Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 550: Where Is the Best Place to Learn Telepathic Finger?

Chapter 550: Where Is the Best Place to Learn Telepathic Finger?

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According to Li Yan, the several cultivators who visited the Temple of Heaven a few days ago had taken several assignments from her—the Temple of Heaven often issued various kinds of task-with-reward to the cultivators—and at this time, they should be in Gorgeous City.

Wang Lu was very curious about who were those people that came before him—until then, he had always thought that this immortal dream was closed, which meant that, once a group of people entered it, it became close to the outside world. But unexpectedly it was open, similar to the previous battle for the five blood spirits crown.

Wang Lu was not worried about how to pass a simple instance; he believed that he could rely on his many years of experience of outstanding meritorious deeds since his debut. However, once outsiders were involved, the problems often became complicated. Wang Lu was not worried about being hindered by the others, the problem was that, when he overcame the hurdle in the instance, although his move was often unconventional, once he unsheathed his sword and display his strength and discipline, he might directly crush everything before him. Wang Lu didn't want to add the crime of killing without knowing why, thus he wanted to get in touch with those people before he could make his move, so that he would have a tacit understanding with them.

In theory, it should not be difficult to reach a tacit agreement. Li Yan said their cultivation base was not that high, even so much that she even assigned them some trivial jobs mission. It might very well be assumed that they had a limited picture within this instance, which was very different from his own layout. Thus, they should be able to be at peace.

According to some clues provided by Li Yan, Wang Lu soon found the several cultivators in a house in Gorgeous City. However, when he landed in the courtyard with Liu Li and met them, he instantly felt deep regret.

"Damn it, I'm being careless, I should've realized that these people's magical power fluctuations are somewhat familiar! Oh, I'm getting old and forgetful!"

Just as Wang Lu's expression began to twist, the several girls in the courtyard saw him. The next moment, astonishing squeals resounded through the sky.

"Sister Wu!"

Aah, that's right, I'm still in my illusion, using my Master as my appearance.

And these familiar voices, this amazing enthusiasm… Wang Lu's train of thoughts quickly returned to the past, which made his reaction a bit slower.

It was just a moment of hesitation from Wang Lu, and four fragrant wind had whizzed toward him. In the twinkling of an eye, he was surrounded by four girls. Even Liu Li who had been holding his hand all this time was pushed aside. There was a lot of noisy chattering entering his ears, and each voice caused him to recall a memory from the past.

"Sister Wu, we really miss you!" Mm, this was the most enthusiastic among them, Lin Wang.

"That's right, we haven't seen each other for a very long time!" This was their Big Sister Tiandao Lan.

"You never contacted us for so long, you really have no conscience!" This was Ying Tao.

"Huhuhu, we were all abandoned by Sister Wu, and since then became four pairs of worn-out shoes 1 , huhuhu…" This… after not seeing for a long while, this Ying Tao has already been corrupted.

Previously, Wang Lu and the four sisters had met in am immortal dreamland in the group of immortal tombs. At that time, he finished the instance together with them and came into contact for the first time with the secret of the group of immortal tombs about the time travel. After parting, the two sides only occasionally exchanged letters. With how vast Nine Regions was, he thought that it would be difficult for him to meet with them again, but unexpectedly, they met here.

While he was thinking, Wang Lu felt that the four warm bodies stuck very close to him. Their soft touches were all over his body, and even more intense was the fiery passion from the four bodies… no, it was not just hot, it was really hot.

"Sister Wu, in order to compensate us, do the double cultivation with us now! We have just laid the five spirit crystal stone bed, a good bed which can accommodate up to ten people!"

"Yes, that's right, let's double cultivation now! We really cherish the memory of your Telepathic Finger, Sister Wu!"

"Come, come, this time, we will definitely not faint so fast, you may rest assured, Sister Wu!"

At the same time as their explosive words, the four yin and yang girls acted very smoothly. Tiandao Lan waved her hand and cast an illusion spell that covered the whole courtyard, preventing other people to look at what was happening inside. And then together with the other three, they began to take their clothes off.

The clothing of Yin and Yang School was very well designed, which was also famous in the entire Nine Regions. In addition to the most basic function of body protection, style, and other things, there was also the biggest feature—no matter how gorgeous the appearance was, they just needed to gently pull it at a specific spot to completely take it off.

Therefore, in an instant, Wang Lu felt that the touches on his body were a bit different. At the same, their four pairs of evil claws dared to grope him!

"Sister Wu, the last time we were together, you played tricks on us, this time, we are going to take revenge!"

"That's right, you also told us that you have a young disciple who can be at our beck and call, but although he looked so generous, he was keeping his chastity so strictly without any flaw all the time. So your compensation does not count!"

"Yeah, this time, we will take our revenge! Hehe, we have been practicing Telepathic Finger too, so this time, you can enjoy it, Sister Wu!"

Seeing that the situation was about to pass the point of no return, Wang Lu screamed, "Stop it!"

At the same time, Non-Phase Sword Qi propped up a layer of defense that pushed away the four people, barely keeping the defense line intact.

"Sister Wu, you're being dishonest again, how could you use your Non-Phase Sword Defense at this time!"

"That's right! Didn't the agreement allow us to do double cultivation skill to determine the winner? If you want to save yourself, you need to defeat your opponents one step earlier. If… If it's like last time you made us unconscious in a split second, we would be completely convinced!"

"But this time, it would not be that easy. After a few years of not seeing each other, we have also been diligently cultivating!"

"So come onm Sister Wu, let's battle it out!"

Wang Lu felt his cold sweat was about to pour out; battle it out your sister! Although he had never been afraid of any challenge since his debut, this battle, he really could not do it… Especially when he looked at the four girls' long and delicate fingers that had been stretched out, Wang Lu felt a burst of pain in the ass. Is this Telepathic Finger? Oh, Master, how much evil have you done in those days...

"Wait a minute, what I want to say is, you recognize the wrong people here!"

Wang Lu said and then, seeing that the camouflage technique of Tiandao Lan was not bad, he simply lifted up his own illusion.

"Look, it's me."

Tiandao Lan and the other girls were stunned.

"I-It's you!"

Seeing that the four of them stopped the movement of their hand, Wang Lu sighed in relief. He then nodded and smiled. "Because of some special reasons, I put on my Master's face… But, I'm really Wang Lu, not your Telepathic-Finger Sister Wu. Just now, you have all felt that my Non-Phase Sword Defense is very different than that of my Master."

In order to avoid being regarded as Wang Wu deliberately making excuses, Wang Lu also added several explanations. However, Tiandao Lan and the others simply did not pay attention to it.

"It's Wang Lu! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

"We miss you to death!"

"I haven't seen you for such a long time, but you're still as handsome as ever!"

"No, I can't help it anymore, I want to double cultivate with you!"

Wang Lu was inexplicably shocked. "Hey, look clearly okay, I'm a decent man, I don't have any Telepathic Finger for you."

Tiandao Lan smiled cheerfully. "That's fine, we have it."

Lin Wan was eager to try. "Moreover, who says that you don't have it? Aren't you men born with Telepathic Finger?"

Hey, being called as some finger thing, I'm not happy at all!

And just at this time, the youngest among them, Li Qingci, asked, "Men? Doesn't this place only allow women to come in?"

Tiandao Lan and the others were stunned. "Yeah, this is the woman's immortal dream, how did you come here?"

Ying Tao suddenly had an inspiration. "Turns out you are a woman!"

Woman your sister!

"Hahaha, then that's even better. Since everyone is a woman, then let's treat each other with sincerity!"

Your trigger condition for treating each other with sincerity is too broad! Is the only role of your beautiful dress to be taken off? If they have soul and wisdom, they would've certainly cried!

"We will carefully teach you the Telepathic Finger."

Damn, can't stop talking that piffling Telepathic Finger can't you? Believe it or not, I'll use the great excavator technology to dig you up until you cry 'dad' and call 'mom'?

But seeing that the several people of Yin and Yang School had entered the frenzied state, thus unable to be persuaded with reason, Wang Lu had to make the killer move.

"Liu Li, come here."


Liu Li, who had been ignorantly watching the play from the side, approached him. However, just as she arrived by Wang Lu's side, she was immediately held in his arm.

"I'm sorry girls, but I have a girlfriend now."


The four girls exclaimed in unison, and then incredulously looked at the equally amazed Liu Li.

"S-She is your girlfriend? No, how could a person like you have a girlfriend?"

Wang Lu was displeased. "So you mean I should have a boyfriend instead?"

Just as his voice fell, he saw Ying Tao slightly tilting her head and saying "I heard that you and Hai Yunfan of Ten Thousand Arts Sect used to…"

"The hell, where did you hear this gossip from?"

"It's Sister Wu who told us. She also said that she had made a lot of money by writing novel stories about you two in early years."

Wang Wu you asshole!

"... In short." Wang Lu took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. "I am a normal and loyal man, so I will not do anything to hurt my girlfriend."

Lin Wan pouted her mouth and then said in dissatisfaction, "What's so good about her… Although she is indeed more talented than us, and her face is also beautiful, but she doesn't seem to understand the affairs between man and woman at all, so it's impossible for her to serve you well."

Tiandao Lan also said, "Yeah, the most important thing for a woman is the inner charm… Oh, wrong, it's the inner quality."

Liu Li curiously asked, "Senior Brother, what is inner charm?"

Wang Lu patted her head. "Don't think too much, it's out of your IQ consideration."


And then Wang Lu sighed and explained to Tiandao Lan and the others, "True, with her temperament, ever after a hundred years, she would not be as skilled as you. But…"

With that, he reached out and untied a button on Liu Li's chest.

"She has boobs."


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