Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 548: Main Plot, Sub Plot, Hidden Plot

Chapter 548: Main Plot, Sub Plot, Hidden Plot

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In addition to the origin of Heavenly Earth, Heaven News also answered Wang Lu's earliest question: This world is made up of women, so how could they reproduce?

The answer is: Given by the Heaven.

It was elaborately stated and stipulated in the teachings of Temple of Heaven that: When two women are perfectly suited for each other, and they fall in love with each other, and then determined to live together forever, they will go to the Temple of Heaven to worship the Heaven and then communicate with the Heaven through a special ceremony. If their feelings were recognized by the Heaven, they will then be given a new life.

Seeing this, Wang Lu could not help but feel that the Heavenly Earth was truly busy, that even things like mating had to be monopolized… However, this was undoubtedly a good move. By taking over the reproductive right of the Heavenly Earth, it, of course, could become an unrivaled belief here. However, what was interesting here was that the Heaven here was not a personified existence. Even the idols enshrined in the Temple of Heaven were not anthropomorphic idols. Wang Lu initially speculated that the so-called Heaven was a personalized existence, but now it seemed that it might not be correct.

The 'Heaven News' also elaborated in detail the question of where would people go. Heaven News said that if the Human Immortals in the Heavenly Earth succeeded in cultivation, they could ascend to the Immortal World and enjoy eternal freedom. If the aptitude and opportunity were ordinary, then after a lifetime, the soul would be recovered by the Heaven and then would reincarnate it into a new life. If the person did all kinds of evil, then after death, the soul would be beaten back to the Chaotic World—this afterlife point of view was actually quite similar with the Zen religion.

At the same time, the Heavenly Earth was a paradise that the Heaven sublimed from the chaos. However, it did not mean that the Human Immortals could just sit back and relax. After all, Human Immortals were basically Human, and Heavenly Earth was just Earth. And compared with the rumors of eternal life in the Immortal World, this world was just 'young and tender.' And more importantly, the Chaotic World still existed, at the foot of Heavenly Earth, and always looked up and ready for a fight towards the land on its head. In the history, the war of aggression toward the Heavenly Earth initiated by the Chaotic World was no less than dozens of times. Although it was thwarted every time, if the Heavenly Earth was not well-prepared for the war, it would suffer huge losses.

This setting, in Wang Lu's view, was a more intense stimulus, so that those later generations of Immortal Humans would unlikely to lie down in the shade of their ancestors and stop moving forward. After all, although the lure of becoming immortal was big, for most of the Human Immortals, it was actually not at all realistic, so wouldn't it be better to just live in the paradise of Heavenly Earth? Then the threat of Chaotic World dispelled this very idea.

At the same time, in Wang Lu's view, this should also be the main plot of this immortal dream: When the creatures of the lower realm which was the Chaotic World invaded, as the cultivator who entered the immortal dream, they were tasked to fight the aggressors, and after making a great contribution, they would return to Nine Regions with treasures.

However, when he continued to read the Heaven News, Wang Lu found out that, in addition to the main plot, there was probably a huge sub plot: Temple of Heaven.

In the Heaven News, there were almost no detailed records about the creatures from the lower realm, and the dozens of wars of aggression were also somewhat vague. With regard to the dozens of wars against the aggression, it was only recorded in the Heaven News that the Temple of Heaven only played a role as a mainstay in the war, repeatedly guiding the Human Immortals to protect their homeland. However, the Heaven News was very stingy about the detailed process and always, intentionally or unintentionally, emphasized that when creatures of Chaotic World invaded, the Temple of Heaven would give the Human Immortals the necessary shelter. However, as to how the concept of "necessary" was defined, it was a very vague concept, thought to be closely related to the people's piety toward the Temple of Heaven.

"Looks like this Temple of Heaven is simply the tyrant of the Human Immortals…"

After completely reading the Heaven News, Wang Lu could not help but frown.

The power of the Temple of Heaven was needless to say, the strongest person in the whole town was that Jindan Stage character in the Temple of Heaven. The rest of the people were irrelevant, so it was basically like a crane in a flock of chicken. Of course, the overwhelming strength was not the problem here. The question was, how the Temple of Heaven wield this overwhelming strength. Judging from the tendency of the text in Heaven News, the Temple of Heaven seemed to have no intention of letting others participate in the war. According to the, intentional or unintentional, direction of Heaven News, it seemed that when the creatures from the Chaotic World invaded, people seemed to just burn incense in the temple and worship the Heaven. Everything else could be handed over to the temple monks.

However, wasn't this equal to guiding others to waste their martial arts? Placing all hope on the temple and losing all the will to struggle, in any aspect, does not seem to be a good thing. Moreover, this was also inconsistent with the original intention of the Heaven, by sublimating the Heavenly Earth and kept the Chaotic World in the lower realm, in order to give the future generations of Human Immortals enough intensity. Now that the Temple of Heaven had taken everything away, what would be the incentive?

Of course, this kind of thing was not uncommon in Nine Regions. Whether it was a religious organization or political organization, afterward, when things came to a head they would be the first to abandon their own belief. Temple of Heaven had been developing in the Heavenly Earth for thousands of years, so there was nothing unusual with such a change. And if dug deeper, there was another big story line.

After Wang Lu had guessed the Temple of Heaven from the darkest angles, he finally had a preliminary outline impression of this immortal dreamland in his mind. The big main plot and a big sub plot, which were this time's focus. After considering it for a moment, Wang Lu decided to take the main plot as the core.

After all, it was more interesting to ignite a war between the two worlds than to rebel against the evil rule of the Temple of Heaven. In particular, leading a group of beautiful girls to courageously resist the invasion of the strange tentacle of the chaotic world, this kind of setting could not be more praiseworthy. Of course, one of the problems with the main story was that, he should not have appeared in this womenworld. Once he was founded to be a male, he might be regarded as a strange chaotic world creature from the lower realm, and then he would face the situation that his teammates turned out to become the enemies and he would be probably attacked by both sides. And how could it be easy to hide his identity? Wang Lu knew that his illusion attainment was not very good. Deceiving ordinary Jindan was doable. However, if he met a master of Yuanying Stage, he would be immediately seen through at a glance. And once the war between the two worlds broke out, let alone Yuanying Stage, even the emergence of Deity Stage was not strange.

However, on second thought, there were actually hidden opportunities behind the crisis: For example, right now in the Heavenly Earth world, there was only one man in the world, him. And according to the law of rarity, he was even rarer than a powerful Supreme! This was clearly a unique advantage.

"... Hmm, is this the true meaning of this immortal dreamland? The wars between the two worlds, Temple of Heaven… are all just a cover, and the hidden plot was this point: Use my super weapon to make these women who had never seen a man and who could only " grind tofu 1 " every day feel the taste of the true meat, and from then on become my exclusive meat slaves! No, that would be too vulgar. It should be explained from another angle. The key point is to use my enthusiasm to correctly guide the values of those women, to promote the restoration of harmony between yin and yang on this Heavenly Earth! Hah! This is the complete mission!"

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