Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 539: Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough

Chapter 539: Tough, Tough, Tough, Tough

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The second reason that prevented Wang Lu from returning to the sect was the inheritance of the fallen immortal.

That crystal ball had not been fully absorbed, but Wang Lu had extracted a considerable amount of knowledge from it.

The inheritance of the fallen immortal was not as rich as originally expected… After that fallen immortal was deceived by Ouyang Shang's trick and self-exploded, his remnant thread of primordial spirit was bound by the great demon heart oath from reincarnation, struggling at the death's door for more than a hundred years. When he finally met with Wang Lu, there was only last layer of residue left.

If not, in his dreamland, Wang Lu wouldn't have been so easy to win the decisive battle.

Thus, after a lot of tricks, the fruits of victory would naturally be greatly reduced. After more than a hundred years of being slowly eroded, most of the fallen immortal's memory had been lost or became incomplete, leaving only a small part. Of which, the most valuable one was the experience of building the dream. Wang Lu intended to spend some time to study it carefully and strive to master this Demon World secret technique. There were also remnants of two or three immortal level methods. However, for someone from one of the sect in Five Uniques, the significance of remnant immortal level method was not that great; they only possessed a certain academic value-after all, even the complete set of immortal level method Stellar Sword was not very eye-catching to Wang Lu right now.

In addition, the most important thing in the inheritance of the fallen immortal was his memory of the fallen immortal world-which for now being used as the designation for the world occupied by the fallen immortal.

Because most of the memory had been weathered and broken, the world seemed vague in Wang Lu's eyes. All he saw was a piece of the ocean of fire of the purgatory, countless of creatures suffered in torture, a complete scene of hell.

On that day in the dreamland of the fallen immortal, a rift in the sky was briefly opened, and from which a large number of cannon fodder creatures emerged. Those cannon fodders were grotesque, murderous, and with resentful that soared to the sky. Those were the special characteristics of those that suffered in absolute torture. From this, the situation in the world of fallen immortal could also be inferred.

If this group of fallen immortals managed to rush out of the passage to occupy Nine Regions, people would certainly be in a terrible situation… Perhaps it would be even more miserable than the time of the great war of immortal and demon. Therefore, at that time, the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect did not hesitate to seal the tear in the sky at all cost, which was truly an everlasting meritorious deed. No matter how treacherous the politic in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was, they also had nothing to say.

However, things didn't stop here.

The fallen immortal world had never stopped lying in wait for Nine Regions. The previous fallen immortal that infiltrated into the demon world-seemed to be named as Mr. Feng Yue--was just a pioneer. A large force was still waiting behind. After the death of Mr. Feng Yue, the fallen immortal world would not just give up. Instead, they would send a new person, and it would be more powerful than Mr. Feng Yue.

Could Nine Regions be ready to face the next fallen immortal?

At least, from the current state of prosperous peaceful time, it absolutely was not ready… Let alone the fallen immortal, even the matter regarding demon race had almost been forgotten. Right now, except for the phrase immortal and demon could not coexist together, was there anyone who was truly familiar about the matter of demon race? For cultivators, in addition to painstaking cultivation, they only wasted their energy on infighting. Were it not for the recent emergence of Plentiful City in Southern Heaven Region, which shifted a large number of contradictions, perhaps a local war would break in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to ease the conflict.

Of course, things didn't have to be that pessimistic. According to Mr. Feng Yue's memory, the passage between the two worlds was very difficult to break through. Mr. Feng Yue himself had spent two thousand years, yet in the end, he still lost his life, so it would not be easy for the future generation to carry on his endeavor. At least, there was still this big question on how to send another pioneer into Nine Regions.

Mr. Feng Yue, the first pioneer of the fallen immortal world could only enter Nine Regions through the demon world. Now that the demon world had basically been destroyed, it would be so easy to send another person using the old method… However, even though it would not be easy, things were far from being free of worry. From the memory of Mr. Feng Yue, Wang Lu learned that when Mr. Feng Yue was suppressed by Fenrir, he had begun to explore many new ways of intrusion, and several of them had even made huge progress.

Time and tide wait for no man...

It was just that, when he wanted to further analyze the content, he found that this part of the content was actually encrypted! This Mr. Feng Yue had been air-dried for hundred years, yet he still had such a strong sense of secrecy, which added a lot of trouble to the later people… Thinking of this, Wang Lu somewhat restlessly rolled over in the carriage: "Why is this sky so blue?"


A day later, the carriage rushed to the destination, Mt Mang city. This prairie city was backed by mount Mang, located in a remote border area, and with a population of several thousand. Even the city walls were constructed carelessly. Fortunately, the local custom was simple, and it was also a comfortable place.

While carrying Wang Lu into the city in the carriage, the coachman enthusiastically introduced the local conditions and customs of Mt. Mang city and tried to recommend him an inn. Along the way, he could see that Wang Lu was a man of extraordinary origin, so he decided to choose the most expensive inn in the city so that he could receive a lot of commission for himself. Who knew that after he talked all the way until his mouth parched, inside the carriage was completely silent. Worried, the coachman turned around and saw that the carriage had long been empty. Only several silver ingots and a few brilliant crystal stones were left.

The coachman was at a loss for a moment, but inwardly he was shocked-he had been a coachman for many years, so this carriage was already like a part of his body. A man of more than fifty kilograms suddenly went away, yet he really didn't feel any movement from where he sat at the front of the carriage, it was indeed like seeing a ghost. However, he was experienced and well-informed, so he knew that it was not a ghost, but more like an immortal.

When he came to this thought, the more the coachman thought the more he found it to be logical. If it was not an immortal, how could that person walk during the day and then went away without a trace? Moreover, this whole journey the person was neither seeking money nor harming someone, who else could that person be other than an immortal?

This time, he really had a great luck! That was definitely an immortal! In this small country where he lived, even after many years, he had not met any immortal. But now, he had actually met with one-although in words and deeds the person was maverick, very different than what he thought of a real immortal should be.

Unfortunately, along the journey, he didn't have many talks with the immortal, and thus couldn't rub some of the immortal aura. However, there were treasures left by the immortals in the carriage, which were the silver ingots and the stone, and the coachman didn't plan to sell them. He wanted to go home to offer them as sacrifices to protect his house from evil spirits and passed them down as the family heirloom. With this immortal blessing, presumably, his future descendants would be free of worry...

Let's leave behind the coachman and his imagined future. After Wang Lu entered Mt. Mang city, he quietly left the city and directly headed to Mt. Mang.

Because he had sensed the cultivator's aura in the city.

The strength of the opposite party was not strong, only between Xudan and Jindan. However, in this small city, this level of cultivation was enough to become the patron saint from generation to generation. In other words, a standard local bully. The key here was that the person's aura was not stable, seemingly suffering some kind of injuries. And this kind of people was the most sensitive. They were especially vigilant to the foreign cultivator. Wang Lu did not intend to face such a person. He did not want to waste his time to deal with insignificant local. Moreover, if this matter accidentally got big… This was still in Southern Heaven Region, where Plentiful City was located. Even though the manpower located by Spirit Sword Sect here was not many, Wang Lu didn't intend to greet anyone from Spirit Sword Sect.

Right now he was wandering aimlessly at Southern Heaven Region in order to sort out his thoughts and organized his cultivation base. After the battle against Mr. Feng Yue in the dreamland, his harvest was all-encompassing—the comprehensive improvement in cultivation in his three years of effort with the gutter oil was visibly real. Right now, on paper, Wang Lu's cultivation base was Peak Jindan Stage, but peak golden core that was soaked in the gutter oil naturally needed to be squeezed...

Wang Lu then chose Mt. Mang, a mountain with height more than three thousand meters. In the immortal cultivation world, it was a barren mountain. Because although in theory there were often immortal spirits in the mountain, and at least easy to become the Feng Shui line node of the area-after all, the mountain itself was a product of earth's crust strenuous exercise--But this mountain was a special case. Not to mention local Feng Shui line node, even Feng Shui line itself was far away from it! Its surrounding spiritual energy was very poor. Therefore, Mt. Mang was called as Mt. Blind (In Chinese, Blind = 盲 sounds the same as Mang) by many cultivators of Southern Heaven Region.

However, this kind of place couldn't be better for the current Wang Lu. He had already reached Jindan Stage so his true qi could be endless. Moreover, since his the stage was unstably high, his intention was to 'squeeze the water out', therefore it was not necessary to use outside spiritual energy to enhance the cultivation. In fact, with his Void Spirit Root aptitude, it was better for him to find a place isolated from surrounding spiritual energy, so as to avoid absorbing plenty of spiritual energy carelessly in a second.

Three thousand meters high mountain was but a step away for a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, but Wang Lu was not willing to expose his identity near Mt. mang city. Therefore he walked on foot and spent half a day to reach the summit. This Mt. Mang was indeed an Mt. Blind for surrounding spiritual energy. Let alone cultivator, even ordinary creatures were rare. The summit only consisted of bare rocks, even the birds, animals and insects were pitiful.

Wang Lu did not pay attention to all of it. Instead, he directly found a flat stone and sat down and then his primordial spirit sank down to his purple mansion to combine with the already-bloated-that-it-was-about-to-crack golden core, urging it to crazily rotate, unceasingly throwing away the impurities in the golden core. The power from the black tide was soon pushed aside by Wang Lu's yin-and-yang-like two power of Non-Phase and Primal Chaos. Although the volume of his golden core was reduced, it actually made its structure purer.

This process continued on for three days. After three days, the size of the golden core had been reduced by one-tenth, and Wang Lu's overall cultivation base was reduced from Peak Jindan Stage to High-Level Jindan Stage. Although his cultivation base was reduced, Wang Lu didn't feel as so with his strength. On the contrary, he felt his strength actually increased-Because although his golden core had shrunk, it was more convenient to use.

Moreover, in the process of shrinking his golden core, Wang Lu also began to try to integrate his Non-Phase Method and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi inside his golden core. These two immortal level methods, one focused on offense and one focused on defense. Although it could even be said that he could use both attack and defense, after all, there was some delay time between while swapping the method… When steamrolling pawns, he wouldn't feel any problem. But when facing those equal in level to him or even powerhouses higher in level than him, then the problem would only get bigger.

Before the final battle to cross through the dreamland, he had designed the three individual sword array, in which he occupied the 'heaven' position. However, in practice, he could only fiercely attack using his Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi, and completely unable to display Non-Phase Method. This was because he still could not freely switch between the two immortal level methods.

According to the previous plan, the fusion of the two methods would be done after he reached Yuanying Stage. However, after obtaining the inheritance of Mr. Feng Yue, Wang Lu became more inspired. It seemed that this step could be implemented in advance, although the difficulty required was not small and the time required was long.

However, in any case, since he hadn't come up with how to face the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect yet, Wang Lu intended to concentrate on cultivating first, putting other matters behind for the time being.

Unfortunately, just two days later, the plan was ruthlessly aborted.

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