Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 56: The Second Theory of Rape

Chapter 56: The Second Theory of Rape

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If the external barrier of the Void Spirit Root was as tricky as the mean mother-in-law—who wouldn’t accept the man regardless of his conditions—then there was only one viable option to marry without the parents’ approval, which was to “let the rice get cooked”. The alignment of those two hundred and six Jade Pillars supporting the boundary straight to the sky was the clear evidence that foretold this straightforward and effective way of “forcing-through-by-force; when-done-no-one-could-change-it” method.

The simplicity of this principle made it seem like anyone could do it. However, it was built on the basis of reverse reasoning. Wang Lu couldn’t help but once again admire his Master’s self-designed method.

His Master’s own Non-Phase Sword Bone was obviously different than him—she didn’t have the Void Spirit Root and thus need not to follow his path. She carefully designed this “breaking through the boundary using the two hundred and six Jade Pillars’” Sword Bone method for him.

However, just like what his Master said the other day, no matter how great a cultivation method was, it was still someone else’s cultivation method. Thus, self-created cultivation method was still the best method. Since that was the case, why would she let Wang Lu cultivate using her own self-created cultivation method? The answer was very simple. Although what Wang Lu cultivated was called the Non-Phase Method, many details were tailor-built by his Master for him.

This was something that his Master never said, but how was Wang Lu able to guess it? Why for two years, except for running around the mountain and soaking in the medicated water, his Master had never officially taught him cultivation method? Because the method hasn’t been fully designed! However, how was Wang Lu able to wait for two years in peace without being anxious and getting impatient, and just spent his time becoming the best student? Because he also knew where the problem was; being anxious won’t let him go anywhere! It was not until recently when he vaguely recognized that his Master should’ve perfected the entire set of method did he start to act up...

Now, it was the time for the result. Whether his Master’s two years of painstaking effort was effective or not, whether the Void Spirit Root could cultivate or not, the answer would soon reveal itself. Although it seemed like he should be anxious to attempt this “forcing through” method, but… if there was a naked beautiful woman on the bed calling him to do her, could he hold his urge for a moment to go out and buy a rubber first? Real men shouldn’t be afraid to raise a child, f*ck first think later!

Wang Lu sent his awareness into his body again and adjusted his breathing rhythm. When the Emperor Bone shook, the Inner Mansion once again “took a deep breath”.


A buzzing sound echoed in his ear as the surrounding spiritual qi in a hundred meter radius began to converge through a powerful sucking force with him at the center. It crashed into that transparent barrier as rain of white-golden light immediately appeared inside the Inner Mansion.

Wang Lu knew that he had only around two or three breathing time. Thus, he immediately commanded the Emperor Bone to release even more energy, so much that the rain of white-golden light in the Inner Mansion turned platinum.

Although the method was quite crude, against the combination of Ms. Perfect and the Mother-in-law, using force to breakthrough like what he did just now was the only solution...

However, after several breathing times, that platinum rain of light once again volatilized into fog before dissipating without a trace; although the golden Jade Pillars within the Inner Mansion trembled until it looked like they were about to break, it still couldn’t keep that platinum light within.

Wang Lu was stunned for a moment and then shook his head. How could the energy be kept inside just by adding the suction force? How could the poor man succeed just by kneeling and crying in front of the mother-in-law and Ms. Perfect? This was not what forcing oneself onto others should look like...

“Non-Phase Sword Bone, I need your help!”

Wang Lu inwardly roared. Suddenly, the Emperor Bone lit up with an amazingly brilliant light; at the same time, the two hundred and six Jade Pillars rose up and their tips collided with the external barrier of the spirit root—the transparent membrane—and intense light emerged out from that collision

The first theory of rape, kill the mother-in-law!

Having forcefully collided the Jade Pillars, i.e., the Sword Bones against the external barrier of the spirit root, Wang Lu cocked a smile. As a professional adventurer, in times of need, he could be very cruel. No normal cultivators would dare to do or even think about of what he just did. To destroy the external barrier of one’s own spirit root was simply a suicide! However, Wang Lu not only dared to think, he even dared to bet!

Because he was convinced that although his Master didn’t leave him the note about this, the next step was definitely this. After establishing a rapport with her for two years, their hearts had already linked as one!

The collision between the Jade Pillars and the external barrier up in the sky was exceptionally fierce. Intense seismic waves were billowing in, and within the Inner Mansion, the mountain collapsed, and the river reversed its current—it was like the disaster before the end of time.

With such a powerful impact on the Inner Mansion, on the outside… Blood had flowed out of Wang Lu’s seven orifices. His meridians had become chaotic, and his bones kept generating a horrifying ka-ka sound.

Although he had completed the Body Refining Stage which also gave him abundant vitality, he still couldn’t stand these self-inflicted injuries. If he continued, he would eventually die in just a moment.

But just at this time, the “battlefield” had undergone a crucial change. That transparent membrane, as if worn out, finally gave up the resistance and somewhat fused with the tip of the Jade Pillars.


Wang Lu subconsciously held up his fist in victory!

The so-called “kill the mother-in-law” theory didn’t mean that the mother-in-law should be beaten to death; that would certainly cut the relationship with the girl. And the “forcing oneself onto the other” method wasn’t done towards the girl, but rather towards the mother-in-law.

If the man forced himself onto the girl while the mother-in-law was watching, the mother-in-law would certainly jump on him to kick him out. But if the man forced himself onto the mother-in-law, would the mother-in-law’s mother-in-law appear? Certainly not! As long as he handled this, the two female, mother and daughter, would be his! This was Wang Lu’s foolproof plan as a professional adventure; how could there be a mistake? Even if his brain was in his knee, he would still know that this was what his Master designed for him!

Thus, although the process was a bit breathtaking, the end result proved everything! With the fusion of the Jade Pillars and the external barrier of the spirit root, when he absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy, instead of appearing like a rain of white-golden light and volatilizing into fog before disappearing, some of the surrounding spiritual energy would filter through those fusion parts, the Jade Pillars, and into the Inner Mansion.

To put it bluntly, this was the same idea as Patriarch Liu He’s man-made spirit root. However, the difference was, even today’s most powerful man-made spirit root wouldn’t be able to pose a challenge to the external barrier of the Heavenly Spirit Root, much less the external barrier of the Void Spirit Root—something that Non-Phase Sword Bone could actually do.

After fusing with the Void Spirit Root, the Inner Mansion could still “breathe in” a lot of the surrounding spiritual energy. However, most of which would still be in the form of white-golden rain of light, and thus, they would eventually volatilize and dissipate. The only difference was that a considerable part of it would filter through the Jade Pillars and appear as streams of golden liquid at the bottom.

With Wang Lu’s current knowledge, he still couldn’t determine the composition of those golden droplets. However, with the assumption that those golden droplets were important in practicing the Non-Phase Method, for the time being, he would just accumulate them while he waited for his Master’s note on practicing the Non-Phase Method.

The two hundred and six Jade Pillars continued to slowly but firmly absorb the surrounding spiritual energy, accumulating the golden droplets little by little until they formed small puddles.

Although this golden liquid couldn’t be compared with that rain of platinum light, they were truly his own energy… That rain of platinum light might be powerful, but since he couldn’t use it, there was no use in dreaming about it. In other words… this was like having a relationship with the Ms. Perfect at high school when one was still an ignorant teenager; it was doomed to fail. Only when one’s hair turned grizzle could one show off to his descendant that there was a time when he had this sort of happiness.

Of course, if one looked at it from another perspective, the situation was not as bleak as it looked. Although the flow rate of those golden droplets wasn’t fast, they were still in the form of liquid energy, which was a higher level of concentration than the gaseous type. Theoretically, only when cultivators reach the level five or six of Qi Cultivating Stage would they have the ability to compress the energy into its liquefied state and use it. Moreover, only some of those talented cultivators with Heavenly Spirit Root or Earthly Spirit Root could liquefy the spiritual energy.

Secondly, although the golden liquid puddle of one Jade Pillar was small, if one totaled the entire two hundred and six of them, it was not a small volume. Moreover, from the 100:1 proportion of gaseous to the liquid state, in general, the absorption speed was on par with the absorption speed of a third or fourth rated spirit root. Although it couldn’t be compared with the absorption speed of a Heavenly Spirit Root or a high-quality Special Spirit Root, it was still acceptable.

In addition, this Sword Bone filtration still had its advantage. When the absorbed spiritual energy penetrated through the Sword Bone, it was equivalent to the process of hardening of the Sword Bone. The rain of platinum light directly pressured the entrance—the fusion part of the tip of the Sword Bone and the Void Spirit Root—before entering the Sword Bone, turning into streams of golden droplets.

… Of course, if one looked at it at this way, then those golden droplets seemed like the Sword Bone’s excrement, but in any case, those were his own, so there was nothing to worry about.

This was just the beginning. As the level of the Non-Phase Sword Bone continued to improve, the synchronization rate between the Sword Bone and the Void Spirit Root would improve as well, allowing the filtration rate to also improve. In the end, perhaps through this filtration, the rain of platinum light would be turned by the Sword Bone into the golden ocean.

In any case, as this was his first step into the world of Immortal Cultivation, Wang Lu had no regrets.

Thus, with a faint smile hanging on his lips, he fainted.


“Are you really that stupid?”

The next morning, when he opened his eyes, he saw the Lady Boss, who had an unhappy look, sitting in front of the window. She was soaking a piece of towel in the bowl of water and then putting it back on his forehead.

“Was it fun to quietly risk your life in the middle of the night in secret? Since you asked me to watch over you, you should let me take care of you instead of avoiding me at the most critical time. What were you thinking? Moreover, you didn’t even look for a good place to do it. Look, the sheet is full of your blood. If other people sees it, they would think that yesterday, I did something to you.”

The Lady Boss peevishly complained. And then she scolded him, “You and your Master are the same damn thing.”

At this time, Wang Lu’s mouth was still parched, and his whole body was covered with excruciating pain. But upon hearing those words, he still tried to argue back. “I, am, more principled, than, her.”

“F*ck!” The Lady Boss’s hand trembled and inadvertently spilled the water in the basin. “You’re ninety-nine, and she’s a hundred!”

Wang Lu happily closed his eyes. “One less point than her is still better than her.”

“... You two make me speechless.”

Wang Lu forced a smile and then asked, “How long do you think this injury would last? It wouldn’t delay tomorrow’s experiential learning, wouldn’t it?”

The Lady Boss said, “With your physique, by tomorrow morning, you should be alright. Actually, although your injury looks serious, it wasn’t fatal. You really are lucky… Moreover, you have broken through the eighth layer of the Sword Bone, so your recovery rate should improve a lot.”

“That’s good…”

“What’s so good about it!” The Lady Boss was suddenly angry. “Did you know how dangerous your situation was yesterday? When I realized it, I immediately rushed over and found out that there was only a fine line between you having a fatal wound! I have no life-saving medicine, and I wouldn’t have the time to send you back up the mountain! Didn’t you always proclaim yourself as a professional adventurer? An adventurer without a life is a piece of dead meat, you know!”

“Em, actually, yesterday’s situation is completely under my control, I…”

“You control sh*t!” Upon hearing Wang Lu’s remark, the Lady Boss turned angrier instead. She simply ignored his injury and directly punched his chest. Her peerless strength made Wang Lu nearly sprayed out blood.

“Do you think that since your life is so smooth in these two years, you’re the heaven’s favored one and nothing bad would happen to you? There is at least a hundred person like you that died every year in the Nine Regions!”

Wang Lu continued to argue, “Considering the total population of the Nine Regions, the mortality rate is actually…”

“Shut up!” The Lady Boss has gotten really angry. “Do you think this is funny? Do you think only the later part of the words the greater the risk, the greater the gain works for you? Do you think as long as you’re talented, you can get through any crisis without any mishaps? Let me tell you in the Spirit Sword Sect’s Golden Generation period, most of their top people are not the least bit inferior to you! Later on, the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall somewhat ‘lost their mind’; in some kind of management training program, they sent their one hundred top disciples to the wilderness to set up a colony. Can you guess what happened to them?”

The Lady Boss’s rapid fire questions made it difficult for Wang Lu to respond, particularly regarding the management training program, which was the taboo topic in the sect. Even someone with a “lawless” character like his Master turned gloomy and quiet when he first brought this subject to her.

It was as if a spiritual scar was etched in all the Spirit Sword Sect’s Elders; even if a hundred years had passed, it hasn’t been healed at all. Wang Lu, with his curious nature, naturally knew that this was a rare opportunity to gain information about it, so he kept his mouth silent and patiently listened.

The Lady Boss herself was just asking him rhetorically, so she soon unveiled the answer. “The end result was, from one hundred talented disciples, only ten was left, and they are the current Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall! Can you guess what those ten people’s past status within the sect?”

Wang Lu very much wanted to know the answer!

Sure enough...

“Even Feng Yin, the most talented of them all, was only ‘in the middle of the pack’ in terms of talent among those one hundred people, let alone Liu Xian, Zhou Ming, and so on!”

Wang Lu was inexplicably amazed. “In accordance with your permutation method, wouldn’t it mean that my talent is far above the current Sect Leader’s talent? Hahaha, this is awesome.”

“Damn it! That’s not the point, okay!?” The Lady Boss gritted her teeth in anger; she really wanted to beat Wang Lu to teach him a lesson!

“I know.”

Wang Lu finally sighed. “I am really sorry for making you worry about me.”

The Lady Boss didn’t expect Wang Lu would immediately turn soft and admit his mistake. Thus, upon listening to his apology, she was caught off guard and replied without thinking, “... Th-there’s nothing to feel sorry about. I, I'm not particularly feeling worried about you anyway. I just thought…”

Being unprepared, the Lady Boss’s face changed. But before Wang Lu had the time to observe, she immediately picked up the water basin. “Forget it. I am going to open the Inn.”

“Tsk, tsk, you still want to open this average-daily-turnover-of-over-ten-thousand business?”

“Mind your own business! Just stay there and let your wound heal first!”

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