Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 544: This Flower is Already Taken

Chapter 544: This Flower is Already Taken

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Chi Xuanying looked at the so-called flesh reishi mushroom handed over sincerely by Wang Lu with an incomparably confused look, thinking about what could possibly be its use for… However, he soon turned his thoughts away from this miscellaneous thing.

Toward the things that mattered...

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, with all due respect…" Chi Xuanying said, "Your strength, intelligence, character… are all the best among those that are the same generation as you, and even more has emotional foundation with Junior Sister Liu Li. If I have to compete with you, you don't even need to open your mouth, I already know that I won't be able to overreach myself. However, since you have no intention of becoming the daoist companion of Junior Sister Liu Li, and don't even have the feelings of love between man and woman with her, then… I hope you can give me a chance!"

Wang Lu was stunned.

Not because of the thickness of the opposite party's face, but by the opposite party's explanation… Not having the feelings of love between man and woman, this was actually true. Although he doted on Liu Li very much, even until now, he never thought of taking her as his daoist companion. Of course, having no intention at the moment didn't mean that he could just let her go. As her Senior Brother, he had the obligation to look after her, so that she wouldn't be deceived by evildoer and secondly… resources could be saved 1 .

It was just that, what he thought might not be what the outsider's thought; he had heard many gossips about him and Liu Li. How could Chi Xuanying be so confident to state that Wang Lu had no intention toward Liu Li?

"Because I can see the predestined love and marriage of a person," Chi Xuanying replied.

"Predestined love and marriage?"

Chi Xuanying somewhat helplessly said, "This… this is one of the special skills of Red Magnificent Mountain's Reaching Firmament Temple. But Reaching Firmament Temple is a small sect, so it may not be in Senior Brother Wang Lu's eyes. One of our sect's core method is the view of the cause and effect, specifically the cause and effect between people. Among them, marriage and love are the ones that we are best at."

Wang Lu hadn't really paid much attention to the methods of Reaching Firmament Temple, and after hearing Chi Xuanying's explanation, he reasonable speculated, "In other words, a pimp?"

"..." Chi Xuanying's breathing stuck, while at the same time he thought about whether or not he had to fight for the honor of his sect with the opposite party.

It was just that, remembering the sword strike that shook his proto nascent soul, for a moment, Chi Xuanying really could not afford another fight and had to continue to explain softly.

"In my opinion, the line of marriage and love between people are real. The so-called marriage line is the legal marriage between two people, and because the ritual law more or less affects the mystery of heaven and earth, it is usually clear and discernible. For example, you, Senior Brother, do not have a marriage line on you."

Wang Lu nodded. "I am indeed unmarried."

"But the line of love is more complicated. When you have feelings for others, or others have feelings for you, it would be shown on the certain person. This feeling, sometimes, is the secrets hidden in one's deep heart, or sometimes, even the person himself did not realize he has had a crush on others, so it is difficult to clearly see the love line. Especially those with powerful primordial spirit, I can't really see them. Usually, I can only see the line of love for cultivators that are at the same level or below me."

"And then?"

Chi Xuanying sighed. "Senior Brother Wang Lu is indeed a top figure in the present age, the love lines that you are involved with are quite numerous. Some even come from higher stage cultivators, which I can barely see them on you, but I can't see their direction. Of course, among the ones that I can see, one of them indeed comes from Junior Sister Liu Li."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu smiled and then lightly stroked little Liu Li's head. "Doting you is really not in vain."

Chi Xuanying sighed again. "It's just that, this love line is too clear, meaning that although the feeling of Junior Sister Liu Li for you is sincere, it is still ignorant and has a big difference with the love between man and woman, and more like a love between family members."

Wang Lu coldly humphed but did not speak, thinking, "Isn't this bullsh*t? For various reasons, the physiology and health education course for Liu Li hasn't started yet, so of course she understands fart about the relationship between man and woman."

"However, more importantly, I do not see the love line for Liu Li on you… Although there is an emotional line, it is also biased toward family member. Therefore…"

Wang Lu said, "So you want to try your luck?"

Chi Xuanying righteously said, "I'm really interested in Junior Sister Liu Li, not trying my luck!"

"A pity, she's already taken, even if you really love her, it's meaningless."

"Already taken? I'm afraid that excuse…"

"I'm not referring to myself." Wang Lu explained, "Although Liu Li is contracted by me, no one stipulated that the contractor must self-produce self-use 2 . Her marriage is indeed my responsibility, and I already found her a companion."

"What?" Chi Xuanying was shocked. In his heart, he could not help but wonder if this was just Wang Lu's excuse. Because in his view, the most important thing in Liu Li's love line was the line with Wang Lu. Except for him, who else could be worthy of being the companion of Liu Li?

"Who… is it?"

And then, in the surprised, skeptical, and expectation-filled eyes of Chi Xuanying, Wang Lu told him the answer.

"That person's name is Zhu Shiyao."

Chi Xuanying gawked, but he immediately remembered, "Your sect's big sister?"

"Unexpectedly that dead otaku girl actually have quite a bit of reputation in the industry…" Wang Lu shook his head and said, "Yes, it's her. She is passionately devoted to Liu Li, and unable to extricate herself. The two of them have already forged a deep friendship, so I can't allow you to butt in between them."

Chi Xuanying was shocked dizzy by it.

"T-This is impossible…"

Wang Lu said, "Since you can see the line of love, you should be able to see the strong feeling on her."

Chi Xuanying took a closer look, and he could indeed see that Liu Li was involved with countless people's love line, but most of them came from distant places, which were beyond what his eyes could see. Whether one of them belonged to Zhu Shiyao was impossible to see… Moreover, the key issue here was not this!

"Isn't Zhu Shiyao a girl?"

Wang Lu blinked his eyes. "So what if she's a girl? Have you never heard of lily?"


"In short, it's a beautiful lesbianism."


"Liu Li actually likes woman."

"This is impossible!"

"What impossible? If she doesn't like woman, do you think her feelings for me would be so low? With my peerless qualification, I'm afraid no woman would not be tempted, right?"

Chi Xuanying did not have enough attention to refuting this kind of awesome thick-faced speech, his heart was still immersed in the lily theory.

"This lesbian thing is ridiculous!"

Wang Lu said, "What's so ridiculous about it? Although both of them are women, they are still human beings… In your Southern Heaven Region, there is a Beast Master Sect. In that sect, there are many people who even play those spirit beasts. What do you say about this?"

"..." Chi Xuanying suddenly felt ashamed of the fact that Reaching Firmament Temple and Beast Master School were both located in Southern Heaven Region.

"Therefore, regardless of how sincere and moving your love is, I can only tell you, this person in heat, that you are looking for the wrong person. Junior Sister Liu Li is already taken. In terms of cultivation base, you are still young, so you still have excellent future, there's no need to hang on to this for dear life. If you want someone to love, I can introduce you to the beauties of Yin and Yang School."

Chi Xuanying smiled wryly but did not give any reply.

The beauties from Yin and Yang Scholl were indeed good, and there were untold numbers of male cultivators in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals who dreamed of winning their favor… But the vision of the lead disciple of Reaching Firmament Temple was different from that of other people. Moreover, for him, if not Liu Li, no one else has any meaning.

"I understand, but I will not give up on this," Chi Xuanying said in a deep and very firm voice.

"Hehe." For this declaration, Wang Lu simply did not care at all. The so-called will not give up was nothing more than a statement. With that killer lily, how could he not give up?

If you have the ability, then do the sex surgery for me to see!

"Then let us wait and see, I'll take my leave now."

"Oh, right, remember, when you go back, don't tell anyone that I'm with Liu Li." Wang Lu impolitely made his request.

"... I know." With that, Chi Xuanying turned around and left.

Looking at the back of Chi Xuanying, Wang Lu knew that he had finally solved this neither-big-nor-small trouble. It was just that, thinking about the marriage line just now, Wang Lu thought that there was something that he seemed to ignore.

"Oh, he forgot to take the flesh reishi mushroom… Such a good tool yet he doesn't care about it, does he really plan to do the sex change surgery?"

After seeing off Chi Xuanying, Wang Lu was able to live a comfortable life with Liu Li as planned. For Wang Lu, since Liu Li the little cherub had come, it was impossible for him to let her go. The bounty hunter task from Plentiful City Management Committee was directly terminated anonymously by Wang Lu with his jurisdiction as a committee member, so Liu Li instantly became a free agent. She then left Mt. Mang with Wang Lu to an even more desolate and remote place.

Mt. Mang was, after all, not a place for cultivation. For Wang Lu, who had basically adapted to the Jindan Stage, this was nothing. However, Liu Li's Brilliant Sword Heart Physique especially rejected this bereft-of-surrounding-spiritual-energy place, and was thus unable to cultivate.

The two of them wandered aimlessly in Southern Heaven Region. Sometimes, they climbed a mountain, sometimes, they enjoyed the delicacies of the world in the bustling city, and more often, they would exchange swords, passing their day in enjoyment.

In the twinkling of an eye, two months had passed. Wang Lu had finally stabilized his golden core completely. The fusion of Non-Phase Method and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi also had a small success, and the progress was faster than the initial plan. Among which, Liu Li's contribution could not go unnoticed. The efficiency with or without a sparring partner, was very different.

However, the true role of Liu Li was not only as a good sparring partner. Compared with the harvest in the cultivation, Wang Lu's state of mind was more important. After two months of comfortable life, he finally managed to free himself from the bitter experience in the dreamland and found the direction for the future.

"Senior Brother, are we… still not going back to the mountain?" While eating, Liu Li asked with some hesitation, "We have been away from the mountain for so long, wouldn't Master and the others be worried?"

"Rest assured, if they are really worried, they would've already come to look for you. Do you really think the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall felt at ease sending you alone to Plentiful City to become a bounty hunter?"

"Huh?" Liu Li was somewhat puzzled.

Wang Lu didn't explain too much, but simply told her while taking a dish, "After two days, let's return to Plentiful City."

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