Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 551: Never Have That Dark History!

Chapter 551: Never Have That Dark History!

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When the flawless deep ravine of Liu Li appeared, the girls of Yin and Yang School immediately knew that they were defeated.

In terms of size alone, Liu Li's breast didn't seem to be particularly exaggerated; the number of D cup girls in Nine Regions was not that low. Compared to those with large breast, it was even more inferior, but there was a saying that the so-called amateur goes where the crowds are but the professional looks for the knacks. For the professionals of Yin and Yang School, the extraordinary aspects of Liu Li could be clearly seen in a glance.

The aesthetic of cultivators was completely not on the same level as that of ordinary people. Because most of the cultivators of Foundation Establishment Stage could already begin to transform their body. A five-inch-nail shorty turning into a nine feet giant was not at all difficult, let alone the local area cosmetic breast augmentation… However, as the body transformation skill became stronger, the corresponding aesthetic standard also became severe. In addition to paying more attention to details, for Xudan, Jindan Stage cultivators, or higher, to determine a cultivator's beauty or ugliness, there was another important measure in the degree of internal and external fit. If there was no internal support, pure physical transformation was simply impressive on the outside but lacking on the substance.

And in this respect, Liu Li who cultivated Brilliant Sword Heart was almost unparalleled. In retrospect, Tiandao Lan thought that even those in Yin and Yang Scholl who were specialized in beauty would have to reach at least the level of Yuanying Stage to have the same beauty level of Liu Li… What Wang Lu showed off was really an incomparable weapon.

Perhaps in technique, Liu Li was as pure as white paper, but her hardware was simply incomparable.

The truth was like this: The most expensive fish-flavored shredded meat cooked by a famous chef could not sell for more than one hundred taels of silver, but a bear's paw that had just been hunted from the mountain, even the raw one, was worth more than one hundred taels of silver.

The quality of Tiandao Lan and the others were quite good, but unfortunately, they met Liu Li.

"Very well, I throw in the towel." Tiandao Lan dispiritedly wore her clothes back.

The rest of the girls also reluctantly bowed their heads.

After blowing the scene away with the superweapon that was Liu Li, they returned to the room to have a normal conversation.

After a brief greeting, they came to the main topic.

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, how did you get in?" Lin Wan eagerly asked, "Isn't this group of immortal dreams restricted only to women? Is it because you have a special privilege?"

Wang Lu sighed. "I also want to know why. I myself is completely baffled by this."

Then he simply briefed them on what happened at the entrance. However, Tiandao Lan and the others just frowned and couldn't figure it out.

After a while, Tiandao Lan suddenly remembered something. "Oh, right, do you still remember that Chang Di? She also entered this group of immortal tombs with a body that is not female."

Ying Tao and the others, one after another, suddenly got it too. "That's right, Chang Di is also like this!"

Wang Lu was curious. "Chang Di?"

Tiandao Lan answered, "Yes, she's also a disciple of Yin and Yang School, it's just that, she's from a separate group… Although her innermost being is a woman, her body is nevertheless a man."

"Heh, isn't it that such a thing doesn't count?"

"But Chang Di used to be a real woman. It's just that when cultivating reverse yin and yang, due to inattentiveness, she accidentally fire deviated. Therefore, her female body turned into a male body, and as a result, the group of immortal tombs still recognized her identity as a woman. Later on, the Elders analyzed that, perhaps as long as you used to be a woman—a hundred percent woman—even if now you are not anymore, you can still be counted as one. So, Senior Brother Wang Lu, is your situation the same, but you just don't remember it…"

"Absolutely not!" Wang Lu's tone of voice was very decisive.

What a joke, from when he was born until the present, he remembered everything, and there was absolutely no sex change in his memory. He was born as a real man, there was absolutely no mistake!

Huh? From when I was born? That's strange, when should I start counting my life? In theory, Ouyang Shang's life is also a part of my life right? That includes the time he spent in traveling through the three thousand worlds. Could it be that there is something wrong with it? But Ouyang Shang is a real man, there's absolutely no mistake in this. Could it be that when the soul traveled through time...

This was indeed a pending case because Wang Lu did not fully grasp the memory of his past. About the memory of when he wandered through the three thousand worlds, he only retained fragments of them, but it did not include the self-awareness part.

In other words, Wang Lu could not judge what kind of person he was during that period of time. Therefore, it was impossible to rule out the possibility that he once existed as a woman.

However, when he thought that during those years, he actually passed his life as a woman, Wang Lu felt that nothing in the world could be more f*cking *ss insane than this one.

No, that's not right, this reasoning is absolutely problematic! There must be other reasons why I can enter this group of immortal dreams!

"... Let's change the subject." Wang Lu took a long breath and then casually asked, "About the Heavenly Silk Headcover, what is the result of the identification?"

A few years ago when they first experienced the time-travel-like scene in the immortal dreamland, the Heavenly Silk Headcover became the key evidence to prove the existence of time travel. Unfortunately, Yin and Yang School were unable to find a reliable answer in the past few years, and many people have forgotten about the Heavenly Silk Headcover.

However, when it came to Heavenly Silk Headcover, Tiandao Lan revealed a difficult look. "These last few years, the divination has had some results, but there are many contradictions between them. The Elders have spent a lot of efforts to deal with them, but the results are still very vague."

Wang Lu said, "If you exclude all the artificial subjective assumptions, and only base it on the results of the divination?"

Tiandao Lan said, "That Heavenly Silk Headcover is indeed one of the fitting parts of the Nichang Feather Clothes."

Wang Lu nodded. "Go on."

"But, it's not like the part that we lost. Because the top part of the Headcover that was stained with the cause and effect associated with Yin and Yang School is too thin, as if it's just been recently manufactured and hasn't been used yet. But theoretically, it should have been used for a long time before it was lost."

"Do you have a clear evidence to prove this? That before it was lost, the Heavenly Silk Headcover was used by Yin and Yang School?"

"This is very difficult. That period of history happened too long ago, so the written records and so on had been very blurred. But, I think it should have been used. It's rare to create a set of magical treasure but not use it, it doesn't make sense."

Wang Lu closed his eyes and thought for a moment. He then opened his eyes and said, "Is it possible that as early as when your Nichang Feather Clothes had just been manufactured, the part of the clothes was already lost, but your ancestors simply made a counterfeit or similar to it to conceal it, and at the same time, the authentic one was received by the group of immortal tombs, and then later given to the Yin and Yang School as the form of prize?"

Upon hearing this, Tiandao Lan was startled. "Um, if not considering that there are so many assumptions in it, it seems to make sense. After all, the historical records before the age of chaos are too vague that you can basically say anything. But the problem is, why would our school's most precious object fall in the group of immortal tombs?"

"Yeah, why?" Wang Lu asked back with a smile. Inwardly, he had already vaguely guessed it, but he stopped himself from saying it out.

"How are you making progress here?"

Tiandao Lan immediately complained, "How could there be any progress, we've been given some missions, but they're all just trivial tasks. There are not many rewards, but the energy spent to do them is actually not small."

Wang Lu asked, "Then you are still here to purchase the house? Could it be that you're going to stay in this Gorgeous Town for a long time and do odd jobs every day for Li Yan?"

Tiandao Lan said, "We don't have a choice. In this Heavenly Earth, we are counted as unregistered residents… and according to the standard rules here, unless we are Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage, otherwise, as unregistered residents, there will be a lot of inconveniences for us. As for that Li Yan, she is actually so kind to us, and if we do some odd jobs for her, she would handle the identity problem for us. Ah, Senior Brother Wang Lu, if you are also doing missions in this Gorgeous Town, please help us, okay?"

Wang Lu apologetically smiled. "Unfortunately, I will leave Gorgeous Town soon. For me, a Jindan Stage town is a bit inefficient. However, before leaving, I can help you convey your aspiration to Li Yan, and see if it's possible to issue several permanent resident statuses for you all."

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, you are really the best!" Caught in a pleasant surprised, Lin Wan threw herself at him. It was just that, a few parts of her clothes went missing in a flash, revealing a large area of snow white skin.

Wang Lu took a step back and calmly avoided her.

Tiandao Lan softly said, "After parting for this time, we don't know when we're going to meet again, don't you want to leave behind some fond memories before leaving?"

"Last sex before parting is inauspicious, so please just forget about it."

"But… we're going to miss you," Li Qingci said in a soft voice.

"Yeah, both you and Sister Wu are the same, once we parted, we will never see each other again, even the letters are getting less and less. We… are actually really sad."

Seeing that these few girls had begun to cry as they talk, Wang Lu, too lazy to care whether they were just acting or being serious, immediately resorted to another killer move.

"Since what you all want is to have some memories to divert yourself from loneliness, then just use this."

He reached into his mustard seed bag and took out a thick stack of crystal stone video record. Among which, there were a lot of revealing images of his Master.

"These are all for you. I wish you all a pleasant Telepathic Finger training."

After bidding farewell to the several girls of Yin and Yang School, Wang Lu went to the Temple of Heaven again. Sure enough, Li Yan was indeed so kind. She immediately promised to solve the identity problem of Tiandao Lan and the others.

Then, Wang Lu directly left Gorgeous Town riding on his flying sword toward Palace of Heaven.

Palace of Heaven was the largest city within the few thousands of miles area, and one of the important strongholds of Temple of Heaven for many years. The person in control of the temple was Moonless Harmonious Heaven, which ranked seventh within the ninth layers of heaven in the Temple of Heaven power structure. She counted as a high-level order, an out-and-out overlord.

According to the information obtained from the conversation with Li Yan at the dinner table, Moonless was likely to be a Deity Stage expert, which was an outrageously high level for those who had just been stabilized in middle-level Jindan Stage.

However, isn't it very interesting if the level is particularly high?

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