Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 546: Some Things Break Down Again

Chapter 546: Some Things Break Down Again

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"Wow, there are so many people here, is there a new activity in Plentiful City?"

Walking on the streets of Plentiful City, Wang Lu only saw pedestrians rubbing shoulders with each other. The streets and alleys were filled with crowds like boiling water, and most of the crowds were female cultivators from various sects, which made Plentiful City like the city of women.

The last time he saw such a scene was shortly after the opening ceremony of the group of immortal tombs. At that time, the committee invited the most prestigious girl idol group in Nine Regions to perform. Upon hearing the news, the fans immediately rushed over and nearly flattened the city walls of Plentiful City! The cultivators on duty to preserve the public order were so busy and badly battered that their resentment soared to the heaven. Finally, the committee issued ten times the reward to suppress the crowd. Wang Lu fondly remembered that time.

At this time, the scene reappeared, but the sex was reversed, which immediately made Wang Lu curious.

"There are so many young female cultivators here, is this the time where the Mysterious Sky Mansion presents a new teen idol team? Well, Mysterious Sky Mansion finally figured out that there's no better way to make money in this world than from women. I have suggested to them about this earlier, but no one took it seriously… Speaking of which, little Liu Li, didn't you recently stay in Plentiful City, have you heard of this matter?"

Liu Li shook her head. "I have never heard of any idol team."

The girl bought a few packs of fried fruits from the roadside stall and muttered, "There are a lot of people in Plentiful City now because some of the big sects had pierced a new ring in the immortal dream, opening up a new set of immortal dreamlands. Moreover, the income from there is said to be very rich."

"Oh? A set? So it's a group of immortal dreams? The exploration team can actually make such a progress? Unexpectedly, that group of people is quite capable. But what is with this group of immortal dreams that make them attractive? Moreover, how come there are a lot of women?"

As the exploration of the group of immortal tombs by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals penetrated deeper day by day, more and more rules were found out, so the understanding of rules of the immortal dreamlands in the group of immortal tombs was no longer the same. In the beginning, the creation of different immortal dreamland by the group of immortal tombs was highly independent of each other, not interfering with each other. Each of the thousands upon thousands of immortal dreamlands was mutually independent of each other. However, it didn't take long before a series of immortal dreamlands to appear where the content of the dreamland became relatively fixed, and had relationship between each other. Later on, even the concept of the group of immortal dreams appeared.

Shortly after Wang Lu and the others finished the battle for the five blood spirits crown, the exploration team discovered that, after the battle, a large number of immortal dreamlands that could be chosen to enter by themselves in the group of immortal tombs appeared, and the content of the dreamland was highly fixed. The randomness was greatly reduced, but the income had become more abundant.

In the ordinary immortal dreamland, even the elite cultivators often only had meager income, and treasure the level of spiritual treasure like Wang Lu's demon jade was almost impossible to obtain… However, in this fixed immortal dream, spiritual treasure and other things were not uncommon. Of course, based on the principle of equivalent exchange, it was not so easy to get this spiritual treasure. Moreover, these treasures were not renewable resources. Once someone had taken the most precious object in an immortal dream, that immortal dream would be permanently closed. At that time, the group of immortal dreams that was opened after the five blood spirit crown were repeatedly attacked by the exploration group day and night, and it took them only three to four months to fully explore them.

The five uniques and other top sects within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had almost carved up all the incomes from there. Then it was discovered that those immortal dreamlands were permanently closed. The grievances of the small and medium rank sects solidified almost like essence. Therefore, after that, the management committee had been forced to convene an emergency meeting to formulate the exploration and management methods of the group of immortal tombs and rationally allocate the resources.

Unfortunately, after that, no new group of immortal dreams appeared after a long time. After all, it was not every day the lead disciples of the five uniques would compete at the same immortal dream. Wang Lu initially thought that perhaps within three or five years, there would be no new group of immortal dreams. Unexpectedly, the exploration team was a bit more capable than expected.

"I don't know what the group of immortal dreams are." Liu Li said, "Master said that I should not be distracted by the immortal dreamland, and I just need to continue my own cultivation step by step."

Wang Lu chuckled. "Uncle Zhou Ming indeed appeared experienced and knowledgeable, but… I don't think we need to be that conservative."


"It's nothing, let's go."

Wang Lu inwardly thought that if Nine Regions could continue to be peaceful for generations, then it was indeed good to be prudent. Liu Li was now in the last stage of the completion of the golden core, so her every move and action would determine the quality of her golden core, and even the success or failure in completing the golden core. The Brilliant Sword Heart that she cultivated was a cultivation method that favored explosive advancement, so during the completion of the core, if there was even a little bit of carelessness, the core might even catch fire and explode, ruining the enterprise for the sake of one basketful… Zhou Ming and the others had experienced a great calamity, so they were especially sensitive to the sudden fall of talents, therefore, focusing on stability was certainly good.

In regard to Wang Lu, he was also unwilling to let Liu Li with her kind of temperament to experience the significant ups and downs. This kind of spotless and pure mental state was like a piece of artwork. However, in reality, during the turbulent time, this so-called piece of artwork would be most badly broken. Wang Lu was unclear when would the crisis of the fallen immortal finally explode, but it might be assumed that it ought to come within his lifetime, therefore...

"Liu Li, are you interested in the immortal dreamland?"

Liu Li thought for a moment. "I don't know, I never thought about it."

Wang Lu chuckled. "The last time I went to immortal dreamland, the background is set in the demon world… The culinary culture of the demon race is really interesting. Take the flaming valley barbarians as an example. Although their civilization is backward, their cooking method is wide open and big, seemingly unbearably crude. However, their particular environment produces special ingredients, which is actually exceptional. For example, there is lava fruit, which has a unique taste. It is fresh and clean, fragrant and sweet, but when it enters the mouth, it's like a volcanic eruption, in a flash, the entire tastes explode…"

"Senior Brother, don't treat me as an idiot who only cares to eat!" Liu Li protested with displeasure, but then swallowed her saliva. "That lava fruit…"

Wang Lu shrugged. "It would be broken once it leaves the environment of flaming valley, putting it in the mustard seed bag also doesn't work. At that time, I didn't have a special storage item, so I had to give up."

"Oh, what a pity." Liu Li's eyes glazed over, obviously imagining the taste of lava fruit.

"In fact, it's not only lava fruit. The background set in the immortal dreamland is so diverse that you can see all kinds of rare delicacies."

"Yeah, but unfortunately, Master said…"

Wang Lu said, "When did Uncle Zhou Ming tell you about it?"

Liu Li replied, "About three months ago when I first entered the core completion stage."

"But now it's been three months. Since even the time has changed then the effectiveness of the words would also change, right?"

Liu Li was stunned. "Is that so?"

"Yes it is. For example, after you finished breakfast, you say you are full, but what about at noon? Wouldn't you say I'm hungry?"

Liu Li nodded. "Yeah."

"Therefore, Uncle Zhou Ming wanted you to not enter the immortal dreamland three months ago, but now it's not necessarily effective. So, if it's necessary right now, you entering the immortal dreamland for experiential learning is also natural."

"But…" Liu Li still hesitated.

Wang Lu continued to persuade, "The old saying says that elder brother is like a father. Since your Master is not here, then I, as your Senior Brother, am the same as your Master."

"Em…" Liu Li froze for a moment, and then reluctantly nodded. "Then, I will go to the immortal dreamland to try it."

"Okay, let's start with the simple one. Moreover, I will accompany you."

"Hehe." Hearing that Wang Lu would accompany her, Liu Li no longer had any doubt.

After entering the gate of the group of immortal tombs with Liu Li, Wang Lu was taken aback by the scene before him.

In his line of sight was no longer a piece of bright galaxy, but an incomparably wide square with many doors. Each door was connected with an independent building. Many cultivators walked in and out of those buildings, looking very busy.

After not seeing it for several months, the change in the group of immortal tombs was so great… To say that it changed with each passing day was not an overstatement. He remembered that at the beginning, outside Plentiful City there were brocade-like luxuriant flowers, and inside the gate was like a piece of overgrown field. However this time, the cultivators finally penetrated into the interior of the group of immortal tombs with their own strength. Behind the gate, the square was not arranged by the earth immortal, but by the Management Committee of Plentiful City, which had cracked and reconstructed the group of immortal tombs. People had classified and managed the entrance of the immortal dreamland, and to some extent, they could artificially choose the content of the immortal dream. Although the artificial choice would make the theoretical income lower than when it was completely random, but because of the fact that the content of the immortal dreamland was controllable, the income had actually increased.

Therefore, most of the cultivators who entered the group of immortal tombs nowadays would choose the content of the immortal dream. In the square, they saw a long queue in front of a door, and most of the cultivators who came in from the entrance of the group of immortal tombs lined up in that queue. Obviously, this was the door to the immortal dreamland that caused the surge of people in Plentiful City. Thinking of the previous report he received as the Management Committee Member concerning the record of the group of immortal dreams, Wang Lu couldn't help but become moved.

Now that he was eager to make a breakthrough in cultivation, this group of immortal dreamlands was the best choice. In the last group of immortal dreamlands, even an immortal treasure was born. Unfortunately, the exploration team had not worked hard and thus failed to obtain it. But if it were him… even if obtaining an immortal treasure was difficult, at least it was better than the profit from the fully random immortal dream. After all, a big killer tool like the five blood spirits crown would never be seen in a random immortal dream.

Thinking to this, Wang Lu pulled Liu Li and went straight for that door of group of immortal dreams. As for that endless long line of queue in front of the door, he completely turned a blind eye to it. As a Management Committee Member and the founder of the group of immortal tombs, his privileges here were innumerable. The distinguished guest channel was only a small piece of it. Seeing this, all the cultivators in the queue could only clench their teeth, yet they could do nothing about it.

However, when he and Liu Li arrived at the door, he was stopped by a middle-aged looking Jindan Stage clerk.

"Excuse me, please wait a moment."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu immediately halted. "What, do I have to queue?"

"No. Since you are taking the distinguished guest channel, of course you don't have to queue, but this group of immortal dreams can only be entered by women. The person beside you can enter, but you can't."

"Only women can enter? How is that?"

The clerk wryly smiled. "This is not because we are deliberately trying to make things hard, but it's the rules of this group of immortal dreams. Even if it's a powerful male cultivator, he would be blocked by a strong array. Some time ago, the Committee tried to break the rule, but even when a Supreme made his move, he was hurt by the counter-attack and thus failed… As for now, take a look at the cultivators behind, is any one of them male cultivator? Even if there are, they are only here to send their female companion but they themselves could not get in."

Wang Lu looked back and it was indeed so.

"No wonder Plentiful City is almost like a city of women now. It turns out this is the case."

The clerk said, "That's right, the income in this group of immortal dreams is very enviable, but unfortunately, it's not for the male cultivators."

"..." Having come this far, Wang Lu certainly was unwilling to give up. After thinking for a moment, he asked, "Is the criteria for judging the male and female by this group of immortal tombs based on physiology or psychology?"

Upon hearing this, the clerk was stunned. "Um, don't tell me you want to…"

Wang Lu chuckled. "I'm just asking."

"Em, to be honest, right now, there are a lot of people who have the same idea as you. Relatively speaking, the standard of the group of immortal tombs is very strict, must be a standard female. Let alone those with male body but female mind, even not good looking women can't get it."

"There's still this rule?"

"Yeah, this group of immortal dreams is indeed strange. Look behind you, aren't their average quality is very high?"

Wang Lu looked back and said, "There are many exceptions."

The clerk smiled bitterly. "Therefore, a large part of our daily work is to persuade them to accept the reality after they are rejected."

"... I understand."

Thinking about this, Wang Lu could not help but feel helpless. After sending away the clerk, he turned his head and asked Liu Li, "Liu Li, do you think…"

But then he saw Liu Li nodding in a natural and relaxed manner. "No problem, I can do it alone. Rest assured, Senior Brother!"

Wang Lu was suddenly speechless. Initially, he wanted to ask: Do you think we should change the place?

However, it was rare for Liu Li to be this enthusiastic, so Wang Lu didn't want to put a damp on her just when she was interested in the immortal dreamland. He said, "Okay, good luck. Remember, be careful and don't push yourself too hard in some extreme situation."

"Mm, I remember!"

With that, Liu Li strode inside the door. Looking at her back, he couldn't help but worry. Seeing that her back was about to enter the darkness, Wang Lu suddenly thought of the many usable props in his mustard seed bag, so he rushed forward to try to give it to her.

"Watch out, don't go any further!"

At this time, the clerk's voice came from behind him. Upon hearing it, Wang Lu was stunned and immediately about to step back. However, he was still a bit late. He felt a vigorous sucking force in front of him that caused him to get involuntarily sucked in. A black hole was opened before him, and the huge whirlpool crazily rotated.

Behind him, the clerk was stunned.

"He went in? H-How could this be?"

Beside him, several male cultivators who came with their daoist companion were also surprised. "Shouldn't it be forbidden for men? Is the rule changed? Strange, I want to try it."

After that, several burst sound came from the door, the several male cultivators had been thrown back upside down.

The clerk was even more shocked. "The rules haven't changed, so how did that man just go in?"

After thinking about it, he suddenly thought of an unlikely possibility.

"D-Don't tell me that young man with clear eyebrows is actually… Em, that's right, if you put a woman's dress on him, and put on a bit makeup, it would be pretty good."

However, remembering that the young person just now had a resounding fame in Nine Regions and with a limitless future, it was better for him to keep this secret for life.

In the end, the clerk could only sigh with emotion. The Nine Regions was indeed vast and full of extraordinary things...

At the same time, at the main entrance of the group of immortal tombs, several females came together. One of which was full of alcohol smell, highly-spirited, and talking non-stop.

"Little Ling'Er, how do you think of the idea I just said? Let that kid Wang Lu use his authority to help you open a hotel here. With this traffic, business will be booming. Moreover, if you encounter a fat sheep… I mean the evil cultivator, we can immediately drug him and drag him into the back kitchen, search for his treasures and money, and then transform his flesh and primordial spirit into magical treasure. It's simply a windfall! Hahaha!"

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