Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 562: The Real Personal Charm Lies In Hands-On Practice

Chapter 562: The Real Personal Charm Lies In Hands-On Practice

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The path of immortal cultivation was never fair.

Although the ultimate goal for a cultivator in the immortal path was to ascend and become an immortal, for most of the present age cultivators, even after striving hard throughout their lives, they still could not touch the edge of Jindan Stage. Capable of reaching Xudan could already be considered as a success and expert for the common cultivators.

Of course, compared with the hundreds of millions of ordinary people in Nine Regions, having spirit root and setting their feet on the immortal path was already a very enviable opportunity.

But in this brutal environment, the existence of a few talented geniuses eclipsed the effort of the other normal cultivators. The cultivators with Heaven Spirit Root could naturally perceive the existence of the surrounding spiritual energy, and after stepping on the immortal path, their cultivation speed is several times faster than that of ordinary cultivators! Moreover, many of the bottlenecks that have plagued the other cultivators are not seen on the cultivation path of these talented geniuses.

And Liu Li was undoubtedly a talented genius among talented geniuses.

Looking at Liu Li at the doorframe, even Wang Lu was somewhat envious of her smoothness in reaching Jindan Stage. Initially, it was expected that after her recovery from the injury, she needed to wait for about ten days to reach a perfect Jindan. However, in the past five or six days, she captured the opportunity to accomplish it in one fell swoop.

Completing the core in advance naturally bore quite a huge risk, but behind the risk was a huge benefit. Completing the core in advance not only did not cause her golden core to have impurities, but instead, because of this courageous decision, there was an added sharp aura to her golden core. Before reaching Jindan, Liu Li's attack was strong while her defense was weak. Now, after reaching Jindan Stage, her defense substantially increased, which completely surpassed to that of ordinary Jindan Stage. However, the increase in her attack power was terrifying, making her offense and defense even more unbalanced.

Although he actually never tried it, Wang Lu was vaguely able to judge that this Junior Sister of him who had just entered Jindan Stage already had attacking power not below of his. And in the future, after she advances to middle-level Jindan, her attack capability would overtake him.

It was above the cultivator who mastered the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi. Even if the Sword Demon rose up from the dead, he would not have such attacking power in Jindan Stage. Even in the history of Nine Regions, only a handful of people could compete with her current attacking power.

"Congratulations, Daoist Master Liu Li." Wang Lu earnestly congratulated Liu Li on her astonishing achievement. Even Wang Wu who stood on the side paid an etiquette that befits a Jindan Stage Liu Li in accordance with the usual practice. This meant that from now on, Spirit Sword Sect disciple Liu Li would have the right to stand on her own, and be treated as an equal with other senior sect members.

Of course, this qualification only existed in theory. For a disciple of the Five Uniques, Jindan Stage was far from the end. Therefore, Wang Wu quickly restored the kind smile of an Elder and touched the head of Liu Li.

"This little girl is amazing."

Liu Li happily laughed, enjoying this compliment.

Then Wang Wu took advantage of this opportunity to touch her breast and said in amazement, "Oh, it's getting bigger again!"

Before Liu Li could call out in alarm, Wang Lu had unhesitatingly used his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi to pierce Wang Wu, saying, "Get your paws off of her. A disciple harasser is a heinous crime in Spirit Sword Mountain, be careful or Third Uncle will punish you with sexual castration, and hence you'd be a woman without a vagina."

While stretching out her finger to melt Wang Lu's sword qi, Wang Wu explained, "I was just doing a medical examination on her, you know, a new Jindan might still have instability in their body…"

"I can see that when you reached Jindan in the past, you must have hurt your brain."

Wang Lu took this advantage to ridicule her, but at the same time, both he and Wang Wu were startled as they remembered, as if by prior agreement, the scene where they reached Jindan. And then both of them went into silence.

After a while, Liu Li broke the silence as she curiously asked, "Fifth Aunt, what is the meaning of difficult birth?"

"Um, about this…"

After perfunctory satisfying the curiosity of Liu Li, Wang Lu was finally able to get to the point.

The meeting with Wang Wu was purely an accident. However, after this accident, instance clearing could not stop here. Before continuing the exploration, the two would need to exchange the progress of their exploration to avoid mutual interference.

Wang Lu touched his chin. "Hm, where should I start… what happened to Moonless is because of you right?"

Wang Wu chuckled. "You mean that guy who turned himself to a "yin and yang" non-mainstream monster?"

"Incisive comments. In short, have you complete conquered her?"

"Easy peasy. Just one telepathic finger session had made her forgot even her own surname. Oh, by the way, are you interested in this new invention of mine? I can teach you, you know."

Wang Lu dismissively smiled and said, "No need, I have a more outstanding weapon on my body than telepathic finger."

Wang Wu looked somewhat strange as she asked, "A more outstanding weapon? What do you mean?"

"If there's an opportunity in the future, I'll show it to you. In short, you have already conquered Moonless, and now you have come here in Sky City, so what are you going to do next?"

Wang Wu said, "Of course it's to use Moonless as a stepping stone. I want to find a way to get rid of the top leader of the Temple of Heaven and replaced her. Aren't you a professional adventurer? How could you not see such a simple thing?"

"... You ought to know that the top leader of the Temple of Heaven is probably equal in power to a Supreme level cultivator in Nine Regions right?"

"I know, so what?" Wang Wu bewilderedly looked at Wang Lu, "That old man Feng Yin also has the strength equals to that of a Supreme level cultivator, and I have been planning to overthrow his brutal rule for so many years, so any big issue happened on me? There's nothing remarkable about being a Supreme level, after all, I am the number one Jindan in Nine Regions."

Wang Lu inwardly sighed. This tooting horn skill deserves a full mark.

He, of course, knew that the maximum profit from this immortal dreamland was from getting rid of the Temple of Heaven and establish a new religion. The problem was that, it was impossible to do it in practice. That paramount Chengtian alone was already a Supreme level, which no matter how, with Wang Lu's current cultivation base, he could not handle it by any mean. And no Jindan could eat her either. Let alone, the opponent was not alone, but a huge organization.

This immortal dreamland limited the strength of the participant to be on Jindan or lower, which limited the exploration participant into a certain range. Otherwise, if a group of Supreme level cultivators came in, they could easily destroy the Temple of Heaven, and then expanded the harem in Heavenly Earth as their own, turning this immortal dreamland as a pure lascivious dream. It was even exaggerated to think that, if they had the absolute force, they could even break the boundary between the Heavenly Earth and the chaotic lower realm, and then lead the army of women into the chaotic world and then unified the two worlds. At that time, there would be even more benefits.

But there was no such amiable immortal dreamland in the group of immortal tombs, and the Jindan Stage restriction made these plans just a reverie.

However, even the ancient earth immortals who designed the group of immortal tombs probably did not expect an abnormal Jindan cultivator to come into the scene. In this immortal dreamland, Moonless Harmonious Heaven was probably originally designed to be the biggest enemy, while the top management in Sky City was simply the background setting. But now, the biggest enemy had been taken down in a second by one finger, and the characters on the background set were then put on stage.

However, could a mere Wang Wu really able to fight directly against the Temple of Heaven under the command of a Supreme level expert head on? After so many years of being her disciple, he had actually assessed the limit of her strength. As the number one Jindan in Nine Regions, Wang Wu was indeed powerful, to the point of being outrageous. Let alone Jindan Stage, even among Yuanying Stage cultivators, almost no one was her opponent. Even a slightly weaker Deity Stage was not her opponent—Like Moonless for example.

However, Jindan Stage should have a limit after all. should be her limit, and it should be hard for her to deal with high-level Deity Stage… As for the level beyond Deity Stage, which was the supreme level, even maintaining her life would be difficult.

Of course, being able to do all these things while still in Jindan Stage was already shocking, but from Wang Wu's having-a-card-in-her-sleeve confident appearance, it seemed that she really thought that she would be able to eat that huge Temple of Heaven.

While wondering whether this Sister Wu had been hiding her true strength for many years, Wang Lu also used her plan as a reference to modify his plan. Thus, for a moment, he was immersed in his own thought.

Seeing this, Wang Wu was curious and asked, "What are you thinking?"

"I'm wondering how much benefit would I get if I run to Temple of Heaven now to expose you?"

"The hell! You, this rebel disciple, have made betraying master and repelling ancestor behavior as natural as drinking water?"

"I'm just not used to standing with losers."

"Who told you that I would fail? This time, my chance of winning is quite big!" Wang Wu explained, "The top leader of Temple of Heaven is about to retire, and the Temple of Heaven is now preparing for the succession. This is a godsend opportunity."

"... Is there a retirement setting for their top leader?"

"Of course. The Temple of Heaven is a religious organization, and the power of religious leaders usually come from the Heaven, not from themselves. The leader of the Temple of Heaven does have the Supreme level power, but that's because of the power addition from its religious rank, its main body is at most just a high-level Deity Stage. As a matter of fact, all the middle and high-rank cultivators of Temple of Heaven are like this. So once they retire from their religious position, their cultivation base would immediately drop sharply."

Wang Lu nodded. "So that's how it is. No wonder you can deal with Deity Stage Moonless in seconds… This kind of power from the outside world is flawed right?"

"That's exactly the case here. But even so, it's not worth fighting a Supreme level expert head-on, therefore, I'm thinking about looking for the opportunities during the transition. After this Chengtian retires, there are seven competitive candidates. Among which, apart from six Shentian, there's also an extremely powerful Harmonious Heaven from Western Region. These seven people all have equal opportunities, and for many years, they have been fighting secretly without any definite outcome. However, the change in top office is imminent, and I'm afraid it won't be long before the conflict fully intensify. By that time, my opportunity will come."

"... Through Moonless' Palace of Heaven?" Wang Lu's reaction was very quick and immediately guessed Wang Wu's plan.

The seven candidates have been contending for years without definite result, indicating that the contest for Chengtian position was more about the respective power that they grasp, rather than direct appointment by the Heaven—As a matter of fact, since Heaven was not a personified God, naturally it would not directly manifest into a chosen Chengtian. The seven candidates were at the peak of power in Heavenly Earth, and each with its own supporters, yet it was difficult to determine their relative superiority in regard to each other. At this time, the Palace of Heaven, which had always depicted itself as independent, had become an important force that could influence the balance, and even determine the outcome.

Therefore, the attitude of Moonless was particularly important. Although the statuses of the seven candidates were higher than her, they inevitably had to try to win her support. It was during this process that Wang Wu's chance came.

She could use the opportunity where the two parties met to ambush the candidate and used her Telepathic Finger to turn it into an obedient meat slave. Then, with the support from Moonless, she would support her own meat slave to indirectly control the Heavenly Earth.

Thinking of this, Wang Lu could not help but sigh with emotion at how ingenious Wang Wu's idea was.

"In fact, my chess piece is not just Moonless. According to my plan, by the time the seven candidates finally compete for the final time, I will have three Harmonious Heaven, and more than fifteen Open Heaven rank nuns. Such a force is enough to become an independent eighth party, thus I can truly stabilize my victory."

"... That's so many, are you going to use your personal charm to turn them to our side?"

Wang Wu disdainfully dismissed this, "How could something vague like personal charm be compared with my Telepathic Finger?"

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