Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain Chapter 567 - Don’t Be Afraid to Go for the Win in One Round!

Chapter 567: Don’t Be Afraid to Go for the Win in One Round!

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"I think there is a misunderstanding between the two of us."

Wang Wu said.

"I didn’t choose little Liu Li arbitrarily. I have good reasons for it."

Wang Lu sneered. "Yeah, baby face with big boobs, is indeed your favorite type. This reason not only makes sense, it even enough to increase blood flow."

"… That’s why it’s a misunderstanding. To communicate with the Heaven using the bestowing offspring ceremony does not require a firm believer of the Heaven, but the two people who perform the ceremony have to love each other wholeheartedly. If the feelings are not sincere enough, the Heaven will ignore it."

Wang Lu interrupted, "You have just trained a large number of meat slaves who hugged your leg and call out Sister Wu. And they are absolutely sincere in their feelings for you. Can’t you just pick one of them at random?"

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"Of course not. How could their feelings be counted as sincere when their minds are being muddled by a primordial spirit skill? Moreover, my primordial spirit skill is bound to fail in front of Heaven. Thus, we can only choose one among us, and among which, little Liu Li is the most likely to really fall in love with me."

Wang Lu sneered. "With me here, how do you think little Liu Li could fall in love with you?"

Wang Wu responded with her own sneer. "So what if you’re here? You think too highly of yourself. For me, to win over Liu Li is so easy." With that, she took out a delicate food box from her mustard seed bag. Almost at the same time, Liu Li’s eyes burned like blazing fire.

The food box was a takeaway gift from a well-known chef of Nine Regions. It was a rare dish for gluttons in immortal cultivation world, which had attractiveness to Liu Li needed not be mentioned.

Wang Wu raised that food box and proudly declared. "See? I’ve already got the true love of little Liu Li."

"… You call that true love?" Wang Lu shook his head. "At best, you’re just a meat temptation."

"Humph, I don’t care how you define this. Even if right now, little Liu Li’s love for me is not blazing enough, I believe that during the ceremony, with my true enlightenment of Telepathic Finger, after comprehending the true joy of a woman, she will love me to death… In any case, this is the only way, you can’t find someone else to replace her."

Wang Lu coldly snorted.

Correct, for others, Big Sister Zhu Shiyao simply did not know what love was, and all her enthusiasm was dedicated to her swordsmanship and her immortal sword. For Yue Xinyao, there was no need to say. Although she was at the time where she yearned for love, she had nothing in common with Wang Wu at all, so naturally, true love was out of the question. As for Feng Ling, she indeed has a good relationship with Wang Wu, like they were sisters. However, it was exactly because of this that they could not go to the ceremony as a couple. According to the teachings of Temple of Heaven, the ceremony did not support the love between close relative… Therefore, in the end, it seemed like only Liu Li was feasible.

"But you still miss a person."


Wang Lu pointed at himself.

"…" Wang Wu coldly snorted. "What do you mean?"

Wang Lu coldly said, "Aren’t you trying to use the child bestowing ceremony to get in touch with the Heaven? I’ll play with you."


"Yes, me." Wang Lu frowned. "Are you not satisfied?"

"The ceremony requires the two people to truly love each other…"

Wang Lu pulled up his sleeve and bared his teeth. "Rest assured, I’ve learned the art from Seventh Uncle in the past, which can be regarded as a member of big-tool-good-skill club, guarantee to do it until you fall in love with me."


"As for whether or not you can make me fall in love with you… that depends on how skillful you are. Hehe, Master, no matter what, you should be still a woman, it couldn’t be that you have some ’inabilities’ in these things, right?"

Wang Wu stomped her feet in anger. "You, this young brat, dare to question me if I have ’inabilities’? Just you wait, if I can’t make you beg for mercy, I will… will not be as a woman anymore!"

Wang Lu smiled coldly. "Good, then it’s a deal. I will play with you in the child bestowing ritual, but during which, you must not harass other people."

At this time, Wang Wu’s anger had been slightly reduced. Upon hearing this, she gawked and realized that she seemed to have fallen for her disciple’s trick. She couldn’t help but sigh. "You and I are, after all, Master and disciple, why do you have to do the things so mercilessly?"

"That’s reasonable. Very well, when the time comes, I will be gentle when doing it."

"…" Being provoked to this point, Wang Wu could no longer hold herself. "Fine, since you insist acting wilfully… then don’t regret when that time comes!"

The child bestowing ritual should be a very solemn affair.

For the vast majority of people in Heavenly Earth, this was a major ritual that must be experienced once in a lifetime. With intimate union and sincere entreaty, the children given by the Heaven would perfectly inherit the characteristics of both sides, as the continuation of their lives.

However, since everything was in a hurry, Wang Wu and Wang Lu could not choose an auspicious day for their child bestowing ritual. Since the opening of the Temple of Heaven general assembly would start in two days, they didn’t have much time left.

The ritual time was scheduled that same evening, and the location was in another private home base of Wang Wu. After entering the Heavenly Earth, this woman had fully displayed her crafty-rabbit-has-three-burrows character, by setting up many private home bases outside Sky City.

And the reason for this shifting position was to get away from Feng Ling and the others… For unknown reasons, they were very enthusiastic about the child bestowing ritual of Wang Wu and Wang Lu. Especially Feng Ling who insisted on wanting to watch the whole thing and record it… She wouldn’t budge no matter how they tried to persuade her.

Therefore, in desperation, they had to flee to another home base to avoid people’s eyes and ears.

Fortunately, this home base was actually a desolate deserted temple. Although it was remote, the props for the ritual and other required things were readily available. The two spent quite some time to arrange things on the temple courtyard and soon completed a simple ritual set up. They then stood at the center and looked at each other in dismay.

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A long silence ensued.

Wang Wu said with a smile, "… It is still not too late to regret and say no right now." At the same time, she rolled up her sleeves, exposing her white wrists. Then she applied a clear and transparent lubricating liquid between her hands. The gesture was very professional-like, and the crackling sound of the wrist fingers was very chilling.

Facing this absolute taunt, Wang Lu also smiled. "Likewise, if you admit defeat right now, I won’t laugh at you." With that, he took out two blue pills from his mustard seed bag and swallowed them.

"Damn, what is that thing?" Wang Wu was immediately startled. "You this kid actually cheat by taking drugs!"

Wang Wu wiped his mouth and said, "You think too much, they’re just blueberry pills, good for stomach and digestion."

"Blueberry… Do you take me for Liu Li? How could you have the face to speak out this kind of stupid lie?"

"So what? Are you afraid?"

"Ptooey!" Wang Wu spat out and then took the initiative by taking a half step forward, trying to look down disdainfully at Wang Lu from a higher position. However, when she arrived in front of him, in her consternation, she discovered that her disciple was actually half a head taller than her.

Wang Wu was stunned, this guy had actually grown so big? No, that was a silly question. His growth rate hadn’t gone up sharply recently. At the end of body refining period, he had already passed her in term of height, but, she had never realized that he was this tall.

Was it because of him reaching Jindan? No, a mere Jindan was not worth mentioning. Even Yuanying Stage had no qualification to be treated as equal to the number one Jindan in Nine Regions. Let alone…

Her momentary trance was quickly interrupted because Wang Lu had keenly discovered that there was a slight change in the surrounding atmosphere.

The ritual set up laid out in the courtyard had already begun to take effect, and the communication link with the Heaven gradually formed.

"Okay, let’s get started!" Wang Lu shouted, breaking his Master’s short trance.

Just as she came to her senses, both of them had to face an awkward question.

How to do it?

Theoretically speaking, both of them should have clearly understood what to do in the next step process. However, in practice, they found out that there seemed to be many obstacles on their limbs, making them too heavy to obey their commands.

"Hehe, you were speaking so aggressively just now, how come you don’t dare to move at all now?" Wang Wu felt that both of her hands were stiff, so she took the initiative to provoke first, "Didn’t you call yourself a member of big-tool-good-skill club? Why don’t you broaden my vision?"

Wang Lu calmly responded, "If you want me to show you my big-tool-good-skill, you have to make me excited first. Your look and mannerism could not be able to arouse any of people’s interest at all. It’s better if you show me some sincerity first."

"You want my sincerity? Then that’s easy…" Wang Wu sneered and then reached out with her lubricated hands toward her clothes. The glittering lubricant stained her chest, which made the skin under her white clothes semi-transparent.

Wang Lu looked at her in astonishment. He couldn’t believe she actually dared to grab her own clothes… as if trying to strip!

Although the Master and disciple had lived together for many years, and had seen the things that should not be seen, but at this moment, it had an entirely specific meaning. Thinking of the graceful curves underneath the woman’s white clothes… Wang Lu slightly narrowed his eyes.

The next moment, he saw Wang Wu’s hands completely went in and explored her own chest, and then…

And then she took out an image crystal stone from her bosom, which she then activated with her magical power. Immediately. a burst of ’oh-oh’ sound emerged and a sexual intercourse scene appeared from that image crystal stone—the two bodies intertwined in their passion, making one’s blood boiled.

However, when Wang Lu saw this, he was dumbfounded. "Is… is this your so-called sincerity?"

"What? You’re still not satisfied? This is one of the top three treasures of Mysterious Sky Mansion in Eastern Border Region. The figures of the male and female are impeccable. They also showed many positions. "What else did you expect?" Wang Wu said with a sly smile, "Don’t tell me you were expecting to see the other things just now?"

"… Do you think it’s possible to communicate with the Heaven only by showing this adult crystal stone?"

"Then come and do it. I’m standing here for you to do anything you want. Do whatever if you have any skills." Wang Wu deftly kicked the ball back.

"What the hell, do you think I don’t dare?" Wang Lu also gathered his courage and took a half step forward, almost face to face with his Master, and then reached out to grab her clothes.

At that moment, the two of them felt each other’s breathing and, as if by prior agreement, both of them went stiff.

After a moment of silence, Wang Lu suddenly asked, "Say… in order to meet with the Heaven, isn’t our price a bit too high?"

"After hearing you say it, I feel it’s indeed so." Unknowingly, Wang Wu’s voice sounded a bit shaky.

Because she suddenly felt a bit nervous. The nervousness came so inexplicably that it made her deeply confused.

Nervous? This was just a mere Wang Lu, not facing heavenly tribulation… It was just that, inexplicably, she vaguely felt that his form looked a bit familiar?

Wang Lu said, "According to the scriptures of the Temple of Heaven, the child bestowing ritual requires two people to combine their body and mind, what do you think this combination refer to?"

"It probably means… you are in me and I am in you, that kind of thing."

"Em, does this count?"

With that, Wang Lu suddenly picked up one of his Master’s hands, leaned his head, and then put her slender fingers in his mouth.

In an instant, Wang Wu’s body shook, as if a long time memory was about to recover.

However, at this time, there was a vast aura in the sky, which instantly took away their attention.

The Heaven has come.

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