Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 541: How Come It’s You?

Chapter 541: How Come It’s You?

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Above Mt. Mang City, the black-robed cultivator confusedly looked at the sword cultivator that suddenly appeared in front of him.

Initially, he thought that the cultivator who quietly entered Mt. Mang City was a cultivator of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals that tried to hunt him down. However, unexpectedly, the cultivator who was triggered by the ten thousand spirit blood pearl was a stranger. Moreover, his body was full of demonic qi, which meant that the person walked on the same evil path him.

The unfortunate thing in this world was like this. Initially, driven by desperation, he slaughtered the almost ten thousand inhabitants of Mt. Mang City… This matter could not be hidden from others. It was estimated that it would take three days before the people who pursued him would jump out to slay the evil. Of which, beside the several young cultivators from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, even Elders would also come.

Zheng Liming, the genius disciple from Blood Refining Sect… probably could not stay alive for the day he accomplished his demonic method cultivation and could freely come and go in Nine Regions.

The so-called driven by desperation was actually an act of drinking poison to quench the thirst. Unexpectedly, when he drank it, he found that his mouth was drier instead.

"Who… exactly are you?" Zheng Liming was inwardly dismayed and wanted to know who exactly this fellow that made him terrified like a little bird that he destroyed his own future.


"Immortal?" Zheng Liming was astonished for a long time, and then he felt even more depressed. Unexpectedly, the man who startled himself into sweating out cold sweat was a madman! The road to immortality was full of thorns, so there were quite a lot of those who got confused due to demon heart, thinking themselves as immortals. The guy before him behave irrationally, not adhering to rules. Zheng Liming was upset for a while before his killing intent gradually began to surge.

Evil cultivators acted without any scruples, and the so-called walking-on-the-same-evil-path friendship was just a joke. Although the stage of the madman was quite good—middle-level Jindan—he still came from the famous evil sect, with a deep foundation. Moreover, he also had the newly refined ten thousand spirit blood pearl, so he might not necessarily lose even to a middle-level Jindan Stage cultivator. Moreover, the strength of this cultivator was likely to be reduced due to the demon heart entanglement, so he didn't need to be afraid of him. What was more, this kind of high stage cultivator, once killed, would become an excellent tonic… If he could refine a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage into the ten thousand spirit blood pearl, his strength would multiply. When the time comes, not to mention the several cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, even if the Elders come, unless they were Yuanying Stage, he would still have a way to escape.

Thinking to this, Zheng Liming simply decided to take the initiative to launch the first strike to gain the upper hand. His black robe fluttered and hundreds of bloody skeletons rushed out like raindrops. At the same time, he grasped the ten thousand spirit blood pearl in his hand, waiting for the opportunity to use it. After all, the opponent was a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, so he did not dare to be careless. Although the might of the ten thousand spirit blood pearl was endless, to fight someone who was higher in stage than him, the opportunity would only come once. If he missed it, it would be his turn to die...

On the other side, Wang Lu was not worried about Zheng Liming's bloody skeleton. With his current strength, even without using magical power, he could still withstand the impact of these bloody skeletons with his physical body alone. If he resorted to Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi, he might scare that evil cultivator away.

Since his debut, Wang Lu had always fought those that were higher level than him, or even several levels higher. Since when was it that other people weaker than him challenged him? It was just that now the situation was different, as Wang Lu did not want to come up with his true ability.

Regardless whether it was Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi or Non-Phase Method, both were already well-known in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals—frankly speaking, for this evil cultivator before him to not recognize this lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect had been quite a surprise for Wang Lu. Once his signature move was displayed, the trace would be obvious. But he didn't want to expose his trail that simply.

Therefore, he could only use some external moves. Fortunately, there were quite some methods in the inheritance of Mr. Feng Yue. Although they did not have the qualification to substitute Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi and Non-Phase Method, they could actually be useful supplements in the cultivation method system. Wang Lu had already read them beforehand, so it was just in time to put it into practice.

The cultivation methods of the fallen immortal were complicated. There were the righteous paths, and there were the evil ways. Previously, Wang Lu used the evil path method called metamorphic bone sword to break the blood curtain of the ten thousand spirit blood pearl. Now, facing the raindrops-like bloody skeletons, he casually used the demonic method of blood drinking method. At once, the more than one hundred bloody skeletons immediately disappeared.

Wang Lu inwardly smiled a bit, thinking that although there were only a few top-rated goods in the inheritance of the fallen immortal, the crooked way goods were somewhat interesting. If the timing of their application was appropriate, they would be no worse than those immortal level methods. By comprehensive use of these things, they could make his adaptability even higher. The fallen immortal inheritance was really extraordinary. Previously, he had actually somewhat underestimated the value of these things.

On the other side, Zheng Liming was terror-stricken. Just now, those more than a hundred bloody skeletons were actually his original method. Although they were not as overbearing as the ten thousand spirit blood pearl, in front of the more than one hundred pieces of it, even a more confident Daoist Master of Jindan Stage would not dare to meet them head-on. The opposite party, however, just casually waved a hand to turn those bloody skeletons into ashes!

How could he resist this kind of opponent? Let alone ten thousand blood spirit pearl, even if he had his sect's most valuable treasure, he would still not be the opponent's match. Therefore, Zheng Liming immediately thought about escaping. However, when he wanted to go, Wang Lu wouldn't let him. Hundreds of metamorphic bone swords immediately formed into existence to block Zheng Liming. To counter this, Zheng Liming immediately unleashed the ten thousand blood spirit pearl, which flew like a red meteor. The ten thousand souls wandered around the pearl and strengthened its momentum. The ten thousand blood spirit pearl was indeed worthy to be the treasure of the evil path. Before it arrived, its bloody aura had already assaulted head on first, constantly interfering with the cultivators' primordial spirit and jade mansion.

Wang Lu did not hold back as he directly spurted out his golden core from his jade mansion through his mouth, directly clashing with the ten thousand spirit blood pearl! This fierce action shocked Zheng Liming so much that he froze in mid-air, letting go of the opportunity to escape created by this pearl attack.

It was not that Zheng Liming was too stupid, but the move was really too bizarre. It was a basic knowledge that the golden core was the lifeline for a Jindan Stage cultivator. Once it was damaged, their immortal cultivation would be washed away. Most people would've tried to protect it, so how could it be used as a secret projectile? Even for monsters that spat out their inner core, it was counted as a desperate move! Wang Lu's move this time had completely refreshed Zheng Liming's worldview.

The next moment, Zheng Liming's eyes, which had already been widened to its limit, widened several points more, and almost jumped out of their sockets. Because in front of him, the ten thousand blood spirit pearl was actually shattered into pieces by that golden core!

W-Was that golden core or secret projectile? How could there be such a sharp golden core?

In consternation, Zheng Liming became dejected, as if his heart had turned to ashes. The opponent was so powerful and so beyond his imagination that even his ten thousand blood spirit pearl was destroyed. It could be said that he was doomed… Had I known this, why should I bother with what that coachman said? Shouldn't I just concentrate on recovering from injury and then find a way to escape to my sect? Now, it was indeed bringing about his own destruction.

On the other side, after that blow, Wang Lu felt bored. The opponent was, after all, too weak. From the whole process, he gained nothing except for a bit of skill proficiency. The only thing worth mentioning was that, during the collision between the ten thousand blood spirit pearl and his golden core, the violent shock further integrated his two methods in his golden core. Although the degree of integration was not high, it had opened up a new way of thinking for Wang Lu. If he had an opportunity in the future, it would be a good idea to reuse it, and see if he could further advance the integration by colliding his golden core with a hard object.

As he thought about it, Wang Lu was ready to give Zheng Liming the final blow with his metamorphic bone sword. And after killing this evil cultivator, it would be his turn to run away. During this short battle, he had not used any moves related to Spirit Sword Sect. Unless it was a divination from everyone's best effort, otherwise, no one should be able to infer his origin.

And as long as this Zheng Liming died, no one would be a pain in the ass to find out who killed him—this was the area of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so anyone had the obligation to slay the evil when seeing it.

However, just as Wang Lu pulled out an arm bone, which turned into a white bone sword, ready to behead Zheng Liming, a starlight suddenly fell from the sky, straight toward Zheng Liming's head!

That starlight fell so fast that even Wang Lu was caught off guard. He only saw a blur and then Zhang Liming's head had already flown away from his body and blood spilled in the sky.


Wang Lu was shocked. This falling starlight was an exceptionally fierce flying sword technique that even he couldn't even react in time for it. Although Zheng Liming had already somewhat abandoned himself to despair, his demonic body protection skill still had not scattered, and the magical treasure level bloody skeletons on his robe were still dedicated to protecting their master. In the end, when the sword fell, all of those demonic protection and rob fell apart. Zheng Liming was beheaded, his primordial spirit did not run away and ultimately been destroyed in the blink of an eye.

This sword was strangely sharp, even sharper than Wang Lu's Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi. The pureness of the sword intent was also above that of Wang Lu. Wang Lu, after all, had both offense and defense, so he would still be a bit worse than those with pure offense.

Wang Lu didn't feel that he was invincible in the world. Right now, he was merely in Jindan Stage, and in the Nine Regions, there were numerous sword cultivators who were more powerful than him. But there should not be many who were able to hit that sword strike just now, and in his impression...

With a slight tremble, Wang Lu saw a flash of human figure in front of him. A rainbow-like gorgeous girl figure appeared behind Zheng Liming's corpse, holding that starlight immortal sword that had just been bathed in blood.

The girl had a long pretty hair and a beautiful picturesque face with a hint of innocence. Her pair of eyes shone with endless curiosity about everything.

Seeing this face, Wang Lu nearly went unconscious on the spot. He had tried every possible way not to expose himself, and especially did not want to be discovered by the people from his own sect. In the end, unexpectedly, this person in front of him was exactly the one who he had known for many years...

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, how come it's you?"

The young girl named Liu Li somewhat inconceivably blinked her eyes at first, and then cheered before practically throwing herself at him like a puppy.

Wang Lu's heart tightened and immediately backed away. He then hurriedly put on a meeting a stranger's face. "Man and woman should be careful with the body contact. Lady, please show some respect!"

"Huh?" Liu Li tilted her head curiously. After looking at Wang Lu for a while, she raised her head to ponder carefully. Finally, the girl clapped her hands as she realized something.

Then, Liu Li meticulously performed an obeisance ritual toward Wang Lu and seriously said, "Liu Li greets Senior Brother Wang Lu!"

… Hey, I'm not asking for respect like this!

Wang Lu said, "I think you mistake me for someone else."

"Ahh?" Liu Li inconceivably looked at him while covering her mouth with her petite hand, completely unable to accept the reality.

Wang Lu coughed. "Maybe I am similar to your Senior Brother… As the saying goes, there are always at least three people who look the same in the whole world. So in fact, you mistake me for someone else. My surname is Zhang, given name Fan, an individual cultivator from Southern Heaven Region…"

Liu Li was startled, and was then immediately enlightened. She then nodded in consternation and came forward cautiously.

"I understand, Senior Brother, you are carrying a secret mission, right? Liu Li will keep this a secret! You can rest assured!"

"Keep this a secret…" The difficulty of hoping Liu Li would keep a secret was just a bit less than that of hoping Wang Wu would become an honest person.

Wang Lu sighed and then casually asked, "If someone asks you who did you meet in Mt Mang City, what would you answer?"

"A secret!"

"What secret?"

"A secret that can't be told!"

Wang Lu raised his eyebrows: Wow, she really has some progress after not seeing her for a few months!

Very well, let's change it a bit.

"Liu Li, it's very important and difficult to keep a secret. I'm afraid you alone can't do it well. So, I'm willing to help you keep this secret."


"But you have to tell me what the secret is before I can help you."

"Oh… the secret is, I saw Senior Brother Wang Lu, you must never say this to others, okay?"

Wang Lu helplessly smiled.

Liu Li was, indeed, Liu Li.

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