you are very generous, so you ought to not come from ordinary family. For a great person like you, even if you do something wrong, you would still have a room for recovery, so there's nothing to be afraid of. As for me, in my drunkenness last year, I smashed a row of precious porcelain. At that time, even my three years of saving was not enough to compensate for it. If I didn't run into a good man who covered it for me, right now, I would have to eat prison food. However, sometimes, the matter is too big that you have to be careful when facing it. When it's time to renege on your debt, then renege on your debt."

Wang Lu laughed. "Well said, when it's time to renege on the debt, then renege on the debt!"

The two laughed for a while, and then Wang Lu gradually came to talk about sex, "If you fall in love with a person, and that person is very good in all aspect and she is also very interested in you, therefore you two get together, being intimate and loving, even pregnant with a child…"

The coachman nodded repeatedly as he listened, apparently, he had the same feeling... as if his love life was quite smooth.

"Then, what if one day you suddenly discover that the person is your long-lost sister, what would you do?"

Wang Lu's voice had just fallen and the coachman's body greatly shook. Trembling with fear, he shouted, "How did you know?"

"..." Wang Lu looked at the coachman in silence as ten thousand grass mud horses ran wildly in his heart 2 .

After a long time, Wang Lu quietly opened his mouth, "In short, I don't have any prejudice against this kind of thing. The most important thing for people is to be happy, and to have someone you love cook noodles 3 for you to eat is more important than anything, right?"

The coachman stiffened, barely swallowed, and then nodded.

"So, what happened to you later?"

"..." The coachman was silent for a moment and then sighed. "What else can I do? Hide the truth from the family, take the child, and move out. When the days are long gone, the child had grown up, no need to care about other things!"

Wang Lu nodded, and then muttered to himself, "Children… This is indeed the key aspect."

Wang Lu had been back to Nine Regions for quite some time.

On that day, when his longest dream ended, Wang Lu found himself lying on the grassland of the Southern Heaven Region… Originally, when he returned to the Nine Regions from the Demon World, halfway through the process, he was entangled by the seeking-vengeance ghost of the Fallen Immortal Demon King and pulled into the Demon King's dreamland. Later on, when the dreamland was shattered into pieces, Wang Lu was dragged into the turbulence of space and time and thrown into an unknown corner of the Southern Heaven Region… Fortunately, he did not end up in a dangerous place.

After returning to Nine Regions, Wang Lu didn't immediately rush to return to the sect, so much that he even intended to use an immortal method to hide his existence. All his props that could be considered as Spirit Sword Sect's were sealed by him in his mustard seed bag, including his own Sword of Mount Kun.

After passing through that dreamland, Wang Lu's hard work had not been in vain. On the contrary, his harvest was so huge that it had to be digested carefully for a period of time. During this period, he didn't want to meet the people from Spirit Sword Sect because he hadn't thought of how to face them.

The simplest method was like this:

"Comrades, I, Ouyang the Second, am back! Come and kneel before me, hahaha!"

How it would turn out would probably be like this:

"What are you guys doing! Show some respect! You, yes you, surnamed Feng! I order you to stop! And you, surnamed Liu, don't think that I don't know your shameful history, I… Ah!"

And then a dead body of a person who died due to a break up in psychosis would probably appear in Spirit Sword Mountain.

The friendship of the golden generation was unquestionable. But things have passed for more than a hundred years. How to face the Big Brother who came back through time with reincarnation was, perhaps, also a big problem for Feng Yin and the others.

Let him continue being the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect? That would seem inappropriate. Abdicate the position of Sect Leader to him? That would be even more absurd...

Moreover, the key to the problem here was Wang Wu.

Wang Lu had no idea how to face his respected Master.

After seeing that dark history, it could be said that there were all kinds of emotions mixed in Wang Lu's heart. There was the admiration, compassion, and all kinds of thoughts… The awakening of his past life's consciousness only made him know more things, and not inherit Ouyang Shang's memory. Thus, the kiss at the time of separation, as well as the general promise of eternal love… was really a burden.

This was not just for himself, perhaps it was also the same for Wang Wu.

For her, the memories of more than a hundred years ago might have already faded. As for the promise, presumably, she would only hide it at the bottom of her heart.

Because people always want to look ahead. People who are obsessed with things in the past do not have the qualification to move on. At the same time, after so many years, Wang Wu's 'live happily' character had long been ingrained in her psyche, so it was impossible to recover her original character in her youth.

This was a very simple truth. Ouyang Shang told her his last words more than a hundred years ago. How old was Wang Wu at that time? How old was she now? She spent most of her life living happily. The stubborn and reserved characters in her personality perhaps had already long vanished with the wind.

Then, for a living-happily Wang Wu, if confronted with her former sweetheart, what would be the result?

"Junior Sister, I'm late…"

"Not late, it's not late at all! Let's have a wedding and go to bed, and then share the property, hahaha!"

To be honest, such a scenario was not completely unimaginable.

At the same time, it was not difficult to infer the afterward developments.

"Breaking news, big scandal! Big scandal comes out from Spirit Sword Sect, one of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals! The Fifth Elder of Heavenly Sword Hall Wang Wu and the sect's lead disciple Wang Lu disregards ethics and shamelessly have illicit sexual relations! When questioned, unexpectedly, they go by the past lover excuse! For details of the situation, please see this newsletter! One spirit stone a piece! One spirit stone a piece!"

"The following is the report from our reporter at the scene… Hello everyone! I am Xiao Mei, a reporter from Nine Regions News Service stationed in Blue River Region! I recently interviewed an insider from Spirit Sword Sect about the sex scandal between the Master and disciple in Spirit Sword Sect. According to the third Elder of Heavenly Sword Hall, who did not want to be named, within the sect, Wang Wu has always been undisciplined and out of control, and there had been bad precedents prior, so it's not surprising that this scandal is caused by her. The sect has long ago been dissatisfied with her. It is said that the Heavenly Sword Hall has held many leadership meetings, and several Elders have proposed a severe punishment and received support from the sect…"

"Fifth Junior Sister, right now, the public opinion is boiling outside. I think you know it too, regarding the matter between you and Big Brother… No, Wang Lu, there are many people in the sect that actually support it. But, after all, the pressure from the public opinion is too great, so you see…"

"Sect Leader Senior Brother, other matters are actually acceptable for me, but the problem is that I'm already pregnant."

"What? When?"

"When you hold the leadership meeting in the evening, I found out the crisis, therefore, I went to work hard with Wang Lu, staying up the whole night. In the end, we finally got the harvest… You guys won't let the child in my stomach have no father when born, right?"

"Hey, this trick of yours is too cheap!"

"Well, the most important thing is to be happy…"

"Get lost!"

The above was Wang Lu's idea. Thinking of such a life, Wang Lu was disheartened and could not raise his interest to return to the sect.

"Alas, had I known this before, I wouldn't have gone to the Demon World, it's just giving me a headache…"

Wang Lu was lying on his back inside the carriage, bored to death. Of course, objectively speaking, although there were numerous problems in his trip to the Demon World, when crossing through the dream world, he had actually made especially huge profits. His current entanglement was more or less something that had the flavor of 'being a pretentious show off'. The ball was still inside his Jade Mansion. He had yet to open it to digest the inheritance of the fallen immortal. Solely the things left behind by Ouyang Shang themselves were already quite rich.

Of which, the simplest one was: after learning about his own life, many long-puzzling questions had been answered. Such as… where did this wandering mind that was filled with wonderful ideas since birth come from?

That included the concept of professional adventure, the bourgeoisie, and the proletariat… Since birth, these thoughts had been flashing through his mind. Occasionally, he would dream many wonderful things, hundreds of feet of metals and glass building, huge metal machinery and puppet… they were wonders that never existed in any corner of Nine Regions, yet constantly lingered in his mind.

At that time, by chance, he heard that there were those born with similar circumstances as him, but none of those people had world-shaking exploits. Plus, having the gift of Void Spirit Root made him different since childhood, therefore, he had a firm ambition to cultivate...

Now, when he thought about it, he was exactly a transmigration person… Of course, this transmigration was more complicated than that of a common one.

At the same time, it was no wonder why he subconsciously chose Spirit Sword Sect. Although being close with home was the most important factor, with his self-confidence at the time, as a matter of fact, the number one sect in the world, Shengjing Sect, was actually the better choice.

These problems might seem trivial, but for cultivators, this was an important part of self-awareness. In the future, when he reached Yuanying Stage or Deity Stage, if these problems had not yet been solved, he would unavoidably meet obstacles or even demon heart. But now that everything was clear, he had cleared up some obstacles on the path of immortal cultivation.

Secondly, the awakening of his past life's consciousness had caused Wang Lu to feel that a beacon of light had lit up in his heart… Simply put, his life now had some clear purposes.

Before this, his life and cultivation were somewhat muddled. Although he had done a lot of things since he joined Spirit Sword Sect, most of them were due to the situation. In short, if there was a problem, he went to solve it, if not, he would just stay on the mountain to cultivate in peace. He didn't have that strong of an initiative.

But now was different.

"Ah, the fallen immortal… That's such a big problem."

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