Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 554: The Subject Suddenly Changed!

Chapter 554: The Subject Suddenly Changed!

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"Alas, I should've thought that there's no such thing as a free lunch in this world, let alone the group of immortal tombs which follow the basic principle of equivalent exchange. Moonless' enthusiasm has clearly exceeded the necessary limits… I initially thought that she would give us some of the more difficult tasks, and I can also take this opportunity to hone my actual combat experience. But unexpectedly, she pulled the carpet from under my feet."

In a beautiful bedroom, Wang Lu shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

Before visiting Moonless, Wang Lu could not have imagined that the plot would incredibly go to such a point. Before he could get any information from Moonless, he was forcibly detained by the opposite party to become a member of the harem.

Not long ago, when Moonless domineeringly proposed that Wang Lu and Liu Li should be included in the harem, Wang Lu thought that she was joking. That her intention was to keep the two of them until dinner. After all, for a person with one breast left to have such an interest, she could absolutely be regarded as a disabled person with a big dream.

However, soon, Moonless laughed and left, and then the black dressed maids solemnly prepared the bedroom and related supplies for both of them in Moon Capital, and then specially wrote a warm reminder of the number of issues that needed to be taken care of when they were together with Moonless. That included the timetable for their schedule, as well as tips in the beds and so on… He was truly dazzled by it and deeply impressed.

And then Wang Lu realized that Moonless was truly serious.

Moonless was indeed a high ranking bureaucrat in the Temple of Heaven. Things that for other people seemed licentious and tyrannical was regarded as it should be by rights. This was exactly the model bureaucrat that made other people have no choice but to sigh with sorrow—disregarding everything due to a strong desire to possess at all times, which was completely in contrast with that good-for-nothing Aya.

After sighing with emotion, it was time to consider the countermeasures. Staying in the harem in Moon Capital should not be for a long time, although being in it was undoubtedly a shortcut to obtain magical treasure and method… but with the identity and vision of Wang Lu, how could he be used as other people's meat toilet? Let alone Moonless was merely a Deity Stage, even if she was a True Immortal, what Wang Lu would consider about would be how to defeat this boss and pick up the dropped items.

However, even if he wanted to escape, he had to find the right time. Although he didn't look highly on Daoist Master of Deity Stage's hoarding, he had to admit that he was still far from being able to confront a Daoist Master of Deity Stage directly. If he offended Moonless too badly, perhaps when he wanted to leave, he would not be able to.

Therefore, just now when Moonless domineeringly added Liu Li and him in the harem, Wang Lu didn't directly oppose it firmly, but rather temporarily agreed to it before slowly making a plan. With some of the remaining props in his mustard seed bag, as long as he had a clear understanding of the structure of Moon Capital, he would surely be able to find the flaw when the other side was not paying attention. He just needed to wait for the right time.

While thinking about it, Wang Lu looked at the warm reminders provided by the black dressed maid, trying to find out the possible flaws in Moonless, however, just as he flipped it open, he could not help but be surprised.

"W-What is this thing? Harem list?"

Looking at the densely packed pages of papers in front of him, Wang Lu was shocked. It was two pages full of names of the harem member, with a total number of over one hundred!

… No wonder the warm reminder said their turn for a night with Moonless was about once a month. He initially thought that Moonless' demand was not that strong, it turned out that was how long the shift line was! Wait a second, there were more than a hundred beautiful women in the harem, but the schedule was only for once a month. Did she have four or five people that accompanied her every day? J-Just how strong is her waist?

Suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed open, and four or five female cultivators with different appearances came in. The head of the group, with a proud face, haughtily came in and cast a glance at the room, and then focused her gaze on Wang Lu and Liu Li.

"Are you two the new ones here?"

With just that one sentence, Wang Lu immediately guessed the identity of these people—their new colleagues, the old harem members.

Wang Lu secretly sensed them with his primordial spirit and found that they were just a bunch of waste Jindans. He politely cupped his fists as a courtesy, but was only met with a sneer from them.

The lead woman squinted her two slender eyes and chuckled. "I've heard people said that the two new sisters are not from the Temple of Heaven and thus don't know the rules very well. I thought that the maid simply didn't know the immensity of the world, unexpectedly, upon personally seeing it, it's simply unbelievable. How can you, as savage as you are, be qualified to serve Lady Moonless? Lady Harmonious Heaven manages the Palace of Heaven as well as the surrounding fifteen other cities, how much high do you think the mission responsibility is? If you two don't serve her well and put her in a bad mood, you don't even deserve to die a hundred deaths. So I think you two have to first learn the basic etiquette for a few months, consider this as my consideration for you two as your elder sister."

With that, the several women next to her walked forward and grabbed Wang Lu and Liu Li by the arms and then pulled them out of the room.

This set of operation was too familiar to them. Basically, every new member had to go through such a situation. Only after receiving that demonstration of authority could they stay as a harem member in peace.

Moonless' vision was quite high. In recent years, of all of those that she received as harem members, none that did not have outstanding talent. Thus, understandably, their unruliness and loftiness as well as the unyielding character had to be discounted first, so that those who had self-esteem and self-respect would shamelessly roll under the foot of Moonless. This was the mission of the old harem members.

Of course, apart from serving Lady Moonless, they more or less have some selfish thinking. After all, every new harem member was their direct competitor. For those female cultivators in the harem, Moonless' favor was everything. But her favor was, after all, limited—the more people there were, the less would be left for the others.

While these senior harem members prepared to give them pain, Liu Li looked at Wang Lu with an incomprehensible look, wondering whether they should resist it. Wang Lu frowned and began to sort out his thoughts quickly.

This scene, no matter how one looked at it, looked like a scene in the palace fight: Two humble but pure-hearted mistresses were squeezed by the narrow-minded harem crowd. And in accordance with the well-established routine, probably after the two had suffered, their pure and kind qualities finally aroused sympathy from a certain chivalrous valley hero [1]. On one hand, that chivalrous valley hero saved their lives, while on the other, taught them how to survive in the harem… In the end, for various reason, that chivalrous valley hero died, while the two heroines who inherited the legacy of that chivalrous harem member began their long journey for revenge...

Such a scenario was entirely predictable. After all, from the point of view of the harem members, it was too easy and simple to obtain the treasure from Moonless by virtue of the advantage as outsiders, which was impossible to conform with the principle of equivalent exchange of the immortal dreamland. Also the reason why the harem member was bound to face all kinds of difficulties. Presumably, the harem fight was one of its forms.

If this scenario were to unfold, it might be assumed that there would be this and that kind of inspiring and tragic stories. At least, Wang Lu could come up with seven or eight interesting story lines. However, he was not interested in putting it into practice.

Before his time travel experience, he might still have the heart to play this cold, empty, and lonely harem member who was lucky enough to have a once-a-month visit… However, now he was in a hurry, so he was more interested in actual fighting rather than harem fighting. Previously, he was worried that the fighting storyline in this immortal dreamland would be forcibly interrupted by Moonless and become the harem fight storyline, but the result was...

This group of people surprisingly came and forced him to change it back to the original fight storyline!

A group of people who didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth had come to provoke; if he did not make his move, he would feel sorry for their hard effort!

With his current strength, it was not unrealistic to contend with Moonless. However, within Moon Capital, in addition to Moonless, even Moonless' strongest deputies, the several middle-level Yuanying Stage, Wang Lu was also confident that he had a fifty-fifty chance in a direct fight against them. As for this group of good-for-nothing harem members, there was nothing difficult in it—in his view, this was basically a free experience value that came on its own.

The only thing that needed to be taken into account was the reaction of Moonless herself. She had just walked away and this group of people immediately came in. To say that there was no connection here… Heh, Moonless is probably watching my reaction.

Well then, I'll give you a good show. In any case, if worst comes to worst, even if Moonless herself personally came to end him, Wang Lu still had a special life-saving skill.

After thinking about all this, Wang Lu no longer hesitated. He shouted, a trace of primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi came out from his golden core and enveloped his fists, and then he punched a woman next to him. Although that woman was also a Jindan Stage cultivator, how could she be compared with Wang Lu's Jindan? That woman only saw a blur and she was already punched in the nose by Wang Lu's wrapped-in-primal-chaos-heaven-splitting-sword-qi fist and sent flying back with a nosebleed. Another woman next to him gawked before being punched by the same fist, causing her teeth to fall to the ground.

The two were, after all, Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage, yet as soon as Wang Lu made his move, they were immediately disfigured. Seeing this, the lead woman was stunned and her heart was filled with turbulent waves.

Let alone Wang Lu's strong cultivating power, the fact that he dared to start fighting in the harem in Moon Capital was really the thing that caused her worldview to waver.

Moonless' temperament was harsh and almost violent. She was extremely demanding on subordinates, that even if there was just a little bit of flaw in her clothing, her subordinates could suffer severe punishments. Let alone the strict prohibition of quarreling in the harem, brutally attacking other harem members was basically the path to one's own doom!

Who the hell were these two newcomers? Initially, she thought that Lady Moonless accepted these new harem members out of boredom, plus she could treat one middle-level Jindan and one peak Xudan Stage at will. Unexpectedly, the other party was actually this fearless!

"Dare to inflict violence in Moon Capital, don't you want to live anymore?" The woman calmed herself and shouted fiercely. At the same time, she quietly pulled out her Yin and Yang Mind Protection Mirror—this was a high-rank magical treasure rewarded to her conveniently by Moonless in their first night together. Just now, Wang Lu's two punches shattered the facial bones of two Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage as if the body protection true qi didn't exist. Observing all of these, all the fine hair on her body stood up.

However, the next moment, Wang Lu's fist came to her face, the speed of which was fast enough that it caused her heart to palpitate. As peak Jindan Stage, in front of this ordinary looking fist, she was as frail as paper. Her five elements spell with which she often beat many opponents was totally forgotten aside, and thus she could only hope that the Yin and Yang Mind Protection Mirror could save her life.

Bam! After a muffled sound, the woman was thrown backward until her body slammed into the wall of the hallway outside the bedroom, spewing out a mouthful of blood three meters away.


Wang Lu slowly withdrew his fist and at the same time took a long breath. The carefreeness feeling in his heart was indescribable.

[1] (It is a trope from classic wuxia novels where after the protagonist experienced some amazing experience, like falling down the cliff, but instead survive, the protagonist then meets with an old expert who, feeling a connection with the protagonist, impart the protagonist with peerless martial art and thus the protagonist becomes an invincible martial art master and other sorts of variants)

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